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Minihane and Sheppard Get Into Some Hot Stove Red Sox Talk and Discuss the Mega Deal the Marlins Made

Nov 18, 2012|

Kirk is the hot-stove expert these days so the guys talk about who the Sox will look to target in free agency. Is Josh Hamilton truly on the radar? Pete is very much against any aggressive spending because of the lack of depth in the free agent market this year and doesn't think Cody Ross is worth the numbers that are floating around. They also chat about the Marlins selling off a ton of their big-named guys to the Blue Jays earlier this week and the change in philosophy for Toronto.

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Our number two shepherd alongside me cartman and will take it's 1 o'clock in its NFL Sunday. A live picture placed there at Toby Keith's -- what's -- end of the story of the sport. You'd be wrong. Just love this girl you're in love and off. -- Am glad that you and and -- It went away the British Virgin Islands correct -- week yes that is weird orange sort of you know a -- -- minute ago Orton and yeah. Last week for now the commitment. On the last -- and I am at the start rectum. Torture. Those guys it's 4 o'clock -- ticket just about took it off. Operate its colts we talked about mostly the last stupid problem it's just inevitable. We are still facing. Keep people up to date -- what's up rob port which is James Bond and Skype ball and -- -- at the debate about what he was better from -- ball. I think it does -- out -- right now. As a frantic about exactly you know I'd get off subject to -- it right or wrong. Way Sunday. -- I -- they don't it's like not. Now let that stick Michael tour I had no idea I did. By the way -- -- -- -- -- people view is on her majesty's secret -- -- message. Serves on the senate Texas the other thing is yeah I gotta get agreement team -- -- was the better bond. It's it's you and I think Daniel Craig is the second best gains on never but I agree was born to play this for anyone. He was aptly black -- -- it's a different type character and then -- Connery and Moore and Willis -- I think it's kind of accommodation a ball with a -- And they've eaten these -- we got more the dark side than the other. There -- such steroid ones I was kind of via -- time to wait via such as you know they're Greg's DC com. It was a movie Fincher movie last year from the books on dragon tattoo. Oh yes -- well phenomenal tremendous absolutely phenomenal economic measures factional on the Oscar for that -- marriage aboard a Russian won the Oscar. Hands down. Merrill Streep got a because -- -- and -- they are from a province also which was in the running but I thought our side one of those movies and -- what. Perimeter road America absolute in my position Warner and Jim what a great movie lies in history. She says Dana Craig's Carriker via our permission to kill him. -- Just she would you. Terrific natural segue from -- America probably edges yeah. When you look at the when you vote and don't text in NC -- -- pages we talked about for the first hour welcome a call and we'll talk about so there -- talk about the Celtics as -- Celtics weren't NHL lockout. Real quick on the baseball -- look at the deal here made you know especially countries are you one of these people. Who are frustrated at the Red Sox had yet to really get their own news world is all these crazy things. I was glad that in. I don't have to pay raises critical player that he is 96 million over the next five years I don't want that and I'm not a big. What's the big fan -- Josh Johnson a burly either pitching in the American League the -- so -- much I don't go look at the blue jays and now that Miguel Cabrera good luck again. Q he can do after being off the -- -- your area about market -- So. Look I'm by the -- just make a splash and it's good for that for baseball -- American League east. Won't go that they were -- this fortune of millions and millions. Others Rogers Corp. -- Toronto that's talk about a hidden jewel you wonder how if that's not the case for a lot of these other. Poor quotes small market owners to know. What -- -- don't write -- don't wanna -- just don't wanna spread and then you get that you have opened a pull up what they pulled off last year. And every starts to see what they can do what we can do by that but do it that the question comes down to been charged in on Dennis and Callahan this week. Do you believe him or do not believe him when he says that they will be one of the top payrolls in baseball when it's all -- and on -- Think Pete and I -- hot stove show idea of four times actually -- regular cabinet which is ever actually record to set an economic alone at night. Like subliminally -- -- guy also this obviously all kidding aside this morning 835 new game mix -- best of the hot -- How to -- Hearts on it was right but -- I think he'll gather from look at the chart to the second. From -- from a Red Sox perspective with the blue jays trade right. It was erased 22 million bucks a year the last three years contract 96 point five note that -- that those that don't have done I just shots of the -- wanted to trade for Josh Johnson individually and to drag -- to buy a ticket gamble burly guys brains. By the at least time and time again. With the buddhism does it make themselves better here to this point and I think blocked the chance to be really good. That helps the Red Sox I mean I -- I've heard calls heard -- Michael take three or four hours calls of the day for people who walked the Red Sox. To make -- move to bring in Josh. And I don't. I agree wholeheartedly and and if you most of the baseball experts look at job although a to decide about to -- had a real good article last week of Marilyn was Windsor Thursday -- -- yet about the Red Sox approach and I agree with them. Gonna go after Hamilton and I hit a bad idea but we gotta do it up two years fifty million. It would without a -- that if you do that that's the way I think -- got remade yourself now that set I think most baseball experts or sold. Or quote experts or people who follow I've known -- -- followed closely. Realize that a Boston market in New York market Philly Chicago LA. Not a good fit he needs to be this is worth -- the blue jays -- they make a splash Eric and posted Toronto that night it would probably the proper place for worries. Kind of out of Lima a little bit and in the division still in Toronto. If you know kind of hidden away I think -- And new York and -- in Chicago. I think it opens up a gigantic pandora's box. And a problem potential problem for this guy here's the other thing with the Hamilton forget all the other stuff which I agree it's like my pandora's box right -- Why the anniversary number one why why did I why -- -- time is because it is because of his own personal problems this terrible it's reality. To his next major auction of 32 years -- At least one -- -- now to pay him 3233343536. Years old past his prime years 1520 million dollars a year. For Hamilton does I think Red Sox fans right now frost want to want him. He's been great this is a good no question about it again look at him -- -- he's a panacea here for years. And if they bring it -- in the pocket of the oldest and keep you bring in Josh Hamilton here. You do the same stuff he did before I mean they're always around but it's. It's kind of are wrong place wrong time for the Red Sox as far as having all this money available for this year exactly it's a bad year Tibet free agent class and now we're hearing and knows other -- -- reports from the last couple days. The -- him up to Greinke. That you have -- -- -- okay Mary you know I didn't spot for. But I don't wanna guy in my team that has potential brings ideas -- -- idea should watch and although the past year of war we ought to be able to Russian Pepsi psychiatrist what we had a witness this year imagine -- Greinke going out in May you know he's won it for the seventy area home against now get seven runs and two innings turns round as you know seventy medium not a tough spot via the orbiter up -- shepherd Turkmen. And good morning guys I don't know -- but. Again -- ought to like him but no thank you impeachment report for anybody Jon Kyl stands with the -- and having a fight -- This guy is just I mean he would have died. You don't want under the age 23. Doug it's Doug right here yet but if if Miami ever get through to him but Sealy is gonna I don't know one of these bodies are reports it is already upset and. This threat repeats -- -- and signed off on the straight yet. -- I -- -- the I don't haven't got it is not happy about it got to learn it well but but that's what happens when you. -- -- -- -- you saw the Miami miles play this year you look at the stadium I can remember -- broadcasts. Of the -- never forget it and when the Red Sox were playing dominated the last two series and had a swept up they interviewed it was a national TV game forget -- but they had. The sideline reporter. At the bar in right field right center field and the bartenders are basically saying nobody cares about the game here they have -- bars but the digital age I don't do it. There in this -- -- -- what you did that saw they had but they -- -- that was that elbow that was during the games are probably. She was it. Saying that it was secondary to spent all that money on that stadium for that right guys in Miami fan base would almost Sox after Atlanta Miami might be the election might might be the worst. -- of surpassed the win as the worst major town fan base in the country I believe that. Like here's the thing with -- though he's under club -- to 2007. Yeah arbitration eligible they -- fourteen companies would be free agency. Pete's right -- if if they trade stand out here the Red Sox -- we are going to prosper to -- begin their five best prospects if you're Miami new -- stand. Get about to cross expect to shut to shut the place down. Shot a franchise down -- I direct then I tried to -- when they're good forget about when they're when they're awful and and even new stadium in new stadium. You know they saw. -- and all I know well I know you're going to be I mean Bob that's why you don't let those situations happen. At a ma a my -- -- marlin team Miami Marlins really I mean what's amazing is I mean you know that you think about closer oversight pools in -- match signs of the trade him this offseason to him what went mobile market researcher at the -- -- Miami Heat game -- shall -- do now I put it past the left even in the last year Tehran. Don't show up to late in the game -- -- a lead that's up that back fear based suspend. Millions and millions of dollars on a stadium that is going to be half empty every night -- pure good is ridiculous to me. Would Josh Hamilton fit in with your plans. You know day to. Expect the power certain. And we'll more productive players in baseball. -- Beyond that we just Leo look at what. Welker as we have that we -- -- at the outfield. Somehow there. Bring order to do literally at at least -- makes the most sense for us not to support their little or. And charity heat. Dennis ago. And I'm sure -- -- tires will be agent but I just and that's a rock reportedly that it was featured there. In house we attitude they checked him with Hamilton and does this August anymore Vance -- but you have no -- -- -- -- how what we witnessed this year way to -- betrayed and that it's just. I'm never gonna say it's impossible like I -- a -- addicts out go on record saying it's highly unlikely. But not possible now not impossible but when Sheridan says he said in the interview expects their payroll to be among high instantly this year my question would be. How was that going to happen. -- you going to make you make that happen to Red Sox and he'd be satisfied almost feels like it would have to make bad moves to get the. No way and I agree and that's why you're gonna hear you know the good news you hear about now police and the -- wishes of the world and I think that's those the kind of guys are gonna get and it's still gonna come down to. And I think they can get back in the hunt. -- as we always have. Lester and Buchholz can return to -- decent for. You brought in Adobe. Pretty effective like he was last year. Hopefully Everett Della Rosa Webster can come around and Lackey but I think there is potentially -- released hang around for the second wild card -- promise I don't think it's -- I don't like those -- now seem a lot different they demure and Harrison -- seventy -- -- yeah you know registered agent Gonzales is gone back it's gone. Ellsbury had a bad year used to really sure about this bullpen you brought was okay but really struggled the end of the year the gifts last year in April. Seemed reasonable to ifs right now. -- -- -- Well I'm thinking super soft as the starting I think the starting pitching will be better now the bush had I don't at some reason -- scares the -- Jesus on the I'm wondering because if you can't get back. Two decent form he was not accurate in these GRE reservists and not the musical but he just wasn't. There was something wrong with him through last year as well as were a lot of pitchers -- -- -- -- always thought well let's play it -- quite get it. That's why was available why don't tricky that's the tricky thing via the so they they mean everyday obviously need negated -- first baseman. We don't know what they have a shortstop Ian oysters we know defensively for most part and offensively but. I think the offensive numbers I'm not too concerned with it. Because I I think we've seen in the Oakland -- -- -- -- to Egypt and keep -- to -- -- open what they did it there was not a great extradited from 39 -- -- is great to have great that what I'm saying but if they can have if they can have. Decent pitching. I think every enough talent. Not not now not strong -- to -- -- they will eventually have enough talent but they can remain in the hot at least. The second -- penalty is hot and -- -- -- what your rights in but that's a -- -- but that's a fourteen game improvement from last year and that's just the efforts to be okay I'm happy you're damn right I'm expecting I'm not -- my expectations. Our RB around 500. And to stay in contention possibly within 45 games all year -- sector while -- that's -- that's -- -- other than that next season. Will supersede everything. That you know if you increasingly cast for it's up to the bureau of fire protection here is we're not sure they play hard. And they have guys that wanna be here at love to play baseball that I had no problem with mr. and I've never got a problem with. I had I -- actually him again that means a date to be around 500 still not be good I think there's way too many if you're saying. Instinct if you brought to be good ball and we almost all across colts if the latter of those guys two guys or bad -- -- -- that -- -- -- Note note apps absolutely no question about it but it if you get in the Webster's and the dollar rose to debate the U conceit. I think potential next year's going to be and what you want a minute or not I don't care who they bring up that nobody that they. These are the question about -- you talk all he wants about having a top payroll. But whose rules. What does that -- on the electronics is a blockbuster that we don't know about -- happening right now you're right that don't have a better team on paper than they look right now obviously I'm convinced of that I would think I just but I am not expecting anything next year except in the hard -- 500 and I think the year after that is when. Expectations will be high but anybody who has. World Series aspirations or even post season aspirations for next year at -- -- dreamland. Arthur Carter next. Yeah good morning I do not -- card or your. Good idea and I agreed to open is not the right move to make an -- is actually -- -- -- -- but would this mean what type ticket prices -- concession. -- -- The direct ticket sitting reading into it -- delight they were saying that they shouldn't do anything because it is an important you know apart from the field in the going to be make a ton of money. What -- according to bill indefinitely by the -- does meet -- idiot and say we don't expect them to do anything because it loving it because they happen make any move in these people look at. Are there that's there and are in -- you know. I would tell you disappear -- don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are the bird who you who should who do you think they should go the problem is. To create two classes. You can't -- don't think they need me I don't I want I want operandi but don't -- -- -- just -- subsidiary and say oh don't do anything put this subsite team on the field and will be satisfied because well that's indiscretions. I think that's right -- take. While I agree but I don't think that right now who a -- I I don't think no matter what they dupe people are gonna be dissatisfied that's bad -- but. I just think Arthur who who should they go after the problem is it's not a bad it's unfortunate. Well this morning that they have from the doctor trade left over that they're on the Kurds in Iraq or you know at least two with three guys it's not a laughter they are stuck this year because of the free agent class. This is not that great. I I don't need to get -- it was a great great yeah I don't believe they would spend the money. Not really give them -- back -- the way they are they gonna freak asked to do not think because the candidates realize that was the. You know Arthur -- what -- saying is some truth to heading right now you know it's bizarre if you look at the -- -- at the been really bad the last two years. But it's almost as if a lot of fans don't want to do anything. Just because they don't want Hamilton. They don't want charity they they know realistically they know you know there -- metric for Felix Hernandez these guys are going to be -- of the reality of his right now you can sit and take it for a year. Go through it in and reevaluate after this year because and what's out. I think most fans though understand that I really do and I've ever had to defend that whatever their fix -- stricken north sort of can definitely over this year there's no question about it. But I do think most fans get it. This year is gonna be -- wanna call -- your whatever you know whatever is in on them synonymous -- you wanna use line. I just think more sprint want this team to show respect. Play hard every day tries and I'll do best they can and of people here that love to play the game. And I you know I I think most people content and realistic about it's gonna be up a 500 season at best this year at best and that's still. A thirteen fourteen game improvement from last year that's all I can that's all it can not one that next year. Where and -- -- weapons really start to develop maybe some as some of these other young guys are ready Jackie Bradley in the world may be ready to come up. And a free agent class that may be better next year much or what is going to be next year. You know I'm just opened Theo Epstein a -- -- bench Arkin doesn't allow and spend at all hundreds of millions of dollars. To launch it actually did do that -- it -- -- that happens then if your Red Sox and should be officially panties they are now saying things. That the toxic but he said to us people what trying to Sharpton has been telling you discipline and he's doing the exact opposite I have to believe if he's gonna go to press comets like he did after the trade. As he -- the radio a million times in Abbas and also showed that the NC many times discipline discipline discipline if he goes in in this first offseason after that. Also I think directly contrast that -- did you have an organization complete. One that's what scares me about his comments to you and to DNC about it seems like jeez it's like this mandatory this you know this memorandum sent out to be you have to spent. This amount of money. For yardstick to make this organization look at and they start here and ridiculous contract talk like -- not the catcher but the via audio scored Ross. 24 million for three years now that's -- stop the Quechua trouble to offer more than ten million dollar contract for three years. Why would you give Ross eight million dollars a year I'm like yeah that's -- I'm oh to 1415. Ball may third year I don't know. That that's cycle three pretend it's there -- let's let them -- three for twelve million.

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