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Joe Andruzzi, Former Patriots OL, Joins Mustard and Johnson

Nov 24, 2012|

Joe calls into Mustard and Johnson to give some info on his charity the Joe Andruzzi Foundation and celebrating five years of helping families with members fighting cancer. The guys also get into the Patriots with Joe who gives his insight on this current team, the OL doing an excellent job of keeping Brady clean this season and the personality of Bill Belichick.

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It is mustard in Johnson Craig and Larry here on Sports Radio WEEI. You -- your telephone calls in just a bit. Meanwhile let's chat with the off former patriot lineman Joseph Andrew -- who is involved once again in another. Spectacular. Gala it is the New England celebrities tackle cancer gala. At Gillette Stadium on December 3 in here to tell us about that talks in football is the man himself you know injuries good morning joke. -- are pretty good tells a bit more about the the big -- it's going on on Monday night December 3. Monday yes. Look forward to assist Daniel which coincides in my eyes should appear in remission. Regulations. Thank you very -- and there's you know trying to -- As we get bigger overturn new. You know bring in as many people as we can. -- much money we're. Our foundation and geared towards helping families and individuals with their homeland -- so we get financial assistance to families are struggling. To pay a mortgage rent utilities and you know -- what kind of forget about in terms. When you're dealing with severe illness like that console. It's simply born in 2008. We. October 300 families. I had a eviction -- it and you know so like bandages very rewarding for us to. Probably the little bit of that burden we still hope hungry cancer research which we -- the middle of 300000 post. Things go away and I'm -- potent green and it should have thought about 4050 celebrity's in the in the Cleveland area. Some past president patriot players solo. -- -- burly guy isn't. Of the guys have been there are comedians have been right Aaron Burr hole made it is geared towards. You know. Getting and word of their raising the awareness and how Long Will redo -- foundation and how we've grown and assemblies -- that we help. Over the years and we were great -- -- ranging from jewelry children's sports collectibles to troops. As well as a great viable option which ability constantly general approach here -- -- -- -- And -- for the right so the proposal that would a lot of under a great night. I understand that Lenny Clarke will be providing little comedy is well. You know we'll we'll get American. We'll see. If we have some time Lenny. Get onstage for a better having won here in his support. Is. Real great conference and great tribute for a two -- -- I was actually with one of the other day that it and students. Walking around children and children's hospital and they're putting some smiles on the kids' days there was great test it was and then -- a lot of fun walk around him. You know being able to put a smile in history that goes along -- -- -- Larry Johnson. As a cancer survivor myself for six years and our colon cancer. As you know WEEI. Has been active for years now with the Jimmy Fund. Involved in such programs -- is similar to this tons of helping cancer victims and them. Very interested and in pressed in terms of the type of assistance that you trying to give people I don't think some people realize the depth. Not only if you get this disease but how it changes your whole life in terms of your employment. Your ability to you still gotta pay bills just -- gonna worry about the mortgage and I think if you're like if you're the breadwinner -- the are almost. Not only are you worried about your own health but then you're worried about making sure you can maintained. And in insofar IV and take care your family. I totally agree Turkey. You're -- that I do is. I look at life a whole new perspective. And yelled the American knowing that. I would view or the one in the hospital getting poked with needles and myself you know sort of problem in my wife was by my side holding my. And she was my normal nerves -- sure also -- -- for four kids aren't. You know that wholesale is effective and individualized. You know that you become treacherous and differently so people pundits. They got to lean on their family and friends because they're gonna hope that. Get through those tough times and whether it is somebody making -- different -- somebody. You out -- future somewhere. He'll lean on America great you know for that moment in time and when you're on -- When -- Turkey more treatment radiation Europe to a point where you yes so weak -- give -- a mark to the Mayo marks. Hope I'm not mine -- girlfriend Kimberly process so ten years in the NFL. And members Centrino legal clarion little objection trips and all the sudden. Some negate probably her console two weeks later we -- looking girl and a month later I continued at a bed and this pretty scary. But that's a great pointed to bring up also the the the abrupt -- -- -- happening so quickly it's like you don't even. Nodded like -- time to prepare and I know people say you should of six months mortgage in the banking and wealth. Isn't it great if you can do that but what if he can't but a -- living paycheck to paycheck. And all of a sudden you get hit with something like this so why aren't we certainly listen you've got to have tiny landing on the stage are you kidding you. You've got to get landing on the State's -- I want to hear from my nick of rich and -- Brady enlightened Troy brown and Kevin -- by you gotta get landing on me. Joseph how old. The it's -- wants to participate involved and attend this festivities how to they'd need to get involved. They can return -- or outcome to be better it's JAF. Gala -- -- all the information. Ticket information and -- never signed -- -- -- district the work. Our own little places Joseph Andruzzi foundation dot org or information on there are okay so what we try to do. -- Org org against capital JF gala. With a capital G dot org and and Joseph in Jersey foundation dot org all the information you need I guess is a telephone number to jump. 7742844694. Yeah it opened in regard to our office cut -- regenerative that he you know. Would rather do that way nor the -- -- -- -- these different amounts so you know dump on sponsorships and of course by individual tickets is. Tony Romo and put them -- graduate stadium and looked over to. Having a great and I it cramps apparently it has been very supportive about some. It would probably have a lot of fun. Also says a lot about you as a teammate -- -- when you can get people like Tom Brady Ian. Troy Brown in May EO and guys who were busy and they got other stuff going on that with their life but they are more than willing because -- love and respect you with a teammate to play that you were. To come out and support such an event. It it's great to have that support on the fact that they know what my wife and I care about what we're trying to do with the foundation. Within the community and truly -- the community is who we are. You know whether it's your family and friends it's the other people you look -- -- round in Spain and so. It would be a part of community and help the community in the -- they can be. You know third -- Not Joseph let's talk a little football by you watch the patriots on Thanksgiving I assume dismantle. The jets. 59 at nineteen you probably saw -- played very well against the colts putting up. -- 491959. Against the -- 108 points and in four days. What do you think about this team right now they headed to another Super Bowl from this point of view which which should take out. Or remove some people the whole season goes a long season. And it's still not over right now and they're very worried about you know defense -- good person not personal. It's. A big puzzle and interpret proposal together but the problem also have to work together. Again the right people have great time you know it's. It's very -- job for the coach's birthday balloon. So great job trying to do trying to put it altogether especially -- the -- -- you know having more focus on what they needed to do. I think the team responded -- joke together all three series of the game. And you know there's no telling where this -- may go. Let me ask you this from as a former offensive lineman. You Steve Ballmer go down you see Americans go down cannon and Thomas stepped in and except for that first play of the game doesn't seem to be. Much lost that all you impressed the way. -- is rally -- offensive line play some great football right now. -- Taylor are unsung heroes marvelous. Earlier I think I got -- in 2000 the last twelve years and then got -- Scarnecchia. You know I'm culprit of the streets of you know our program disarmament nursing -- days later so. And myself being. Mayor of learning all the system these young kids stepped in and how he prepares. It's been reading assistant sordid history it's amazing -- And work and dedication to their hatred of the whole organization. From what you observed truck out of line and he's definitely look like Europe and better things possible. At heart -- at the so it is preparation in the guys ready to. To Logan goes down Thomas has stepped in as it. If they didn't they can't miss a beat him if he can be nervous should be able to. Be ready to go and understand what's called B -- Of all time hasn't worked -- as laundry got a great job. I'm not handling the -- want to give. Joseph we're the other day Lenny Clarke resigned Dennis and Callahan he said down -- -- are right he says honesty that this guy is funny is and he's got a great sense of humor and of course we have not privy. To any of that in math -- and what his post game press conference as the knee slapper is bright. -- -- -- you play with the Packers I believe but the jets and the patriots. What separates. Ballot check from a lot a lot of these coaches who common goal what what quality does he have. -- everybody. Is always on the same page the patriot way. Well irreverent Packard were my call government and veto -- bill that went -- Cleveland's Romeo and finish my career. Oak -- has a different you know no ending term he. Perceives himself you know he's not endure the same -- -- -- -- that you -- you -- that are. You know you can't say it did you get out of media. And he's got a you know how lucky behind closed doors and he does smiled in those. They'll have that. Find more indoor where -- the players and coaches where where he stands. And what he -- least you know recorders from everybody. Everybody doing their job and don't worry about other people have to worry about yourself and doing the best you can on each play. For the players and you know even coaching staff. So what he requires them everything you know everything that comes along with her -- a daily basis. Is -- truly. What he learned over the years you know something here where he grew up from what -- equipment. There is. Being. Though coach for many years learning from one of the best you know put that towards other. People. Give -- priority on the same page understand the need to be done. And doing it you know you shouldn't called the patriot way it usually. Is a way it has been working for twelve years and if he. I don't even this year and stared at these players whether it's a free agent or draft pick. To form this team. To understand what they have here at the value of joining veterans like Tom Brady Vince -- for Jerod Mayo Wes Welker. You're joining this team. Was some how much players. Went nowhere and you know what those guys. Didn't have it right away. They work hurt me understand what it takes week in week out there have been so. You know had agreement sending them how to put the right and then to put the puzzle together on the. Is he feared -- general. Geared feared by other play you a Machiavellian mindset that it beefy abort it would rather be feared while lobbed. Is he feared to to a point like put that -- Yet these guys to line up right when you read about some of the other stuff going on in the -- with some of these other place is you don't seem to have that same problem man. I think. Every coach I mean my throughout my career and college -- You're your own sphere you coaches. And beauty -- smile and joke around them and uncertain times. But if you if you let's open the game you're you know what -- this to the same sideline that they're on the -- -- -- Any coach and they deserve a whole aspect of the whole year issue but I think overall. -- Expect the best from his orders and understands that mistakes do happen. But then -- making those mistakes. Correcting yourself for not doing the same mistake twice. That we're certainly looking at further evidence of that once again pages playing their best football in late November. And December Joseph congratulations again five years. As of cancer survivor. And good luck on Monday night as England celebrities tackle cancer Gallo will. Take place once again at Gillette Stadium and thanks for joining us today and WEEI. -- showed -- Russia got Joseph in Jersey former offensive lineman for the pack in the patriots and browns in some interesting stuff on. Belichick in interest in how he you know play for three very different personalities on -- wanna Super Bowl. In Green Bay against the pats in the late ninety's publish at one another one against Pittsburgh is Seattle coach but. Bills certainly got it all again. Right now Romeo and -- -- When you -- what from the crowds gathered around that. But anyway you really should get in touch with with a whip them is something has got to be a great time GAA. Half gala dot org. We'll put you in touch with the organization and believe me. My wife and I in the kids and we sat around a table for a few minutes and and had a prayer of Thanksgiving and we are set -- and we just -- you know. As much as you wanna complain about things. You really convenient when you think about people who have survived that hurricane sandy and people -- -- on owls are no houses and people over in the Middle East having bombs dropped on his stuff the are really sports does give us a chance to. -- -- of the toy department and I think that when you have somebody like Joseph in Jersey and and the like many others. Last year and myself who've gone through any form of cancer and you survive. How wonderful for these guys to men and women. To then turn around and look back in trying to help somebody else council's.

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