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Mikey Recaps a fairly uneventful weekend of football

Nov 26, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder talk about Sundays NFL games and how there was nothing that really caught a lot of their interest. They also talk about what a disappointment the Philadelphia Eagles have been this season.

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Well I have a complete rundown and everybody in the National Football League every team -- that the Sox aren't. It's the official list as of now because nothing that happens between now in the in the years and change and -- this has to wariness. Obviously the jets. Out of the game needs say that they suck as debris kind of -- -- together go nowhere. Both Jacksonville and Tennessee's. -- I would agree Miami and Seattle you know they both -- -- -- we front at that Seattle with -- all that pomp and circumstance -- being devoted to their defense of character. I'd naps fraudulent they can't win on the road well it's it's it's also you know PD's new defense fades. They got the two guys Dick Sherman make every hate. Big mouth Dick Sherman yes he's Jeter. And base so let's just dismiss them okay I'd do you think the chiefs. Name five guys I would say they'd do he had a -- -- -- that topic I -- five teams it's buffalo -- they -- Okay Cleveland got lucky. I was very surprised that Pittsburgh -- Eight times Oakland we know sucks right. Minnesota forever going to argue kept me with the Minnesota Vikings what -- joke they're such a joke team they also so. Mediocre average San Diego they -- And Green Day. Green Bay. They study agreements orcas you saw what happened to them just because Lawson. Signs that extra and they are fifty -- one of the residents say it's been an embarrassment. Well I I could still see them as a contender they so I -- normally don't no I don't they -- trust me I know these things. And both teams have played tonight. Suck so I've named like what 1512 teams to write about tonight via public. There's a lot of sake product out -- in the national football a lot of mediocre average a lot of -- identities. I should make easy you see. For that Philip Rivers. My thought is this and I can say this because conference that term anymore. If Charlie Moore ever had a good orthodontist grown up he would look just like Philip Rivers. I don't really see it release here now Norv Turner on the other hand -- -- narcotics to Charlie and I have. While the Everly I don't see it. -- can lead to put them side by side and writer could you not seen both of them out of that they look -- on Norv Turner it's should be effectively done that the years but my god what took so long this guys has been terrible coach for four years five years maybe six. Maybe seven. Brutal. Abide by the reelect its age steel shore line item that is. I -- armed regressing a purpose here a few things we wanna talk about tonight first and foremost. Is the patriots. Second would be of the Celtics let's let's put it ordered Celtics. They went they'd -- ago Orlando in overtime that it McConnell I don't know -- know it today. Rondo keeps his streak going off course. Thank god is set several for criticism on that I don't think there is having so what's that you want him to put to put a lot of assess. Why he cares about it there's no question about I -- I'd like to see it in the flow of the game has it in -- closing -- has -- McCain. Do you think him trying for that record. I don't know about costing the game but they know that Detroit law's original watched -- on last Sunday. Where they get blown out led by hapless Detroit you know just having him get that final attempt to assist in the final minute there. -- during the big. Turkey poll. -- biggest Turkey over the weekend that you know it's kind of an -- -- -- -- applies particularly to. To what happened this past weekend this throughout the weekend in the NFL. And their asking the question and I don't know if you have any thoughts on this at all what was the biggest Kirk quote Turkey moment from. Thanksgiving weekend Jim Schwartz a legal challenge. Just giving up three touchdowns in 52 seconds I was thinking of the jets right away. Steelers -- eight turnovers the chargers allowing fourth and 29 -- 129 conversion. By about a foot. -- -- Double. We're all screwed. It lost the game all of those are converted candidates lost the game the chargers had won the game. What happens. -- fourth it would matter that's that's kind of standalone moment. -- -- -- At a 522. Turkey moment wasn't even a moment -- was from three moments. Unbelievable tournaments now. Our phone number we're going to clog a dominant appointment and again I'm I'm all over Carolina might really have that little. Confidence in the Eagles. As they're currently comprised. To want to winning even notes and on I don't know what cam Newton's first Monday night game what could it -- what inspired the Eagles this point nothing they have nothing to live for nothing to play for. So Wal-Mart Andy Reid for his job but probably out. Yeah man or what he's eyewitness of course she's going to be snapped up -- -- real -- somewhere maybe San Diego. That's probably good place for. San Diego. Jacksonville so. Our four -- six or 7779. Sat back in 937. Our -- numbers 37937. Madonna come to a net net Donkey Kong -- is not to gonna be suspended writer after that nasty attempt to kick in the nuts. Which I swear to you he did that emperor who's been they've given him a fine instead. Despite of the reputation precedes him and all league documented evidence of Ambien date dirty. Foul. Nasty. PC garbage player out there wants to hurt people. You know he's scum -- and instead of suspending him. Date they just find him what's the big deal how's it gonna learn from. -- -- these data will -- Extremely talented one of the best in the game but it is no doubt about it dirty play -- know that penalty filthy player I'm I'm still. You know it's big that some would borderline I can understand what league didn't suspend him there. You you think for 12 he didn't intent potentially try to kick me in it for the not humid and had the wherewithal to -- Actually plant his -- Directly. In the nuts at the quarterback but don't you think that that was pretty athletic maneuver of the if he was doing it right to be impressive nonetheless. I mean I think he deftly tried to get them. He tried to kick them. Where he didn't really wasn't necessarily always that aggression he's a dirty player a tentative filthy scumbag player he should be suspended for a year. Or is it doesn't matter is -- will never make the playoffs anyway. They're an awful football team and an embarrassment -- the in laws talent I named Elvis hockey team now who's the best is what we're gonna determine over the next few weeks. And you know everybody's. And no I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't care they give their goal of the playoffs anyway but I still say they win both those games. I think they continue to run the table and end up with three oral history would tell you that that could be the case. You know once it gets this time a year of patrons usually don't lose its Belichick civil. Other headlines today from baseball world. Longoria a hundred million dollar extension six years I believe it is sixty million dollars a year through 22 2023. Team option for 202316. Million dollars a year is all this talk. Of twenty million for this guy in 25 for this guy. Baseball's got to really pull within a little bit here on the these gigantic country now don't expect that to happen -- well -- I truly don't I don't expect him but they have to. Why because that they're still in the sport. They're crushing but laid out these guaranteed. Long term contracts is absolutely bad for baseball. Very few of these players ever measure up especially in the last 234 years of the contract they might be fine for the first couple. But you you watch would there what's gonna have with pujols over time. Who's there who's a steroid that well the final years yes typically of those deals the final couple years it ends up being a done deal. So why don't they just say notes pay the guy more for three or four years and be dealt with -- instead of of paying them into eternity. Red Sox have been talking in Napoli there it's -- Napoli but that's really. Outings have been anything else that I've I've missed about -- it seems like they're talking to just about everyone but that's expected in those talking to Nick Swisher and all these other notable freeagent I am so not excited about any of the possibilities. You know I mean we know that does not very good free agent class now and it's it's not a promising. Time for the Red Sox to pile of players and look like -- they're gonna jump right back into it this year but who knows again -- players they have a team turnaround maybe got some. And what else are we got here. More at a -- suspensions. Jermaine Cunningham. You know two guys and Seattle. A guy in the box. There's a whole list of them today and yet I know it's like unbelievable. A budget she -- -- don't even know it's out earlier -- was say it's federal. It's kind of -- they don't have to did admit to exactly what it is so they you know it's the only way out no matter who comes out with the general statement the player himself usually have players the league doesn't disclose no. Why that's they do not disclose what they tested positive for -- -- rather know for sure for a lot of reasons let's say your considering hiring a guy under team. Next year who's had him a suspension for a pick some kind of banned substance that you don't know what it is. It could be at a roller could be you know. Some heavy heavy duty. Steroid or or HT usually don't know you know to deal with -- why can't the league disclose that it is it's some of the -- contract the union and yes. That seems kind of week I think if you -- -- with these players are making -- The most ridiculous part about it Mike is that they can actually get a prescription for at a Rome for the season and then and you zillion yen and now blogs not excessive but the joke I'm looking around the nose and those as watch and our big friend Dwight Howard. And I think and think about this guy company when his brother got to find the radar. They're never gonna get -- -- willows. They got to make this got to be aware the camera on what to do with the way is the argument against the war yet. NBA you -- you're too many suspensions you know as a -- and he was Rashard Lewis -- why on earth would you -- anyway instinctive percent for 12 they're not doing the stuff you know whatever the football guys that don't -- the NBA there's some. Many of them. I so was six point seven -- -- I 7937. A short planet -- program to about 8 o'clock tonight and your phone calls -- welcome. We'll go to let's grab a couple right now let's -- Steve in Sharon messages O Steve. And Mike how are -- he served. I like calling them here and I'm calling from my kitchen you're moving around a little bit that's I have a little. Let -- and I could take things one when you're talking about Norv Turner and coaching gaps. What about the final five minutes and fifty seconds of the SC Notre Dame game. Where they got that I'm absolutely. Up the two yard line -- yeah lines and I'm gonna happen and if that ever seen. And it by anybody yeah I mean junior junior high school football it was just so terrible. Yeah well you know let's give credit a little bit of credit for the goal line stand and you have to after they did their good job of that and was -- was stupid place election. And pounded and over and over again yet not so. But I was hurting for Notre Dame so. Right but it it it certainly would have made it much more interesting. You know -- -- -- -- Beat the other thing is why LeBron while I was on all of Africa agreed Manhattan -- and you've you've mentioned the patriots kept coming in big games against Houston Cameron has -- yes I mean I -- I can you people I'm from -- I mean you that game against the saints I've never seen. I can't remember but be sent. So dominating and in the one that Apple's been hit legally. I mean not Michael and Romney locked out there I mean it's just really incredible to see any team I don't know whether since the -- -- Ayers. I am I yeah it will be a huge. -- as for the. Oh absolutely and and they got 22. Very ample quarterbacks now he argued. Right now it seems like what's disguised in copernicus -- -- account and our operatives -- -- he's been pretty pretty unbelievable because he can run the ball into an he's kind of a scary got to come up against -- This this has been the biggest test of the year. Four. For the -- ended up playing at home so you know. I still say the patriots when the game well I -- -- this go on with the I think they do have the best defense and offense the best since the 85 Beers but I do think that all -- Smith is. Wanted to play as this year's bears bears team is pretty good too. It usually defense. Okay Stephen YouTube meant that that I mean certainly the bears' defense is -- and what's gotten to where they ER. No question about that there pretty good president San Francisco goal in scary little bit offensively too so it's like. Author -- -- frightening opponent it's your right to do the best in the NFC. There -- Yep I would say the most balanced. -- -- would be surprised if maverick if it's an up -- San Francisco gets going and this a problem and can't cap predict going up against that saints defense -- -- say it's too much saints and that in the course you know two to pick sixes changed that. The complexion Beckett also late night game if you watched it chatted to arsenic and I was not here during the time it was not it was on the late -- to game two missed calls by the -- on pass interference. Saints had the ball. Sometimes. The receiver was wrapped up prior to the ball you know arriving. The arms around twice twice in about a two minute span. They miss both calls changed the potentially change the outcome of that game by bad refereeing Anthony's in New Haven our good -- down there on the Connecticut shore Anthony. -- -- ignored good evening Hawaii. Who like Americans these suck all. I meant. -- in schools carry in my glory are the -- there were a couple of you know all year. RO they are you know their horrible. Horrible. Horrible -- seven was -- -- -- -- Well we -- injury is a very. Re my iron and -- the scheme block. What you re worse I remember when they're gone and I called and got all -- to root -- That puppy up -- we -- or are there any recount and they're thirteen consecutive playoff appearances. -- all championship game and they appear at the doable -- -- -- this year aren't fortunately and all are often. Atlanta felt a lot of injuries I would like Tom Brady -- their lord and you know a lot of we -- ordered that no one here I understand that. You know -- And nobody would direct how are receiving corps. Anybody who would -- to have our running back or. You don't look normal corner it would cut all what you're trying to one. Up. I don't know why they haven't given it two more this season knows her right now with. If you go out because well below -- -- -- actual game demo fortunately putting all our lol like Kabul so loudly and I record the car camera image might you run your argument. What I said that the Eagles sock now tell me why they don't suck. -- you know. Or aren't here we. Will -- even a little limited this past you don't wanna talk 1000007 I'm talking about right now this year. We are also. Predicament we know you've lost six in a row and by the way the three games you won. You want to walk home by a point and one at home by two points. WW. I I understand but the patriots have lost three games by four points you won three games by four points the rest you've lost convincingly. And what I gave you guys and it almost all the Michael richter the word like -- out of my mile is. The New England picture and they -- quarterback. And would make great quarterback behind and senator and yell at the lie and do work and doing magic. And unfortunately Michael Vick is not be there but for the Philadelphia eagle. Well let me ask you about their defense their vaunted defense. They hope that they -- of 32 Atlanta. Creates a New Orleans are 38 to Dallas and 31 to Washington four consecutive games Namibia's who was clear. -- remind you remember -- all the war lying. Coordinator. -- in court that no one can steal and they got rid him as ski boot him out or scapegoat you know down. So I don't know job either by Anthony I'm sorry your Eagles fan because I really did I am I the sergeant -- -- ends this year -- it was a dream dream team. Right three and want to I don't know all of their you know you can't get into a comic troop -- oracle broke -- the ball up and if you were better Annika a you know. Really helps so it helps to have a team that doesn't suck. Yeah I understand back you know I remember. Good to have pictured are Kirkuk -- they have good. Bill organized a couple top to bottom is great. You know you put a lot of feel you put a grip or upstairs and even in your head coaching staff is great. What he called that back together we're gonna look again remember we're gonna be back in the oil every year you know good -- out of -- you that only -- -- OK but -- -- -- have a quarterback does not a loser to now he's pixels there weren't many out of a can -- to -- bird Indianapolis -- it. It won't try to get the bottom out and -- -- and -- for quarterback -- -- oratorical. Or year. It happened or -- or quarterback in the drought. That imminent I was working or you know. It doesn't. The president quarterback is -- -- -- Harrison was the year to do it with a lock in Griffin. Six or 777 on 7937. The most important going to follow -- team you know wants him to suck you know it helps to have a team does -- so. -- -- And he says it's it doesn't yet know he'd rather not be three and seven top place and have 33 and -- after tonight.

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