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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN, on the legacy of David Stern and the Celtics

Nov 8, 2012|

Jackie MacMullan makes her first weekly apperance of the season and discusses the Celtics slow start. She also talks about the legacy of David Stern.

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How much of that too is -- -- said that you know the guys like ray and guys like Paul and KG recognizing you taken a game to the next level saying you know what. Now this kid is ready you know maybe maybe not saying that early in your career. Well obviously I was notes when it's when when when when they first got here so I'm 26 announce my seven year in the league in. National lesser on the victory in -- being. At the start the season docks over us and you know it's over -- gave me the keys lashes so. As one -- -- TV grows as a player and as a leader on this team and be more consistent every day on and off the court. Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo last hour with us that'll be available very soon on demanded WE DI -- dot com for those who missed that my little 937 WE -- I lunchtime hour. We continue our Celtics conversation -- McMullen obvious -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy. LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible -- you'll join us every Thursday. Up throughout the course of the season and he first wrote about this. Obviously -- us a month ago Jackie and now -- wants -- getting on the same page version on Rondo grabbing a leadership this Boston Celtic team. Yeah and I think he's right I think that's been a work in target for a violent. I think there was some resistance last year. Partly from -- yeah I think you know rate. Didn't totally wasn't totally on board with that let down certainly KG has been for awhile and I think Paul really. This year in particular you can see yeah I mean it's time it's time -- -- their best player now the other guys are on the other side of the mountain as we say in it's it's time. You know there -- ago. But I'll still say. It's still comes down KG because the plus minus when he's off the floor is so. Radical earth certainly let last year and I'm sure -- gonna try to. Make it so that isn't the case this year but until further notice that if they can't win without Kevin Garnett on the floor. Yet early on out agreed to warn could get back to Rondo when when everybody talks what's the next level for -- easily do expect to see something different and and just in interest for game that are so blessed in -- post season and I would point out that in just jump shots alone is fourteen point six and jump shot -- It looks more confident. In that jump shot maybe than he has in the past you see that is that the next level for him. Well I mean at the small sample but you're right yeah he does look a lot more comfortable I thought we saw -- -- -- got some of that. The intellect -- mean the truth of the matter is when you're giving it up the shots for the Celtics. That's not a high -- and number where you know run it's gonna get scored score going to the basket. Drive to hold some time to get shots off offensive rebounds and things like that. But you know there weren't a lot of touch -- if you will for him to pull up and take that jump shot and it's hard when you shoot the three time of the game whatever it's hard to. You know really gather any kind of rhythm going even ray who you know that was one of his complaint that even with only six or seven -- -- -- couldn't get his rhythm going so. Maybe that's the departure in strategy now that they want to take a chat about with the -- and name when he took a couple of them doc. -- look like no all are right so that's a work in progress I'm sure. Is there any -- minutes in the veterans are concerned I looked down as you were shot on a leading the NBA minutes per game any concern in how much they're gonna have to play him it looks like that. And the early portion the year here -- Well I mean I think everything changes and Avery Bradley comes back and so I just don't take a lot of stock in what's going on right now. Because until Bradley comes back and and and and when I mean come back I mean for real so we're talking if he does come back earlier. You know so it's going to be not till January may -- in February that. He's where you wanted to be and I think that changes to get -- front -- so much. Whenever it really comes back you know I've been watching the game in. Brunt of the gamma and a little too much for my case but I think that's because when Bradley is out there he's able to do that. Don't rally comes back you'll be able to do it again but you know accordingly belongs as a player coming off the bench I think you'll be much more comfortable that -- and I think he'll do better -- that role. And that's -- I you know I look at Rondo. Until Bradley comes back I think we can even really talk that much about the Celtics and what they'll be like in April day. What about this backcourt because they last night kind of what you would expect whether B Courtney Lee. Jason Terry you'll Leandro Barbosa someone's gonna have that 1617. Point night. It Courtney Lee seems to be that one -- -- still trying to get into rhythm out typical visit. Political update of a bad first quarter -- since Jason -- -- you're you're done for the evening Nicholas accordingly. -- I think I think he's trying to look too hard and I think that's probably not the worst thing in the world I think he's China's. Fit and maybe he's trying to -- too little too much -- -- to over thinking. This new role at this great -- you know he's never really had an opportunity be in this situation. So while I'm in a reserve judgment hand you know. All these guys do if you look at Jeff Green 24 games in -- like two rebounds a game really you know I understand that he's coming back from a very very serious. Things so you gonna have to give Jeff Green from time. But you know twenty minutes a game I thought he played more but that may be -- just gonna ease him back in but to rebound against Jeff Green got to get more than two rebound game. Two rebounds in 21 minutes last night I think the guy for me that this whole bench is interesting. And green and Wilcox and particularly Wilcox at least three minutes and 41 seconds. And gives them a huge burst if he can give them anything what he gave them before he had his ailment he's a Little -- with Rondell. I just think it makes the team somewhat better jacket and more players that can run for -- on the break and get easy baskets they struggled to get those last year. Can make them tougher over 82 games. Well also Wilcox can can really do it can stay healthy and can play a significant role on the team that's how you cut down on KG minutes. Because you know with the weather -- -- he's -- gone from the team is that he would surrender. You know defending the pick and roll all unfortunate for the Celtics the other big so far this year are equally horrendous. Now it's early so they'll they'll be time but you know dark that bounced around a lot we're not sure what may have taken Condit is insure. You know he's he's -- got that they are expected to play a lot but -- Chris Wilcox if he can really do some damage for it. Not only did he allow you to with a big light up alongside Katie -- allowed to begin KG a blow without that you know precipitous drop off in rebound so -- back to meet key. And you know he had a bad back he's also coming off you know major surgeries so. We just got to be patient with some of these guys. I don't blog that depth I think they have some bodies there -- are starting lineups number. For -- start injured soldier we know reluctance maybe to play rookies would be seen from soldier so far it's only four games but. As far as ceiling goes what he can be. Well you like him because he just he's one of those guys in you know we've all seen them throughout NBA history ecology everywhere so I just are around the ball. They just have a knack for being there and and it after awhile it's not a coincidence there at the right place at the right time and that's kind of what I like about. Calendars so far and again you know decently better get you can't expect him to. You know change the Celtics rebounding was over -- he's too small for that but likely that he is that it is early yet and in Houston he'd get room to grow but. You know the whole thing about playing rookies like doc said to me. That's obviously an along criticism of his and he said look if they can play if they can help me I'd play and look -- played Rondo did not and he's right now he put Rondo as a rookie. So -- sellinger. These -- he won the confidence. Of the veterans that huge that huge. I'm Jack McMullen ESPN joining us obviously but it's so early I love Jalen Rose last night. Tweeting out that I am contractually obligated to talk about the lakers struggles offensively only after five games and only I agree. But the Princeton offense and a bunch of new players. I don't know why are you allowed to look at LA and say that Nick's gonna work that offense gonna work jacket with all those new players and that's system. While they would they get to China well the only one that doesn't really benefit from that Princeton opposite Steve Nash statistical counter to what he likes to do. You know with Dwight Howard Kobe Bryant if they do with the right way to get your mind you so much of Michael Jordan's resistance to the triangle when it was first and institute he just kept thinking how am I gonna get my shot coming and get that the that the stupid -- -- this isn't gonna work. And then what they made him realize after awhile. Would that really all it was was a two man game between him and Shaquille O'Neal disguise that something else. And I think if they give the Princeton offense the proper time. And the proper respect I think it works very well for the that personnel they have. Against these next you know lone exception but if -- the lakers have a lot more concerned about my defense. And again too early too early to make any you know sweeping judgment but its defense it's -- in the game from just the way that the Celtics you know if you wanna point to one thing. About the -- we can talk about the second shooting 45% containment. And I don't expect popular -- -- 235%. Earlier I don't expect KG to shoot 45%. On the season. But I do expect them to play very good defense and they are not so far and that's the same with the lakers. United it's too early -- we basically to say going in the -- when you looked at the Eastern Conference. But we -- it was aside it's of the Celtics currently they had ranked fifth and I kind of I I kind of laughed at that I thought that they were clear cut second and third worst. How do you look at the Eastern Conference as far as threats to the Miami Heat and the Celtics and that's spot. Well I still think it's it's those two -- and as you know honestly I think the reason -- may rank it that way is because. I think they're expecting -- to do what Popovich doesn't to rest his. Is that veterans and and sometimes directing them at the expense twenty games we got doctors that last year and a shortened seasons so it only stands to reason that he would do it. In a regular 82 seat -- game seasons so I think that's why people are. Perhaps projecting them there and I think that that is prevailing feeling throughout the league is that the Celtics get right and if they peak. Like they did last year it doesn't matter where they have home court or not. So you know the next. We we talk about if he can't make judgment after a few games I don't think there a an undefeated team our team that you know will land at the top Eastern Conference. I know some people may disagree with me I just don't like they're mixed. Interest in that once again they flirt with Amare Stoudemire on the sidelines so that that makes -- essentially. I think the pictures there watching -- holiday looks to me like he's ready to have a breakout year. But what happens and into -- a big question mark for them. And as people are criticizing them sorry for making that deal they had they. That they really did -- taken a chance at having a franchise center knowing the full injuries that if they didn't. They're just a middle of the road team and they want it more so good for them. What a Brooklyn man Edward they're better team but he buying into them. Well. Did they really don't look good either so far. And and it's some of the things it's gonna let them make you scratch your head a little bit they should be good are -- good at the Celtics I just don't think. I'll go back to the west because Celtic. Take care what they do. I think he'll be right they'll just like they were last year. I think so too and I also think and Lou has to calm me down a bunch of issues but on this one he's wrong I think the James hard moved to Houston. Is gonna open up so many things that Houston team and James Harden is as a superstar he's an all star and he's so talented and I just. I never realized it when he's playing in the Olympics this year playing the third wheel behind Westbrook and Iran. What he's able to do offensively another -- lot of money they gave up a lot. I love Daryl Morey going out and get neck I eyeballs a great trade for the rockets. Yeah it was a it was a bit of -- look at it -- -- but again. They wanna do something now and I think card and I agree with you I think -- front -- player I love all the talk about well he was the bench player he was playing against and people that nonsense. When you averaged thirty plus minutes -- game trust me you plan against the best players in the league at some point and and you know last time I checked. Most of the time and we're closing out games argument on the floor in the fourth quarter. And believe me he would played against LeBron. In the final last year. I didn't mind that he didn't shoot the ball well because if you go back and look at that the history Kobe Bryant Larry Bird Michael Jordan all the great. Have had poor shooting. Kyrie is in the NBA playoffs -- worried -- was his passing his passing with so atrocious but I just couldn't understand it. And that he -- have got that under control I think into the fun and interesting things. Pitch out on this we have a chance to speak with you Jackie since David Stern announced his retirement you've covered this league for a long time UC. -- David Stern for a long long time -- remember the way that he govern over this NBA during his tenure. Iron -- very very. Probably one of the most it's the one of the smartest men I've ever met in my life. And a very very tough minded stubborn man who you know it was his way or the highway it was it's always been that way. You know unprecedented growth obviously. During his tenure but I think if you ask him the legacy is most interested -- was the globalization of the game of basketball that was something that was very important to him. Something that he worked tirelessly towards and I think feels that he's got a good shape. You know he's. They eat it's going to be a long time before someone like David Stern -- blinded but I will tell you that I think Adam silver. A lot more user friendly and also a very very very Smart guy who'd been sort of they would Smart the way they've done it he's been sort of playing commissioner. For the last year and a half even though David Stern has the final say Adam silver has gotten very involved that really has the respective. Of the owners and the players and and that's a pretty good start. With stern tough to deal with -- someone working in the league. He could be. You know in the beginning. We had a wonderful relationship I'd like to think we've -- a good one now but there was a time when. I was writing up some things that he wasn't crazy about it he actually called me and said. I thought you're one of the good guys what's -- you you know he turned difficult now becomes difficult so he's damage to their hands on commissioner. And that will challenge you when I did the book on Larry and magic I get a lot of research going into it had a lot of questions prepared for him. And then ask the question did they do their research. A that I did that -- asking -- what you know he's not a guy that never made it easy on you. But it but in the end that they -- a lot about him for instance his stand with Magic Johnson been HIV positive. I didn't realize until I did that but how much pressure behind it seemed there was from owners players and sponsors. Cannot let Magic Johnson back into the NBA and the thing I love about David Stern is when he feels something is right. -- feel something is wrong he will not budge from their positions and I didn't realize how close he came to jeopardizing his own position as commissioner by taking that stance. Our Magic Johnson in the HIV I love the way -- stand behind the WNBA. Stubbornly some analysts say so that's the thing I love that about him what he does believe fervently about something he will follow it through to the -- Great stuff Jackie look -- to talk with you throughout the year on Thursdays it's -- one of the best parts of our week enjoy your weekend we'll talk to you next Thursday. I don't order a project Jack inequality SP and joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- With speeds of ten times faster three GT AT&T rethink possible. About hour from now exactly an hour now or thereabouts your chance to win. Celtics tickets for an upcoming game this season and -- gas gift card. On the locked in for that and and 92 sweet -- this during the cross or would the NC. Our pop -- poll question a staple of the Thursday in my -- program involves their show today and your opinions as a listener. On who's done a good job -- in trying to -- -- shoes that's ninety seconds from now.

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