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Recapping election night and looking at the Pats second half

Nov 7, 2012|

Mut and Merloni discuss election night in America and preview the second half of the Patriots season.

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Let's go around the room. -- to stay up watching and CNN. And all these other channels last night -- But 1130 who. -- that I made little. About the same about midnight was official. Or like you -- -- that's it was. So Elizabeth Warren streets outlaws let's go opera I didn't step that was a lot of it about our -- player -- -- -- something likes the heat not from germs and -- it was. You know that's the public hasn't had a lot of energy last night after that win. The people on the web cam got a better view that people listening on the just on the radio. News in this kind of like air traffic controller thing when you -- is that which was -- and to -- it was Cuba that a few and it was that a one hand. That's what I wanna know posed through it and it was one is -- and skip brown was good. Adjusting interest ignite and interest big day for the country's -- for and I says that feel pressure in my eyes less than about 1030 pages of -- -- doctor. That your uncle were not picky dale and -- assault of a diagnose you sort of -- four hours today. I see the way you create pressure I see the way that's the issue here GO though some of those read some of those commercials that come up some time Lou messes up from -- -- messes are you today LT medical initial question that's the problem. I'm screwed up I read see I don't like Tim Thomas with the cholera. Life figured out there and get a step further right and of ago you -- kitten recreational use a except. -- the people that you said mr. -- she believed their people in Colorado downtown boulder today. Where they are usually are all. Letter it. Absolutely you think -- Colorado all the -- becomes a spring break destination in college kids. What are you guys wanna go how about public the skis those rocky -- Washington. But the ski slopes of Colorado. Out there in Colorado Springs and yeah slopes with a for a weekend. When everyone will be give a lot of people I know organ music like home on the sun athletic -- Massachusetts that dvd in Major League Baseball. It's a matter all is Mike Allen is out there right now the right how early is a doctoral open Mike he's in line right now is right realistic in Ryder current line right now ready to go. He's gonna -- the medical -- historic Colorado they've I like you -- to show breaking now -- -- obviously needs help around the house I just -- out a scenario -- -- -- Man -- -- -- bunker cleaned itself. It's underground by gets old -- there. -- night for the country in a bearded sting day here for us a lot to talk about. -- enhanced enjoyment for couple hours without the -- stalker our guy from you know ex NFL radio is on NBC sports gets a midseason -- to him. And then Tommy current in the 1 o'clock hour after Belichick and Brady's beat down there. At Gillette Stadium army. Expenditure you have high expectations the patriots -- the second half as they begin against the willful. Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Yeah because it's going to be game you know it. You know we we don't do what. And glad that we don't do because of -- it is ridiculous you know outlook and a schedule before the year team ball and win win win dumbest thing its portrayal of the year would argue that while the fourteen right depends and with a couple losses they've had right now you're leaning towards more eleven at -- with. How about we go into week fully felt with the Buffalo Bills to. And compared to what you feel now about the Buffalo Bills to our listeners a week or ready to one other 21 you -- in through. They've lost Arizona you've lost the tough game of Baltimore very uncharacteristic of patriot like and an eagle -- below their doors often Buffalo Bills the Buffalo Bills. He can't look at the schedule last year when the schedule came before last season when -- -- came in Saudi Indianapolis Colts on. -- a year ago Peyton Manning again. That's going to be a tough game as it turned out it was a cakewalk through the worst team in football team looked edit before the season started -- colts November 18. Another one that's another W. I still think they win but not as easy as it looked right two months ago. The league changes so quickly. It changes from week to week and that's why as its so dumb to look at the beginning of the year and say -- you can guess I guess a record fine what's it going to be in this area okay. But to go through a pick and choose through those games. Like the Seattle Seahawks at present a real problem Q was it patriots -- at Seattle I'd like everybody circled that -- early on. Or does Pete Carroll said Russell Wilson has mapped -- a banged up the start up -- -- -- -- a little too much ground hog I've well been there and give myself too much credit 'cause I did. At Seattle. A team okay I it's yeah I the Seahawks in the playoffs. I thought they would make the playoffs before the season started and we'll get those took a look at our regular season predictions are pre season prediction we have to well we are now after a but pre season hype up the Seahawks -- -- -- that -- very good defense. And they're very difficult at all at Seattle no question about that was at Gillette. I have a different opinion. Before the season starts look at it that's a tough game which is up there. I just think when you looked at that scheduled start was one of the games were OK maybe you wanna make that case -- you know Russell Wilson -- -- and ended defense while we bedecked land. Be honest with you I was that -- Matt Flynn would be that good. You know they made the switch to Russell Wilson. A member of the offseason Matt Flynn which -- golf academy and that's going to be. This is the quarterbacking go to Miami that that street Seattle and that demonstrating go to this team and that team he goes to Seattle we -- a perfect fit he's got a -- running game. He had -- quarterback that situation with the defense. And as it turns out it's not even him Russell Wilson. So. We have a team I expect them to be -- I expect. As patriots QB pretty good here in the second half I expect them to. Win this division fairly easily expect them to make some seven wants -- run in the post season. I'm not sure I expect them to go -- now. In the second half. Actors as it is a stretch of games there. We talk about the dolphins. And Houston and San Francisco. That it it it's asking a lot to win. All three of those games are called adult in game on the road this is different to me than the beginning of the year trying to pick through what the schedules that we have a better sense now. On the middle of November really the middle of the season what these teams look like and yes I know there are home we all said that the beginning. But the -- Cali Houston and San Francisco. Change all of that when you watch those two teams play think about how the injuries affected the patriots this year the guys who missed time Mankins. Hernandez. And the second half of the year you're gonna go up against Houston separate -- back to back. From what a Monday night into Sunday. That's gonna be tough this patriots team. Topic got an expectation they're gonna go eight nope I expect them in the second half year from a record -- point 167 games and win the the division pretty easily. And be one of the top two potentially 3 seeds in the eastern in the AFC. That a fair expectation the second half. Yeah we did a poll the other day you know how many wins with a. Team have five or less except entering and given how it turned out my guess is -- probably seven. Com it's a sixth you know and he looked at Houston tapering it there's the thing -- is targeted to. You know you've got the Houston Texans December 10 -- in -- long way away though yeah -- a long way away but it's December 10. You know and how -- will be. But sticky don't team in the spring of the -- -- we've seen this before match -- is not Peyton Manning of course this is not the Patriots defense that we're accustomed to. Yeah I think that they are extremely balanced team. Injuries. You know Andre Johnson and and he's he's the backs who played pretty way I've got to whipped. Match job that was the downfall last year -- stay healthy we'll see the niners again coming. All the way east. Being in Foxborough on December 16. So you start to get through -- -- at the dolphins in December 30 tonight started look at some warm weather teams some don't don't teams. Coming into Foxboro in December. You know -- still I don't expect in the going know they have the last two years. The last two years they have and actually was 2009. If our resident Harold they're for reform that was a fourth and two the second -- are -- for the two game and things got a got out of whack a little bit but. I don't see in Bologna. Eight no last year. Because now the they played good teams and if you Nixon affected there were bad teams or just below average teams with. Quarterbacks that you need to be starting haven't Barrett's daughters in NFL that usually spells it now and now the -- case here this year. They've done the gate no thing not just the last two years when you look at the Brady seasons -- Belichick. And Jeff allergy said as a great job today looking at this and a as the twelfth season Belichick is vineyards in the second half of what they've done. -- just caught counting the Brady seasons here I didn't realize it was this good. 48 knows. -- seven ones. When you look at the Brady Belichick second half combination that is 60%. Of the season you had -- -- -- check. You have gone eight no four times seven and won two other times. In the second after the patriots and that is a ridiculous. Second half record. When you look at it when you look at today I pick up castle year picking up they -- 2000. Belichick said he pretty good second half run 66 in eleven. In second half the past nine seasons 76 and twenty overall. During Belichick's tenure they get better in the second apple narrow it down to just the Brady -- you take out 2000 take up Mac -- -- nose to seven ones it and yet even eighteen makes even more ludicrous. When he's voted the second most already coach of the year because the speaks to quite frankly. Have your team ready to play in the second half that old thing that he always says Thanksgiving this season really starts all the record would indicate that they bought into that. The record would indicate they do play better in the second half they got a break -- -- because the schedule. But don't for eight nose in Q seven a ones tell you more than just hit a -- to bad teams one year in the second half the benefit from last year but. I have a hard time getting over that. Mean if I'm look at the patriots I'm projecting out what they'll do here in the second half -- I see those numbers. Pretty confident about my team. Minister of the discussion race is not a good coach is to stupid because she is she's one of the best coaches of all time. In the other thing too is this 2007. The only time I think -- Tom Brady's error here even Belichick who had gone undefeated division. You know they've always cough one up there and when you look at the schedule. You know you look at what's jumps out to -- December 2 in Miami. Now you've got the Thanksgiving game against the jets it's with a -- national breather because in a short week you play the New York Jets. Yet whatever -- the shock -- -- and then you've got the extra time to get ready for the dolphins on the road. Has it been 51 the last couple of years I guess that 2007 Tony they went undefeated of course they did corporal regular season. I look at one of those dolphins games as a potential slept I think they're a better team but the open always do that patriots -- -- just. Coughed one up -- buffalo that -- last year just to sort of see it don't share. I don't know if they go undefeated so with that I think I think they go six and two I think is the dolphins are one of the San -- -- and I did beat the dolphin -- finest are gonna win the division. Not I'm not so sure it's gonna get a buy out the Q well. Because if that happens -- -- eleven at five team. I'm not worried about that either be perfectly honest. I. I'm more concerned about that Monday Sunday Houston San Francisco their -- at home with their -- such physical teams. -- patty she -- patriots have had issues with a couple of major injuries this year and -- gonna suffer injuries. Don't they come when you played physical teams in a short turnaround time you open mobile Monday night to Sunday against your team's gonna hit the hell out. In Houston come first -- -- Sampras -- after that. I -- -- I lose one of those games and I leaned towards the -- for Cisco game. I did beat the dolphins twice ideal I think it's one loss at its Houston San Francisco somewhere in there now will that be good enough it's well. They told -- -- the Denver Broncos who have become a major story in the AFC you'll talk to Ross talk about that at noon. So he got a little little leeway here to lose a game in the second half and still via two seed probably behind Houston. If there is that slip up and it was a couple of games to three games and that's scheduled and perhaps will. All through here other than any slip a minute I with the right now yeah because they beat him they have delete. Mean at that -- -- that advantage Alec you you're six and two in their five and three and you're like okay we know we have one game we actually two games on them. Now that they're tied right now and you -- every look at Denver. A better -- the patriots I think. I think in any they'll have a better records out see them losing him it was one more game. It's gonna let go to schedule because that's the one time here we can actually look at it and it's a potential now where you're not a top DC at -- sure went to the year. They were a lock for top two seed and a bye week in the AFC. It's not a -- it was to begin the season. We get your thoughts on the second at the expectation the patriots in the second at 61777979837. Of your phone number 617. 77979837. We start patriots second app would you keep it here.

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