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NFL Sunday on the Acquisition of Aqib Talib and It's Implications for the Second Half of the Season

Nov 4, 2012|

The NFL Sunday gang (minus Faulk) talk about the Pats trade for Aqib Talib and if he can help finally solidify their secondary. There is no doubt he comes with some baggage, but is it worth it for what is essentially a rental for half of the year?

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-- coach Belichick has been doing everything he possibly could to fix that secondary move in their best cornerback in -- according to play safety so you have to think about what that does now with the dynamic you bring in another corner. So isn't according there to stay or do you bump him back to corner have -- to leave and according there -- a combination he has more options to really shore up that secondary. Former patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi here on NFL Sunday presented by -- natural casing ranks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. Look for the -- box that your favorite -- KM. Celebrate something are we were talking before the break about you know the self scouting week the bye week for the patriots coaches. And taking the opportunity to look at what works what doesn't work you know. What changes that we need to make Q what do we need those things. And I think that the trade that they made this past week right at the trading deadline with -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Probably is an indication of one of the things they were discussing in those meetings. As he has been want to do in the past. Bill -- attack took a chance. And gave up a fourth round pick foray out there. Is it too harsh to say troubled. Cornerback Aqib Ali he's had his issues he comes as a drag you to prevail in fact I'd be willing to say. That'll all of the the the troubled characters that Belichick has acquired over the years this one might have the longest rap sheet. Aqib Talib I mean think about Corey Dylan and Randy Moss and Chad Ochocinco to a lesser degree and Albert -- worth. This guy's rap sheet might be longer and and more varied in India. Yet there's a whole series of events that he's. It did take a reusable first of all you didn't it is perfect bunker -- -- -- -- serve because it was all the fist -- the refuse to vote. It's just it's still have a definite the rookie symposium where they're gonna tell you what to do what not to it was rookies in the NFL and he's punch and some guy out if he's. There was number one incident where he's worn a helmet and a fellow player he was suspended in 2009 for an incident involving. The alleged beating the cab driver. In in 2011 policing Garland Texas issued a felony warrant for his arrest for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after accusing him. A fire -- gun at his sister's boyfriend. And so like -- said he does -- this is a guy who comes with baggage become for the past. What I would say it is. In event that you were contemplating marriage with this country. You know -- from a team perspective yes -- it's -- what you walk. I mean from a team perspective while you and -- future adding this guy into your family met while. Context so all these issues were mentioning all -- and offseason. You're not don't -- at all not all the call that hitting the teammate ahead with the help Danica Patrick Sampras. And what point is all those things that you have issues guy you probably would Wayne if you were trying to sign into -- secure big. In the event now you're only deal with from November to low and gently used in the last year and that's the that's the thing I think that -- this be a low relatively low risk contract for the patriots he's in the final year of fighting for your deal. And he is fundamentally in my eyes really a rental player. Exactly you're looking at a guy in nine weeks and like you and you sit him down and say look you can -- North Korea around it has worked here before I was used the phrase if you get that patriots Cologne on you you start to smell awful good the rest of the league in the rest leaks as well you know knowing -- -- chips on the lead to something there. Rice and I think all the things that would come minister for some issues should be concerned about your document in these next three months route realistically soaked track specifically. But what I would wonder is you know -- he blows now a mystery. Was ripped through months and how does that translate. Does that translate to a big deal over what terms are trampling of the contract language that so restrictive that event that you do -- sort applicable. Kellen Winslow thing like you rent a bike. In this instance you have one -- -- -- those things pointed to be one of those kind of scaled up front money where it's not a big as a fifteen million dollar signing bonus it's it's four years before you know what do they do the same thing to do the Randy Moss. After that it was after the 2007 season with the -- a big contract but it wasn't it it was -- huge contract -- -- medal he gets here he gets into the system that you learn the culture. He develops any sense of accountability both on and off the field. And again this a perfect situation for the patriots because he is I get at the end of that contract. And he is playing for his next big deal. Right now he has a chance to show that he can still play that you know the heat of youth. Important member of from the league football team I I'm down with them I think. Don't know why you're the part that this may surprise. I'm actually heartened by because it shows me the Bill Belichick understands the same things my line and I have told me. Which is that too many guys are beaten deep on my secondary and I need some help back I think it's it's a little deeper -- map -- There are also have so much youth. The leash now -- I was coming here and dominant that -- the fourth year player -- -- yes Communist Genesis like and nine protector guy that come into better stability Brian Dawkins dirty like that. What has gone there done that I think you're more cute. Even or in the -- -- in these next two to three weeks to also -- -- -- I mean who were they gonna allow their use this next week mark -- preschool we saw an apparent that we don't know to what extent but yet next year for the burgeoning role in this defense is well pretty decent. Energy or the guy -- do you -- pretty pretty now do you think he's got some some potentially -- But beyond that you release have been through the -- -- you guys up the -- rookie relief immunity democracy not a rookie but he's a rookie safety and you know and in Denver to rookie and and -- and his rookie. They're soul -- as for experience. That it might just be a steady force of summer it's been there done that has marches. Hire talent level lab -- he's the best quarterback on this team and he hasn't played game I don't know about that hi all I do I knew I will say this he is Barbara that he brings a different look in and we we saw a little bit he's he's he's more physical he's a bigger guy. Going back and watching him on tape over the course this last week. Seeing him compete he's he's he's a bigger guy he's a little bit pain in a lot of personal witness but he's -- you're built like -- I -- As opposed to you know -- areas you know I mean he's bigger more physical guy he's a longer guy and -- think he gives them a different look -- -- in the -- recent years I think that's important -- because it may be an indication of an -- deal I've gone over this with the masses offered an American for these last several weeks might be an indication of the -- -- -- wanna play. As much as that we need a better player it's that they were little -- in the situation. This is a defense the cobra better world where -- out some vulnerabilities. We don't have that kind of big yeah I think a lot of the cover -- -- they play coverage you need disruption in the front part of the secondary. And yet so maybe this guy is somebody can often physically challenged receivers we slow assortment charge into the into the sixties to maybe it's like okay. Again we also have acknowledged that the reason the -- available beyond -- beyond just the off field -- are no limits regrets her box is a starting quarterback in the NFL the Tampa Bay is willing to get -- Archie -- -- -- -- ago young guy from -- -- candidates -- an expert on some of -- full disclosure I have not -- singled to lead tape -- -- -- ruling did you have a -- way and based on the fuel -- BO stuff but. He got -- to -- bad game -- gave up -- and catches almost does and -- -- Manningham industrial yet. So the point is don't don't expect that we just now on bottom -- probable quarter haven't gotten Deion Sanders says that cover corner battle you have a guy with the skill set that might help the kind of covers -- -- -- in the kind of body -- -- don't have to run the kind of coverage I think about it I think that the two things first of Paula and I think that's. They overpaid formal little bit for a guy -- probably going to be available BB toward the end of the year right this is a guy who clearly did not fit in Tampa with the new head coach your problem no crest. And have it. They didn't have a fifth again of undercutting it but did this guy I put it that this is what they had to give this guy they could go. -- then that's -- -- now that's the difference that I now is the season that's gonna help them get through the seller's market as opposed to a buyer's market for -- and the other thing too I wonder how much of the struggles I don't wanna go back and see more of him I wonder how much of the struggles he had this year the result of being -- a quote -- new system. With the new head coach. And whether or not he was just not a good fit for what they wanted to do with him -- yet. It would be interesting to see is well because you know Tampa I don't know and -- -- -- -- -- -- here but it always is historically been more zone covers team but that's -- -- -- -- -- that the patriots have gone out these last several weeks. They've they've tried to integrate and -- it's a single safety softened up the number pretty badly and sort of moved away from it probably took the glued to the cause it's it's been good for the -- was last week it's ramps. If they want to migrate back toward that this is probably the one body type that might be able to match amendment means a little better. -- -- -- -- CEO of it but I would like I Beatrice -- How not not. Who plays better how many yards -- nothing but what sort of Harvard mixed we now see with this particular different -- in -- that will be that will be. His talent is not just. They give up Lester arts they went in the situation. What was sort of your overall thought behind this house. Pot let's talk -- -- -- we're talking a little bit about the acquisition of Aqib Talib by the patriots this week not just to be clear for everybody okay. He's under suspension right now from the NFL he's got one more -- matter. Yet he's got one more Jeanne Meserve in it it is a four game suspend I don't know I think people weeks' suspension means. He can't play next week either can even set foot Mississippi. With the disappearance of -- weird you've acquired this guy in any literally can't coming your door them now at midnight next Sunday night he could technically walked through the door and soon as you hit you know 1201 he can walk -- -- He is still under suspension. We've talked about his his rather checkered past he's had some issues in the past and it has almost become cliche around here to say well patriots locker room can handle. -- in the old days it was -- worry Willie McGinest and Tedy Bruschi and those guys they can handle a guy like this. On now I guess were saying Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo and other guys. But what's the logistics what's it actually like if you got a quote on quote troublemaker. During your in your locker room. Well you mentioned. Pouring Dylan and you know I I didn't know some of the field or off the field issues -- -- when he came -- and I think it's something that I better you don't have to be honest I mean you're. Heroic kind of meant to just sort of integrate these guys in your locker -- -- commend your story doesn't matter in the dead -- -- in the -- your -- we will be -- just play football -- I don't like cats and FF -- a -- whatever your situation maybe you know I think the more as a player -- -- organizations have a -- just a -- discolored or not it's -- reliable and dozens -- counts -- doesn't responsibility -- -- studies just Sorgi doesn't want -- just as -- -- -- -- patriots locker room with a guy who was acting like injure. Yes and how did the team respond. -- it was a bad year what did you guys do. The bad year call -- privately -- the below our -- -- with there was one non player -- an -- for the players and anti theft at a there was. Defense of player that was the one your god it was just in now one year when you're through to make the playoffs and he would. It he would rest in with him the tackling dummies the other in the field while off with the wind starts was doing Starks don't that it is not -- -- Bullets you know just sort of viewed your wasn't going while we -- -- sort of grind and we would equal rest says if you was not in doing as much as the rest of -- and you see that's the lower Emanuel. Well Weaver Leo weightlifting session there's other ways -- sort of manifest year year your give -- level. When that. Matters its head as opposed to what you're doing off the field I think that's reporters take offense is there a situation where. You could have a guy like that in your locker room and give him a little bit more leeway if he showed. Talent on the field. Now if you was kind of you know act like a jerk and I bet -- what in your mind you're saying I should say no it doesn't matter but have not annoyed does -- -- mean if if this if this guy was lightened it up every Sunday that this guy -- mostly between -- tackling -- If this guy with lighten it up every Sunday would you guess it you know you but you know -- gets it done. I haven't added fuel to be honest with you I think usually. Because you can see these guys and extend the amount of time if they're that kind of guy probably come to a head in the training camp and offseason. Given your position enough time they see what we see I mean -- like. They can be one person from the players and another person from the coach here you understand -- if a locker -- team is like this sort of commune and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you're purely -- live to each other and you really are all after one goal for a -- intense five or six months of the -- in hiding you know if you're if you're not into it you are we our our yards gonna come out there's no way to be one guy different coach Belichick and the guys from block from god won't find. And so it to be -- ago I had another or are known names -- -- jump out of my head that you know what he was one of those guys that we don't want to play while I -- -- -- that person would be. Now the question also becomes the relationship between Bill Belichick and Greg -- on now reportedly they have a very close relationship their friends and back. If you believe media reports out of Tampa Bill Belichick might be the only friend Greg Ghana has in the coaching community in the NFL. And part of that goes back to the fact that she -- was the head coach at Rutgers bill Belichick's son played lacrosse at -- he spent a lot of time down there there was a lot of interaction back and forth. Probably what -- according is a member of the patriots is because the relationship he had with with Greg cheat on you would assume. That a guy like she Donald would have to be truthful when he's talking to Bill Belichick and normally if you've just got to GM coaches you know discussing a trade. Mike global -- are not actually be a pure play his heart out for. If you're Greg Seattle when you don't think that's the truth you probably are are obligated because of your relationship to -- but I'll be honest with. Republican game out here. But. I've seen your team play he still battered which -- he cultivate those released. -- and when I Seidman Bill Belichick in its not just those we always talk about the Belichick coaching tree with you know Charlie in the -- the rest government job action. But he goes out of his way too cozy up to guys like Urban Meyer is -- time when there were mired you know guys like Greg -- -- guys who work. Not -- early part of his coaching tree but but people he wants to halt to kind of bounce things off of in this this Richard this is one of those situations. Where that relationship has now extended to the next level and I think there's. It was not just recorded -- you know guys like you know lower level guys like Alex Sylvester into 100 -- other bunkers guys have been in this program. Over the last couple years who have come right out of fuel systems so I think that there is. A level of trust there between Belichick and she -- -- where. You know it might be a situation like you say dale where shells like look you know we're getting -- -- this guy we've seen Unita quarterback. Let's talk about a -- yeah and I think I think it's it's important to note that. When bills try to make this decision. As much as the off the field stuff because he's not having this conversation was she on all of sure by Simon for five years what can expect in that environment. He wants and presumably the answer might be a lot different where exactly it's an entirely different conversation and what can the -- due for me in three months time on a rental situation as Chris mentioned. I think that's important because you're shouting you're a certain degree of of import on that but you know what apart the bill's most. I'm concerned with his which was apartheid because that's only part of your begin -- need to worry about the next remark and I think it's important to note that because. Well ought to be honest the -- 314. This. Reportedly was one of the best guys in their secondary and there and they're in the heat there -- and racer and in the NFC route south -- and it. You know. He's about to come off suspension you would think that would be big possibly something that they -- one and apparently they don't want -- for on the field off the field but for on the field reasons procedure because Tampa could walk away from of the -- as well. So there's obviously some on the field vulnerabilities as well -- that are much more important whether or not you know how much discussed gonna help or not. The -- we need to look into so normalcy where is that on the fuel and -- that'll be sort of determination goal for. We won't -- to find out until after buffalo -- name because he still suspended for one more game and a week from tomorrow is when he can technically officially. Set foot in the patriots facility it's one of those weird situations where you've trained for. You know presumably you'd want him to get together with the equipment guys at this point hey let's get to Helmut let's get chipped it -- -- do any era he can't do any of it until a week from tomorrow. When technically his suspension will be.

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