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Mike Lombardi, NFL Network, on Andrew Luck and NFL coaches

Nov 9, 2012|

Mike Lombardi joins D&C to discuss Andrew Luck's sublime performance so far in his rookie season and how the upstart Colts could finish this year. Next, they go into the likes of Jon Gruden trying to get back into the coaching ranks and how Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin are working in Washington.

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Friday amid show means Mike Lombardi Mike bombarding our conversation at Mike. Is sponsored by town fair tire and -- HSA. Insurance Mike joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning Michael how are -- Greg Moore wrote if you are starting you're expansion franchise in Los Angeles and the rules that you can pick one player off of any team who would you choose. All that that that's. -- that's a difficult question a minute some -- -- good players I don't I think I might go RG three other -- decree gives you a unique. Combination of -- speed a great arm and the ability to run a complex offense that's kind of where the game is going but. You know Andrew Luck certainly would be appealing a menace somebody good players but got to see -- a young quarterback who collegiate game because as we know. It's quarterback league and that's why the colts are being able won six games so. What what does a RG three -- that Andrew Luck doesn't mean we saw Andrew Luck can run he's fast but. You really do you really want your young quarterback running. Why I think he kind of like you know his ability to make. -- played a good play and luck has done the same thing to not confusing neither side and it looks sort of remarkable job. Of being able to make plays a critical times of some you know last week. It is when he threw a couple ballclub piece a while obviously trying to make completions on -- You know I thought really the rescue teams the better team around them but I've been disappointed in the redskins' defense and I think Andrew Luck has. Has done a remarkable job without being on a great team -- -- he's done a tremendous job hanging in the pocket without offensive line hasn't been as good so. As I said before the draft of the eagle either direction I think RG three style of play is conducive to kind of the way I see the game but I think both players are great. The other theory as to why sometimes good or great young quarterbacks are freshman or -- their rookie quarterbacks digress and there's a sophomore slump. Well I I think what happens is that most quarterbacks when they enter the National Football League -- based start to play their game and then once coordinators. Understand what that game is. There have to be an adjustment to do what they take away from it and that struggle becomes the adjustment and that and everybody wants to qualified -- -- -- more slow month for example it is if you will have a complete game. And you can't do everything well that eventually after 9101215. Games. Defense coordinators who were sharp take away what you do well they force -- play left candidate you play outside the outside your game now can you adjust to that. That remains to be seen and I think that's the that's the wall that must be broken through before you can become a great quarterback I'll always believed to -- twenty games to really. Understand what you have at the quarterback position. And part of that twenty games study. Is the fact that there have to be that moment where OK here's what we're doing right before -- taken away from -- how do you react to that. At some guys you could hear right away at me you know you can you know I don't like Barack looked like Barack and he was talking about -- -- efforts -- proof. But if you're just told that our fan and you if you watch what I watched last night is there's not improvement there there's just clearly you're you should be looking -- -- quarterback. Are the colts gonna make the playoffs. You -- how is writing about that this morning I mean look they have seven games left real America home the last game against Houston. At home that could be a meaningless game but -- useful to have everything wrapped up points and if they win three -- they -- those three home games. Which is very good very conceivable they can second from nine wins and nine winners I think got a chance to get him in the playoffs so. Yeah I really do think they have an opportunity to make the playoffs some troubled by the way to steal a win here -- there they're metal toughness and I think this is where they get from Andrew Luck their mental toughness. Has been remarkable his ability to handle the voluble plays at the line of scrimmage his ability to handle all the things they wanted to do wood and an offense. Has really been great. Most people think Andy Reid will not be -- because the as the Eagles coach will Michael Vick -- back as a quarterback. It -- for the for the beginning of the season in my man Mohamed over the Dunkin' Donuts who are about like coffee from every morning he's he's been argue with me since that time I said it back at September but. There's no way Michael Vick coming back I mean this is. -- there's change in the air here Philadelphia I mean whether it's said he read Michael Vick there's going to be a complete. Change in Philadelphia I think Jeff -- as we saw this week everybody realizes that Howard wrote for the general manager has got this contract extended. That kept Gloria Howard Rosenberg and redefine your organization in the last a miracle I mean a true miracle which I don't see happening. But the Eagles get into the playoffs and advance I think it's the last year for both for both both player and coach. And you know it's funny you think in the NFC east is in on this battle every battle for the death and you don't think the giants are. Have a great year held their tied with the colts in the standings two and a half game lead in the division. What -- and the and at least. You know look Eagles can't block it is our offensive line has -- that -- -- they talk about the -- nine like it's some kind of gospel and yet they have been able putting pressure on the quarterback and the Redskins. Have not improved in the three years that Mike has been merit Shanahan I mean you would think that Mike would have come in there and for years he's only won five home games. And their defense has really been part of the biggest problem and they have been able to stop anybody and our offensive line you know what what people don't really understand about. -- Houston to Washington to Denver the Mike Shanahan system of offense is when you get behind in the game and those little offensive -- No longer have to worry about just run blocking a play action pass they've literally have to drop back to pass protect. It doesn't get pretty that's what happens if you. Green can you say that again Mike in what he's won five home games in three years. I don't game entries about fifteen home. Well you know and you know he's actually had the worst winning percentage than both born and Spurrier. You know Mike has become and there are really lit the world on fire -- now -- you know men and look connection here he's got eighteen million coming off the cap because the upper hand with the fiasco that he that of the try to -- the money into the one year. And the league -- though and Vietnam draft picks. Sort of -- they've got a really believed he would help. Shouldn't he be at the top of these sporting news though most overrated coaches coming and he's near the top it. Well I would suspect you know I mean I think his performance level of Washington has certainly been disappointed you know the year off come and typically when you hire a guy that as of Mike's experience and and they've been good offensively. It is -- you you're figuring out that you're gonna get something turned around I mean. That's the recipe and you would think after three years now they have RG three now but when he got to Washington. He makes the McNabb trade that wasn't Smart when he goes with John back. And it and Rex Grossman that wasn't a good idea so he's wasted through years of try to rebuild the program look. We are all defined we are all defined in the NFL if I went back into the league. Everybody defined by who you pick as the coach. And who the quarterback and once you get those two things right you got it can't be successful if you messed them up to step Scott Pioli and then four years down the road who won the most talked. Have you ever seen a great coach who didn't have. They're great quarterback. No I think it ethical hit an empathetic sometimes. We have ego gets in the way am I can make this guy great quarterback I can turn this -- -- -- you know that sometimes our own ego gets in the way of what we're doing that's not him it's me. When you know what we need talented player we -- your great culture but we also need talented players I think sometimes that get lost but look. Go back to Denver study the Denver defense when Mike was there the last three years it was really declining and that if you see Washington's defense it has been bad Mike never been really. That good at being his own general manager being his own personal got -- especially pick a defense supporters liquid you look at what they've done defensively it hasn't worked out I think he goes back to -- this is just not -- a pattern. That has occurred in Washington DC that has been the pattern. That it occurred back when you look at them in Denver. There what NFL insiders might think about the out of sight out of mind theory with former coaches who were trying to get back PM or maybe not trying to get back -- it comes to mind gruden power -- and -- a link to your state Brian Billick. Why I think he you know look at every all of us. You know when you're in the league it's very intoxicating and it becomes an addiction that you really can't cure I mean there's no Betty Ford Center. Guys like me who have been in the league you -- you know you just there's no way you George you have that that. Fundamental impulse in your body that you wanna be a part of it every single day it's your life and -- never goes away but I think what happens is you have to decide. You wanna stay involved you wanna watch the tape you wanna stay current on the game today if you do you've got to. Have to go back it if you choose to not stay completely turn and I mean really current. Then it's going to be very difficult for you to walk back into the NFL because the -- changes every three years and that change. Really creates some problems I think we saw with Joseph Gibbs and Joseph Gibbs was you know what he did when he was there was tremendous when he got back in the league it really wasn't what what worked. And it because you don't they contemporary. It becomes a problem so people in the later saying okay yet. It still wants to come back you better be ready to come back as the leaking left isn't the same league. Same thing with prudent simply with bill. Up patent to Dallas Peyton stays in New Orleans what do you think. I think there's no question Peyton stays in the -- there's no doubt I mean look. When you went when stories break you have to wonder where they come from you know I Lyndon Johnson in the great Robert Carroll book talks about. You know he was sitting at home 1 morning reading the morning that sitting in the White House read in the paper and he circled. A column on page three of the about human health and services he called Ben Bradley Coleman says. Look we got it usually -- that source out was in the hospital who's been sort this week so every time you get an article you wonder they were the source coming -- and who's the benefit of and so when you look back and take a step back on the same story you've gotta you gotta say why would this come out now. And what's the benefit it's not language -- which is gonna be back in -- the sharp they want more money. It's something wanna reduce the deal of these already redone. I mean where is the emphasis coming here and if it is about money certainly the -- will handle that. But you have to wonder why comes up because in reality he could never be a free agent until after the Super Bowl. That would make it very difficult for anyone to wanna wait -- -- and now Mickey Loomis can go she it -- -- -- you wonder where is this what's the Genesis of the story. And what the reality of it I think it must be about money and I'm sure they get that resolved. Does gruden to Philadelphia makes sense Theo. You know I don't Howard asked and has reported that I don't think so I think gruden. You know. I'm in Philadelphia he was there I don't know what the relationship between gruden and you know I'm much recruit who's gonna walk into place and and and I think the structure. Is -- before -- had to be really important as well I think John is gonna walk in and say you know when he was in camp -- Bruce Allen was quote on quote is that general manager but. But John had control of everything in the organization. I think John would wanna go somewhere where he would have a lot of safe because no one done as well that do it would be difficult. Deal with -- on a daily basis if you -- have say in the personal because he would be at. Reveling in his loving it is about players on TV you when -- at a building with a bat that's not the same calendar yet. Woody woody. Turn a team around like instantly would Philadelphia make the playoffs. Next year gruden was there. I think got a really good football coach I think he can do that I think you're concerned with John have to be getting developing young quarterback because he's yet to prove that he's been able to do that but in terms of moving the football and structuring -- -- -- started outstanding now. Part of talent except have to be who's going to be people of course it. Good job of the coach the quarterback he's -- with all the offensive call placed it -- let somebody else coach the defense and coached the special teams so you have to make sure the staff perfect with the. I give us a scenario in which the bills beat the patriots on Sunday. Well it's really easy I mean you know the patriots turned the ball over it let the bills play on a short field. The bills played really good in the red zone create situations for the patriots aren't scored touchdowns to kick -- field goals. They keep the game close in the fourth quarter I think the reality of the bills is they have to be able to slow the game down a little bit I mean -- They score quickly the last time they played them and even though they had the big leader too much time left in the game. So for the bill they've got a really do a good job of kind of peace in the game for them control in the game and giving some turnovers and really playing good in the red zone I think they can. Can't let this game slip away. Because remember. The Buffalo Bills their inability to really protect in the offensive line. Keep people out that the -- the ball down the field that they can't do that and they get behind in the game like that. All the sudden that's when the problems come up I think that's always -- be a really close game I think going into the third and fourth quarter will be a close game. And I think at some point the pitch ritual will will take a step up and -- the patriots are. Arrested and healthy you're not completely healthy but healthy you're. I think it certainly spell trouble for the -- Without question Chicago and Houston Sunday night is the game of the weekend how do you see that playing out like. Well I think it's the first quarter -- are really the good the first court -- -- both offensive line need to play from in front. Houston for the reasons I mentioned before Houston's offensive line is not a pass protection offered to wanted to play action pass protection line so therefore they need to play from in front Chicago -- bad offensive. Why and they need to play from the front because if they have to drop back -- -- like it did in green today. All of a sudden everyone -- -- slime we'll get exposed so that's really going to be your first quarter game who can set the pace. Who can keep at it it's a close game that's good too because you could the world ought to have balance but if somebody jumped ahead in the first quarter. Then I think things will turn around I think it's going to be a hard game for Chicago to really win because I think Chicago's gonna have a hard time being consistent offensively. However at -- -- I think the rule of the game and I'll watch it is is and I know this is strange but I think that Dallas. Cowboys and the Eagles game to me it's it's really I gave that you have to look at closely because both teams' seasons literally could -- who have the game. As always -- -- double -- the next Friday into the -- get out -- Mike -- -- Dennis and -- -- our conversation with Mike is sponsored by town fair tire and -- HSA insurance he joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T -- LT.

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