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Mustard and Johnson Open the Post-Thanksgiving Experience Talking About the Pats Dominating Performance Over the Jets

Nov 24, 2012|

Craig and Larry kick things off on Sports Saturday discussing the Pats last two unbelievably dominating performances. Have they finally turned the corner? The guys give their thoughts on the other Thanksgiving games as well.

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It is mustard and Johnson and and lo and behold it's another Saturday. Thanksgiving weekend. Version Larry Johnson. Just putting down yet another helping of pumpkin -- We're here to analyze what happened on Thursday night look ahead to the rest of the patriots season. In case. You are not aware of this the patriots won and one day. Thanksgiving night down in East Rutherford, New Jersey word always is beautiful this time a year 4919. That's on top and whether we have not gotten together since the patriots pasted. The colts. Putting a 59 spot up on the scoreboard at Gillette Sunday afternoon. My mathematical skills are not great I am an English teacher but I have managed to figure this out in the last. Two games in the stretch of war days Larry patriot offense has put up 108. Eight points in the opponent's 4343. So it looked back at the last. War games. They've compiled a 190 points you are simply -- -- -- like -- to -- and our team. The government know we really it is amazing how. Now we also hear of the week and I think it's justified in numbers I think it is in the way and that they like how -- a whiny and you can't stand pots. Of a person's personality. In yet on the other hand would you rather have somebody else in I'm referring to. The order radiant in Hollywood may ask ballot check him but just a simple question -- crank up the surgery this morning and he couldn't even give me an answer on Matt. But. You're still when you look at the mess down there were the jets you still end up barking away saying well wells would you rather have coaching this -- this is. Larry's the -- analysis from the patriots are winning streak or would you rather you don't like the way he handles the news conferences. But who would you rather have and I guarantee you. If the patriots and the author and at forty my idea guys but that's just an asset in this is what I look at it. Com yes and there were some people this radio station. For robbery at the way ballot check potentially discarded. Michael and gland that interview. Detaining it's a simple. Question. Just did he have surgery what is the mystique around and everybody knew we was gonna happen it was just a case of saying. He had it in everybody else in Newark and people were tweeting at all over the place which what's the big deal well. I've done some mapped to Larry the last two games how about this this is dazzling right here you know -- I have some impressive skills they've averaged 54 points over the last two games have they continued averaged. 54 points a game the rest of the regular season enroll in the playoffs. I I was suspected patriot fans will allow Bill Belichick to do any thing he pleases and they already do we know that bill we trust. And certainly the patriots have put into another gear all together much like last year. It seems as if we're getting a 2011. Redux here. Patriots playing great football right now they have the two opponents at Gillette back to back six days apart 49ers. And Texans. But their play a lot of pats he's down the stretch I really anticipate pretty much a repeat of last year they're gonna run the table. The rest of the regular season now the only question is going to be this is what you really have to think about the rest of the way are they in Houston or Baltimore. Drug which is really interesting because Houston secondary of a lot of things it's great about used in because they mandate I'm. That's secondary is on the greatest in the world don't have a good secondary and they played Minnesota the vikings. We are physically or -- ya got hired Mike Lombardi today and instant replay claim that they don't have a tough schedule down the stretch I think it's tough enough. Patriots trailed by two games but you gotta believe they're gonna win that game on Monday night which will be attending by the way. That Texan game in December. You gotta we've -- win that game and so they closed the gap to at least one game -- could be tied I would think the patriots. Would do well even though they've got the division locked up keep the pressure on the ravens keep the pressure on the Texans. Get the home field. Beyond just that first playoff game -- two games at home. Then you pretty much punching your ticket practice or the other team that they're really skiers -- used is Denver I think they've if all the pieces to put together. They lost McGahee he's on what you quo or recall. Injured. Reserve which means after six weeks he can be reactivated in time for. Some of the playoff games that they get that hasn't ACL when he chooses not to have surgery out of hoping that a lot of repair itself but I mean you get you know Von Miller got thirteen -- to get -- you get it and Dumervil. Their remaining schedule Craig as they play Kansas City Tampa. Oakland Baltimore Cleveland and Kansas City. Some of that Baltimore game pretty easy schedule the way it stacks up right now because the patriots. Did beat -- they actually played one more game having played on Thanksgiving night. Assuming Denver wins tomorrow act Kansas City and what ten and half point favorites to win that game Sega Denver wins so that tidy three. Patriots have that tie breakers are right now. If the season ended today the patriots would be the third seed right in the AFC you'd have Houston number one Baltimore to patriots three. Denver for. You'd end up having to play if it were that way all the favorites one you have to play Baltimore. On the road in the second game you'd have to play that first week he would get the by you have to play Baltimore. In the next game -- Baltimore. So right now of the season and the way it is. With the patriots is the third seed they'd only get one home playoff game and that would be in the first week of the playoffs they wouldn't get the by. -- -- -- Areas web -- so I mean big it was and the biggest story to me right now with his patriot team and it is I think what big. Greatest parts of being a sports fan and parking about it as we do and in many other people do is the the its ability to be right sometimes in the ability to be aren't sometimes. In the abilities does say you know what I'm unsure. I have been saying is that you know Andrew Andrew Luck charm talent area I I I have to take him over IG Korea in through market says. He's got all the attend show for using county residents not. I don't -- any -- -- back by some of the plays he made against the patriots like you could see it. But there and you watch IG read yesterday in. This kid as the confidence he was making rose. Where you have like about it saxons window. To get that ball to the target and he was doing it over and over again of course -- when you -- is -- At at at Brady as the law. But out -- -- about died in and you will look at IG's ability as an athlete to. I still I still cannot get over that play against the giants when they had -- stand. And he just maneuvered around -- about that he still spinning around there somewhere sixteen W. So I told you it was -- I did the Thanksgiving this would this year there was some great games on. Which also brings death has quickly to the digital audio fidelity is your rambling again tomorrow when I'm rambling or target or re all -- man are we talking about for you all haven't finished your thoughts of this week. Europe putting the check mark next RG three were as well I think I said -- -- project -- I anti -- I think I know -- a -- is not a good column for radio you have to have -- opinion -- or the other but I'm telling you right now it is so close between those two. But if you ever cornerback who what I like about RG three is that he can't remain in the pocket he -- park at forest. And then if you force him to do something he will whereas I always thought Michael -- and some of the other young -- at some of the scramblers. They would think scramble for us in and park remaining in the park at second. It's a shame that we're not gonna get to see RG three against the patriots in a regular season game missed it by a year they don't play the NFC east until. Three years to come -- they played him last year of course. But he is a special player but every week as we say really becomes. A referendum on what have you done for me lately RG three and or injury locked into luck throws the to pick sixes against the pats. Doesn't look particularly great. At Gillette last Sunday RG three much of light are returning producer Matt Loper. Big time my giant -- embarrassing the cowboys is the skins put up. When he eight points in the second quarter second quarter for big on Thanksgiving Day ordered -- hit it up a 35 of the bats 28 of his kids. As the patriots and -- rolled. So again I say you know me I I tend to look at this thing in the big picture way pictures right now just. Have that you'll about them I know it's all instinct it's all gut. Leisure watch as you watched this team dismantled so albeit mediocre teams and I'm being kind about the jets' mediocre there. They would be aspiring to be medio related beat the rams the week that's what's -- ago about well think about this and you really think about the rams. Get blasted by the patriots out of London that -- come back in the play 49ers to a tie. And the jets beat the rams is they -- as -- jets got home. Get blown out -- nation beaten on the three or four weeks ago in the patriots though this is a crazy season I'm not claiming the patriots are anywhere near where they were last year necessarily as far as a a dominant team. But they certainly have the ability to do with last year's team -- in 2007. Team did which was go oh. To the Super Bowl too wide open season in this conference I know. The Texans attend one but you look at how they won that game on Thanksgiving Day. And how they won that game against Jacksonville on Sunday you kidding me two losing teams they needed overtime for both of those and they got very fortunate against both particularly on Thanksgiving Day. The knee was down mating call it. Schwartz throws the penalty flags now -- Why don't play wasn't -- because it's any touchdowns automatically review you yet it throws the flag. They can't they do review ridiculous yeah it particulars that blatant and everybody knows it right the other play I was surprised that Mike somebody. I. I know you've had -- a replay right now Ndamukong Suh. Full work with the find the fancy footwork find the growing yes. Of match job I do I think he kicked him in the -- on purpose now you think just -- -- -- -- guys -- -- -- rise in the back of his helmet -- but if you watch that play -- watch the thrust. Of the little extra thrust at them for coming down. He definitely was kicking him and and that's so obvious to be. Overrated player I -- the pictures to add jobs give up for prime draft picks to get him because I think. I agree were -- he's got all the talent in the world. But he chooses to play this way. That's right you were O'Reilly are banging I loved him -- but I mean he's only got 220 tackles so far this year in the and you could say well that's a position he plays and notes are -- plays a nose tackle and he's spotted just tie up. Block is and he's got 32 tackles. And when you watch. Ndamukong -- was history that Dietrich Smith the Green Bay Packers god. How he stepped on his nominee was on the ground he's got a history of playing this way I thought he intensely kicked him. And down and hopefully you'll be suspended. That team is loaded with talented Detroit Adam. Lions and they've never been able to put it together to get staff that -- Johnson they've never been able to put it together and they need to get rid of that -- also. And there are a lot of patriots fans who were rooting hard for the lions I'm sure on Thursday afternoon that would help the patriots out as far as. Home field advantage so Texans hold on of that two game advantage -- do think the patriots will find a way. Be the Texans on now money and I think it's December 10 toward the stories to be with this patriot. Game getting back to that -- minute I said early on and I will say it again I think Dante Scarnecchia is the MVP if you could develop that kind of an award. How this guy week after week after week remember the exhibition season. Sold her in and -- vote Arab -- -- just terrible. And now I mean they are just are -- Canon cup that you can't imagine him playing the whole game he gave up one sacker in the beginning of the game and after that. And then they had Don -- on the inside and -- arm like -- -- going to be able to get anything done red -- Americans out. It is amazing. To me the ability I wish. Ballot check would allow some of these guys to come around -- once a while would you would you like him to sit -- -- -- Ord where a year and a Harley. If that -- even one time. Just a year him in here are we teaches in his techniques and everything it's phenomenal. -- -- I. Opinion or way. I think is that a funny bill I tell you another thing columns with its slow. Good while he just uses a rebel Welsh now but -- -- -- now but when you hear him compared to the others he is just an initial police say that the -- doesn't rise I like out -- I love the way Collins worth really gets through the crux of what what what the game is about what's really going on here. And he kept focusing on at the camera work was outstanding because people don't focus on line work enough. Vince Wilfork was. Absolutely a beast he was absolutely outstanding albeit not just tying up. The guys double teamed. Tripled -- He's still out there making tackles. He picks up Brandon Waring and in an in Sanchez gets tackled by a part hind. Two in just -- synagogue just lay there and then just brought just pops out. No I wrote park has been outstanding. And I think that at the time has come went when you got asked that. Really lauding this team from a roster. But he talent that they have there's no other player that can play like White House -- all. Understand -- Daniel -- comes and there are Hernandez was -- it. Their roster you've got to give them credit -- they have a re -- similar product is younger than Russia is playing date you date they had to get will be younger when you look at some of these other teams who aging. And and of course the one constant an office has Brady. -- all right are there enough enough for the ball washing that's -- that watching you just due to market -- a condemned them get a hundred points and Brian -- yeah but I charge you because you're so emotional about this is an emotional Greg -- your -- tell you when you're watching the game right under which wanted to -- -- criticized okay you were about two weeks ago you were very nervous so that to fine -- game that's for all your doubts or else not where. I know you opera how well -- nervous about nervous about the patriots secondary by the way and again. Tony Sparano -- -- -- to -- -- -- had quite easily -- it already the offensive coordinator for the jets. Don't Sanchez doesn't throw -- deep balls the whole game. Yes no town right when -- -- -- library to tell where it brought down the field and into as the secondary. Usually get a pass an apparent car that we know the secretary's been struggling don't throw any balls -- I've just bury bad. Football team so I guess the question is have the patriots succeeded. In basically beating up on bad teams as they show good. Or is this a patriot team that is gearing up for another deep run. In the post season perhaps going back to the Super Bowl they certainly look pretty impressive over the last. About weaker so the play two games since we last got together we like to talk about it with you.

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