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Troy Brown, former Patriots WR, on new DB Aqib Talib and the bye week

Nov 5, 2012|

Troy Brown joins Mut and Lou to talk about the bye week and what the Patriots need to focus on this week in practice in preparation for Buffalo. Troy gives some suggestions for the defense and what he'd like to see them do with McCourty and the new DB Talib on sunday.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI 6177797937. Ernie text number is 379. B 37. Text -- for New Hampshire said with the Patriots defense almost any quarterback can look good go pats -- mice that take. Lose answer when asked about taking the pats fan out of it was was patriot fan based on -- saying in a playoff game your fan of a team. And you look -- field and that's the quarterback race neither one of the guys that it's scary. In the games that mean the most now pretty quiet and standing up that and again you're not a -- got patriots for years to general NFL fan for second. And it's not the Patriots defense it's any defense when there is green Bay's defense the -- last year or so every Cisco's defense. Or green Bay's defense 34 years prior. And -- on that was two guys that would scary in a big spot. That's -- advocates about every guy in the league just the 34 guys we talked about here today at least for me. And you can't. And that's why are gonna top five. X. -- right there for us. But I don't embargo against. Our guys let's get anymore. Walker is they always talk a lot about a Miami Indianapolis early part of the show only -- a little bit I'll buffalo gold back a look at that game what then it's gonna face the patriots next. Buffalo with. Ryan Fitzpatrick. We -- he's not anywhere near this league quarterback conversation. 125 at 38 to 39 no touchdowns yesterday. And the CJ Spiller Fred Jackson combination and try to get that -- -- one. -- against Houston never could you know Spiller six carried 39 yards -- Jackson six carries for 21 yards. As a guy that beginning of the year -- it's guarantees that the gonna get him back and the -- Spiller played -- that conversation. They combined for twelve carries and X 61. Yards yesterday. I don't Houston is good but they're getting a lot more than that that's an XT you face your schedule. -- toward brown public talked him in studio joins on the phone today patriots -- we patriots Monday Troy how Oreo. A lot of football today. Before and I'll ask you the question is we talked about this a lot last year is Eli Manning elite quarterback drew brown. Of course. At the director. -- -- -- the same a million other newly released court but I can explicitly. There is the apple formatting it would blow again. Beating Tom Brady and and and ultimately going into Belichick and those. -- case and they didn't want all political went through in a row and they haven't figured out -- you. Slowly I'm paying them an Internet in Poland and in my opinion evenly court. And then -- -- -- people goaltenders -- -- forward and and yet that the tax credit where credit is -- and have personalities get something done that. -- -- -- but he continued to winking. Is -- as good as Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady and Drew Brees. -- -- They're a -- size it is he is good is Aaron Rodgers. Or Tom Brady. Are you -- -- put him in that category I mean I know he doesn't think sometimes that a little unorthodox. -- is not this movie the Tom Brady yarder in the rocky movies back there and and let people on both agree sometimes but. -- the -- exactly what do we that. You know that you can -- -- back to your game that you can't take game. At and you guys epidemic critical thing and he went out there and separate does go in and follow him and he considered that a distraught at -- -- meet the good quarterback and then I thought they have looked at the go out of the net you know that you can't debate and yet it. Troy Brown right again here on the show in terms of the patriots on Friday Troy. Your thoughts so when you heard about the acquisition of Aqib Talib. For a fourth round pick heading into this weekend. Well look at the situation -- -- an -- myself Leo. This month -- patriots and that we ever real quiet at the cornerback position. -- -- to go out and acquire a guy you know and I'm not trying to literally against a guy or that but. You know yeah as a bit of our apps you know and and everybody the opportunity and well and it -- you -- this sort -- get pregnant. Although thank goodness and it just says that you know look we we need to know that it is in the midst of the gathering. We at the Tokyo. Only wanted out of -- -- the epic might it play. -- Britain and America that didn't actually you know -- And hope for the sake that he's able to go now for the entire season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ultimately conclude this equipment and -- medium that -- speak directly to the opt out somebody deep well. Again -- -- that -- listen. Just this -- Yes she tried it and I look at I know is that some troubles as dumped out of bottoming open -- and look back at the history at this guy's head off the field but. You're talking about seven games and I mean. I've always felt like you bring troubled players in right that passed on to feel better issues -- there -- -- locker clubhouse whatever it might be. And you don't really see them until maybe -- comfortable in their surroundings are comfortable with their players in -- year two maybe year three for some but for seven games. I mean you've got to be a complete idiot the coming year they won and start chair -- and start showing some of the proms maybe had in the past the doing some stupor off the field and just. A couple of months. That's why don't think it's a big risk that's that's why I think it worked out. I don't know I don't know the guy on the way from humble background. But I do know what you companies are out sometimes you at the -- to do so they'll. As being that soft and you and mr. Clinton about this -- It is -- to what I'm saying and that's displayed. People are raised up this around ineptitude at and I don't I don't I don't know -- on the way -- -- -- That much about it that other stuff so it is crib when an old I don't know what about the opportunity to her about about it and they're there. Lot of the things that he's younger I would outlook but it again at some neat things were serious it serious charges against. You know and and the epic and the Cuban I don't know it and other thing there and the public knew about it is that that. There Roddick can also gone and that they're really -- Suton in those guys that maybe she can -- or two then. You know flat rate while he's here old government and they're not only an ultimate settled. In the -- -- and I'm -- -- the -- big gap than there. Like internally and I'm like he kind of explode into it I know it then there's -- -- in orbit. Orchestrated Nokia and there's no lose weight you know it's our our -- -- -- that somebody to. That I -- will -- -- That and keep them -- Out of trouble for the -- weeks that he needs to be here and possibly into the future. The C and I asked a couple of players this double Patrick -- Logan Mankins try to get an answer Troy. You know what. In York Ara this patriots team did one of those guys you just talked about did they go up and talk to -- our players and that's -- -- You know you guys brought your teams brought in players of the issues did those guys get. Some sort of sit down conversation. On those veterans you mentioned say hey this is how we do things here. And I have to say this doesn't know a lot of Corey -- stuff. A lot of that -- lose a lot younger a lot of animosity stuck with a lot of stuff in with a lot younger you know what I do they yeah probably. I'm telling you written. It Kevin fox personality -- wouldn't be the leader that Rupert -- A company Corey Dylan helped calm down a situation that went along. You know at the -- restrict Tibetan everybody respected Kevin. So. Randy ball he's there at a stick in and and and Nokia and talk and rhetoric arsenal or -- and so important thing you know but. Has to have like bet that this is that the personnel would not even looked at any banking moment that type of thing. Oh you don't like what you see more in certain situations where you not a military toward him. -- -- now in the locker room out that would take towards him and apparently going personalities picnic on a guitar grip in joking can I keep saying you can get they went out they went out. As the gluten and they would go on in Auckland and might start paying. There -- kind of a he's a guy like it's nothing meet some of it like that around that he didn't look up to. An armed albums were -- not equal to look at a team with them being so young age and inexperience and certain things. That he won't come up at that mid Atlantic and that don't we give it a spiritual. Yet that's one of the concerns too and I know I guess that the -- disorder -- walk and accused example of a guy you know third year -- in but. You know that last year even I don't -- think that was -- that Harrison and Vrabel -- Bruschi were all gone you know did things start to turn -- and in the past great players no big deal and and since this. Since those guys -- -- not an issue that Randy in 2000 intent. You know get Ochocinco can't find his way that may be it's on the -- just him on stating a playbook -- worth last about three or four weeks and I get it right with this kid. -- what exactly and typical took cycle he never really had anything serious that -- my -- could be something. Domestic violence is kind of related if you're. Not a question mark with young and under any situation that allows the -- on the middle of the company doing. And the other domestic and get them in the got thrown out. I want to -- here. You look at so that you -- things in the locker room that are Randy started to me. Go for bed in the locker room and epic it was Paul is lucky. And intimate have been home for Argentina you can you know didn't buy it teammate. -- -- -- on the heels while oldest excuse -- expo where. You know Olympic track and missed the entire team chemistry and and have guys. You could get each other and that's not what you need in the locker -- -- and hopefully he'd outgrown that part of you know it is not immaturity. But we see. Agitated OP -- can answer certain weeks. And weeks without. It is in serious trouble and put him on a personal mobile me on that corner. And he's gotten so big now and and not gone on an episode but it could be done in the first either and you purposely -- thing I don't think -- and a little bit of life. Yeah and it lets off on the field that no I've you've talked a lot about it I lost talk blog about that press corner Vatican actually covered not a that's been a special teams too. But a guy that can actually cover. I -- is this secondary best with he and accordion corner in a healthy Gregory in China its safety would you like accordion city's. I like the move with court don't get sleepy. I don't think according art so long. Whatever reason this year on him -- an -- hold the post -- that accused the other in the you weren't. -- -- that you are not an artist somebody. Were more corner and an -- -- one of them in the end physically we believe in the -- it. That -- that he locking down and well in practice. And didn't go that round and prompted him to be shipped out -- to which it. I mean. I don't know I've -- -- that -- leaving him -- corner and haven't been -- intimate moment aren't they didn't and playing a lot. We compete on the outside and others that have no public corner and having Martin with the speed of court. In Japan really regret it in and not worry about it -- beat. It. A past that it recorded a remote operative code to -- -- you look at one quarter it. He appeared to protect the can -- -- -- the court. You know. Com don't they greatly at this beat. That negated. Thank you may mutate model we'll been working more because on -- and it is. And that it the that you'd -- think they look you in the mix. Or a bit -- a position to. And like a little so long. Chordiant and I will -- the operative position. Degraded they do it. Her last one for made that I -- you tell Lou and Greg Bedard less than a comp cast that the Denver Broncos are trending toward the best team. The city they they are a team. That it was a broken record right now. They don't track student and I am I -- like now pregnant and getting better. Every single week. You've been playing lights out and -- court every week -- -- government been in almost every football game. We've given them -- who may have knocked out of the game. At the end of every independent so that there on the right track. To possibly be in. If not beat that team one of the best right now ought to have knew and when that number two -- -- number one. And to root for you but it was cold and it past like him better and better every week. When you look at their schedule and Amanda and other in Baltimore I think in December 16 -- They that they they can absolutely run this table I don't think there's any question about it and NBA competition for that by. But -- -- -- defense can really step up is that to me in the concern as his hatred. That it has said -- pretty weakened and has a lot like the patriot defense. They have a couple playmaker back -- to get the respect Champ Bailey on the -- is what he's used to -- budget the respecting. Will be able to make political football. Our home. -- you -- to look at what he thought this football team in the fourth quarter how much you are than entire team and that entire spitting them and has -- they're hole. And like the plate just come the last that would mean that don't -- let me -- in the complex. That that that is part to play better and -- with a stop giving the ball back. And where you can got to make some more so it -- -- -- what he competent football team it is kinda. It's one and there will be composed out of football and and that is that yeah along. On at that it again on the -- is a better team and this technically remain to be intended and the team at the patriots. I think it and -- to a -- where a -- and department gonna beat -- brilliant signal -- -- in January that's sort we're going to be it depends on how well the -- knew that only look at it and how well. The black holes do it and put it that it is very important to win. I meet that second that that second team and now they have it beat number two -- at -- can be very important for. -- great stuff enjoy the by how we can report talking after patriots and bills -- money. It's a guy Troy Brown towards ever see the patriots Monday seem like -- saw last night Louise on. On the Comcast Wednesday show they do -- Wednesday press a press conference live -- -- Wednesday and old back rejoined studio with the Detroit next week buffalo. Next up on the schedule for your patriots 6177797937. Month low keep it here.

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