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Ray Allen says he will always be a Celtic

Oct 26, 2012|

Mut and Kirk Minihane talk about Jackie MacMullan's recent article about Ray Allen's feelings towards Boston in lieu of the relationship tensions created with his departure to Miami. The guys discuss Allen's future and what his departure means to the Celtics bench.

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They lie I thought it pretty well it's lot Lou not to three point seven WEEI. My people are so open arms but what. -- don't show last night people upset about that upset. That the ratings. They -- had a local or national. We we actually won -- book which you wanna show jail -- Much of up to -- a year ago the computers of this place are coming here to fill in for Lou. The text me please come and -- -- does that is that what he said I did not say you wrote it and tax. A command to at least or does text a lot when I'm sitting there last night in the one share or should be right now. During the hot stove show which fourteen overnight -- local and national locally and nationally highly rated show ever that time slot at WQ yeah hi. The computers working fine this. Who sat Napster or not that option Brad I know Alex similar jump seat next news you like I pull pilot next to you sat next him at rob over there. Nobody in nobody sat there in ninety screwed up that -- to John writer comedian it's that up for an hour. We knows it's frustrating I mean. I wanna do the basher like I believe that it fourteen because where LT here Jon Daniels. Answer questions and botnets -- nowhere -- like god what. Either stay highly great first show last night that was a really well on the right that was -- segment I'm looking for Michael -- A Michael Wheeler would first -- And then you went off script you asked a question when supposed to be -- took offense to god forbid astronaut Jacoby Ellsbury -- them shall bought you that Jon Daniels on there was a legit story broken by the guy that was sitting I guess across from you. About Jacoby Ellsbury potentially being traded the deadline. Asking that question we see it keeps quiet night. You know I don't know I can't speak to that but it was a fun show I love -- love Alex and -- -- next Thursday July. We have three guests into one our show next Thursday is a -- -- for our show today so we'll see it and we are jam packed today with died tremendous -- and I agree that. And it's going to be a lot of funnier in for -- those -- couple days will do a lot of different obvious -- patriots -- the football. Are patriots and rams this weekend. There's some baseball stuff wanna follow up on with your conversation last night with John -- hot stove show -- able your phone calls throughout the program. Ray -- Costs are the Celtics and what we read again last night from Ray Allen jacket on I thought -- the tour was over. I thought I was done talking about the Celtics but it was more. With Jack inequality SP a boston.com my body must read in terms of more insight from ray and I I know that. He was a huge part of what the Celtic team did I recognize that you his value -- value to this organization. Helped them win a championship. I just wish you would move on and stop trying to spin it -- that I don't believe is there Ray Allen I think that he had a great opportunity in Miami. He took. Wasn't because the Celtics pushed him out was because they didn't show enough respect. It's because he didn't wanna be here anymore. And that home and I get continued in Jackie's story. Is a guy who wants to point the Boston Celtics. And say it's their fault I'm not there anymore it's their fault on not the shooting guard it's their fault I had to come to Miami. And he was a professional. To the old in this is if the Celtics pushed him out the door he seemed like a very willing. Eggs that are on the Boston Celtics organization. Yet you know my thing is -- -- Jerry talked about it. You know last show. I have no problem rail on the left first wife left last month how often does that happen -- -- go somewhere else for last month. This data is not very often you know if he did that came to Boston. Thanks computers also if he did it came to Boston. Would say all right fine you know if we say your frail left Miami after five years in Miami went to Boston took less money we're -- my camera here. It is represent the sabres -- Miami -- -- You re written in Boston but said the same things -- Pat Riley. -- Spoelstra in my annual people on Boston leasing the leasing industry and things in Miami fans of San about Ray Allen right now in Boston -- great to have him here appreciate it is going to be wide open Mike Miller -- to describe shoot -- now we have Ray Allen. They be celebrating that's different than. What Celtic fans are doing is -- course that's going to be different I have no problem that the guy when you left for less money he's going to Miami he wants to win the championship. -- -- to go to Miami because -- is a great shower in the house he looked at these had to go to that's why he's a free agent. -- the right to leave it does sound like if you read this stuff. Doc never really talked to any -- talk too much during the process I figured I have Ray -- backed off him just enough. You on the album just enough they often twice what some as Miami did find out last night to Danny Ainge and Jackie's story or trade the no trade clause and so to say I think maybe I think it was coming back. I think they knew he wasn't coming back there -- they offered him. Double Miami know Drake and it was quite a battle offer is we don't want you back. Let the acting and the -- -- a lot of the war demos not didn't call me this time -- the players weren't as into it as rate keeps talking to sell it gets funny guy leaves town. Because he's trying to is it -- -- -- I -- what people are saying now is also now Ron does a better -- was before all of a sudden now rails or worse -- was before. Or asking him questions he's answering the questions. I have no problem with that whatsoever he does you know he's frustrated left exit he's upset what is -- in about. Because he doesn't feel young enough respect now -- that's Miami why should he still be frustrated he chose the destination you'd be wise there's frustration there you get over it -- you do you think we know the whole story. -- who would you trust more -- more short situation Ray Allen and how to -- a factor we gonna debate Ray Allen or any Angel Ray Allen a dock at a graduation rod built this was a big factor don't you think it's a big reason why it -- in -- Rondo he left. So now it's it's Rondo forced me up because my relationship or John -- act like things you think is more what you think it is a rift between those two guys would you gut feeling. -- more rain on us with this is where you lose because right Allen is much more it's a question he's much more amicable to the media we hear more rail we heard it -- John Rondo -- -- The last three months -- the question. It's ridiculous question why predict -- guys behind the scenes neither do you so why guessing you're from the outside so take us back to. Speculate about athletes or if you talk to rob as -- level ever on the show ever talked about maturity well -- -- rebuffed -- -- never talk to act on the court we wouldn't. Immature to read -- put him. Actually court -- -- story about him throwing them TV you didn't talk at all was short. Ever entered the locker talked about like why why the start of the show why am -- here. He figured if what you mean why you're here eager to yell back and forth -- got it up here's a guy -- -- cherry understand. That is kind of a tough question that you're not a round that part of it every day why would -- -- maturity. And that relationship but what is on the -- -- the question Al management's. There was a rift between those two guys -- screw -- I'm going to Miami. What he was a free agent. You left. You left for less money he's going to win the championship and now people are asking questions and saying he's frustrated. He's giving the reasons why you dig out you did the veracity of those bigger feared that that's why it's a big deal. It's a big deal because you know everyone wants to give great credit for -- professionally was Wallace your -- stuff came up politically what it absolutely was -- given credit for that on the same same level. What he's done now I would call the unprofessional -- -- to -- it's the spin of the Celtics pushed me out that I. I really -- wanna make this choice but to took the ball out of my hands that it wanted to do certain things offensively right bottle they didn't I agree. They -- makes it seem like that's a bad thing for the Celtics going forward. They've invested Rajon Rondo OK and so you move on instead of you know -- never came to meet don't want you to come back I can't -- I can't expect him to. Its artists -- with the protocol isn't a situation that's a direct quote from doc. -- trickled from rain. In that story today with Jackie and it's almost like. Why always me. It's not wasn't my decision to leave where you've said here it was his decision of course or what it means for don't you don't you get for what he said here bought Boston. Forced my hand. Okay things went down over the course of the years that are affected me dot didn't get back in touch -- me. These are all things where he's trying to say it's not my fault I left if you think your free agent Larry I'd go out. I ask you this wasn't the Celtics -- -- laughed and ask you this if Doc Rivers was dying for a don't come back -- he makes a phone call during this process checks in once. He's done not a pass of the players -- called free agents guys tell portly relationship he had him and brought those outlets saying eat them out saying the bring Ray Allen back as a right move or the wrong move from and I'm looking after rounds perspective if doctorate doesn't call you once during the process. But stick as a -- disrespect a sign he doesn't want you back. I also -- it would be if he didn't call me at all during the process yet to be hard not to view that I I -- I respect. Docs public opinion this has been pretty strong dollar -- a -- the disappointed -- left disappointed so is it somewhere like you said in the middle of he never called -- you know he called a couple of times and re just want to. Treated a certain way. Now your other point is that the Rleal behind the scenes of people heard things about he's not you know. The big guy needed he presents himself to be in talks to the media puzzled about Fareed is there that's fine medic gets that that that's fair that's been talked I've heard of before. -- -- that place and I think Ray Allen wanted to go to Miami. You don't stay here anymore and Rondo was the reason -- -- -- ship -- Doc Rivers Ray Allen was a reason you know the Avery Bradley stoppages -- I mean I play Bradley. Over around this point to a pick -- down -- Is a guy who is getting older and having a hard time understanding why things -- to -- in his understand why you plays much as a way. In 09 athletes battle with the stuff all the time you know he's up to sink or it was in 2008 and -- having a tough time with that easily go to Miami though and help the team -- I think you'll get a lot of wide open shots I don't besmirch them at all I'm not want these people that you know you have to boo him the first that it comes back. But I just think this revisionist history of what their fault I'm not here with the state pretty -- that quote that the tone of the entire process has been we all play the cut for we come back what he set a week ago. On radio we've been sent -- says yes they forced our hand. That's what we're not here we get your reaction start with the Celtics and Ray Allen. Get your phone calls a what you read from Jack -- ball Regis some of that you'll hear from -- 617. 779793. Said manager phone number 6177797937. Kirk many hand is here for Lou it's -- and -- 90%. It was a businesses and and the team put me in the situation where that we had to move we have to go like with the Miami with a better source for us based on what the team. Well and also was you know don't boo me -- I -- in essence. But I act that you know not so much control. We're here Miami -- that they know we're excited about. Basic Ellis celtics' Ray Allen says Butler and 937 WEE Acker many cancer start at the yeah NBA we'll talk to Steve Phillips Bobby Valentine's former boss 11 o'clock and it's baseball issues including. Which John Farrell said you guys last night interest -- stuff there Peter King at noon Michael's -- on a 1 o'clock Mike -- live from London at 130. AT&T text line as a 5850. As moral lose -- yesterday on this Ray Allen nation but now with Mott. As the biggest rally guys since -- but now I think he needs to get booed. Lucky you wanna boom you're gonna -- are. All I -- from -- -- -- goes in Miami forgetting I think you know he has ever it to go there if -- Celtics fan. He leaves you. For less money to go play Miami and he gets to. Walker on this flip flops in January going to eat practice and win the -- to LeBron James you put that -- lottery. The crap out of course he'd do the first time he's introduced huge year after. Are -- you -- about the guy you do the boat the you know each year like when he knows Huckabee back and again two years last time you get the big ovation. You boo him from heaven -- every time he touches the ball the next couple years. And other text -- makes a great point I don't know about -- but he is making it's very very easy. On Danny Ainge meek is there would have been in normal circumstance I'll say this about the way race responded. There and play backlash against any change -- what did you do more wattage try to get this guy and already has come out here. And he's taken a seat veiled shots the organization saying it's their fault and normally fans get pissed about that. But the Celtics went out and Jason Terry they went on Courtney Lee -- Gary better team. At the guard position without Ray Allen this year and they were a year ago. And ray has made it's awfully easy on them with the -- -- that -- fans -- it's LOK ray was gonna look who replaced him with what everybody Bradley comes back. Look at that guard rotation is such an up. Grade Obama team with. Quarter to go in game seven was tied with Miami in the area better team now than they were when they walked off the court I agree Mayan -- is a better too I do they also the best player in the world which helps. And I think Miami's probably gonna win the Eastern Conference but if Kevin Garnett is healthy it's always that if and you know Paul Pierce is healthy. -- play -- them out of there helping January if they're helping June. This is gonna be awfully tough for Miami -- these -- the two best teams in the east I think I'll walk. Thank the Celtics unbelievable year in year 16. Of the Garnett error are still a viable chance of content which is unbelievable. And I'm with you and everything you said -- but he only caveat I'd say it is scary. To invest as much as they've invested in this team in 36 year old Kevin Garnett habits that's the only red flags -- is that it's a six year deal. I mean none outside not invested dollar three year -- -- that. Invested there their talents this year how far they can go that's how it goes relies on KG that's the only red flag for the -- everything else. They rebuilt the guard spot. They added -- to the group they gave you size up front ARCO Arena this and that there's nothing you can look at terms of the team building this year and say well they could've should've would've done that. The aviation unbelievable job put this team together that's a surprise pick up Sports Illustrated MBA previewed issue. A fifth in a fit the Easter -- really they have ahead of them Miami ago Indiana. Miami Indiana one to. I wanna say knicks nets 34. -- Celtics five in the SI preview now stupid who wrote that. I culmination fired and that together we should all be fired a look at that it is thought he won pacers to -- three. Brooklyn nets for. Celtics five point -- down -- at seven I guess because they don't know what they'll rose. I think it is merely good -- third best team in the conference but I think it's a pretty clear divide Miami here Celtics you know half a step below in the next group of two steps behind. And you don't trust the next at all now I don't I -- -- celtics' third at the worst yet and even if you if you wanna fight -- in home -- I take them over Indiana. At least right now yeah but it's awfully close and we start there with the MBA 6177797937. Are your thoughts on ray Allen's latest -- -- on. ESPN Boston markets in Cambridge kicks us off remark. Ike are how good mark we have. A couple of paying. Well -- guarding ray I would rate here there. -- -- Not -- A lot. Key. The player you want to a great degree. By. He's not a player they want great. But you don't want to app. And I want all. Has been continually frustrated with rate in the want it nobody run we had no ready to run it and the X I think you'll see this year. They're gonna beat them -- -- Rondo and green -- late. That the -- that you happened in both war and because -- -- not any where you gain not -- great game. And I think Rondo was spot that sort of the offense. Was aimed at around. Putting. A harness -- him not letting him run much. Waiting a raise no fool around in and try to block kicks. I think it's so I think this is a much better situation array. And I think she's frustrated with the fact that. Just look at the Celtics player anymore. A perfect thing for the Celtics to do to get rid of there were much better looking now with the kind of Allah that they now that they will. -- -- -- -- you make a lot of good points out of its bond or not he's frustrated with the team not be on the run thanks for your call. The race stuff he does bog down on offense because there are certain ways that. Rays got to get the basketball it's gonna be running off bunch of screens -- not a lot on how court off with just either been out there -- balked at them -- afraid I would say this is right mark's right. In that you know it's hard at you fast breaks up with brain -- there's not a better shooter. In the history of the game is that last guy coming down a second last guy coming down fast break -- goes and kicks out to Ray Allen coming in on the wing. Bigger and bigger the big going to miss the recount of 200720082009. The -- the last you saw the post season you know. If that's the same guy they're not going to miss him but the -- I still but the last couple of years I was above 40% well above 40%. If three point percentage yet did you just going to replace him because you brought in Terry. And we you know my short that's the case of caught that those guys are going to be okay but this is the best three point shooter in the history of the game and sweet and he's shooting right now as well as the average. If he's healthy he will get more open looks well Miami Heat than it would with a Boston knows what 'cause active musical like this in Jackie's story. Two years ago when -- freeagent the whole organization sent via text asking -- to come back counts that this time is a little bit more subdued well gets a respect level. He will tell you it was subdued. But if they offered a double the money and they offer the no trade that was big revelation from Danny -- the offer the no trade. The offer was not subdued the offer was fair market value. For Ray Allen the offer a financial standpoint any lifestyle standpoint was fair to array. It's an appointee get enough text messages about Ray Allen and also I'd say you know what Jeff -- big Mormon. Jeff Green. Who's done nothing as a Celtic OK but at this at this point zero UEUR. Mitch Kupchak today. You can pick one guy for your team this year for this year Jeff Green -- -- -- forget the money. Which -- -- good financial specific for teams to know because you know for Miami -- rather break down -- -- On that team absolutely so I mean for the Celtics listen. Now I understand why he didn't play last year and that's a very real very serious thing -- -- the Celtics for three months his first year he stunk. He was awful in a Miami series rules LeBron and wade he was dominated. The say there's a sort of you know consensus right now that Jeff green is going to be great this year you know. I don't know that's going to be the case is looked great in training to our favorite that he's whenever wellness that's that's the most important a year -- he played well and November October -- thing bills and New Hampshire on Ray Allen I've built. Good morning gentlemen I'll let you show like the way you disagree. Thank you bill. Bill. Geez get a call -- formal -- sought you know what I'm sorry it's bill not Billy Kirk shut up -- and certainly. Thank you Ray Allen. I'd like to separate the man and his words from the ball player for a moment. I've been listening to your show for a long time and Israel nothing really has gotten. Under my skin. First civil shut -- prima -- That would be my -- -- Ray Allen as a man apart were in a rule that I would say shut up prima. This team offered -- twice the money to where you went. Are glowing. Words from your culture and ownership. To the media. So didn't get enough tax where when -- So how -- -- always radio shows and keep it alive for no apparent reason. And -- the -- not equal. That really bothers me. Zarrella is -- out core technology is getting at twelve million dollar offer my. I've Danny -- and the offered twelve million and no trade and re ounces. I don't re confirm that story now -- -- ceasing. Danny's lying about that I offered why don't already out saying I don't know maybe Ray Allen is different story -- I've no idea of czar bill -- -- -- Well also Ray Allen saying that it and that's it that you played there quote there is bitchy and blame the team not me. -- the team for a while offering him like a body of the fact we have before. It keeps dangling routinely not me a liar. Yeah it's all right that's a lie and bill way it it's it's nine minutes lying it's just. It's it's it's like the spin and a certain way it's wanting to and. -- a public and he does care what people think obviously year. You know it's his right to choose Miami and he's definitely you're right about that I think he cares a lot of we are sensitive to be in and that was the case and shake up his motion now I think he's the he's saying what he believes. Which is something he probably into all the time this year and that's why I think people like him so much and now he -- -- -- the things he believes it has a right to say is that we get right to leave Miami. Now he's going to get killed Ford and it's gonna be brutal for him here for the next. -- year to hear what he becomes the Boston -- the deal that up Roberta oh Shane Angel and all your phone calls at 6177797937. We start the Celtics and Ray Allen. Also want to get -- thoughts on David Stern. A whole stepped down here in a couple years is here and a half. -- ending thirty year reign as the commissioner of the NBA that plus your phone calls keep it here.

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