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John Ryder: Paul Flannery, SB Nation, calls in to talk about the Celtics win

Nov 17, 2012|

Flannery breaks down the win and all the questions surrounding the Celtics. Paul also gives us his take on the happenings around the league, including the situation in Houston concerning Royce White.

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John -- -- the after the Celtics cruised to a 10789. Win over the raptors in a rare Saturday game. At the garden today now joining me always happy to talk to. Paul Flannery does a tremendous job covering the Celtics and the NBA writer and columnist for SB nation dot com follow him on Twitter at. For all you NBA -- check on Sunday night's sending notes column always a great take has gone Paul. It -- well done area good man. Nice -- -- a comfortable win for the Celtics we haven't said that too much this season. There a couple of very helpful in the you know the most that the -- looked impressive statistic today of course the -- -- from Rondo. Which I'm sure we'll talk about but the seventeen minutes for Kevin Garnett yes was very much needed for them today -- All the way around couldn't concentrate more you know it's -- did Sunday right Saturday morning game. -- early afternoon games are very difficult. They -- they had to do that got out here the window is very easy -- a team that is not very good. -- Jason Terry has been playing well of -- he's he's figure it out you could tell he really likes playing with a Rondo who wouldn't. Especially pure shooter. But I want -- that we can mentioned Terry but also some of the other guys just this week I guess Jeff Greene played well against -- time. We -- about we know he's been up and down this season the play well Jerryd sellinger I think this was a did his best game and they're really good today. Courtney Lee who played solid against Brooklyn which I think was good for him so are they of these guys starting to get it they started putting together some of these ancillary guys. Yeah I think I wanted to get it you know starting Q is the operative. -- there again I think that the big game -- soldier you know he's got a double double first double double -- career there's to many many more for him. Eat eat -- he's struggling at times when he got bigger guys on the need to figure out how to get a shot off against the guys -- happen very Smart kid. Knows how to play the game and what she what she gets a twenty foot jumper down and very good. But they haven't run a lot of things for you you've been out there it's sort of like you know. Fill in the -- guys. As support for its option if you if you open the past and they really haven't done much or some running at the luxury of run for the post culture and today he played very well I think that I didn't call for the court -- I'm not really worried about accordingly he -- today is not come off to a good start -- just talk to would have little before the game and said you know defense. Because it's fine -- presence -- the effort he also let it you mentioned he played on teams that it won't really have. Let alone read all star players wondered to all star players -- his career at different kind of thing where you play off those guys and so -- make an adjustment. But look at -- he's a pro and you know you mentioned Terry Terry and yeah it's. So I think they are starting to get an and all of them really and you can you can you can see it up there on the court. You know another guy to -- -- a change of pace guy of -- some Celtics fans in my mind I. But you know extremely streaky player but he does give you that change of pace and he still. Has which I think is a good thing he still has Mark Titus and a Mike did talk Antonia that game. Absolutely I mean you know John Albert Europe I didn't think much -- and it made it I thought you have moved or what they had but you know I. Are both to me has been the biggest surprise so far this year because. That is that's what they needed that offensive sparked the offense to change pace that you thought I would he had played point guard Rondo was -- -- Thursday that's not really what you hear more but. You know ensure that it and our member. It's there to sell back in the championship -- -- in right center to Creighton but there -- a couple of -- within one game. And I think you might be able to see some of that of that with foreign policy here yet hope change it's never had a guy like that. And think about the opposite struggled at last year when you're just. It is sort of your head -- think if anybody on -- that score points you know for both Rebecca black. Which I would Paul Flannery of SB nation dot com check him out there -- -- sort of course on Twitter at. I'd now with. -- surprises although I think any other player you might say well I'm surprised he's playing but when it comes to Raj -- -- there's never surprises probably because. Well in terms of playing because we don't how tough a guy he is an editor but to. Do you think I I didn't think he'd end up playing today this was when I was tiger last night maybe they work command Sunday a little bit against Detroit so. It doesn't have total roast when they have the two big match -- coming up against San Antonio and Oklahoma City but what what did you think about him play today. Yeah I did -- an important. As of your ride there are bad -- an angle ankle responds differently you know at all because the weather swelling and how bad that is so and I did indeed look here look all that. You know the worst way today that he didn't have to drive all that much a couple of shots early as it opened everything up and Saturdays is it difficult part in front of them favor I've played so yeah. So you know you don't really know because you've got to see him go and Edgar sort of make a quick cut or whatever by. Yeah I got it -- at the point in his career now where he can go out what he's not 100% I think you could you 79% -- the classic Rhonda during the -- You know you can go out there he can still be effective he can be very very effective even when he's not -- under. Net. And it'd the other thing I think Rondo now we start again today he's knocking down a jump shot and and this this is. Really huge is Nepal when you think about all those lobs are at the -- game to Kevin Garnett we've seen it in the past but. You can even be more effective because now defenders are gonna play up on you a little bit more if you're knocking down that jump shot opens everything else sub you get that two man game he's he's had a with Kevin Garnett he's had it would. With Chris Wilcox we start today you know -- his own you drive a defender all the -- it opens up underneath firfer were a big. What what he meant that -- connection that's actually a part of my Sunday notebook I'll point I would that synergy. Well yes it's true in Europe at the -- ended. And he didn't say she can afford you. 8% a lot -- from that 1623 foot range. Which is now look back that the -- percent of notoriously -- they go up and down. But you can see not just vacant he did that he's taken what -- game that that -- -- -- right we did a couple. And -- the defense commit honest I'd pick and roll and a guy that's cool but the screen. He can do it he can just pick it apart and they they they really get Garnett go to the basket you. Killed -- Wilcox. Just -- killed Wilcox on this of those lobs and they can practically impossible for the as long if he can -- not even make it you know of course you -- -- goal percentage but -- got to take any economic confidence. And he's making them you know I'm not ready to say that does become you know -- all out there on the perimeter he hated it said that. But the same time. It -- that are aggressively that you got it you can't give him that much space. Would you give him that much space you're gonna make it or accurate are in -- forty cents. Also a fork in -- -- -- yes we broke up -- that we're a little (%expletive) yes it was a matter they'll be out of the numbers don't that it had a sister or ignite. But they talk about. The number doesn't really matter this point is that he's controlling the game. -- -- -- Yes and they have due respect that and the other part of it is it's not like this is he's taking a one shot clock winding down areas to force him up there. He's taking them play at times within the rhythm of the office. But how the other night and when they manipulate you to opt it was like first or second possession at a military positions secondary break it you know the -- -- pulled -- -- -- had to pull up jumper transition you never now. And the that the all of a sudden back to your attention and that's look at you know you got to honor that now wouldn't that ankle -- The other. It's the making their shots in the came over so. Rondo at the start that he -- -- -- that it intended is not too small a sample size to start really -- to a -- it. But that the first thing is he's had this year are they had been exceptionally good at different Rondo the people. People talk about it would call up at its best point guard that's that the other Soviet years but. But this is the guy that's the -- that they are talking about he has been phenomenal so far. We think is the best point guard at all yet I figured says that. I once it once again agreement either but. The it this streak you know the straight guy do you think he'll end up reached at 46 he knows about having -- That doesn't he goes yeah. I think you probably well didn't he get it within the one Milwaukee yesterday that got another two or let eleven but other game literally with a lot flow and you know I think we're really go to all that well had a drag it and stop the -- pick it -- it likes -- in the fourth quarter somewhat -- The games like that so you know to keep trying to it really isn't it. The thing you worry about waited in under the -- nobody's guys when he got to like edit it out there and they haven't been about the rest of their -- become distractions. Belt now yes -- I wouldn't put it past them but they get. -- -- need to. I said that earlier in the show I think if I would bet on it I'd say probably and -- get a get. Right guess what topic number one has been lately on the on the Celtics. Those game shows even today already. -- Darko Milicic -- just wrote. It's always I mean I just two guys that always come up more than anyone else so far this season is Darko it Jeff Green. All right two who will go would Darko here because of our had multiple texts and and calls about this already today all right. Are we gonna see amenity point. And I'm guessing they will I thought you might see a little bit of them I I know about his defense is pick oral defense but. Against Brooklyn when they were killing on the boards that go Jason Collins there and his first appearance as a member of the Celtics. What's going on there and what do you expect. -- god although you know at the end it it is to be -- to answer some of the factors in the college. Never really crossed my mind that South Florida and on the pecking order -- is right now. So yeah I'm not sure I mean I I I don't think they need another day in there to help out you know Wilcox -- given a lot right now and I'm not sure. You know they're they're very there that you would think at Arco would get another check of the and injury was improbable. And you cannot. Play you know I don't play much but he really didn't play well -- and -- and it doesn't take much to -- the other occasion and it's kind of hard to argue. With what they've been doing over the last you know success -- in -- -- to figure out that -- game -- after that -- would restart. Didn't play really well so it's hard to argue that this apology which ensure -- -- much are you. You do it related. Had a family and the family had managed him right okay good yet so he's -- excused absence they'd be able to have -- back tomorrow they're not sure yet. But you know -- darker gotomeeting. You know isn't that big -- right now. -- -- What can he offer in there. But I mean I know what block some shots I know -- there -- seven -- is decent passer as little bit of touch around and -- Basket like a pass buried get factored -- the basic block shark you're never gonna get rebounds. So you know -- it listen it's good for our question nobody -- evidence of. And the no I mean look at a -- into a move seen five minutes I heard Danny -- of the big shows say well he's gonna play and contribute at some point. Strategist you know the cut -- company line there but. The it's well you know what it is Paul really is in any mention it he's not a great everybody really nailed there is that. Everyone. And everyone's asking about the rebounding I mean again the rebounding is topic number one with this team and I said -- you know I don't know how much to improve again this has been a constant over the years they're just not a great rebounding team and I don't. I don't know about you but I expected to change -- -- at some point. They'd yell at someone that's religion to read about it right no soldier might be able help -- -- in that area bud but overall -- they kind of that's what they are. That but they are and and I mean yeah like you everybody good fortune understand that they don't care about -- ago. -- -- And so their numbers look a lot worse than Democrats I mean coming into this week. They were actually top five defense and rebounding rate which is the number I look at and never look at overall -- as delicate the defense and rebounding rate. Which is just you know it's it's how we had to -- that you get. In your opportunity. And they were in the top five and that which is fine now they got hammered and Utah would count on them which you target -- a lot of people because that's -- -- terrible matchup for them. They got all those big and athletic attacks. And then Brooklyn the Brooklyn saying with that they've got they got murdered on the board -- which is there is -- a lot. Gonna happen I don't know -- -- people but -- -- to -- I think it actually -- okay and it was 08 days well. Oh. Yes I mean that they don't care about offensive rebounds they feel good and they can purpose that they are that it's better play to get back on defense. So they're rebounding numbers are always people. And it. And I think they've gotten better in transition defense and that's real key for them. There actually isn't but I it'll look disagreement. So when -- -- when did you go up court and they're playing -- in order to -- that the bad match as a bad merit defense with a bad match rebounding wise and and I still think there may be you know -- If they can make a move -- another big guy who can rebound that Beckett inefficient because. -- Would I mean this we're looking way to analyze who could that -- not not the players so much read what would the end of -- here well probably guard I would guess. You know they indicate that they that the benefit is that could be very created and it would depend a lot a lot of it incident it would mean. You know it's no secret that the there are adjustments along on that got you creation after the here -- right now equivalent of saying it and into this he would consult. You know I give it a couple of months and see where that goes a minute ago -- -- you know -- -- -- There once guinier in my mind because -- previewed before you were coming up I was gonna talk to you about judgment but I. Well also well let's just get to a judgment that the latest firmer and you always love these rumors that are out there is is -- the lakers are interested in judgement in when -- know it's. Yeah exactly and we know it's probably no secret that. You know Paul Gasol as the emaciated I'm sure it would it would have to be a three team trade and ordered and facilitated Josh Smith trade to meet Atlanta's needs. Also curious I know -- best -- how's -- gonna work with Mike -- Antonio my estimates IQ we both thought Phil Jackson was gonna have ever -- -- that was gonna happen and now it's Mike did Tony. I didn't go to work out fine ethical and see how this all works out that it is increasing -- an elegant if the president of the obvious place for that this is they need more shooters. You know Blaylock got probably got Korver and make. Guys in this commute their their rookie it's agencies have really good shooter and more -- more it was tremendous shooter. So you know -- -- -- bad -- -- to me like you know they've penetrated the and they're gonna they gonna wait and see how that plays out. I think they're going to be fine. We had their -- I think you advocate coach and I think you can't believe they're going to be fine as it is -- Howard did consult -- -- percent -- you know. You're thinking like nick and nick were were top five top six he -- he last year. -- -- -- Because the titans and and Dwight Howard is every bit as cute -- Chandler. If not better and I think -- just about one guy can really help make that kind of -- difference I think it and I think they're going to be really get the question of the lakers is that there is no data on them at all. It's what I was gonna mention but hugest mentioned it. The other you know checking out the rest of the NBA I guess the flavor. Of the -- of the early start here well at least lately and it should be is the Memphis Grizzlies -- team to watch out for the west. They're good they're really good. They're really really good it is -- -- they've got some really good defense plan. And now Mike Conley is come into its -- as as a really in the wake up at my question about them. Is that they have enough scoring they have -- shooting right now they're getting great performances out of the bench guys like Jerryd Bayless and Wayne Ellington. You know who have never -- ever since those kind of players. When I wonder -- back and last but. The long is that the other and Zach Randolph it helped me this is that's its -- what -- because. It's that instead Tony Awards no part of the the Oklahoma City wants no part of Memphis in the playoffs and they'll -- to the lakers might take part. But if they went -- but I -- one of those two kids. That I'd be very very I think I think the emphasis for real I think the clippers are two real. And I kinda think that the knicks are for real although I'm not in the -- that ethic understand that the status but I think the knicks are going to be a bigger problem people. Now. While the healthy Zach Randolph when you're me you begin contributions they're from Quincy Pondexter and -- to Garrett -- that but that the knicks. They tooled and what's going to be like when Amare Stoudemire comes back. Well the immediate question John and -- -- that you all. I don't know I mean -- you know big as Carmelo it role model no end result Donald particular McDonald's sold at a decimal got a -- The market village staying because Carmelo has not played small forward at all this year at all -- -- their orbit and he's been a very very good warm it. That to me that that's a blocked his career. I think out of work a little convention you're really good look for -- it depends on you know these pretzel guy you know what that you have the complete conflict Arabic if they're played well you won't have much about it and -- -- -- You know at some point Eric Hitler and executed for the victories and it's completely Rasheed now is gonna Wear off and you wonder where that that lead them and if Jason tickets are. Okay has been really underrated. -- -- The knicks in terms of just kind of organizing. You know there. I mean you know Colin American alive at that but he was all done but he's been very good in that role in nine years old. You know also delivered to adopt a legitimate concern why don't but at the -- top prop up here. But -- -- the amid the public started but the -- Brooklyn I'm not sold on particular match. It landed so hey I guess you know that helped somebody's got -- second that he right at New York. The Andrew Bynum saga continues now -- -- both knees swelling -- both knees the -- Phillies center. -- is only what 25 years old and what's this going to be like the next few years to him. You know the question always about him has been focused on whether hot and and how much -- cares about the game. This you know real. Has to be worrisome for for Philadelphia. Yeah -- the -- I'm concerned whenever you're last week. Nobody nobody in their organization wanted to talk about Ed you know that -- for good reason because I think and you vote on the as. This that this problem can they were built around by the Doug Doug. Called the good coach. You'll get back into -- 43 games. Somehow some way they'll make well -- -- -- -- but they're not you know anywhere near as good as they would -- -- -- and then you start to wonder if he gets in all the years you know -- body's betraying him a little bit you know I hear you on the focus -- stopped when he played literally -- well it but it art. It's you know it's not so fortunate by the -- the body of the work. The last couple of questions here Paul has two questions. The Royce White the other saga that's going on right knee is now in the NBA -- -- -- they certainly went around the James Harden deal but. This route -- lightning the sixteenth pick. It's not going while the -- it. Note it's not going well then -- even reluctant to say a whole lot about it because I haven't been able to get a body down there to talk about it -- let's talk about it at first like reason. I don't think words why it affected. Don't think. I think you is a little bit misguided at this point it and -- lot -- -- -- the situation he's been. And -- that let it be known that you can be an advocate for mental illness when he got down there and that's what he's doing the same time. Yes it's a factual about things he got a -- year end of the bargain in your responsibility got to come to practice. Gotta come to gauge their duties saying that its supply situation. You know without knowing more without knowing all the ins and outs -- -- reluctant -- even yeah sort of get in there -- a little bit because. I don't think anybody wants to be the bad thing here you know I think I think both sides have good intentions. By EU met with. -- -- -- -- -- -- He says there are you not condensate which it -- if it goes like. Not you know I was. You know why -- ESPN last Aden they -- interviewing him and he seems very well spoken I don't know about his you know lose some of the things he said on on Twitter but. Really I mean this is he he's talking about potentially just walking away from the game. Yeah he's you know and and didn't think he's really got to reform we've talked -- -- -- -- really aged guy and he eco logical lines very Smart very artistic. At the same time you know. I remember informed of the I've heard from the pull together and learn from make it work and and yet they rockets. Rockets are pretty progressive organization that you can't work which used much of a lot of plays to the -- Yeah -- I've heard very good to their players down there. Lastly here idea and we'll wrap it up with the Celtics question justice overall weak you know it's really grow exe in the four games in five days which they wrap up tomorrow -- seven games ten days. It's the end of beating Detroit and we know there as an enemy and you mention it many of mission and if you focus on the MBA very talented players there. In and Greg Monroe but if they end up going. This week 41. You know I and I I actually think of their -- a bad loss was had at Brooklyn because. There were some things they did well particularly in the second half and it -- but. I think if they have one more night very solid week will you. Oh yeah I think it's called liquid or losing you know bad things always happen in Detroit let's not forget. That we head. We had a big baby is that a few years ago -- -- -- years ago it Rondo bald official you're bad thing that happened in Detroit let's not go chalking up -- just yet right but I still think it's it's it's such -- Connecticut start to get I think just aren't figured out we mentioned all the role players -- -- start to get their roles. The defense is starting to come together a little bit -- it's been very good it's been it's been certainly could not win most nights. So I think you know considering where they were a week or so ago when they were you know it looked really bad. And I think they've really found it in that fourth quarter against Milwaukee I think that's sort of turned the idea that big win in Chicago. It's so that it is definitely come and I mean I think it's gonna take some time -- and the other -- the question you know. What they look like in November is now they're gonna look like today I think everybody knows that so. But they are there to get nit -- -- themselves on the right track. Win lose or draw and it's in Europe it's with a big weeks ago and I think it's they've shown they've shown enough to think. It's to make me think that that first week -- -- an aberration and other net article it. All right excellent stuff as always Paul really appreciate take knows timeout as always. All right Paul Flannery check c'mon on SB nation dot com now it's time few out here 6177797. -- 37. The new text numbers 37. 937 your phone calls also your rush on Rondo had to say as well maybe we'll but it Doc Rivers after the break.

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