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Ray Allen continues to act like a jilted ex-girlfriend down there in Miami

Oct 24, 2012|

We read some of Ray Allen's most recent comments where he continues to blame the Celtics for not bringing him back (despite offering him twice the salary the Heat did) and continuing to whine about his relationships while he was here in Boston. Hey Ray, let it go!

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Is it that Ray Allen is just hurt and really wanted to be in Boston and if that was the case why did he take half the money. To go to Miami and if you want to go to Miami for a half the money. Why would you every time you have an opportunity. And somebody throws a microphone in front of your rotation you you start. Attacking the -- last girl for a. The team put me in a situation where that we had to move we had to go like with the Miami with a better source for us based on what the team. Well and also was you know don't boo me bootsy paranoia and -- But I you know not so much control. We're here Miami -- they know we're excited about. I here's the here's the latest -- -- comes from the from Celtics blog Miami Heat reserve guard Ray Allen wants everyone to know he's not least. About how his tenure in Boston in that. -- ended. Mature and understand and they are watching people should know. We -- previous post detailing how Allen felt that he had no choice but Philly Boston after the way he mistreated -- and he just played that cut for. But here's more stuff according to Allen. Celtics president Danny Ainge is the person to blame. For his beef with Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. Ellis says the friction started 2009. With the Celtics try to trade him and Rondo to Phoenix for Amare Stoudemire. We -- -- Barbosa and the fourteenth overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft. Allen revealed it at the time. -- perversion -- both were not fielding. Rajon Rondo and his additive. Quote from Ray -- So I called him meeting Rondo. And I told him -- They're supposedly. Reading a loss to Phoenix. Because you know and Danny and doc don't get along ailments that. So whatever you can do so for some reason I guess he thought that I was the diet somewhat against him. Let's slowdown there OK before we finish a quote getting get this part. What's what's so whatever you can do what does that mean whatever. Rondo could do to straight up the situation conceded wanted to trade okay got -- when I read OK art it was just I was oddly placed aren't you glad you're my interpreter to remains. He wanted he called Rondo. -- -- Once you work it out -- Danny and doc because yeah. I -- and that's how I interpret OK so for some reason I guess he thought that I was that I had something against him. Or there were some issues I have no issues with him. I want with him so it and that's in essence what is known as he fired up that they were possibly get a trade Broadway and I think there's some truth to that. And what he's doing is he's basically saying runner can you fix this now. -- I don't wanna go there but he's also doing this well okay he's he's basically said. I didn't have a problem with Rondo I was trying to protect Rondo in the steel. Every bit of fear of it and there's another quote here football before we get there if -- Rondo. Does it -- look at -- from -- perspective. Ray Allen is calling you with this news first -- it's news to you hey you don't. You don't know that you are you being treated or Ray Allen has given you knew you gonna be -- there. Along with -- -- you're gonna be traded because news. I'm getting traded this season -- traded because you -- better attitude exactly so if you're Rondo how do you how do you restrict information are you a little. It if you're not pissed off about it -- taken aback by this phone call. About well it depends how old. Didn't care that I don't get along with the code only cares if he was protective interest you want to stand down so I gotta be. He -- need to make this all right. But you know what it depends on how Rondo dealt with that. Now in many instances in a fellow employee tells you that they're trying to do -- do you deal you body here move you allowed in a position whatever. You can get pissed off at the management. Right right maybe he was open at -- was gonna do that I don't know if I'll I'll go with if Rondo. Had an issue with me that's on him. I have a way of going about doing my job that I want everyone to come and play their hardest. And commitment do their job and I can't. I don't worry myself with things I can't control. -- -- Of course. Ray Allen Ray Allen was great Ray Allen was great here is great I I I love to. That Sarah watching these guys together win a championship their first year great team one of the all time great Celtics teams. You think my blessing and a lot he got seventeen banner and one of the all time -- he was great Celtic stinks after the 2008. There a couple of things that are clear you say why. Why would keep going back. In target and in and talking about the ex girlfriend Liza continued I -- corporate. Because he didn't want lever right. That's why he's hurt he's still hurt -- you're you're seeing. Why went to Miami in the first place you don't want to BM Miami. Don't want they were LeBron Dwyane -- you want to be here but he wanted to be here. He wanted to hear certain things that were never said he wanted to hear. You gotta start and we love you and you're so important to us and will never trade he wanted to hear a lot of things anyone a lot of money. So he's hurt that everything that -- some things happen but not everything. That's one so of course. You do worry about things you can't control what you can control getting traded or not because -- -- I'm Smart enough. -- -- you -- and you know you'd you can't control getting traded. When you're the player in the in the GM is on the trigger but he exactly he did exactly what he said he doesn't it. He was worried about things he couldn't control -- -- -- -- I must tell you I feel the same way you do about -- was an integral part of what they did. To win that championship gave up an awful lot though he admitted to me and that in an interview. That it was very difficult for him to do it but he gave up part of his game for all work but I never thought of him as Stuart Smalley had never thought of them. A sit there and lacking. Confidence what to do what Michael to pick up and go. And to take half the money how often do we sit here we say. A lot of times if you know Johnny game if. They're gonna pay you more money okay you don't know the difference between the Red Sox uniformity Yankee uniform -- like the fans. Core totally emotionally involved. In one uniform. The players aren't necessarily. The same emotionally and attached it figured what what -- radical more money elsewhere even -- -- it's a huge rivalry and people back to Boston again I hate you for bill. Allen is going to the arch rival the enemy right now for half the money and you are apps you hit it right and yet. He doesn't want to know you don't wanna be there doesn't want you look at him. If you want to be there. You wouldn't be talking about Boston as much as he does he would be talking about this is what happened with Rondo this is what apple would and is what happened with -- He wants to be here but he felt like he had ago he was -- -- this is what happens all the time this is what this is what breaks up. Your favorite team this is what breaks up your favorite group. Ego gets in the -- feelings get away and somebody has got to branch off. And do their own thing because they don't feel like they're getting enough credit. There they have not heard what they need to hear that's the story would write about it. I understand it you said you never it never thought of ray as Stuart Smalley not to count you know he doesn't lack confidence at all. Professional athletes most of them. There wired differently than most of us. And lack copies won most confident guys in the league. This is about. He's our stroking yes stroking -- -- I don't lack confidence but you gotta you can -- and got a stroke my ego and they didn't do it. Okay enough so why you do this why would you leave the girlfriend. Do you publicly come out saying. She gained twenty pounds she never used the knife and a -- and we used to go to great dining establishments and as a bad person and I liked about it. Listen to this court in Boston they were telling me they were going to bring me off the bench we're gonna play you less minutes. And all I asked was how are you going to use me because the last two years you've been using me as deep chords. You're running all these place for me just the passage of some -- somewhere else. And you're not putting me into any scoring opportunities. And I'm just standing over in the corner majority of the games that you watched the games to dress -- up to. I didn't see it for two years but I think what Ray Allen ray Allen's not talk about the passage from what the future. That's exactly what's gonna happen to you in Miami. You are not going to be. The primary option on place. -- -- That's what George you're Mike Miller without -- and it's you're standing on the corner and after an and after they double and triple team LeBron and and wine. Stand in the corner and and you might be open and by the way if you have the ball you get about the way you need to get back to the -- -- -- just. It clear and I hate not I'm I'm I'm I'm what I'm I'm fascinated I'm fascinated by the dynamics of it but. And I can't say you know ray is right and and Rondo is wrong Rondo wrong at all -- goes right ray has -- is just the situation is clear as day this is why it's happening this is why. He continues to talk about it and everybody knows it. He's he's he's -- -- Doc Rivers. Apprised of the comments to the Miami media by Ray Allen shrugs and says. We're just going to let -- keep talking Rajon Rondo is now -- law. Said on race chatter I just stay focused and hit the gym. I didn't read any papers or see anything on the news about number twelve. Can I -- -- of just moving on bright and lending rate to all of the dock by. I don't get it I mean this is a good guy I think you and I both have great respect for him as a person as a player is that the you know right now we feel like the jilted lover. And man he's playing it out in the public you can do that if you're hiding away playing for Sacramento. I'm not sure you can do it when you're gonna be playing. That teen all season and it battling for the top spot at different. This is where this is where you can pull rank in actually hope you do pull rank in in this situation. You've seen a lot of basketball -- -- great championship level basketball he called though. I think you'll agree that this is not unusual. Among stars. Have. Their their issues in did not get along at times on and -- Perhaps it will have infighting. -- it illustrates how prosecutors say what's on usual. It's for them to stay together as long as it did immediately but. You know I could tell a hundred stories about the Big Three out you know Kevin and Larry had their issues you know Larry cheap cheap and Kevin. But each day and a whole day but the fact that they stayed together for a decade that's your usual part. This is what what Ray Allen is is saying right now and how the Celtics -- about a privately. That's not. That's not uncommon at all what -- what it's that simple hole. Other element of the Celtics in Miami Heat in the face each other next week. On opening night down there in Miami I've got a phone calls coming up next year -- eviction. -- -- -- Blow. That's a sentiment that was chaired quite a bit. Spent the last two months to remind me about I don't know what. I could not stand shoot you know are rooted against you so much in the you know people they'd like -- might want that so mis. I could -- for anybody. When UT much here for you because that's -- who you were as a player. But I can't anybody else I'm glad certainty now sort -- really truly root for you so. That's been assessment. Gotten also sought receive. One thing in Miami though even if he plays poorly done it back again on this case and shall wait for the games. As long as there -- there you know they've got LeBron and wade -- differences that means anybody. The -- -- Mike Miller when you know he's he's too after the last 43 shots or whatever and -- that you know it's a it's the the two main -- is takes more heat down there probably -- or any other two guys as they expect him to be like LeBron and wade -- He's not the same player but I just think it that the dynamics of all of this now it sets up by the way great if you or a a fan of either one of these teams. Because it's a whole new element into the rivalry. Is no question it's going to be -- wanna watch on October 30. The Miami gets give the -- in. I'm sure ray will be there in Alaska after the game houses fielders to watch your team gathering on -- that position next year and all that stuff is gonna happen. Which we haven't mentioned. To about ray vs Rondo and all that. He's going to be really good for the Miami I agree it's going to be really good form I agree. If they've pieced it hasn't now have reason to believe that he's lost it. Now a lot of open shots. He's not gonna play a ton of minutes and I think that's good form. I mean it if Pat Riley probably didn't see it that way because recruiting. But it it makes more sense to use Ray Allen intelligently planned -- 2728. Minutes a game. -- kind of open shots. And watches. What to three point percentage rival what it was last year was good last year -- -- The Celtics you know you don't have. LeBron James LeBron James type Dwyane Wade -- and -- still able to find rate for a lot of open shots. And he was able to hit well over 40% report rate imagine yeah all the doubles. That the bronze cities and that wage he's the most of the bronze LeBron the great passer too. A lot of open shots -- -- out so well. It's a great situation for even more so in the playoffs because how many times did we watch race struggle struggling. In the playoffs. Only because -- hurt. Well that was part of of the teams were able to be more physical humor Cleveland of the great series Atlantic usability are creatures because they were able to. The far more physical you get away with foreign -- players in the regular season but dominant. You're not gonna concentrate here yet to concentrate -- -- in -- perimeter -- was the scariest guy in a program got down there. You've got to you've got to you've got picked up lane on to the guys have all the players you've seen. Over the last 25 or thirty years. For the Celtics hadn't seen anybody. Catch and shoot quicker. -- all all that deputy on other than Reggie Miller. I don't remember anybody in the league being able to come off that screen. And in one motion. Have the ball in the errors the coming off that screen and being able to set their feet he's great at it. Now I don't think you can see that same type of setup down in Miami you're gonna see him play two quarters he's gonna play that Mike Miller role where he's at a quarter. And they're gonna kick -- tool when they shot. LeBron and try to closed down the paint on on Dwyane why -- -- -- three point shooting process all the I would say that you got to watch or he's gonna miss in this Iraq right next to what exactly the only you gonna see differently with Ray Allen down areas. He's so good at coming off that screen in one motion getting into the shop process. How is he going to be when he sat there for five seconds by his lonesome in the corner and suddenly they distribute the ball too -- gonna is gonna be different. Is that going to be. You know out of -- out of what he's been able to do we hear that the only thing I would watch for but I'm with you I think it's a pretty good situation. This Canada Hollis that they care. -- La Gloria. To. Sorry yeah you guys wrote about to blow and I think Ray Allen will be -- but. We look back to all. Of course. It shouldn't I got -- this. Why do you even need a manager and bring all anymore water in the general manager and New Yorkers. Chair and program that -- -- and and let me just earlier that support this is what actually where. There developer it is problem from Curt Schilling. Born till now there and enjoyed our press conference here managing eco. -- don't play -- game for sure they're professionals. Her coaches. Who have catcher they call the players. It's not like -- football or basketball. Where you're planning opportunity try to replace. It would exclude share. So. In order America the first -- for a lot more people. And as much as a hero. Well I mean it's it's. A period. Boll movie. What a lot of sense. As a Hollywood action you know what can you should read money ball. Reid might want like different and we'll be watching money ball doesn't get it done you should read it do why you haven't. Like -- Google why do any good manager. Because what it's just American goes. But that's part of it that's part of the job that it's a huge part of the job and there's a skill. It's a skill that some general managers and owners don't have you said they're governing team and they're gonna continue to govern a team in that. What the -- to turn towards. Italy glad glad I believe it's and that it Michael Leland. My trip to. You know to get a coach. And what should -- The player is gonna give you more value then obviously. Not the coach manager the manager and get in the game that you hit. And background I think it'll. It turns out but -- acidity can -- -- about any sport having you know Bill Belichick doesn't -- Bill Belichick doesn't throw the phone call or talk about -- how much is of course and there's much more and yet there's a lot of -- richer and again. I appreciate your perspective in the question. But -- -- -- give you an answer from my from my perspective. There's a lot more happening. With with game preparation. And in game moves. That you're that you're given these guys credit for united given them any credit for it it's not like the guy is there. In the image. That like there are gonna open a tribute. Or -- go the other partners goes oh Norwalk. You know and the players we're all. He. Well for the external. Well I'm I'm well well. You know what you know it. It and our ears ears are disagree with you -- say that why do you need one at all if you wanna compare. The value of a baseball manager vs an NFL coach I would totally agree -- NFL coach does. Is more than -- a manager doesn't baseball in that you're setting up an entire system okay and both sides of the ball. In baseball. It's the hitter against the pitcher the organization might have a system but the system itself. Doesn't necessarily. Change. If you don't have the right players it doesn't change what you do. I'll appear on the field but the -- that you don't need one at all. I think that we just found that out this past year and -- much -- that the Red Sox would have made the playoffs if you would had yourself a better manager but you -- about the noise. The atmosphere around this team would have been much different and that's what that guy dust. -- -- keep these guys together and they're playing games every single -- the ups and downs of baseball. Are much greater than football where you win a game or lose a game that you've got seven days before you. Play -- it's a totally misunderstood. Position and I think that the best guys. I mean there's the obvious guys. And one out you'll see one on tonight. Jim Leland so. I think everybody knows that that Jim Leland. Is a great manager. You know Jim Leland was. You know guy got Pittsburgh three straight division titles when he was with the pirates. Then he got the Marlins. Two World Series and they won it earlier Jim Leland and then and then he got Detroit to a World Series. Six years ago before losing to the cardinals and Tony La Russa and now they're back in the World Series against some guys are really good managers and. Part of it part of the job is knowledge of that before -- departed just knowing how you knowing how to deal -- people. In knowing the right moves to make the right time yet. I'm sorry it's not as easy. As as -- and other people make it sound I don't know that's your job is of course right -- that situation. Lefty lefty that's what you do all of course a pinch -- for him. It's not that simple some guys are much better -- -- than others so I think if you have a good manager. If you have a good talent in a good manager. You can go places you have good talent we have a bad manager. UB said there are dead 78 and 84 and hat asking yourself. Why. We in the playoffs -- -- that like here we get it done would you agree agree that an NFL coach though is more valuable in a baseball man yes okay. Now at the what he'll throw up there since you brought up Jim Leyland obviously. Jim Leland. Because we have a bunch of people we were discussing the idea last hour that you could have as the you know the disciplinarian that that's what a lot of fans want last year to kick -- whenever people brought -- Joseph Lieberman's name. Gently -- changed his style dramatically did anybody watch how he dealt with the bell verdict situation. He. What it said one thing develop verdict was really struggling here in the playoffs but in public he went out of his way to tell the media. In strong tone and the public that without -- -- week we're are not here. He went out of his way to protect his plight ER. He didn't trauma to the cost kind of some slight comment about him a throwaway line or go on an interview -- and try to submarine got even -- bell verdict was disaster form in the postseason you don't want. Does he knows he still leads that guy and he can't afford to lose. Jim -- is a different manager now. That he was years ago he's been in the business for a long time she's adjusted. As the game has gone along. He had a team this year that under achieved all season long. How many blogs did you have by Leland how many times that he lash out at players I'm not getting this -- -- -- market that he no. That he had the talent and if he could keep it together and get -- help dispose of their pitching staff. He had a chance and right now they're the favorite the World Series talked totally disagree about Jim Leland pianist hard best disciplinarian. He -- He's adjusted and that's why is a great manager. Not trying to communicate yeah. Just announced through is not you know but we assume less than -- widow. Who says whether there's. Is what it is. Let us slogans you have to progress they've moved their rights and the French as. -- say there what is now. I had this -- no question about that acted a phone calls we don't go to big show if you don't -- and here's a great thing didn't think. This was still happening in professional sports that this when you think there are mercenaries don't care. They changed the laundry. Is not really personal there all buddies. Just when you start to think that. This situation comes -- And there are a lot of folks and so on both sides Ray Allen wanted to stay with the Celtics who wasn't about the money clearly the last money go to Miami. And the Celtics won -- Ray Allen to stay. And they're hurt that he got surprised it's -- Mom so it just wouldn't enemies he's right the conditions. Are changing his role is changing but guess one. If his -- doesn't change and they don't incorporate some youth and different skill set into the backcourt right and the Celtics have been constantly -- the bridesmaid and not going to be able to compete for the championship. So he's not looking at the bigger picture he's only looking in his picture almost got to. And that's that's stature than most both athletes in years here in your primary toward the end even. You know I think you know better for the franchise partners forward let's get -- and even here so what's best for me. Kevin and Boston take seven. They got played don't want you are not too much as you Gloria America you've got hit not that I just. -- the -- in double guy Travers take you needed to I mean it just. I don't understand how he can't. EE EU must be so emotionally secure he's really trying to. Not be public enemy number one -- in 2.2 or that took out the money to go where our archrival. I just don't understand it honestly -- make an important stop not just not commenting on continually. I don't think he's thinking about it all you bringing up an excellent point that is that is Michael said he was great here we love them he was a big part of oh wait championship. Game seven against Los Angeles another opportunity to championship and people really we was great. And what he's doing is not only is he going to the chief rival. But now he's he's he's slamming the door and he's screaming outside. And it it's only gonna (%expletive) fans off in which he would probably have gotten a courteous applause now people are gonna look at them differently. Apps so absolutely you know what not a secret -- so it's conscience and done such a good job with. All the LeBron James made some of these -- outreach it's not being professional -- always been that -- -- kinda. He keeps the kids that hey I'm gonna make it -- it -- but I -- the consequences. I'm gonna you know nick didn't move. But I don't live with the consequences of that businesspeople I acted on to beat and not not a bit. You know and Michael we were just talking about that yeah -- year. Lot of guys can't see the reality that can't face reality okay and the reality is that if you're the Boston Celtics. You're a better team if Avery Bradley is out there with Rajon Rondo and you can rest full court. And you can screw up the other team's offense right out of the gate Europe better team with Ray Allen coming off the bench right now doing. What he does as well as anybody who's ever played the game he becomes a real beneficiary of peace for you -- -- can't see them. I have a couple of questions you and I want or want to that I made an excellent point. They go out. I don't think too many fans understand the difference between what an awful picture in bigger catch and shooter and being the guy -- to double team to catch you shouldn't. I think -- something to look for you might struggle with back under the major difference. Between catching -- -- And -- wide open on the wing so as it is in particular Allen outlook of the it -- and I -- they'll put that because I'm -- -- spent. But secondly I -- a question he got their standard here to our -- Iraq Barbara good to have something in a -- someone. Take -- you know how the money to go away from the -- in Boston at least it will work contender. -- that much either I did you know ask -- question Kevin I can't think of anybody. In any sport. For that matter who did it on purpose now sometimes you leaving you think. Amen -- to test free agency I can get more in this of the bad contract offer from -- team I'm gonna go out and again and get a better contract and in the market dries up and you and you -- With a contract that you never thought would be there for you thought it would be much better but to say. Early in free agency. I wanted the best deal forming. It's less than they were offered a Boston and to take -- you know what this from you know what this would be like this would be like. -- at -- Ben mentioned LeBron LeBron took less but not a lot less and let's face it what's the difference between 181000000 and fifteen million for him if he's actually it was a -- in -- short and I tax -- to a lot toward tax situation of Florida very good. But this is almost like if you were to happen. David Ortiz being offered. 82 year deal with the Red Sox point six million dollars and I'm saying screw it I'm gonna take thirteen for two years ago play for the Yankees. Let's say it. There they hit it it's a true and that's what makes -- reaction to that so it's important. Could he -- can't see reality and he should be -- -- -- collateral wrote that sort we come back on because that is what he can't see and -- -- -- he's carrying on. Like a child elderly aunt and and continuing to docked the -- show what you talk a volley that we don't care we don't wanna be either. But little additional our -- is in the no confidence vote got a noble sport which were supposedly happy. You know the other thing that it makes it even worse I think. Is that kid never thought of rain is one of those guys -- what you guys I could statement -- I could come up with twelve names right now are that that I. Would say ray holds and this is something that they would do it justice that they wouldn't think of it his business. They would think dividend is how long gonna be viewed out there by the by the public nationally. They they're simply science I'm gonna do this for myself. Ray was never -- this one of those guys and now you look at it and say this is just out of character for this guy. If you think about it Ray Allen. All the stories about him -- showing up early and getting his work in the businessman the politician. You know always saying the right thing -- trying to do the right thing being thoughtful. When he was asked about a number of topics basketball or otherwise you just never thought. That he would be that guy and that's I think that's a reason. A lot of basketball fans -- -- Ray Allen but folks who didn't know a lot about basketball -- a lot about basketball. But are huge reality fans just because of the way he carried himself here and another place I would get the text what about Nomar -- -- different set of circumstances industry. He was traded by -- -- our team that the other one that comes up is ray Bork. Had no chance of winning straight to get up. He was traded. Because they wanted to give him an opportunity actually went with a we're talking about two contenders here. And what about the Boston Celtics -- coming back in the role but they envisioned him in. And I don't think it's equally wrote a role though we might be asked to do some of that. You're talking about the Boston Celtics vs the Miami Heat both contending yeah well. Contending teams in the same. In the same conference and the team that ended your season last year now. Miami is not the equivalent of the Yankees and he's trying to think of a secondary rival. And I've. I can't think of an example. Of of who they are but they're they're rival they're not they're not the lakers. I'm -- you think of you the biggest rival for the Celtics it will always be the lakers -- is the -- it is. But they're not below so if you wanna bring up Nomar in rape or not only were they traded. You'd have to you'd have to bring up. Those guys going to a secondary rival for their teams they'll report not necessarily going to the Canadians -- re -- going to the Rangers. For less money back right perhaps the okay. -- Nomar not going to the Yankees Nomar going to. And I am an American League it really isn't one. Yeah the 27 race and hope Baltimore. The big staying in the same. Thing in the same division or same conference. And taking less money. I just -- can't think of an exam. I -- -- this is just. Something -- you just don't seem to take half the money. And go to New York conference rival the team that you will have to beat. Two to go win win the championship is all right 61777979837. Write your depiction.

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We get you ready for Bruins game one of round one vs the Detroit Red Wings, with DJ Bean from WEEI.com

Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Title Town Edition - 4-18-14

We tackle four topics all revolving around the most recent runs to championships in Boston, and misnomers like Title Town for Green Bay or Hockey Town for Detroit.

Jack Edwards previews Red Wings and Bruins Round 1 with Dale and Holley 4-17-14

We preview Red Wings-Bruins with the great Jack Edwards of NESN.

Rick Middleton joins Plan…

Rick Middleton joins Planet Mikey

Nifty jumps on the Planet for an hour.

Red Sox lose to the Orioles 2-1 on Opening Day

Lou Merloni did play-by-play with Joe Castiglione today and then joined The Planet Mikey Show to talk about what went wrong, and a few things that went right as the Red Sox started their campaign to defend their World Series title.

Chris Price joins John Ryder to talk the Patriots' newest acquisition

WEEI.com's Chris Price joins John Ryder and Chris Villani on Planet Mikey to discuss the signing of Revis Island

Pod Man Rush: DJ Bean and…

Pod Man Rush: DJ Bean and Greg Wyshynski on Bruins-Red Wings

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports joins DJ to break down the first-round matchup between the Bruins and Red Wings. Also discussed is Zdeno Chara's Norris candidacy, transparency with voting for the NHL awards and whether the Canadiens will get out of the first round.

Minor Details Ep. 79: The meaning of winning in the minors with Carlos Febles, Evan Lepler

The Red Sox' High-A minor league team in Salem recently had a 16-game winning streak that spanned two seasons. So what? From the standpoint of making prospects better and fostering player development, does that matter? Salem manager Carlos Febles (who managed Salem for the end of their winning streak, but who was also in charge of a 50-87 Single-A Greenville team in 2013) and Salem radio play-by-play man Evan Lepler discuss -- while also touching on a number of prospects in search of the next Earl Weaver and Vinegar Bend Mizell.

WEEI WrestleCast: Wrestlemania 30 recap

Scott and Ben recap WrestleMania 30 and talk about the death of the Ultimate Warrior.

Sam Kennedy on the state …

Sam Kennedy on the state of the Red Sox 4-17-14

Red Sox COO Sam Kennedy joined the show to discuss the state of the Sox and MLB.

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Jeff Bauman on his recove…

Jeff Bauman on his recovery 4-17-14

Jeff Bauman joined the show to discuss his recovery over the past year.

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Ty Law, Patriots legend: …

Ty Law, Patriots legend: On being a finalist for Hall of Fame, 4-17-14

Ty Law joins Mut and Christian Fauria to discuss being a finalist for the Patriots Hall of Fame, the way the game is officiated now, and Darrelle Revis.

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Sox win in extra innings …

Sox win in extra innings 4-17-14

The guys opened the show by discussing the Sox 14th inning win over the White Sox.

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Buster Olney, ESPN: Sox c…

Buster Olney, ESPN: Sox clubhouse unhappy with Lester offer, 4-16-14

Buster Olney joined Mut and Merloni to discuss the Lester contract offer and the trickle-down effect in the clubhouse, the defense of Xander Bogaerts, and the slow start

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