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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, on the Patriots upcoming matchup against the Bills

Nov 9, 2012|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Lou to preview the Patriots Week 10 matchup against the Bills and what improvements they can expect on all sides of the ball on Sunday. Reiss lays out the current situation for the Patriots secondary and what to expect with McCourty at safety. Reiss also comments on the Bills worries at the quarterback position and what is likely to happen for Fitzpatrick come next season.

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Butler -- 837 WEP guys we always do. At 1 o'clock we will clear the phone lines and is set up to lock and load of Michael -- beyond nfl.com. NFL network you'll help us out. With some fantasy football questions which are what emailed Michael personally yesterday and asked him which had a with Borchard Jennings. Running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars and a matchup against club -- way in -- obviously this week with my gut and have watched the game anyway -- star -- Jennings. Two point seven points later. All you'll lose although or whenever starts enough guys that of former actual team. He still has three guys and -- -- for a -- spots on the Beale carried it with a two points making. I -- on the -- -- want a different from ESPN Boston Mike recent talk all things patriots. And bills like Oreo. You enrollment and well do -- do and today -- knew what excellent little game is three keys of the game earlier might not sure if you heard but does first -- we're get up and makes you get up on time and get a good -- to be totally. You believe -- that is that at that easy of a game for the patriots and that easy of an opponent the bills on Sunday. Well I I don't and I'll I'll tell you why and I don't know why that keeps coming up in my my head this week it's. It almost seems like it's too easy and when that happens. We've seen that before says that the unexpected can happen how much saying that it's been a big game by at the patient wins and I know a lot of some matchup advantages for them decisively but I keep going back to that that year when the patriots. Really crushed that yet in that regular season game here. And -- and in the playoffs and ended up losing I just think we need to sort of bit the crystal clear reminder that. Just because. You know -- -- -- September 30 you know an orchard park New York doesn't mean it's gonna happen. Yes -- would have looked get a -- and a special teams different momentum swings you know we all know if they could break got a ponder kick return things like that and turnovers -- all the ones you know but I think if you just. Plate you know the control special teams don't turn the ball over they -- and more importantly that team that jets team I think defensively gave them some challenges I think defensively I'd. I don't think that this team offers the same type of challenge for this offense and knowing the patriots. Look at a more forward -- accurate as the before that I always guard against is. He's the oftentimes makes such a judgment off the last game and the patriots were as impressive as we need them in the last game but it. -- there are still questions the Christian right now it and it's helped wiser definitely healthier than they were but I still don't think. I'm there at the point where. -- can just sort of write off another another -- still keep some holes here like Hershey with other teams. Around the league I don't think that's unique but I don't think it's it's an opponent you don't have. You respect him but don't you look at the Ryan Fitzpatrick part of this -- and wonder what they saw Mike last year to given six years in 59 million dollars much -- be -- but buddy nix the GM went on buffalo radio today and said. We're gonna address the quarterback position in this year's draft nets a year after they they sunk a lot of money derived its Patrick. Yeah I think so much and I think on that I walker never fully bought into the hole from there when they did. I want to be extensions you might -- -- they were rolling. At the time and I think. Sometimes sudden. Don't and that's the hardest thing that's like you wanna believe something you want to believe that the players taken the next step but. In reality it's -- -- -- we remember much like Ryan Fitzpatrick just based on what we've seen over the years. The -- can make the throws at you wanna make but it's just inconsistent and he'll give the opponent a lot of chances for turnovers. I remember you know obviously means that a slap some -- had six turnovers and some of them are just flat out the. Yet no part of -- to have given the keys it's it's half joking because I. When I look at this team I think you should always be concerned with the quarterback and is inconsistent as Fitzpatrick is. He's still showing for a half like in the first game can still be effective you know still a couple of picks but. To meet a big concern is the game it's taken over by -- CJ Spiller Freddy Jackson plays -- play action makes its tactics like a little bit easier. These two running backs a lot healthier in the where that first Tony they played them. They are important to look the worst -- a huge move because he had what eleven touches last week it usually when you get that. After a -- -- that what what are we -- we got to get it got more touches so I think you're the patriots countered that you've got to be ready that you're gonna see a lot of CJ -- remember. I think with a couple years rid of the kickoff return against themselves. And the way I look at it from somebody at. X.s and o.s standpoint that -- at stopping those guys but you're probably gonna have to stop them. Are you sub defense you can with the way that bill played so he's gonna have to rely on the big guys up front. You know one maybe later in the box and you'd normally these problems that would probably be matchups within the matchup to really focus on the games. Talking to Mike craziest PM Boston all things pats and bills and as always we take your phone calls with like it's 6177797937. Is there a tactical advantage the bills haven't you look at their offense like look at their defense to me maybe it's special teams enters the return game it's been. Maybe the one area they've had some success and ball punts and kickoffs this year. Yet so they -- -- eaten in terms -- punt returns that would -- an area to watch -- especially given -- about the -- the patriots -- special -- -- That -- the first meeting between the key but it. You know the secret up until one controlled them pretty well but I would we be shocked if on Monday we're talking about you know Mario Williams maybe with the destructive way -- they're -- defensive tackles. Are you and Kyle Williams and those players. I think are better. Then what they showed the first time around so I think that's also something you have to look at -- -- I wouldn't be shocked if if those guys up and give the patriots have problems as well. And although Belichick was talking today a little bit about the tenant situation Shiancoe in particular what. What did you take out of that what does the future Shiancoe here at the patriots. So coming up on a deadline in there and actually think that it's something we will be talking about more here because I think shackled practiced little room increased this week and to me that's an indication. It's -- they're gonna be activated in place. A Sunday against the bill or or it's not you know they're they're coming to a decision they're gonna happen. -- -- early next week in court there's a couple moving parts here you got -- which I tight end and not a lot. -- part of it is that you know you get some -- correctly there Hernandez is almost receiver light so I think you can probably keep five if you want Q but. All Daniel -- and -- ankle sorted duplicate each other so I would think that it shackled activated. You might hear reductions in blood you know sell your third tight end in and out of court. At all I think that Hernandez and his status here. You know in -- crap that's the last you know three days limited we will keep playing well not I think that's also part of the decision making process. In the past when he Pratt or a guy's practicing for days Mike and -- guys -- this is not a pretty good sign Wednesday Thursday Friday guy present that. Assuming no setbacks Saturday or Sunday morning he would play on Sunday. -- read into that night at your own at your own riskier which we're talking about bill that would check in. And that I can say it can be proved useful stories in the past about. How players that come out for. The media access portion of practice -- and once the media -- -- shortly thereafter the player in the years that he's done for the -- so. There's actually the idea -- -- Let's get the player out there for what the public portion of this crap yes and it'll be reported that he's out there but really there's no intentions for that player to play that we sorts. I would be careful. I'm reading too much into players presents a practice it especially. But I'm not a simple fact the report. That to keep it limited in the correct. Take a step further with Hernandez because and we talked about a lot of second half stuff this week with the -- -- Mike one of the things was. Are we looking at the last eight regular C games for Wes Welker and that they can come back to as the game's played for Welker this guy well besides the one big injury. Does not miss games I consider -- the most underrated stat in football is games played worse Hernandez who -- that the natural next slot guy at the move on. From Welker missed two games in year 12 games in year two and -- -- for the eight this year with -- -- injury. Is there any concern in your mind that if they invest that slot role -- Hernandez. That what we've seen in three years says maybe he's not durable may -- this'll BA career long thing of him in and out of line up in and out of games. I think that's fair my I mean part of that some some bad breaks you know I mean I think it. Equipped Welker went engaged in the block on on that play against the cardinals went nuts. -- Julian -- cut the quick happened and Salomon Lee a welcome might have been outsourcing there's an element of bad breaks but. At the end of the day I mean those brokers dependability consistency and reliability. That's hard to match their so I think the point it's fair I think at the same time. No one player gets oh lead -- injury prone to keep you wanna look closer at -- -- -- Occurring in and in some cases that might be on the player but in other cases like this particular year I think that's more the case of a bad bad luck bad breaks for her name. Mr. but the secondary is -- in Gregory both limited Wednesday both limited Thursday. Was that secondary look like set Sunday. It it all the Princeton -- -- according and it depends on the team and he's fled either vote act. I would think that record you would be a corner but it -- they -- not back. I I think they'll be McCord be at hey Ian. Our global Timberlake about to what Belichick you know after the jet steam it was literally right after the -- and he usually one that they know will have to go back and look at the case when the basketball court he would seek the right after that -- said you know. Like it was more secure on the back end and it had been opposed to real strong even a sample what he said. And the timing of that he can there was literally no right after the -- sourcing. That tells you that they don't have their top -- personnel available to them and -- they're gonna keep recording their. We'll take a quick break like -- ESPN Boston is joining us and you can join. Us and Mike is well with your phone calls at 6177797. 937 your phone number your calls the Mike -- -- 6177797937. Thoughts on patriots and bills on Sunday we come back. Pretty -- a big name buddy name quarterback released this week with the patriots. Have any interest -- like about that next. Talking to Mike raise ESPN Boston every week of this -- can join the conversation 6177797937. We talked to Mike. He's brought to you by KM the official Franken sausage other England patriots they've already invested a fourth round pick and stand in. Aqib Talib any potential interest -- stand throughout the former second round pick up this week like by the Kansas City Chiefs. Wal-Mart so we know he's in Detroit today have visiting with Laura and I think. -- you know you you can do your due diligence there but I. I think it is concerned with he would have been too much too much change -- ones you know you bring them until lead and then you get a break and another guy another factor. As well there's a reason why he would cut. -- biking in the city guy who basically using a lot of the same way you do and Scott you'll be so. But -- -- two areas Butler might shy away from that but we're taking a look -- means that the troubles in the secondary been well documented. Aqib -- Take me through this night kind of shows up here on the and finally contact him. On Monday how does this work -- -- -- as you sit down Robert -- sit down with bill that they had -- hash out the off the field things for the -- the football. All that -- all that and more and since then the minute he's eligible to come in here he'll be here he'll be in position a walk through the core rate when the -- You know allows that to happen and it starts I'm sure would go belly check and it goes right -- ownership then. And it's basically like -- have a first round draft from what you do. And that is where you draft but -- you bring him in you've shown what you're also what you expect from him and and you get him right in the playbook because you want to play. And that next game against the -- But everybody's in Davos that's everybody's healthy I against the Indianapolis Colts in your mind how does a secondary -- a what's the best secondary than in the patriots. If it's intriguing to me -- and I'm probably in the minority but I like to leave and -- cornerback and. I'd go with Sean and Greg did say he and that's with the with a one. You know one sort of make an exception here and that. And I get in the Patrick Chung that I think he can be ordered that the Patrick on that maybe we've seen earlier this year that. With inconsistency. But I want you got a chance to work itself out from what I've seen and and it might -- -- short leash Irsay. And same with Gregory you know I think -- related continents and the idea was he says veteran presence he's a Smart player to settle down back there. I think it that those -- didn't show up. That's immediate the best foursome and then when you come on in your vehicle Kyle Arrington wanted to -- -- lots. Did you want coal in the air and then paid envelope and can be -- gotten back. I know their big thing you have asked the questions and the answers have been pretty bland but what's your feeling about what the players said this week Mike about Aqib -- they mostly. That is a good players get a commandment. It was very general consensus among these guys about this acquisition. I think most of them up they're excited because they know that it gives him a better chance to win and obviously. Your sterling Moore a player who's directly affected by that -- now on the practice squad you're not thrilled but I think. A guy like Tom Brady who know basically tried to you know. Try to complete passes against this guy and understand that he's got pretty good cover skills as good as anyone you have on the team right now with not bitter. I think there's a level of excitement and he just -- a piece it's gonna meet Cuba -- keen to play. As you look ahead at this AFC east you know we'll at least we know Miami a two more these left here the jets and that Thursday night. Any shot and we took the patriots rolled the bills -- any shot the bills. Able to creep back -- become that second team is my pick for the year was bill's second place the patriots any shot -- -- turn this thing around like. Well but at this this is thinking right here because here patriots you're basically have a chance at every bit keen right now because -- you look at their losses. I -- they are not. Strong in the division right now -- But the state won the division games sort of the patriots -- excellent right now for this team in the rear view mirror and basically. And they -- even when you look at their wins but are against. Kansas City Cleveland and Arizona. The big party lost. The jets -- -- you can put them down you know three losses in the division that sequentially. If they lose this game to division I can get help overcome. -- patriots attacked his team on the ground again we think the Buffalo Bills gonna change their game plan after. At a challenging this team to run their first -- I think the bill we're gonna hit different -- defense because that would have. Obviously in the state that they made last time a -- and a smaller incidents and the patriots run for the forty sevens. Belichick made the point this week he said you know they've made some changes. And the last time he played a man and the changes going -- -- their big east be a little bit bigger. I should be in theory are for Iran against although this is not a very good run defense giving up. 169. And a half yards per game on average. On the grounds of their most -- the opportunity here but I don't envision it being at this site should we let it was on September 3. I see the entire team at ESPN Boston made their picks you've got the patriots 3517. Tedy Bruschi got a 4120 the sweep. From -- -- Yates and even the folks at Madden 2013. He is Mike Reese enjoyed a sixty degree weather at that game on Sunday my annual talk the next week. Maybe my Mike -- SP -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible that your. Most to be followed Mike on Twitter if you are not easy must follow up your patriot band at Mike -- off for all things patriots won't get against couple hours from now. The first real official injury report. Of the week you get a practice sport when -- Thursday and announced Friday. Get their first real injury report -- we get our guy Michael -- beyond from nfl.com. The NFL network coming up at 1 o'clock he always joints which means this. We clear the fault lines and load up all your fantasy questions for Michael -- -- at 61777979237. Where that -- the year. We need a couple of wins one at all five of the playoffs he's are huge. Weeks still some teams on bye and a lot a lot of questions your questions of Michael that beyond what 6177797937. That is a conversation next.

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