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Mikey is still wary of the Patriots defense

Nov 8, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder take some calls pertaining to the Patriots defense as they head into the second half of the season and begin their playoff push.

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Our first let me address the most pressing issue of the day and that is that I guess -- -- did a survey today as to who they thought. -- of listeners of the -- -- show thought would be the best guy to replace meter in the morning. And I I gotta tell you I mean I'm looking at the results here I think this thing was fixed yet the fix is in yeah I think that there were some. A legal texting I think that I think it's just like somebody's out there just yet you -- texting. You know continuously just testing us and it is it is -- understand that's okay of people and organizations. -- -- -- I don't know why does he won and it wasn't the Maloney showed you think they love me that show impede of people one would general royal being runnerup and they believe these -- it was the other way around. City you know this is what happens in his homeless that's why voter ideas import I was listening to some of that -- community can't duplicate. Of the vote. Votes -- duplicity. Like that word phony it's a reason -- -- -- this is -- use it that is that is as solid word to use certain words make you sound. Smart intellectual -- than you really are. In this world on the other thing I wanna tell -- is that for those of you that are fans of you've heard of this new haircut. Races ago there's a bunch of but this one I'm going to on Saturdays it's -- -- -- name. No matter what happens there well. The women of all -- counts OK they cut your -- All your media -- your entire all your body your cut -- I don't know not that it probably an awesome orbit this is down admits field. And this Saturday. At 1 o'clock I will be definitely getting America. And I will be down to give away stuff as part of good RWE BE RR Providence, Rhode Island station 103 point seven. Which of course booms into Mansfield and some ministers as well it was through southern Connecticut and are having this having an appearance and by appearance will will improve right well out there. At knock outs. Voters he is out dousing that's not necessary I did I mention that. No you do it value -- with it. Okay whatever it is but it's not counts in Mansfield -- at 1 o'clock to look to three on Saturday. And that -- on Sunday. But take my new haircut. From knock outs in Mansfield. At a little drive. To Chicopee why did you. Now your gonna tell us why -- you don't know. Why don't I drive to check of Vienna Sunday. Go to a bar watch the patriot -- Yeah there you ago. Rumble seat. 1 o'clock again the next day 24 hours have -- -- knock outs in Mansfield John I will be making an appearance at rumble what we're seeing as many Beers before it. You could sit in the rumble seat at knock outs as well and get your cut. Probably rumble seat there and then go to rumble seat the bar and have few Beers yeah when it comes to rumble rumble of someone's seat I can do that but -- but he. So Sunday for the buffalo game which -- going to be a patriot real the real pretty much believe that yeah I do. And able go to 63 -- festive occasion on Sundays so that's why -- -- W. Media no appearance on making an appearance here at the station. On the radio -- from from -- launch 48 PM on Saturday along for our radio shift. Then I make appearances at random bars throughout Boston -- adamant it's not they're not paid appearance now I don't I just show up editor's -- area I didn't -- than they were talking about to pornography for some reason. The -- -- today in the big show. And a pretty good pretty good text came in about. From one guy who said I just made my first. I just watched my first porno today. I can't believe our younger I looked at which is very clever it is very very clever. There's -- says Mikey -- fat slob. Come to room. Room with a few Beers in my fuel makes some knock rule would read a but I am -- fats in all in -- a -- profess -- we want 88 and in greater. Mediate that's in -- I again streamline my a lot of different ways. Another Texas they accused him -- really tell you folks out there about sugary I've had more good times and should be over the course of way extensive radio career. Because I used to work in -- the very name of that town actually right in Chicopee it was where -- -- -- and I was I think it was like. Twenty and when it worked there. Some years ago actually. Obviously some years ago and check -- he's a great talent. It's a great town full of awesome people you -- -- agreement vacation spot. But it's it's a great spot to watch a patriots game today that right now at the rubble sequels either now. Back to sports per -- Why not for -- estimate to seven right reasoning. I think that's what we're supposed to do out by the way I told writer today we get a patio we get -- this song low rider by war for him. That's happened before I go we we we wanna have it on Reza regular feature that's on war low -- so if patio during your. When you're not -- taken answering phone calls and producing the show. Maybe to hunt down -- background music forest. As in low riders so I watched the Celtics gave -- -- party last night. -- -- -- I have to say that I was absolutely right you were and I told you that as soon as the first thing when I saw you guys before the show because you were saying and others who say you know they'll be be about more than ten yeah I was wrong minus ten and I was on. Extra -- now they have double overtime to beat him by six they were actually tied -- get a regulation which forces of course overtime situation. And it looked good in overtime they took they took their business sentiment prior to that there were some. There's not -- going again from the says Celtics although we will say that Terry broke out the jet. Yet -- looked good broke out a little bit of whatever was sloppy was it he would he was good news for sixteen points in last night's game. And he looked he looked okay but you know again the market for more promising things -- at the sixers coming up on Friday night. So I guess you know -- -- at least it to a two theories say that at least 22 in the lakers wish they were two to 14 Mike around. Mike brown and Michael Brown watches -- Colby Bryant -- a miserable puke over human being. The real low rider miserable -- of a human being Kobe Bryant. Given of the death -- did you see that video. The you know and he's been playing well for the most part during during these lakers you know. Bad games him and he's been one the only guy showed up they really miss Steve -- the eighty's Steve national well there's -- he rewarded for as what they are and you know I love that I -- that because is nothing better than CNET team that you know was a compilation team once again halves of stars high priced guys -- in big games and all that. You can have 22 points a game from Dwight Howard. In 27 from Colby and thirteen from Gasol which I think with those guys are averaging you know right now. But that it still adds up to four losses in five games and I think that's great. Most routers don't like to see that and enjoy and relish that. Gasol needs to playoff of them. Half of us Steve Nash and Nash is out right now they'll figure it out the B -- B is solid team of the West -- chilly but they I am. Making a prediction Mike that Mike Brown won't last the season doughboy and there's probably a pretty Sarah had -- -- because you know uncle and Kobe which Colby gives the right stair well the only two things are gonna happen you really get fired from your coaching job. -- you know maybe year. He would have a problem at a hotel -- you know what I don't think I don't think the players. Specially -- have great respect former got it's not. He's not even that much older than Steve Nash -- some of these you know and I played good defense which is what he's supposed to be mr. defense mr. potato head Michael. But the you know he'll be out you're right will be out and it will be another spoiled. Spoiled rotten brat thing where the coach is determined by the yeah. The start Jerry Sloan could make -- returned after being so after so many years off to these you know okay. Maybe they call -- maybe they get filled back you know dust him off it. Shake off the cobwebs. Takeaways last night. And put him back in charge maybe Adobe would have. Well we got about an hour ago we about forty minutes to talk to you the radio listeners about this that the other thing whatever that you guys. If you wanna talk about hardcore baseball. We can do that now for awhile which is keep in mind that the three dot com geeks are going to be -- along for the hot stove program at 7 o'clock. Which would give you a chance to maybe go it's of some further detail. Where those guys who cover the Red Sox of their beats. It is what they do. Bradford out there in California -- at the meetings yes and a beautiful Indian Wells lovely California. The stormy year. So that shows go to seven and of course 8 o'clock -- of the football game for all of WBO sports rated network 6177797. 937. As you know our text numbers change as well which is 37937. And our first caller of the night. Let's take now. Pound these calls through here because if the -- Ryder noses. This program is a caller driven program. You know it's not about writer be evident dialogue although I'm not us to -- -- who apparently is it's more incidental. -- of the program -- anything else it's about you with the radio listeners. Putting forth your particular opinion when I'd like to know is. The people agree would -- that Torii Hunter should be the Red Sox right fielder at least a couple of years. Next year the year rafter a two year deal do you agree with that. Or do you not agree that in and done I will get some backup information. As to why. -- will pack up my case there won't just throw it out there without some kind of you know thought process. David West Springfield Illinois. Are you could come over to -- to be Sunday eleven west. Right current churn out there in Iraq aren't. It's a cool place for as long hours Saturday and that always figured what certain actual Britain want. Well I you know I don't worry about that poll I think it was fixed anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Recused ourselves from consideration. Not because we thought necessary to be to have an overwhelming landslide victory on election night. But because it it's unfair you know you -- is that that's like if if if Obama called Jewish home and said. Who you gonna vote for -- -- -- vote for you no matter what you gonna do right. Haven't but Maloney are trying to get to Asia and -- but but he's big but likes -- here already stole my job one time overlooking Amman. Low grade right now what really got to court ordered nor. What do you have forced my friend. -- out patriots. Second Governor Palin. I think they're centers and pro America. The did the page's defense won't improve British that would -- acquisition of a team -- I just aren't get those guys back or -- the opening ballots -- Will you riot act and they would just. Our company. You know that he's given -- that already dead I mean that the -- the turning up to a Dutch thing you know you'd think would happen week to week. As indeed. It. What set. Oh. Well yeah I mean -- they still had problems though throughout the entire season when it comes to of the yards they were given up not so what's the point side I attentively and I never thought. That they were going to be as bad as they've been in it is defensive secondary this year but let's keep in mind one thing David is the the most important thing you know is the wins. And yes they have three losses in there. But as I told John yesterday when you lose three games by four points -- that far from excellence honestly the -- got thick of it this way. Five more points their -- eight no are you are what you are your record says what you are but yeah I mean points per game there in the middle of the pack. They earn points per game -- usually the -- I look at but. Just check in and out as we do every Sunday just by watching it you know that his problems they're and maybe the secondary to make it better making her mental improvement. So. You know and -- America -- there are gonna outscored buffalo this weekend and you know Buffalo's capable put up some numbers offensively but I don't think. -- -- -- -- just strictly -- -- bobbled the ball down field hoping for defensive. Fallout from the from the quarterback. You know I don't his command. That. Thanks David oh we're over -- c'mon over -- alone have about. -- 63 Beers have some more Beers and you had tonight now that. -- be tough on Torii Hunter yes he's 37 and he will be 38. Come July. Okay but here's the here's the thing that did it is really the clincher for this thing from me. Last year he hit 313. Now. I'm talk about Joe Mauer and how much I love my arm hourly between nineteen. At. Putter heads. Let's see sixteen homers in 92 attributed in a 140 games. Four via for the angels OK stole nine bases was caught once so. What is he lost. Is he still greatly help for sure is she is -- would have gold glove though maybe not but guess what he's still in right field at Fenway. Of all the guys -- all of baseball who can play right field with that way he's probably in the top five against the question they've inquired about eliminated Dave tied to his agent out here in California but. The question is who would you rather have Cody roster Torii Hunter. I -- some feel he could probably have both but. -- might end up getting overpaid. Well Ross is out there and a free agent market now and a Baltimore's expressed a little bit of interest in in Ross and you know we know what he has he's going to be. An eighteen to 25 home run guy Cody Ross he's going to be a 270 you know. Hitter. Who plays a decent outfield but here's where -- the outside of of of -- hotter. Two years ago Torii Hunter had 23 home runs. At 243 year before that and 22 the year before that when he wanted he's had a consistent power output now he he's only twister and a hundred runs. But he's -- in ninety like ten times. Over his career. The 313 batting average is promising thing for guy who's hitting 277. Lifetime -- let's face it. The guy's got the glove. That can make. Make the big difference in right field at Fenway Park for the pitching staff of 38 years old he's going to be in July. Better ways stove he's better defender than Cody -- of course it helps -- is okay no solid but it UK compared to do. No well he's toward -- it -- a much better defense about here's what has numbers at Fenway through his career. He -- -- a long career but 53 games 330 batting average. 8690. PS seven homers who's knocked in thirty threes have good numbers that much better than his lifetime numbers at Fenway you'd expect that though. You know we expect fair way to enter numbers up a little bit but he Antalya right. In years past talk about long term deal for this guy I never was you know think about it now to the right field a couple of years finish up his career year. And debt and not be Mike Cameron. That's always wanted to do was not IDs batteries and upgrade he's better than Mike Cameron right. Certainly in what respect that's why people would be backing off and little hesitant probably some listeners let's go to Stephen Providence hello Steve vote. Al -- Geithner -- yeah I -- and I hit it too quick comment. Via. The new England sports teams that I regret -- a New England Patriots. I'd meet the ticket look. Good luck at the scene I grew up rooting for. Be remembered as the guy and move. Put together. You know pay up and the team that sort of get the that pitching that great. And I think -- Brett stock. You know I don't know the -- suspenders Al. I don't know what they're pitching staff Brett Hull under performer estimated that -- awkward maybe they get are sort of on the downside well. It's fair to Steve the pitching staff was dreadful last year we know that ended September of the year before they were also -- prior to that they weren't. The pitching and lineup that they had of the names on the list of pitchers -- wasn't a bad list and it wasn't. And ineffective group of guys. Out what happened was in September of 2011 they all went down the -- and I use that term and in lieu of another term. Which would probably better described as a group of guys. You got to count them all coming equivalent of Lester doesn't go back of Lackey doesn't come back if -- buck calls doesn't it for you you're screwed anyway. Doesn't matter who's playing right field but what I try to do is trying to help this pitching staff a little bit. By suggesting that operate the quality strong armed right fielder who's been around knows how to play right field at Fenway Park and can do it to Mexico over the ground. Is -- also make a difference for this ballclub when it comes to your ERA. I really believe that and and I think I think the defense that you described. -- -- Red Sox defense under the Brooks I think he's going to be pretty good Pedroia is a gold glove candidate if that winner. At second base. Up the billion at the shortstop issues still to be resolved but you're right defense is important. And at 11 other side national comment the previous caller -- -- -- these are made up the patriot buying they're deep and then -- bank. Again they need to go look -- in my house after the last in just watch even -- all of the 49. They're the man. It is I mean -- be -- to outline their linebackers are ordered state. They they play sort of like the way the Patriots defense used to play a lot Eric -- But where are we don't do should we borrow doubtless -- -- defense are probably the pages to really one place and that's in the backfield and at the line's been finding that linebackers have been great. I don't I don't see. You don't huge issues with this this defense well anywhere but in the quarterback perceived as well you had linebackers. The Brandon Spikes is trouble in coverage from the linebackers have trouble in coverage we'd better. They've been better suited if some of those guys helped out in coverage as well but Utah and -- -- series has go 49ers. -- all these players Alden Smith picks that are going down the list. -- you know play like the 49ers we have to have the talent to do so you match at the 49ers talent but he watch all the film of the 49ers they want to -- of talent. Right but I think sometimes the the corners and that they be on the patriot -- they are. Why LT I'm like your name as a -- Defense that in a lot eight at -- -- that record they're -- abstract really have been very important and they you know that. You know it was sort of a week abstract. That's one way does sort of -- those back there and I just I think they they need that at stronger and stronger pressure on the quarterback. Well no that's that's a that's a factor but again it is functionally American considered some data that Belichick does know better how to get it done as far as giving up fewer points and the other team with the talent the F. Available to him. Now would you like to have a -- Russians running their nuts with his arms -- in the -- -- -- people -- of course. But you know would that would that also changed. You know you -- work with the guys you have -- my point a couple of -- Notes here -- for you I know that ever wanted to spend Gary tuck his back once again as. Red Sox bullpen coach well and Tino Martinez will not be the red sex hitting coach is going to be the Marlins have been -- good I don't want Tito Martinez to be recession and coach. I don't want him because he played for the Yankees correct. Thank you increase for verifying that forming -- you know he'd go back to where he came from Seattle right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Mikey solar what went to the yankees' first. And then -- out of sight. Mikey Mikey so was Pittsburgh came here that went to the Yankees for Don Baylor -- -- Don Baylor came here the Red Sox should've won that World Series and Don Baylor was here. -- Baylor was a hero I like my keys I saw this guy like Heussler -- -- -- hit -- -- to -- back -- the nicest -- -- -- great -- -- He was he came over the job to -- trade than he did -- to Pittsburgh so that's that again he came here are not out of a Yankee uniform different thing at all different blog.

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