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The year that Halloween fell flat

Nov 1, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan open it up the day after Halloween by discussing the disappearance of trick-or-treaters and the best and worst of Halloween candy. The rotating cast of characters in the flash booth continues as Kirk Minihane joins the boys as they talk Ortiz' contract situation and the Pats bye week.

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I had one thing. On my to do list yesterday. When I left the station. That was to go and find some teeth rotting candy large volumes of teeth rotting candy. Three different kinds take all the ordered a big -- sitting in my front door and be ready for Halloween. Just in case the power came back on at my house. And lo and hold just what happened -- what happened. Word got out the united to break it -- go out to you answer the door with they loosely it is ruled -- a bit my hand the neighbor's. Parents to kids they're all they want the full sized candy but the parents say. Stay away anyway creepy guys you're you're the guy in the first chapter of the Holland called no. You know that everyone says he -- -- the house just kinda avert your eyes is that where he might. Invite you -- that's what they're afraid well -- -- Dina I was gonna invite you in. It's the moms that have to worry we have kids we have lots of big simple says candy but you gotta come him. Say -- No actually some good news at some news on that front. Just what happened just around -- What happened. Like so happy today yes who I am happy you sound like you brushed UTI to brush my teeth I had -- copy made fondue for midnight snack. Ousted by -- came on. At sundown last night every every light in the house was on public I want you came on. Steer the economy. The bad news is a -- traders showed up but bags and bags and bags and guess how many kids -- seven. Just again. Eight go the other way -- Note to perpetrators. Happen entered retreating. To god it was like it was like the right next Christmas was the -- this -- event I -- you possibly have right yeah. This is the truth I had five -- five and we used to have like fifty. When that was akin to that that my parents house that was over a hundred. And now they have like ten. And it's the same name or not the same kids obviously I don't say -- this is is this the -- dusty factor. -- cost it about this ridiculous speakers and the idea that if you syndicate trick -- treat. The other gonna get whatever molested -- -- -- -- -- look great rudder blade and it. Which is another you know urban legend that you can make a better check the candy some guy might be sliding needles in the -- if they're much more likely to get. It hit by car. Or largest chunk by light and choke on a normal piece of note chewy candy than they are getting in reasonably razor blades in needles and pins mean. That's how. Why is no longer area of the -- people. Where they have parties you know and and that's why have parties as it's safer. And -- treatment. But and I and I guess you know -- -- May -- thinking it's gonna buy a car known drug product texting teenager what we think this ten years ago this up Princeton given him but it's been run over back in the Dallas or the print -- bigger families now people have these. Note to -- -- -- and wanna lose one we don't you know it is it's Captain America. Yemen are are you know very well welcome thank you know we wish -- we just thought asylum as we're getting ready for the -- that -- probably going to be pretty good at this. But we have one trepidation here -- who did charge train you how to do this. It not opposite -- the yet yeah see you you learn from the master put accused in the I think so far so trust you do -- It's worry him a lot of stuff going on a trip over the bar hours. Before walked in here to the upsets along. Yeah. So easily go around these town that -- opinions were there and you go all of of the businesses -- Buick there. You don't like this you went to mother's house to another column. Is. He lives with his mommy and dad on heard. You out a bigger house construction is still going construction. Structures to instructing. You excused the movement -- -- affordable -- you're like in late twenties and kids guys move home and loser in the I'm just saved some money would be like engaged. Currencies was always the excuse. Six some money for a easier. Mom because that crust of bread and all that has every time she's still -- -- the -- one of the finest. You know -- Please seek it out new Vegas devious all the rest should be in there. Bias 45. That a good CBS and by. Xanadu and an enemy that you can't whenever -- minister personally it's just house's. Agreement so -- -- and 6 o'clock you'd feed and bad days. I don't get it I would do little house. More fashion can still want more handy if you go to -- get more house give yourself and your kids and they want. Yes. I don't have it. More of a connection when you go to the neighbor's house and mr. and mrs. Jones and the door to look at all the little hand problems that turns up. Is -- more of the connection go to neighbors and mister mister sandusky combines there's an neighbors may be the case but generally speaking I would tell you how about a manager at CBS or wouldn't have that same kind of connection as your next door neighbor might wonder pets. John just trying to get through day by day here you know it's just easier get the kid to bed watching TV just that I'm -- Up at 3:30 this morning and the -- will you watch list must not gonna watch watched. Certain programs I was last night that's fine you know modern family my wife's favorite. Sports -- nothing on not little MBA that was. That was. I'll show you one last night I can't talk about that right now you can I haven't this someone who rules -- and I want to talk about that show you're on I was on the -- ago last night. And I thought -- better. Of course not I know -- talk and above that okinawans know what's in those those shows that -- I think that's part but there were five zillion kids. Down there yesterday really mean. What time of the day. -- we daylight there yet we got the John we got there about 5 o'clock. It's full body to me what I doc I write. Almost all businesses to trick or treat you might care go to see ghosts. He looks for the best neighborhood. Actually you'll just won't skip a bunch of houses right try to go to vote dimensions because the pressure's on you go to elect. A make mention yet they have to gables let's -- right. You go to the working class neighborhoods they give you you know the little ones that -- -- -- from last year that are melted to the side of the rapper pencils which is what we got his -- known and I don't ever remember beautiful says candy bubble when you go. Like the Tom Brady so she has to get a full -- sure all right published talked about a band -- puck battle I mean when when we were kids he -- he had to give up it was slick. Play paying protection money that is. For a copy right you had to give us you your tree doesn't get or you hit home. Or workers worse is it. Do you remember as I don't know it was like where you live but when I was in the next morning you went out -- -- I hope that there was no damage and because there was always bands of teenagers like you. Not me like a view it's all I would never do that that did the told the paper and it does shaving cream to shave cream eggs the soap that could mean it was hard to handle on windows was it. That was part of following us. That's a good thing -- the good development is I didn't see any human I still look for in the morning and look and panel looked old neighborhood in seeing him. I've been to your neighborhood where you currently there are a lot of nice houses all her -- on nights -- You know open State Street cup car on 140 miles an hour. I can't fly at your house which is we five. Our heart and it looks like five kids -- the neighbor has some we have neighbors that used to come and bill the school two parties in the discourage kids from. Circuitry -- into your house -- Also told just for safety. So it is there is released on. They don't want to get hurt -- feelings hurt later on it's unbelievable small tradition. And it's that tradition is dying you know I agree small -- for a 34 people is that right yeah well yeah for why we did not. Nobody not a single doorbell right to -- all that candy. -- -- that with this clip and did you brain and that's in the bull by the front door the this weekend with this week it would be you know I don't know it's the grey -- -- confident I was gonna go right. Since I was gonna go to dinner but what -- -- it like this is less expensive the strength of funny and is not. This has got. The single. Funniest scene in that Santa. Which is the funniest -- She's -- is that almost sacrilegious. Elegant amendment counter in the -- it would -- commitment of the -- count in every day appeal loved ones this can't be so sick of film book -- blog comes home he placed in the east governments can't be -- -- -- And then he Almonte and I think it's the first time whole movie. He has -- -- the Dutch and that's good or bad weeks ago fix that and the cute and days that's -- Oh look and bill I. Know what to put it to us and candy. Enact a certain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's the second finance in the but it -- and in his -- -- -- and if it seemed. Like. I. -- my bacon lunch it cost -- -- at the backseat as when he got cut for locating the fat. Woman in the forgive me for crying. But -- point -- view. Foreign McCain supporter -- Yes with a heavyset woman and they can talk dressing room applicable -- look that's an excellent time sure but. Spores can call it never form located in -- That's John -- on Syria Billy -- go on late John Brantley of the -- -- -- was dedicated camera but it was I have the listen for enemy of -- of -- who did this survey the top ten candy bars for hollowing. As the interaction. Advocate change aren't what do you think that of course is from last year -- that they get an update -- -- deadline and some your usual there. This is -- you know what that all. I I confessed they're all good I could -- them all -- that Kirk's seat of the top ten you can get your what's your favorites I don't wanna spoil the spirit -- -- -- -- I know I -- -- -- don't have the top ten candy bars my favorite candy bar gun in my head I would say probably cats. Oh that's for its number two. Yeah I would be I'm with you on that one it gets around with a -- -- -- I think is that they were at the house last thing nobody died and went forty ideas to Paris a sunset I was definitely -- knows -- you have forty -- isn't -- that out -- you know what you do you ever do this with the ticket to break -- you say I'm just gonna have -- -- -- brakes always at least. You can't do that -- -- can it get there that would like a -- -- -- stickers to break and have a put the other half over here and have a tomorrow desperately you're watching the last night I mean you do the show on the edge you know I was -- I was one guy on clocks -- -- -- -- the wake up seven point sexism yeah. So basically on my last -- and if you watch him in and house last night about 1:30 in the morning. You got me watching real sex 97 on HBO 42 tickets. I mean it that really is an image you witnessing crews on a short time that's for sure are also liked captain Kirk. You got another -- Eminem to -- that not on the list. No condoms aren't on the table and he -- them and have thought that not a loser you know there's certain things that everyone likes that -- -- -- But he never meaningless as I hate -- and -- like Eminem's how could you not imminent like grapes as anyone not like grapes. This I hate grapes. Man I think what -- more people ambivalent about great genuine about an old course -- course -- at certain things that. In the emergency you know I hate pancakes. Right real. Is there anyone out there that he's a critic I hear me -- Well I think -- hurt anybody it's like yeah one of the two people sometimes has a problem when. I -- that's true I hated the market -- A suspect that's on the list right Merrill -- we just where -- And -- ask for no reason that happens is on the list that's its top and candy bar all -- as far as the public Nazi crimes. Likeness and that's on him that's number five written little pact. If we crunch got to the got two of the ten. I I looked like this you know like to like those what -- -- three musketeers like you have no number 73 musketeers had a freeze them suckers. You should -- -- -- -- off all the good night you know three musketeers are healthier than likes knickers. It's and that's a fact I -- -- love that mountain fortress -- -- healthy it is like one milligram less sugar than perfect that we -- to the New York. Your -- and the obvious ones Reggie. Oh -- argument I don't know there's only one on he has a problem idea to -- and out -- -- get as much data about -- yeah that's true. Paid. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's got missiles together topic number six payday this is not for the -- -- among you this nut crunch each candy bar with just a hint of salt Venus. He's just like a bag of peanuts at a baseball game. With the addition of who you Arum well you know you love the big not. Hold it altogether it's part of -- Now -- note does not chocolate. -- It's now -- crappy not things like that those regional things were to bigger deal somewhere that could be an -- ethnic thing that only Italians like America and yet the Indians are -- I don't get every other candy on their -- -- Yes it's on the -- and number eight number eight -- bar. My -- and screaming obvious yes I just mentioned it -- set it we miss and number one. Which you should get it it's a screaming obvious appropriate well Obama and Erica yes yes people out through those. The candy apple -- you know knowing that that's that's an obvious mentally you know. Working with -- Kurt has got to pro -- new year will be an education and out stickers paid because every every school in every town has to write an advocate public yet. What it's like that my son my it's amazing you get peanut butter now within a hundred yards and you would think the world. Would offer them. -- it's a short break and closed -- out at Canterbury. No no I never heard -- and now it's developed right psychosis. Mass psychosis. That. I don't know you can that it could be a little differently I guess sure like but nobody ever had it. The -- -- the payments made but the onus. Is on the mother and it has on the other ranked thousand kids in that school aren't they are in descending order from number and out but joy ten. Baby -- nine Hershey's 83 musketeers. Played today. And at Anderson doubled this crunch. You know like that on. A -- SP. Milky ways here's -- that article the crackle. Crackle -- crack. -- good I mean I don't know what a bad and good with the bad game. Like those those old fashioned coffee. Crispy crunch and smokey bar he got a lot of people not only them but I wouldn't put a moment top ten list. The ET when you drink you moxie. A little buttermilk and you what you can do with -- -- just -- Ingraham on the would be what's it separately or young people it's -- the inside in the -- -- the -- use the chocolate with -- and you saved he. I don't have a Protestant -- kind of discipline that you can't get any help the treats -- Kirk follows the trail mix those creepy Leo when you know to go you know we re merely through the mean streets downtown Lexington and dentists at the dentist's office -- Sugar freak thing I think the toothbrush. In the tooth brush with the two pencils. Mean god you should ask -- -- I am an ally in the -- it wrote me that house you have -- -- one. Did you talk to god she's six. Age six -- shouldn't -- ago we exceeded listen we're gonna egg cells that gave us pencils that's his criminal pencils pencils. And Swedish -- -- -- a question a lot of them via. It's like those now you know what I am not bottle caps but nerds audio it's -- in the -- out they attacked. Allergies like peanut allergies -- result of over Iowa tonight and back -- kids to next mission in 1975. The average hit a seven vaccinations today they get thirty vaccinations for the age that's a good one Clark bars. Yes no -- about the worst candy bars and all good. That's -- in the worst you know. You know -- via the worked at a bar lower clock -- That's nothing to see you expect your program -- -- marks are pars I'd be on the list but. Possibly up to them messy. -- our second timeout 61777979837. Get good help the treats his. Those of the people wishing about their address the people who gave characteristics in the little package -- sealed at apple slices or -- and -- Pencils or worse but I mean the people who are. Trying to you know proselytize yes listen you can't beat analyst Andy's. Have helped the tree -- -- to get an apple two pencils apple it's easier to throw Clinton Atlanta watching right splat on the window -- Doc Rivers is gonna join us at 905 his first weekly visit of the basketball season before that infect our report that Greg Bedard for the Boston -- -- patriot football NFL football. Our 92 timeout talk reviews 6177797937. At some re. Really good news for you back it's uncles and your heart.

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