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Matt Chatham, Former Pats LB, on how bad the Pats defense really is

Nov 13, 2012|

Chatham joins Mut and Merloni and gives his opinion on the Patriots defense. He also discusses how much he thinks Talib will be able to help the secondary.

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Every Tuesday at this time slot -- not a three point seven WEEI we speak with Matt Chatham. Three Matt Chatham every Tuesday and Friday the Boston Herald the Chatham report you hear him. -- only our show but NFL Sunday a great NFL set up Sunday part of patriots games right here on 93 point seven. WEEI. -- and Mac quite frankly you've. Taken shots at me evil -- and an outright my. Immediate and Audi B media types and you're talking about me talking had morons who tried to. Not as you say crib note eight patriots game every week -- on Mondays here on the show but it seems like -- reading your column today. Maybe navigate to the point look at the patriot defense and then you're you're having a hard time a guy who played having a hard time explaining. Some mistakes they made defensively against the bills in a 3737 win or is it right -- What I want I guess what I mean by credibility is -- Is that the issue is trying to packaging and -- and I'm writing six on the work well here. I'm under the exact same restrictions and a lot of times we are trying to put together the problem -- -- and especially you know this the last particular game. You're kind of bound with OK go to -- with being. Come up with what was the pop thing though probably eight years sees that led to the -- And I think if you were to focus on any one of the three union Iraq the road and start 600 word on the run and -- right in the prior 600 words on. Defending the screen player 600 words on covered -- covered matches in this particular performance of the safety position I mean I literally could pick that doesn't. And the problem with a particular game is. -- -- spent ten minutes on one I would have had to reciprocate with him and audio because really -- pretty equally across the board I wrote called strong and after watching this game. Want him back that there wasn't a one thing and that that's what you know and I guess it's sort of up to up to your interpretation but the good thing bad thing. Some of things as well this week. You know I hadn't seen a lot I mean tackling issues. You know had there been a couple at least secondary plays an agreement -- as well -- a couple bad ones. But it as a as a normal team of not something that -- present. -- integrity in on the defense as something that haven't been a problem for the -- at all you know Rob Ninkovich -- of the agreement yet and I think. Believe -- kind of six maybe seven. Between not just those two guys but throughout the the -- as or as you know as integrity issues that we all other sort host of problems so. I guess -- looked -- that this thing is if if you're out better consuming patriot media and you reduce. The problem with the defense and gave years these things you're -- -- Indianapolis. But I think that's really where there right now so on the -- -- the and you hope the you hope and pray that. That this is an anomaly and you know I think. We do have a habit as a sports culture especially with -- -- to market. The bounce over the good stuff and and exit on the on the negative so last week I thought they actually have one of the best performance as a team. Against the team that just came back and -- the best team in the city San Francisco. So we've sort of just one batter and walked past that and then you know this is this is through literally our. But I don't know that troops so I'm you know it looks like they -- with -- after the bath and enough that they believe that a lot of things around -- -- -- character. So I wasn't really -- able to address some of the issues that have they gotten better from the prior week because a lot of the result. Yeah what do districts that are defensively was this line backing core and journalists I know they struggle in pass coverage in these really struggled I think. This past week in that you talked about in your article couple missed tackles hightower and Jackson's first touchdown he missed him. The screen pass to Spiller -- an opportunity that went for a big gain. It's tough game for the slime backing -- well. Yeah I actually do you mention in that that particular screenplay Arafat that was a cover the last eleven -- mr. -- we. We -- have -- a breakdown of it and not play in and of itself as sort of you know there were definitely much linebacker Richard and it was sort of micro problem hoping things were going on in this game and a lot of it thank god is. You know is correct the ball well a lot of which can -- mistakes on a particular place. General Jones -- your right -- and you know that the emotion guy in front of him -- wide receiver motioning. To about backfield. Which would tell you you know -- this will be gathered in the verses and we're screens and they had some -- in the game. What that issue to -- sort of highly viewed from the linebacker from the and that kind of thing because. -- your awareness of what happened and this was later in the game where are you have been shown you know. Couple of the -- part of that. Chandler doesn't recognize that just continues to rush rush past. They'll make the play ball on the ground in his argue with the official. About the neutral government call law wolf while he just source within reach. Because Spiller you know it makes and I missed on Jerod -- -- -- -- -- go onto the play that by and I know that's the thing the confidence of the people last. A -- public you know lowest of maybe. -- -- and things were -- on the political probably autumn. It's a physical Wear it a mistake. Well the problem of the -- it was actually pretty decent the play at UC -- and I believe it's Steve Gregory Kamal on the plight. And you've got you've got to bracket got one -- that each side of the returner in space but may have just missed the play but he slowed monopoly the -- should happen right there on the ground. They've got one guy in -- and generally talk about you know leverage you know arm of the capitol right Apple's new capital left him a centrist group will be on the safe side Adam rocketed. Gregory about the left side of them cut spikes up and go through and warrior -- -- needed them. -- -- And then you know continue on that play in. There's another section where there's little barbecue would Helton. Space who has the ability to sort of be the additional blocker displays can brick and mortar. And I got more -- Cole and the Cunningham approach and the guys in the exact same situation with the blocker in front. And more people -- backdoor which means it will blocker and the the sort of going over the top and advancing up the field amateurs that a huge -- he tried to go around the back. And then a couple of Cunningham. And so the two guys who played on the play I mean that the point is there's there's sort of football wanna oneself or you know play at the moment after moment with in the same place. And then you know you've got thirty yards downfield too defensive backs were stuck on the blocks and that's generally what actually happens so. There -- a lot of them this game must secure the linebackers didn't have the best they obviously may be one of the worst weeks in some aspects but not in others but. There was just true many of -- -- -- that I can imagine the meeting of the week is going to be a little heated and sent him. This week to sort of direct that are this is how we play this is how we coaches polls the other balls back as well. We're talking to -- about the tackling specifically you right about the tackling -- party your chatter report they missed a lot of tackles used the -- one play. Couple of missed tackles and they choice said he believed -- to padded practices. Left all year this patriots team. The -- blame that the come -- the bye week mat and not allowed to have as many patted practices as an excuse as to why the tackling wasn't as good in that game on Sunday. The centrist think I'm American par I would breakdown or exactly mr. more than just sort of impetus that moment were the guys on the guy I'm not getting the ground I think from what some of that definitely in the game. Well a lot of tackling has also angles. And it took a lot of really -- Rangel made you know -- one dimensional last thing -- you know cutting off the guys next you're not use your help my plane altogether basically that the court apparently as well. So that that is something that you can actually address without without them. If your bracket a guy you know regardless of where -- go for the final motion you can miss and there's -- -- another -- right -- and it doesn't -- over -- place. There -- enough of that which can be just as much of an issue with help will be Rappaport got the ground and that. Another issue is is just simply force integrity and when you have a bounce -- cutback run public because Miller. I mean I think that's in the game plan for all the third -- instantly. -- -- -- and then they bounce out and then your putting a safety in space against a very good shifted back so I think if you look at bats were packed into perspective. How sort of specific goals for what could look at it and schedule mean for the Balco cut -- guys the guys will take quantum field at all about the other. Reggie Bush is probably on that list. I don't really know Frank Gore running style would definitely and other big time back -- the -- have to account for -- on the front and passed to him on the ground. -- fostered more down a little bit stronger. What I think there are sort of mixed bag but there's enough teams out there were the Baptist sort of the focus of what they do was in office but they're gonna have to address there there -- -- that is that have to be the hallmark of this team all the other should be talked about a little assortment. We look at this defense that you said the issues that you have team is it. Just the personnel and Ellis I think -- -- think it's on the players -- that ticket has time to do with. The scheme of the defense of -- said these guys play at where would you put the blame as far as what you've seen so far. I wouldn't even -- blame I would just say I understand whether they're gonna tell me about that but that's the truth of the when -- walk -- -- in this. Usually the mistakes or go through dialogue and who would be sort of -- where that I would be used to see in the team meeting. Poll are the instances like a -- that's something I've done that's something and I know the bodies on the -- -- that. You know you -- the players you know with the the -- job with generally. You know it's something that you make a mistake on earlier career in or around the by other people don't make domestic or you have a guy next you. Who's communicating and awareness to pay this route combinations coming. You know and prepare yourself for the through that but probably have now is you have an inexperienced guy next when an experience. You know you have doctor Howell high -- happen to communicate with. But downstate he's a quarter you know about third and our relationship on a particular -- -- you have the defensive end Jim Jones -- very. Productive but I think we'll do the point of the season where people were short and screw with them with a -- him with some of you know sort of the walking into the ground and this is just a function of experience so. When I when I look at all like these are all collectible things. Or the normal because some normal season and you maybe have interpreted one rookie. We're 21. Inexperienced guy at any time with -- -- of the 1111 act out there are situations -- there either five or six. -- on the field especially in the nickel -- -- and -- I'm Wilson Namibia and you know governor and then you've got better than. It's just this is this is what it is and I think if there's a growth curve I think it's very achievable with a -- We understand what command and integrated. It with those one. With that mind you get a guy in the key to leave I mean how much. Much of a difference can he make in this team. I you know I don't know I think I'm definitely withholding the reservation are watched I watched his tape I went back and watched. He was symptoms go excuse me -- -- impact and the belt. And in both those games. You know I think obviously there some vitriol for the pictures because -- now that he's pool accompanying built to bolster what I can imagine if you had his performance. In a relative matchup game throughout of course the game against the -- giants in Dez Bryant more or less in in the cowboys and if you put -- -- And -- or whatever across the back of mergers I can assure you you'll have the same way. Because you've really got torched and some of those instances where I think he does bring to the table which is much needed. Is ball -- and I think that's you know he's gonna give up catches them if you're thinking you're giving a trip down purse in the coming -- but just simply not we've been on it. Q what did when he was drafted Campbell the is miserables is Mattingly in Arkansas. Because you really Alaska and she's been on the field have been good and I think that's part of the reason why it was available so he has certainly athletic technically does best if you play off coverage. -- you'll -- it's sort of like a bigger version of the opposite. You can you know you -- -- go to that. It's -- a match scheme where -- -- come -- quickly. Not good but I think what's different that it's important to note the difference in Tampa and New England I think -- do different things. A lot of the situation I just mentioned with him in the -- He mix of probably isn't fair or that we have triplets here because. Although -- if you were given a positive pressure. Temple was bring enough of the first atrocious every single -- the -- coming out quickly. He's just not gonna get that amnesty and so will be a little later in the the route progression and ultimately it does. And the best thing he does is read quarterbacks sides leave his man once more to do so and -- routes from the people. Turnover differential the big thing with this team I think he's someone can -- -- regard and I don't know what he's like. That'll locker room mate -- if he's a good communicators on the field. -- -- being -- -- progression but he can help from the -- as a -- that'll probably the biggest. An at bat on the field he ends up being the every down quarterback one side are you keeping them accord he its safety or get a -- him back at the other corner of on the other side to leave. Definitely -- McCord years about quarter of the on the roster right now and we -- people. Addicts sometimes develop announced off what he definitely does most consistent good job on but the players. I think. The issue when you go back and review last week's game -- I think this comes up you know it will have been a new set of problems each and every week and you -- the judge in the secondary in the that I -- Because it's been a different group this week with a different reported that two different take you back -- now now according Gregory. And the problem -- get into Russia with a group that has a good run and in good physical game with a -- kind of guy. Is your plan to appreciate these essentially neither of those guys are toxic -- some of the instances of bringing down Steve Gregory Kabul to make the most it's been in the seems. But calmed down and be -- to support one -- That's the -- means smaller cities a little bit greedy guy in the middle of the field. Well they also don't wanna do that -- seven recording you're basically playing with to receive so hadn't sort of questions about where they weren't tackling an issue like that. It's going to be nights when they get Patrick -- back liberals are you -- bottom in coverage. Having a legit strong safety body comes down and tackled as well in the and it will be helpful so I would say recording and believed. Provided you know that kind of player would be a solid corporate. And Eric who stole -- -- I think you have actually couple decent. Weeks the last two weeks quietly. Then you have both the weeks prior -- -- will be a good third leg and better does come along with the killer rough weeks of there after -- and ordered him. If you were goes but just like I would definitely -- my vote for cornerback. I'll vote is well taken you can check out maps report today in The Herald online at Boston Herald dot com Friday's as well you can hear him. On our show on NFL Sunday also follow on Twitter is a great followed during before and after games Chatham. 58. Via Twitter Mack great stuff we appreciate it time we'll talk you next week very honored that joining us on the AT&T hotline it's AT&T forgy LTE was speeds of ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible his vote is reporting -- quarterback. I knuckles against lose though according at safety I see Bob IC TMIC Scott's -- patriot calls on the board or get to ninety seconds.

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