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D&C on the Pats' rare, and risky, deadline deal

Nov 2, 2012|

Mike Adams is back in the flash booth as John and Gerry go into the Patriots trading for beleaguered Tampa Bay cornerback Aqib Talib. The Patriots have had success with trading fourth rounders for troubled players in the past. Will Talib succeed as well?

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Finally and at last coach Bill Belichick. Has gotten around to Dixon what's broken and what I heard about the trade with Tampa for he'd leave -- I had my doubts and I have my reservations Jerry and Mikey Mikey. Good morning men I had my doubts until I say a close look at this photograph. This is one mean look at bad ass. Quarterback. His stare will make quarterbacks think twice and will make wide receivers. Power in. Fear anyone ever say that about them and cool down now nice guys coming -- yeah Family Guy. Never says or does the wrong thing just can't cover anybody this is a frightening look and do this about what it'll mean streak on his face it's possible he's got -- guys yes we've got yeah our guys in English English. No just. An emotional yeah and determined. And touches posting the mug show which isn't there but you put this in the I got a whole ball two pitches enemy and he pictures it look friendly in any of them not not not just not a friendly look at a guy no sharks don't smile even whether eating your leg it it it it right this guy. I'll look for one with a smile probably one here it's like Rhonda you got to look this picture is Iran a smile but it got to look at our sixth grade he smiled at. By the way you don't you don't keep means a key is to keep me with the the last one. And other which use a fourth of four children and in Arabic Arabic language. It means the final one is this true yeah you -- a research note I know let us know the birdie -- A tax credit mom no I mean. -- A simple yeah maybe you shouldn't let us and a lemon all right. Thanks in addition of the debt ethnic. You know a key means the last one yeah I don't want to leave means it's cool with you -- have a Q in your name but not you after a -- is not asked breaking a -- you know you after a 38 Q I'd be a key. He you totally you know I've heard people say kid to live at the different -- it right again like rotation patient it's -- -- -- that -- The four children should reduce dependency -- the last one the last Arabic. Is that it. Means families like Arabic Arab that I know they don't use -- they don't use use of these cues that use what they do exist at all. To get -- like -- unilateral I always have needed data roll out vote attention deficit. Hyper hyperactivity I forgot attention deficit hyperactivity remember -- -- Psycho stimulant. There are accustomed to -- better than this cycle of Psycho stimulant you know what. We need to Politico for some it was a problem with this trade as I don't much you could. Unless you think. In the next two months he's gonna get probably pull a gun on somebody and I think the time he's been -- for a whole lot. But all you need to know as they would desperate desperate for this kind of player and they go on for four round yes and he's a free -- the in the year and probably oh. On this merry way. Thank -- -- rental it's OK. Here's the big question today we got to get the obamas. Who told me was traders. You're not allowed to contact him. They're not allowed to talk to follow on Twitter on Twitter -- -- -- on Twitter if you really liked. Tampa. I wouldn't wanna be one to tell them. I came to you about. It would create even traded to an earlier hopefully. He wanted to be traded city given the good news and I don't think either team excellent contact him just found out. You know. On the street the patriots have a history of successes. With trading for. People like a key in getting a fourth round pick that would be at Washington. Randy Moss. And Deion Branch. All part for fourth round well up boats positives out there -- that and I mean he's a bad guys he's. -- -- well no it's not on he's a bad guy but what you need criminals. Yes and I think it in there was a time when the patriots held themselves opens though is the -- of integrity. Different Christian Peter you know they were right they they -- Christian Peter and -- globally and and we went through this again Albert and -- -- with. Was acquired we went through rate is true they did say things like we're different. We don't you know bring bad characters here. That changed. At some point I guess. I'm not sure Belichick ever subscribe to a there was a craft that. That was an organizational thing. And I think. When they brought -- were there they said nevermind. Nevermind all that -- the -- a coach he knows that he needs some criminals and boy did he get a -- what. I'll say this isn't isn't trying to win in the National Football League without bad guys. -- like trying to win the Tour de France would not doing drugs yeah but there's a thing sure but you can't double bad guys have helped turn in the raiders and -- -- -- no discipline and has no leadership. They can afford bad guys that have good reason and good leaders to have good captains great coach great structure ownership. So they can afford bad guys. Com and and when you have them for two months you're not like that and just wrapped himself and to the rookie -- -- 45 careers they just little -- acquired him well. This risk that. You know he go to Shumpert shoots a much -- a team with a helmet in the face it does now you know. You know we have issues. When the first probably get in his at the rookie symposium. Where they touch with a try to teach you how to behave and you beat up another rookie -- that that's a guy with the issues is first the first thing is rap sheet. Interest not the first time we get in trouble we have we have not we have entries from. Like 2008. May 2009. August 2009 November 2010. March 2011 in October 2012. Police blotter stuff police get -- Which is your favorite I mean it's going to be when you shoot -- guy and pistol whip them with your mother. Is whip his mother this is his sister's. Boy for it and -- different. And they shoot him and beat him up and get arrested and guess what the charges. Don't stick because when he called to testify against them he's in prison for sex crimes. So there's good people there. -- -- -- -- Sounds like he deserves. Us live in boyfriend was beaten up -- just what's the craziest thing you have been with Jamal. -- Mike. Much of the cuts will mom they shot and beat -- -- assist his crazy boy and maybe on the -- house going out there took care -- that it was like -- month time take care that you that there Sonny Corleone in the yes panic yet there's some. In this. To -- garbage garbage Carling -- justice husband who you know the wire them. We are -- yet and I was sickened more than garbage you know that's -- little resume. I'll -- of all the things on this rap sheet that the -- -- regrets the least you know -- feels like there's got observed at the -- deserved it and he didn't pay any price for. The -- Testify against them. Shannon brutal. Guy he. Just two pistols and pistol with -- 10. Pistol with such loaded term -- features. An emphasis on that towel but she says. Something nice in this case I have trouble. I would bring mom. Corporate friends mom brought him yet it's mama -- we rotate as of this piece of garbage is beat up your sister -- -- to take it anymore and she can tell you but I'm telling you right now could undertake and -- investigators. And and that we find out. -- Rebels -- -- got in the shipment Billings. Billings. Portman of -- sister. -- And is -- there. Accused of shooting. At so that in our system that must collect shot in the room to scare -- yeah and then to leave. Pistol -- them. There were indicted of charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon secondary degree felony. He was scheduled to stand trial this year. But judge would drop prosecutors believe that the chief witness Billings himself. Would not be deemed credible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- His sister's boyfriend says -- The guys probably it'll neighbors he would like us and he cried that's what we liked but beaten up teammates could be an issue. Here's the point though you've got a good cover corner. There are mostly good you know left tackle yet right. The prices -- normally. It's a top draft pick in -- a lot of money long term. This is no one on that this is a fourth round pick which it. Stockpiled low room. -- -- it but. It just like the deal. Maybe maybe just thanks for -- news if you Belichick. You -- -- -- with runners and you could turn minimal player and good player. Eager to five or seven year contribute -- team this is going to be a fourth round -- that he's gone in. Smoke right into the year right exactly issue governments and -- well here's here's the culture. Would you be happy if in the draft. Bill Belichick in the fourth round was able to get at Washington. Yeah would you be happy for the fourth round Bill Belichick to get the -- picture would you be without. Any loss these tough. -- -- got Randy Moss was -- -- -- I believe this -- I was I was twentieth the -- was. Second or third higher than fourth. I mean. It seems like a good deal a Smart deal and in an indie stores rookie contract and make less than a million bucks. Obviously rated one rates or effort of the season 900000. I think seven -- -- haven't opened it. 767. X 760. Something like that it's they can afford ice they can afford. All you need to do was get past the -- the fact he's a bad. The police blotter stuff that he's a bad guy all ten of -- but do you have a problem with the Mike -- -- you know habits for 700000. Or whatever it is several thousand bucks that's that's. Child you can never hold your organization as dispassionate virtue you're not different you're not you know like. -- Boston College. Stanford would be when they go play for our state yet its say yet where I handicap. We have handicap -- we don't take that. The bad news that they do we we graduate -- all that you're not you like everyone else you have bad guys and you just acquired one of the worst and you acquired him because you -- a desperate need for his talent and he is the bottom line if you bella -- anybody in the organization. Is your team capable of winning -- yes. Is it yesterday. It was a today is it more capable more able when the -- -- which is that -- would think so this guy comes as advertised as -- -- yet even freeze half. I mean he's. He's immediately sterling Moore right he's immediately -- had intercept artistry or he looks he does look back at the ball occasionally. And that's. That sealed the deal that are on the we have 22 -- him the good and the bad. But to -- lack of Poland each of his named after the Q is is bad echoes an event category note beaten a a teammate with a helmet that speak up another rookie at the rookie symposium eighteen career interceptions including three for touchdowns and a career 53 pass break ups. He covers guys to. I don't I don't see a word on this about his ability. Rundown on kitco yes gets better we get story of the story about a man by the way of the -- in Tampa they're not sorry to see him go pretty -- -- this system police department right and if you're rebuilding if you're looking at a three of four year plan for these freeagent anyway equivalent walked. In in weeks that would let him walk and -- They get a fourth round pick for so it's a good deal on campus but yes I just think that you you the patriots are built to win now. Tom Brady's 35 the window it's still open but it's open for a group guys that have to do anything and everything they can do to win. Makes this whole thing so savory for the patriots is as you said this glaring need if they brought this guy in. To be a special teams player as an example. Or to be. Tight -- -- -- to act like stuff they got a lot of this is what they need this is what is missing this is a jury when in -- the thing that might keep them eventually. From getting deep into the playoffs. Sold as a result sometimes you have to hold your nose. And do -- after doing to fix the problem -- week. Are are -- dance -- who went by yes. He's nuts. But didn't break the -- of a point. Does he have a point mother -- telling -- bottom and just don't concede that I ought to -- It that. You need in some crazed dogs who do anything and if you read a boat. Aqib Talib. You don't see anywhere where it says he can't cover guy you -- see anywhere in fact we're says he doesn't play hard give -- an edge over Randy Moss in that category. They say when he's on the field matched up against the wide receiver he plays hard and -- Balls he kicks him in the balls he its nominees. He just happens to you know after work. When has worked has done little trouble 6177797937. Mikey is in for the sports last week got lots of stuff to do tonight today Mike Lombardi NFL network will join us later in the broadcast Rob Ninkovich and Rick Stroud is extra out who exactly is extra from a Tampa. He's on the -- beat them but the Bucs beat writer and he could give a timeline you know from a lot issued a -- we got. He's got all that he's he's -- he's at the whole rap -- he wrote the whole -- she of this guy. And then give us the lowdown on what the patriots getting and what the box or unloading there's another issue here there's another occurrence the one in. Is -- November. No 2009. That would bothers me to hitting your teammate in the face with your helmet in the eye with a helmet as bad. This is pretty bad too we'll get to that. -- -- the -- lines and talk with you it's a free form Friday it is a patriot Friday and of course it is a giant glass caption contest Friday as well. -- can show -- the photograph you can check it out on the Dennis and Callahan page WEEI dot com or you can follow me on Twitter. John Dennis WEEI Gerald -- you re twittered that I have indeed streetwise you can check it out on hate Callahan and you -- and Mike this is the portion of the program where Jerry describes. With a photo looks like -- -- today you're in charge of the captions. Depict the ones that you think you wanna Showalter who were ratio that's exciting and that it yet Lira down like five -- OK we'll choose the winner for the teacher that's between 9 and 10 this morning -- at that and the other senators your head out for the -- -- that's when you were surprised -- what's the description of -- it's. Picture of a guy I mean just raised raised lunatic looks like a cross between Manson and and Aqib Talib would cross the street to the society's ultimate piece on this guy -- -- if I were a gay man yeah probably Dole's first. -- second -- report Friday continues tournament.

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