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Cedric Maxwell: Ray was tired of having the finger pointed at him here

Oct 30, 2012|

We speak to Cedric Maxwell live from Miami and get his take on Steven A. Smith's mis-speak, Ray Allen's departure, how Ray will fit in Miami, and how the new look Celts will do in 2012-2013.

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Now bush isn't the Celtics basketball begins tonight you'll hear it all a -- Sharon WB EI Grande and Max once again have all the action for you. And walking up and down South Beach right now and giving us a little. Preview of what to expect checking out all the big girls down there in South Beach our own center actual -- you -- money. Oh I'm sorry is it that you get -- like that. -- What should eyewitness that we just played the latest here today and around little dumbfounded -- all of this because I think. And -- you know it's hard for me to speak on it but you certainly can it. Clear about it polian as though you can't talk about stuff like that you talk about developing -- -- Michael Holley is there a few words about it but police and the adults. Is that he probably got carried away but even they built. And use those choice words. And you know I am surprised that yes he in which did not an idea that I had. As much as triple that they are about being in the family station. Right soda at I agree me he said it he didn't realize well maybe not realize he said but. That this afterwards has been. -- I know it's not like that and -- -- apparently taught us that it and I know you thought I was that it. I didn't. I can't do that what that person who Barack Obama. Hey what are you guys I'm not sure but I did that. I I can't tell you put the denial -- says I don't have a problem. That you being upset because you thought I should won't hold on here. Did you if you didn't -- any minute then would you read this to people sought to use its. Eric is -- that this spin. That ESPN has all of this to me. Is unbelievable I mean because normally just come out and say hey I've made a mistake I got carried away in let's go from there I'm sorry. Well you know I think what the thing is that you know is been -- in this case. It's when he's Rome. He doesn't want to you know say hey I was wrong -- start. And I am just really surprised that ESPN. Coming back in bail going to say in you know in the league team this would be to say -- that you ask you what these cities that I don't know what I -- -- -- -- -- -- Mac that's what I said -- earlier as an employer who's got to back but he has -- but that's somebody you wanna work for. What do you remember god they're back but let's bring in a theorem WiMax got himself a little I don't remember on -- I don't -- I -- -- -- -- -- I know he was doing an impression of Tommy Johnson and those of us who listened to the broadcaster -- -- or heard match before understood what was. Let's get out there and get out there on the Internet and people yelling at that used in the context of it suddenly. It was unbelievable -- -- -- and you got a little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They glance you know stepped out on the limb and say you know -- let's play it back -- let's hear what he actually said in Europe whether said that it was. Any big nasty negative way but I actually had a guy come up to me it's -- oh man that was just the funniest thing which is still you said that thing about bacon today. I took -- look bad but. I think he did is that they have on ESP in the way they are. Can't believe this. To be really kill if you bit. They really love even they know exactly as as a personality because normally if they wanna get rid of that view and they have an opportunity. This would be one -- Absolutely if that happened do other guys on that station and other guys -- black guy I bet you they would treated much differently and remember for Stephen. This is the second time. Well look you know the thing that they -- on the about it. He ESPN's. How far they -- win. The reporter you know it in not mean anything about it sit chink in the armor is referred jurors that lenient and not to -- mean anything other than. And I had a flaw in this. Target guy gets suspended for a for a person wakes right I got suspended any right it was a cliche. And he just didn't put -- in tune together in any any senate. I sort of after. I've talked about this that this is the thing I think is great about broadcasting. I -- goes so shy of this the other day. Make shots make Sean -- -- broadcast partner most of them about this the other day and it was listening to a reporter he was talked about the sport on a gain. Any was referring to a football game between the lions. In Detroit which they mean the lions and it was the eagles' Andy was saying that. It is 1514. Game it is a real dog fight -- -- that he thought about what is it with all of boycott a stars aren't just -- I think that means they thought I. Are you start but again this is what happens when you are broadcast or you'd have to be extremely careful about what you side. And when I think careful I think Cedric Maxwell. Well I Abaxis does not want this game tonight in the NBA season how do you see the Celtics so overall -- -- -- the game tonight. Well I'd I'd love the -- that's what they've done nothing that is them great job. Love -- in some younger players. You know Brandon Bass younger player you know you you have. Greens coming back I think they give us a good mixture of young players and veteran players. At tonight's game. It's you know locally and then we've seen over the years. Normally you know the EPA -- always thought throughout witty. Went there in my era a cupcake game when you catcher Rick you know you appoint somebody you know what worked senate. But you know. Now the EPA has got it right by one I give the team that's more pissed that you did in the other team. They're bringing them into a building when you race for the band so to me I would I would definitely think the cell -- I would probably be a a team that we may be the favorite in winning this game tonight. Are you talked about the slash tears these situation between Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo when you said -- clear cut there was an issue there between those duke -- mechanics is now written that he thought it almost got to the point get physical. It in the in the locker room what was that all about and did it it I have to get to the point where Ray Allen takes half that about Max and. Player takes it asked the US secret -- about it we have the -- that the summit would have given me -- Unbelievable. I did really he has I think one of the things that happen. Is that you know obviously their -- could be -- and I don't know you know how much there was in the that but what they had it's the in this was. Individually you can see that there were times on the court win it seemed like. Ray and Paul Rondo if there ever was something it was wrong to think it was a moment pointed at -- And I think ray and I talked to re about this and I think that ray was you know he was built but. And to the point words he said the suburbs operative twelve million dollars in Miami -- -- six million and you decide to take. Six is that the -- I have a book -- that mandated by. The -- take that money at the end of my career. How do you think -- do -- Miami. The rain machine there and that think that what what -- that you after the grass isn't you know always greener on the other side of the bit. Radius -- a good situation for him as a shooter. But. You know it is it's a team that's also. You know -- -- their defense of my. So they're going to be putting pressure on him to the -- also. I like its opportunities. From QB that you could -- -- what was always felt. Mike Miller -- a lot of wide open jump shots and looks with those -- attacking the rim so it is profitable or -- to do well. Jim wondered if there's not a different mentality because he was so good here. It coming off the screens it was almost as if it were one motion I've never seen a guy. Can release the ball as quickly as he did off that picked it was set forth. And very he's going to be playing at the baseline playing in the corners. Waiting for the ball to come dorm after they collapse on on the -- any other thing is in many cases LeBron launched a ball black. Okay from that situation is it going to be different for him is it a matter of did this something to having a rhythm of the way you -- know how you share. Well I think there would be some rebels you knowing you in your opportunities to shoot and when you got up and off the bench. Here's the view about it if you come off the bench step -- rated would be -- advocate. Second year later soul if they're ever opportunities for him his shot well I think you'll get that ball. Now he will probably late leader in games if he's playing well if he's not. Did you know he he might pout. About it I am. I'm really surprised that rate -- talks so much so openly about you know his sustained for the Celtics. At that point now what -- -- you know you just go -- on Brandon made of whether they -- -- I think ray when he comes back to Boston for the people who. And I feel just the opposite I don't think audiences who re org you. Even if you want those things which -- decided to go on. You know take his services the South Beach but he also remember this. He Lloyd Buick championship. Well the biggest -- of the -- when he won the championship was. -- up yet Lleyton in -- I think game five against the lakers is LA. To solidify -- -- Real world -- a month that it grannies Ramirez and backpacks. It might be only 50% of the of the public but if you think he's getting. They complete standing ovation by the entire. Oh no we won't. And I don't think it is 100 Chris it's not hard candy probation no really I think what. Well I think that all debate as -- lots of -- it. I mean when I get I think get booed when I left when I get. -- let me tell you something stupid fat lab I think you -- stories stories -- come -- -- it was bizarre match. -- let me tell you something if he wants that to happen because -- -- -- got -- -- the clippers. On hard court. -- -- Choice you'll face you know. Ultimately who -- It bit you. Iraq was really worked up about delicate I would say you wanna get shot and ready before the game. To go either up on the Jumbotron or to do his monologue out there on the floor to tell people not to book is still needed that night because I believe they'll be like 50% of the people boy. Let me just killed. The people with the Internet but I just think that -- that they as -- what sophisticated. And they really love their layers let me. You know I think when wouldn't when Wade Boggs came back they boo him. Com weblogs -- Yankee. Yeah. Johnny Damon yes. Target date but I remember that but -- that he might be left and -- you know -- And hold on all -- -- -- for more left for more money. They let -- register. So. Right but here's the -- written up for less money. So obviously was not happy in this situation. For the people for a apparently poppy commodity and will be testament like -- Is that -- -- and I'm -- -- -- the Celtics and I didn't plenty of money wasn't the Celtics hold injuries were not good enough for you exactly less money right don't play with them right. LeBron. In -- Yeah they -- then. Well let let -- Bolivia issue question is to be -- go with. How's the weather there right now. It lost its beautiful to -- its core I think it is without being so. A lot but the web at. And what about the -- dollar -- and. Now -- -- that and how how Smart the fans are certificate that they have up. As people here have substance to it's not just eighty degrees and palm trees all the time it got to offer some things coming out of the religion. Actually get back to talk a little logical Macs that we're talking a few minutes ago if you had the opportunity to go to South Beach for a half. Of what you get Boston deal little cold in the winter time look at. -- knowledge of people talk funny that's fine and you have the opportunity I can double money in Boston I have to money to good weather -- Jeremiah. Well here's the practical side of me. I've taken the money especially it's -- in my career and now taking more money going to any situation. There -- Now. -- players sometimes and let me make sure that you understand. You know the players that that. The -- I'm left Boston in 1984. In it and it got traded away. I hit to restructure my contract. To be to be trade. I did not think about the money I was just so his the way they would treat me at that. And -- anything about me that I just kind of lost focus. I lost the love of money in that deal at least in Boston. I had to -- deal there I would give a 125000. Dollars a year when I got to LA how much like if I had to battle they have shoes. -- you know sometimes literally you are just -- -- If you don't care about the money is not about the money. Is about this it is more about the respecting. It not be respected in all the other thing as a chemical along with that so. Let me picture. Of the ballot the double play here -- county doesn't think it's go out -- the reality of that these people. It's a great point about it more respect for money now is a matter. If it was actually stroke or -- the perception that you're being disrespect you know I mean it it let let's say he ERC. Reception -- present -- all of it. You'll -- about how about you saw later these articles what -- You're having your mind that I have -- disrespect. Him in not taking you know I got a point guard bit you know. It doesn't want passed me the basketball we've heard -- say that maybe ten. What did you decide you want -- -- the games -- Who really you know don't have -- back. So I I think it was perception in his mind that players if people did not like him around ball. Our -- you're you're one of the best analysts in the country here and just enough -- best analysts in the country you saw all their games. Regular season and post season. Reality your perception. Did was he frozen out -- Rondo was Rondo ignoring him on the court because of personal problems what do you think. I think Jim and Michael B a perfectly honest -- looking at the game. Now I don't think -- -- about. I think that -- -- in what it was it was difficult for him to cut off those greens as sharp as he was because he had ankle problem. So he wasn't giving the spacing or that I mean to get the ball. So I don't think Rondo rose about purposely I think give it its mind though it was. Somebody else's fault I'm right in the same way I'm doing the same thing but really he wasn't because it was a step slower because of a political problem. But actually -- get -- in the studio here a real show and have a great season have fun tonight did in Miami will be talking -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sheila Mac somebody -- -- actual down here in Miami Ian. John -- he'll be calling tonight's action and -- whole season -- should be a fun year. Quick break -- right back and we'll get some reaction to calls.

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