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Media Catfight! Writers argue over proper credit for breaking news on twitter

Nov 13, 2012|

We listen in on ESPN's Rick Reilly, telling Stuart Scott to make sure he properly credits him for BREAKING the Ben Roethlesberger story on twitter. We examine the world of 'quickest fingers' and discuss how breaking sports news is not nearly the same as it was before Twitter came along.

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I accurate depiction of the Rick Reilly stuffed up there Rick Reilly -- Rick Reilly. All pissed off because at the end of the game last night and post game show. Apparently he. He he felt that he wasn't getting the proper credit. Which is actually having the Ben Roethlisberger story. First on -- and and you know maybe -- added maybe at werder it. They go back and forth and so that's what he does on the. That I had disbursement what -- yeah. Welcome back to our coverage of other ball Pittsburg Steelers get overtime beat the Kansas City Chiefs -- so they don't win that's just what they are also may suffer a loss Rick Riley joins us now. Ben Roethlisberger injured in the game -- you read it first and Twitter -- What did you see what did you say to -- -- Thermostat a lot of first on Twitter -- you can hear it as they were on the -- didn't realize it. Was making sure he had a first and and apparently he did not have a first mayoral -- and enrollment. It to me. This with a joke and they they now the tweets on Twitter are getting a little bit carried away you know it was a joke. Although the sort of ride -- this was ego this was this was brought. And he's eased since weeded out and apologized. No no. But debate gives you see what a story breaks now -- works. If if the first person gets it. The next person who gets the story is within a minute two minutes three minutes. Of the original tweet that's they've decide right so it's a matter of not who's the best reporter anymore. But the stuff is out there and it's who has the quick fingers. They're too many out there and it certainly would get three tweets you suddenly get confused as to. Who broke the story of the first bush and elected but he really care yes whether it will burn your wife Deborah -- or Riley. Or aura. -- the Adam. Jeff Chester that he got effort -- really can't reporters. Guys can write the laws that are zipping now is tougher to keep scored OK how does it help ESPN. Keeping score by my second spot and help ESP. They're not getting -- first. They always get everything for us we know that even though you bring somebody else breaks a story ESPN. They confirmed it always confirm. So they had that they had a real. Bad real beef over the who had the Ben Roethlisberger story for his Edwards tweet -- -- -- -- street after hey. Rick -- please inform Twitter followers. Your -- of the big Ben's story over to others either that or take my reporting shift. And renovated so evident as the decision. Rick Reilly he works for. Yeah -- -- At -- it works for these. You're network got great good for you -- direct. Good to get out of your bill also good if your Ben Roethlisberger. You're saying these guys are arguing over. Who was first report I got hurt. -- in this game. Eric started. That I got hurt because they get reported first. It's weird it's it's out of control there really is out of control. And it's the the one thing I think that initially made quarters so good. Is that and just it was great that there were tons of stories that were being brought us is that it's I don't know they're wrong right. I mean you can you UB. I don't I don't know what if if Rick Reilly wants to be -- this if you wanna be Adams after -- a price there's a price to pay being out of Jeff Adams after. Is tweeting all day long. And chapters on the phone all day long he is who he is working the phones he is working in the emails. Sources all the time there was not just. Adams after got that one is not -- Tweet by tweet thing if -- football fan you just automatically think that if you need to know something at the ship is gonna happen because he's established that. Rick Reilly hasn't. Establish that you think more like that. The comedian he's more like that of the columnist the feature writer he's not the news breaker so he must be -- after that the put him on a lot more work. They have that reputation with the fans. It's unbelievably gets caught on the year. Not knowing he was on the air basically telling Stewart and you've got to -- -- credit and Stewart there's. -- -- -- it yeah its first guess stewards of the statistics. I do is James in Newport agent. They -- up fellow Serbs. -- details Carl remark no really pages viewed as. How was able to R&R. Eighty yards or -- -- it is today I'm pleased -- don't already loans. I'm seeing them again this year. -- is it a blitz corners on third law. I was people who were blown on -- almost. Eat if you don't like corners. Are important to Paris to. Wouldn't November. Apparently it is important. Yeah but if you are got a good quarterback get a quarter of corners of faster you got a good quarterback and he sees it coming. I don't let it blow out you have to discard the can August apparently he won't -- pick it apart the bishop disparity at the Democrat president. Don't go now. -- the keys right now I think what he's doing is he's looking at it and saying. We need to get more pressure from the front four because I can't commit. Any more to the pass rush. Or. I'm worried whether I've got enough bodies expected to be able to -- that the cover their passing game at a lot of teams are spreading it out. It's a it's a different game they're they're they're really spreading it out but if you noticed that's why they moved Jermaine Cunningham inside. Especially at third down situations passing situations. They have -- rushing up the middle. Justin Francis had a big play this past week you know a little bit of court because that's what they're looking for right now. Now other than the giants. Who we've seen do it and do it as well as as any team in the league. That's that's a tall order to ask for -- rush on five. You know blockers. And get and get to the quarterback. Then that I respect -- -- well built on respect and their. There's restricted and precious little purple. But -- importance. Yeah I I I hear what you're saying -- you're the point. But I job just telling you what the reality of it is the -- podium it is. The bill is trying to rush with before upfront they'll send one guy every once in awhile and it's using -- linebacker of the medal right. That's what you really see -- they started the right and that they come up the middle. That's where they're try to put the pressure right up the of the middle along the quarterback that I've been coming off the outage. Not -- I think if you if you see him continue to struggle I don't know if it it's going to be like what James just suggested. That they have corners blitz but if they struggle again this week against the Colton. The same defensive performance that we saw last week. You got to see them becoming more aggressive overall I think they will finally say what do we have to what are we have to lose. Which at the same thing last year they never really got aggressive. Where we're through nine games right now I'm not sure. Much of the good changeup march why wouldn't we have seen it by now why wouldn't we see them saying you know what we get seven back there in coverage. And cannot stop open. Bully let's just -- let's let's just. Let's put an overall specially during the long what's the overall solid pressure on the quarterback let's foursome -- trauma because I don't think he trust what he's got back there. Especially when a team is spreading amount offensively. They got five why jump there you sit there saying. We -- -- in coverage. We can't afford -- active. Yeah but you know you've you've got guys but look at this we're going to view if you have a lot of people in coverage. And are still open. It would have to -- Drop in seven and people still wide open. And I would do well -- -- -- that we talked about that awhile back and I. I thought that's what they would do sit there and say well we can't stop them here so let's at least forced quarterback out of his rhythm foursome fumbled the ball quickly. The fact that they haven't done and we're here now through. We done I'm not I'm not sure well well well women. Mean in week nine. With today's day. Thirteen have yeah have you had your Thanksgiving dinner yet. I don't think you've had your Thanksgiving dinner yet because as you don't know cooler and starts and likes him. -- real football and the real changes. -- -- -- team is gonna light it up straight threes sorry that you aren't they giving is gruesome car groups urged. Hey what's gone out. And just talk about there the armchair psychiatry at the ball and that that the if you he suffers from them at about Ingram. Learned it learned helplessness he brought that to be -- what you got Bruce. Yeah I like a lot of terms. I don't know -- all that I'm an -- in the settlement familiar with practice squad players but I. General edit the the first opportunity that -- gonna play each other much during the week and I'll I'll do -- each other. And it'll be offered -- target practice squad player and second stringers are -- and who who will armed -- the job independently of the other team that the plane Sunday and by birth of the defense well. Will basis scout out Serbs during the week. A look at dependency of the opt -- to pick a fight. That's a good point but you've got to give it a nice title like he did he had learned helplessness you got to come up with something. An attorney. -- I -- I first got -- I had I don't know I -- had -- your point here blow up a bit -- way -- at an entity and has a problem but I I don't think he's. -- -- block -- ironic that I don't think that's secondary issue a lot of a lot of earth stopped and they're they're seeing out our offensive. We. Said that we said that at the downward tuchman -- -- -- or not they'll see some of the during the course of the during the course of the week but I just police that is anything that are -- if that. Issue that I think a lot more of it is by design and they simply don't have the personnel necessarily get it done need to get done I. Well maybe that learned helplessness comes when they're just watching him being here and it's. Against this dog teams at home man it's -- carefully read his -- those guide us. Is that -- -- car. -- Hey. I'm in. I'm a little bit -- it was not immediately. However. I know that the worst performer that you pundits here yeah we spoke a lot W and India are going to be now. Now they can only improve from here on I mean they got to -- Colin and that that in a that would be an improvement no matter what. What I'm afraid of right now is the -- at the click on with the four minute drill it is it is apparently didn't like they tried -- the ball. On the eat at the side and they wanna put Ethan out and the outlook but it looks like out there wanna deliberately. Well last week a oh what happened on Sunday was they got to the way to two or three yard line and it could punch and then two in the game. Thank you. -- if you -- written like you didn't want them to run the ball is that what it was. Now it's not only that it's maybe the ball on that. How do you immediately known and that make you went wrong clock they -- quakes now -- I think will Ripley. And instead it's at 1 o'clock out they get the ball back to them with afford to middle. If you're a bit quick snapped directly that's that's clock right there's and get it. Tell me the ball well actually actually what I think they were doing. Although bill yesterday said it was a play that we used earlier we thought it would be successful which is a -- the right side I think what they were trying to do was they thought. That buffalo would look at it with 234 remaining and say other and take their time they're gonna rest I don't know Laporte and we're gonna we're gonna know -- And and Russia at CU we get to Moscow got -- -- Edward is saying he didn't like the way he he thinks the patriots. Should of run more clock but yeah that's a bad example because they're running -- if it's a running play to Ridley. Then that it's. What was the issue they only give up the only used up eighteen seconds models but -- is still running play he wants him to have running play. And they did they just try to quick snap -- -- that gets him off guard in that classroom in the next two. Yeah but that was a -- an awful series and I agree with that. That was the series that should have closed out the game he got a two score lead you clocked should have been under two minutes left in the game. Leading by two scores leading by 1031 who was -- event but in the flip side. You're talking about fourteen for 413014. Play 59 yard drive right fourteen plays. Five minutes and 412 temperature in the one and a half your one and half yards away for -- And you tell you end up with -- without you see that and only give up eighteen seconds on the clock to me that's that is -- bad clock management probably about that. That is that's kind of you know looking at the result -- gone the other way for example. If they pass the bonus situation. You and Edward would say. It has dropped the ball. Milked the clock what are they doing passing on of one of the milk the clock I want them to school. So I want them to get seven they ended up getting three. But if you're getting three OK but then when you have look at what that you don't have a problem with them -- -- if you want them to score and he said he passed the ball twice what super. They're trying to score right by passing the ball all right so I don't know where they -- they're doing exactly what you wanted it it -- Mexican Michael it was a botched. Series that ended up becoming -- clock management that the clock that the bad clock management wasn't by design -- it wasn't because. They was stupid -- realized what they would they were trying to go older. To what buffalo was like buffalo steak -- got -- -- -- exactly. Buffalo's if you're gonna take right off -- thinking got a ticket -- You got plenty of time to score you figure you're gonna get three plays worst case scenario run down a lot of the clock and then you kick a field goal honest and that we're left with you know amended or whatever and remember. Buffalo lost already one of the timeouts with an injury time a couple of -- I think one of them came after didn't it might of command -- of if they didn't lose to a lot but about that but at least you get past the two minute. Warning because you ended up giving buffalo that opportunity to use the two minute warning after they had yet really given up. A a timeout so you don't -- the other. With the score. For you to take your time and run lots of time off the clock so that buffalo really gets it back -- only time for one school. Instead you did neither well Matthew didn't either -- the point -- I think they were trying to score yes. They're trying to no question and -- and in it and they failed not because of the mentality because and -- -- and -- you want and you got to use more than eighteen seconds if you're struggling like that and that I think. Was surprise you you're right not by design. The result was bad. It was bad because it gave buffalo the opportunity with the ball down by six to actually win the game with one school and he almost.

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