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Greg Bedard, Boston Globe, breaks down Pats-Colts, Aqib Talib and previews Pats-Jets

Nov 21, 2012|

D&C talk with Globe football guru Greg Bedard about the Pats' 59-24 beatdown of the Colts on Sunday and what individual factors led to that outcome. He goes into Talib's inconsistent performance and also previews the Pats' Thanksgiving matchup against the Jets.

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Or number three Dennis and Callahan mid show midweek. Means one thing and one thing only the erudite Greg a Bedard on football Boston Globe joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T -- LTE good morning Greg are you. -- I need the good morning Greg how are. It's like belt object. A target that hey you know I enjoy your work. I read this morning I enjoyed reading it but it made me a little melancholy. And it got -- right at the headline and I know you have nothing to do with a headline but I think it accurately reflects the tone and tenor of the -- headline reads. Pressure was there. But it may not last referred to the amount of pressure which was fun to watch against the colts and Andrew Luck. And you say and you explain why it may not be there tomorrow night against the jets. Enlighten -- Well. -- I just went through the stats and if you look I mean -- other book percent and that was the highest they've had this season 31%. Yeah 31%. And you know most of primate -- You know somewhere around 8910%. You know occasionally in the -- trotted out the Seahawks that puts a little bit. -- point 7% but you know if you do it. You know if you go through the stat it is. There's seems to be there's a little bit of a theme of one may do this and and one of the big teams that I noticed looking back and stats last night was. You know you go back to start 20103. Of the top six teams that they've -- games that they've blitzed. The -- three of those have been against Syrian coordinated offensive voicing it Steelers want against the colts. I don't think that's just a coincidence I think that has to do with his scheme about the quarterbacks -- has that there. You know you give them time they're accurate and then this scheme. Itself. Really attack -- down the field if you allow them to give them their deep drops and get the receivers time to get -- -- they're flooding the deep area. We've receiver and we know how much trouble back to be for the patriots. And so you know they're basically Belichick says Obama acknowledged due -- on the map view in Russia going to to a spot. And if you look at what they've done recently get the jets. They don't what market they've put them 89 10% I think in the last three match ups. Including this past one they put them. Four times total at 38 point 3%. That is the lowest number what percentage that they had the patriots in the last. Six games. I I Greg you know I understand a lot to write the logic is -- they'll wait and let him -- himself which he did which he does he's good at that putt. They went to overtime with Mark Sanchez he proof 68 completed 68% -- -- threw for 328 yards and almost beat them. You really do you really believe that that it would that's more effective -- pressuring him that he would. Have some more success. Throwing the ball if they pressured him. Move -- I'll tell you. How I think bill looks. I want your feeling on this is I think it's insane I think you could. Ruling marks inches by halftime if you pressure him to win the oppression looked the other day. I think there is a I I would tend to agree I think that there's I think there's a happy medium between. You know dying by a thousand paper coupling Mark Sanchez get clean look stop feeling rushed. And pick -- -- Which people were -- embarrassing and you know. You know bringing the house softening them I think there's there's -- happy medium and I think it's something that they. They used to do against Sanchez. I'm just looking at a price that. 2010. Communities -- look it just 30% of the time. I think the I think the patriots lost McCain the music game at it took that new York and -- -- -- 36%. And in the playoff game that it lost so. You know it's. I do you think is happy medium I think that I think. In week we meet here where I think we're gonna see an increase because I think the pictures like with -- giving and I also. There's the hole. Chandler guilt factor but I think it doesn't. A couple of other factors at play when they'll decide whether or not he wants to bring pressure I think. And make a big one is how good is the offensive line because if you look at. They'd be -- put they went after the -- a lot. They went up the CR allotment went after. Optical slot. Those are probably the three -- -- -- -- that played so I think there's a balance of -- that we bring people we do different things. What this except that it's gonna get home and -- yet. You know they're good they're not the greatest line in the world especially at right tackle Austin Howard is not good. But besides that. You know they've they've been playing pretty well -- speak. What she would happen. Did -- not take that same Sanchez lays a fair approach against Ryan Fitzpatrick a couple of games ago and probably should've lost that game if not for stupid interception I think the answer to that is yes so does bill look at that say we almost lost but in the end. We won because he made the ultimate mistake at the ultimate time. That's exactly the way I think you while I think he looks very -- You know bill everything that he does seem pleased it in my opinion in the he's never told it is but if you watch the way he coordinated defense. A scheme -- defense it's all on playing the percentages and looking over the course of his career and even in the past couple years when the defense was quote unquote bad which -- -- you one -- -- at least cover that up. Maybe he's right a very high percentage of the time and you look at those reject schemes where they didn't what Sanchez isn't limited it'll look great especially this year. They want operable so. You know what would you want style points do you wanna win I Q because there is happy medium. But it took four and I'd like to see bill -- that. And he made that damage or injury might force him to do yeah I think it might be a blessing in -- Also. Well just that I think it's been -- realized Jim Jones is the entire -- -- -- -- right commits. And -- get home once while. Mean commute is very timely does a good job didn't turn over for really. There's no regularity to tell you what this it'd -- jump is the actress and if they don't. Things to schema. -- -- due to pressure whether to be straight blitzes or what we saw more of -- exchanges. But we -- against the rams where you're still Russian orbit there it's a pressure concept. Then I only the pay pitchers to ever approach. What do they do if Jones can't go. Well I mean it's just you know next man -- -- -- you know doc deciding which end Ninkovich would be. Federal all right nick Cunningham is in there. Because yet I mean it's going to be Cunningham and then he'll be backed up I mean I'm sure. Trevor going to be out there is backed up I didn't think that Scott and Cunningham I mean they've -- there were effective at all. You know on a hole and his last game and you have the refugee. Beckett who. I wouldn't expect anything. From I mean east at this point just to dining needs -- -- get better. And I unfortunate as Chandler Jones injury was also the timing is unfortunate because nobody's really talking about a based on the gronkowski injury what do we think we know about the severity and the length of time out for Chandler Jones. I don't know anything every once this is this complete radio silence on the com is an ankle is that a split. Walt lifted it -- -- ankle right now I don't believe what the patriots list. I think Crocs listed as an ankle so if. And I think you know Walker's. Most of his ankle but it's more of foot bank. From what I've heard but I think that in my opinion which in the Jones I think it's a good time that they. He was on the sidelines for much of the game after that they taped it up they even -- about like me you know it was an injury where the like oh we need to get -- are right now government view. -- Achilles or something like that. I think what it is you know his camp is cap. Tightened up for people little little bit and they decided not to push it. And I think. I hit the implant Thursday night but with such a long way -- I don't think it should linger very long and should be back short. We assume Hernandez is going to be on Thursday night and if the if that is so do you think was accelerated by gronkowski is departure and absence. I reported on Sunday that he was expected to play and on Thursday night and know it. -- I've was hearing -- before the game on Sunday that you know he could have that there Hernandez could have played. And has been -- ago. For a little while but they've really wanna make sure that they're great with him. This time -- I think it is another made a big mistake the first actually and so they had nothing to do with rock. Well how how will the offense look different without grunt who we just see -- moon Shiancoe or will be three receiver sets with with the one tight end to how will this look in your opinion your in your estimation Greg. Well I think you're probably gonna see an increase in three wide receiver sets which we had seen -- Hernandez out. -- Submit my personal opinion I think that what they should do is I think they should just stick fell. Into -- gronkowski role in that offense and keep UN. What you're doing I mean is beginning to be the pass catching nobody can he can give you decent amount Brooke block union and the go back to his role -- You know I I -- beat the patriots at some point here need to start to build some. Consistency would work -- going on offense. I think you know it's like. OK all suddenly you know -- put element -- there -- -- snapped out you're gonna go down I mean it's you know way every week it's something else I don't really think they've had. That big issue where they had due -- -- It is dark -- and that Hernandez being hurt and -- not being ready those guys play the same position in the opulence of that kind of it added just for that but I think at this point with. Shouldn't go -- who knows what he's -- -- -- other debut but backing up Hernandez I think that they can continue with what they've been doing. Get back to their real offense with two tight ends it's gonna it's gonna be different but I still that he can be effective for them. In your position role a valuation you gave the secondary three out of five and of course you're taking everybody in the consideration -- in to leave. On the -- he sold and so forth specifically what grade would you give in to leave after watching the that the footage Greg. Well you know last night I did a blog -- recommend -- my top -- -- bottom part forums. Of the game in hand down. To leave was very borderline for bottom -- performer in the game I mean. He had interception for touchdown. Tackled well now I mean if if that was. The 740 or Kyle Perry can help their people palm probably outside of the interception term protection. Probably would rip them for that performance but you know -- right. Yeah -- I'm gonna permanent jamaat passes weakening he'd just gotten here yet played six weeks you know that's his own fault not anybody else's fault. -- you know it was it was very inconsistent and choppy news technique with sloppy but I think he's. At least with his technique being sloppy he's closer right a lot of the other guys on this team so. You know yet he didn't play that well as a -- but. You know had been awhile and I think he's gonna get better very quickly. You saw you you write about Talib in today's -- the rising pressure likely had little to do with the arrival of Aqib Talib or anything else in the secondary and I'm wondering if indeed. Allowing for opening night jitters and and getting his legs under him and as he improves and becomes the player he -- will he empower. Bill to use more pressure knowing that he has a not a shut down a bonafide shut -- corner but somebody you can -- a lot better job but what he's had in the past. Empower him to do more pressure going forward. -- certainly possible but you would think that. Against any team. There's probably would have been a good hockey Dudek and bring you wings really the only weapon. That. The colts have. In the past cameraman has some good little players what Reggie Wayne in the offense and you know he's bigger he's -- he's good physical matchup for -- But died they decided they did not do. Com. Man coverage was few and far between Mac game a lot of it was. You know cover three and cover two wooden would whose own element underneath and so. You give the papers just continued to play their system even with the lead out there now is that in the first game. Or was that because this is what they're gonna do -- I can answer that but I think I mean I I think bill will do a few more things but I don't. -- -- -- It's for me it comes down past with this team has all these people have wanted to rip the secondary movement. The past first just has not been. Nearly good enough on this team and it's exposed the secondary as a -- on any team immensely. You gave Bob Brady five. The only stars five -- -- five. Five stars out of five was this his best game of the year. And would it rank up there is the best game. You've seen him play. It was it was pretty good I don't. I can't poll my previous periods of government has but I think I think he did a better game. You know IP of his obvious. Debating whether it import half for five starters. You know can I do I really didn't think the degree of difficulty was very high and because. -- the offensive line did a great job and the colts stink in the secondary but. You know -- is it was hard to find lawmaking I mean he had a couple rows of raw but. You know I think I need to great problem a little bit easier -- I've been a little harder on him because. You know I think he's he's so good and expect a lot of them. But I thought he was pretty. I thought it was pretty terrific in this scheme he's definitely played better gains in the hole but I thought especially considering the competition. But the beltway at the ravens game earlier this year he was perfect -- He was definitely yet yet fire lit under but for the game it's been a long time since I've seen him. That pumped up and intense for -- you open he can bring it every week. Does the proficiency of the offensive line minus the two starting guards and their ability to protect. Brady's so beautifully surprise you a little bit Greg. A little bit I think that I think they've been. They've got to get teams that you know like the colts. There are very strong on the interior and he bit its not really exposed I will be as if if Mankins and probably can't go this week I think. I think -- should be ready to go I think he was in the the group of I could have gone on Sunday but was short turnaround. Well why push it -- to be wise about this in maybe -- in the same. Group -- but you know way. Did jets will be eight proper challenge for the offensive line interior I mean I think Mohamed -- and is. Is playing tremendous ball. For them I mean he's becoming like the dominant. 34 defense of enemies not JJ watt but. He's in that same mold if he brings it on every play he. It's -- didn't do that the first time around this unique look. Is back for the jets their nose tackle did not play the first time around so this is there a bit of account eight. Know -- put that all know this has this president I think Donald Thomas is good football player nick McDonald he's limited but you can -- ways around that. But in electrical people. Go back to treat him. This soft and the wind will be -- -- table. Washington. Eight and Greg competed -- aside do you ever look at. The way Belichick. -- a starter is out there on special teams kickoff on. Punt return and and and say he's taken unnecessary risks do you think. It is foolish to have say Wes Welker returning punts. Rodney Harrison on kickoff. IE I do look at that and I don't have a problem with gronkowski on the actual point I do have a problem we have today. -- Ortiz who was largely year only competent quarterback. For much of the season returning kick off I think you know -- school ward there. It's not work it you know yet he returned to took off for us I guess jets but he also fumbled once and almost caught on the game. I just don't think. I just don't think you need that. I think come. You know I mean I just find it -- that. People are criticizing -- check out this now but. Yeah I never heard anybody say anything about Rob Gronkowski being. A blocker on kickoffs on his all of his first two seasons. What he's just waiting for data come down and -- Salem. You know it's things like that I mean I have been critical of I think that dip from forty at times played way too many snaps on special teams. For a proverbial and you know number one corner at -- people bit different. I think but I don't look you gotta do we have to do yet 46. Men on on the game day active roster and you got to. You gotta fill out all your teams and you know I think sometimes they over reached a little bit with the starter but they played rock being on the extra point even being there at the very end. Problem. Would you be surprised to see Deion Branch back on this team. No I mean. Obama is gonna happen but I mean I think the on now at that point where you know he'll be back at that if the patriots need him not. You don't prefer an emergency situation because. Unless there's some. You know wide receiver desperate. Contender out there that has the injury or -- and I -- I don't see you on getting many job offers around -- so. I think he's going to be there. When pages -- -- thing -- same thing with Jabar Gaffney you're just got release from the Balkans. I don't know what went on down national to -- from what I'm hearing he didn't pick up the offense that well. But I don't really think those guys are needed I mean now I would I think I'd rather have -- around just in these. It is live in a lot easier but I don't see the big meet those guys. He has great -- Bedard on football Boston Globe but enjoy the game tomorrow night happy Thanksgiving Greg protecting next week. Greg Garber doesn't tell at all AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times after the three GAT and T. Rethink possible still to come in the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan Damien Woody and Celtic ticket giveaway.

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