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Boomer Esiason: Opposing QB’s are licking their chops to play the Patriots secondary

Oct 15, 2012|

NFL analyst Boomer Esiason joined Dino & Gerry this morning to discuss yet another disgusting performance by the Patriots secondary and if it can be fixed. He talks about how shocked he is with the way the Patriots are playing at the end of games, if the Patriots are arrogant in their play calling, and where was their running game at the end of the game. He also touches on the non-existent pass rush, why they keep allowing big pass plays, and if the Patriots should still be considered a top team in the AFC.

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Welcome back it as a patriot Monday our conversation -- Boomer Esiason -- Compuware boomer has brought to you. By the surprisingly delicious -- one coffee it's just 99 cents any size and only at Cumberland farms morning Boomer Esiason now aria. Good morning guys are doing well popularly got to look there are out there that have to watch that game yet so what do fiasco I'm an adult would I describe again between the he talks to the patriot that was no 100% Kia. I can only imagine what a pleasant six hour flight that was -- from Seattle last night for those guys practice -- a lot of. Well a lot of guys in the a lot of questions about the way they came was managed I think there are a lot of players that are looking at themselves on what the hell -- we do -- out there especially. Admirable and on the last -- touchdown pass. Aren't they get benched. I mean you know YouTube you literally are playing an -- game in which do you -- up 475. Yards on supposedly the number one defense in football you won't sacked once. And Tom Brady inexplicably threw 58 passes -- he's on the almost on the injured list every week because of a sore shoulder or -- -- -- the -- on the injured list because. I mean it was just I don't how do you explain the game like that and and how you lose a game like that that late. Give -- a fourteen points in the fourth quarter. You Obama -- watching this patriots secondary get lit up really isn't shocking we've seen a few years of this ineptitude what is shocking you mention it is this team's inability to finish off close ball games at the end not to mention. Some really bad decisions and play making by Tom Brady that's what -- shocking to me. Well you know that there's no question that I like to hear have to make strategic decisions in games somewhere along -- and make some mistakes and I'll put that -- be it would it would really took my breath away. The players that are sort of formal part of that is watched this major team be so. You know buttoned up and -- all what I would consider most of most sort of making the right decisions. From the from the sidelines from from palm's position. Was the way they have -- the first yeah you have to me that's inexcusable and it's six seconds on the clock and you're getting greedy. He try to do something that's a -- impossible to do you know he's just flopped in the next you know the field goal right here and in the court today and and our debate if they are looking at the yesterday all the media from making mistakes partnership -- was a former owner what it -- But if you ask me the end of the first half. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so frustrating I'm sure everybody on the -- on the back and to all the fans out there that I don't know how you can explain now. You know it is -- -- -- the execution was -- to elect who will give that put the decision. Is patriot like I think they have I don't -- They're cocky. Arrogant and some people's minds and they say we get six seconds will run a play that takes five may -- will score maybe we won't look at the field goal. Do you think the rest of league -- the patriots as arrogant god knows a couple of DB since in this in Seattle think the patriots yeah arrogant. Actually there are -- that the tweet from one of those you talk a -- on the back. Yeah I mean competent. We're also -- that you could use against. On that in this in this case I would think. Executable looked about like we used to describe that decision at the end of the post -- that -- I don't know who makes you know I'm assuming that Bill Belichick makes weapons decision I can't believe that. -- probably would make on his own that's gotta become the head coach here we can model plywood and -- And within its first that -- -- for so long. To sit here on Monday morning apart Monday Morning Quarterback I I think. You you have to get the true answer as to why they did what he had to be at the end of personal to me that's the most important question. I guess -- get beat you Giambi and the action when -- get beat there's not pass rush. Are you the other young kid and Russell Wilson's got to parents are on. Thought I'd get some of that stuff but you know that going to be of course after in my estimation was completely. Inexcusable and there's just no way you can exploit I mean. It's it's happened we're sitting in it in the studio watching this model of the what do they do I'm glad I didn't score -- touchdown diplomat on board even discuss it today. One and and the way it ended and you lose the opportunity for a easy three point there there's just no way to explain that. But don't you didn't you and didn't Marino have plays that took less than six seconds when you're at the goal I didn't get out of situations. You ultimately can go wrong there will do it you know will work to support a 10. Yeah I know that the workers assuming that every player that you Ron is going to be. Are smooth play and it's gonna end up with the results that you expect blood. You're the NFL and that we see you know what we see each and every week is he. The unexplainable. -- be unpredictable. To crack the other team gets paid as well. And that's sometimes even the great one partner Tom Brady can vacate. Accused of just unbelievable mistake. Again I don't know if he convinced. Bill Belichick act or or what was going on here but big business this is just it's again the word I keep using is inexcusable because I just don't. I don't get it I don't understand it and it doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. Over all the things Tom Brady has command of his remarkable skill set to play quarterback at the highest level reading defense is you know getting protection set. Up progression reads all that sort of stuff all very difficult you know more than anybody else hold of gold is to play quarterback in the NFL. Having some sort of idea how to throw a ball away without intentional grounding beat like one of the easier things you should have command of he did it twice yesterday as you said it cost him in the first half they did a super -- the cost of not a bad start the Super Bowl he's done that pretty easy thing to have figured out. Well it is it is one of the reasons why they don't have as many factors they do because it doesn't Obama the ball at all until argued that -- as well you know quarterback's job is to get the ball don't expect. The butchered -- minute and a bad situations so. You know it is at a point part you know I guess you could say that it is. But more war -- More importantly it's a decision to Gulfport at that point D'Amato RU is Josh McDaniels and the Bill Belichick here -- -- we got that play we can on this one we can do this week. We know how to do this. I'm not but again I -- I just I'm at a loss for words. Com to discuss -- -- or upon the right words to discuss Howell. A decision like that can be made when there's an easy three points right there for you and mismanagement. I think hit it it is what is so shocking here I mean because. How many times have I spoken you guys over the last eleven years. -- have come in here I've marveled at the way that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady handled themselves at the end of games. And and the way that they've won games whether they are allowing another team to score a lot Denver -- going down and score yourself behind the game -- the -- get overtime. Or are you -- gone forward on fourth down in Indianapolis a few years ago against. The Indianapolis COLT and by the way -- -- the -- last week against the Denver Broncos upset -- scratching my head -- for a fourth down so. There have been some things that are happening this year. That really -- wonder if there it. If they are arrogant or. You're curious though not to won the easy things here to help them one football games. Over well let's go to the end of the game -- you just mentioned last nine minutes and 21 seconds patriots were -- 23 to ten didn't get that call call for a little bit of balance a little bit more of running the football instead of throwing it 58 times. They needed to get something more than a three and out which they -- one able to do. I never thought in my wildest dreams that that -- would put up 58 passes in the game not that what happens you get it to do and all of sudden your. You feel like you're -- -- want to -- all those guys played assault in terms of pass blocking is actually in that building against those. Outside the Pentagon to a pretty quick and get off the ball pretty good because of the -- there but. Yeah. Do you have one of the best running games -- you know we talk about that and we have talked about that the last three weeks here. I don't know what happened to them -- you know and and again you'd you'd have to ethnic Daniels like -- -- -- that you have to ask. Lady that why wouldn't you try to at least that some of the time off the clock as opposed to just gone out there when you're an open downfield because remember. -- however I'm reporting completion wore when he receiver took out of bounds you do -- the -- for the team that's trailing you by a stopped clock. What what can you do about this the second area is and make and they bring in some new people and they teach them on the fly. You know how to cover can they correct these mistakes. Well I don't want to make it help would be a pass rush and put that renowned again it seems like. You know last week we saw a little bit of a pass rush their big I have to Peyton Manning pretty good. But. They never -- they -- sit back and coverage and I know that's probably. Belichick does -- bring you all the rope a dope deal at all out of disruptive but other quarterbacks kind of sit back there and exposes yet it does expose secondary because. Know what Russell Wilson throws touchdown pass Sidney Rice is nobody around there's nobody. And and here's the plot put them and get these five or ten guys. Turn out well you six. While the computer giant compared Barack Skiles and the ball down the difference is nobody in this place. And and -- again whether admiral -- -- thinking about the only way they're losing game except one of these guys get behind them. Do you have that you had a number of things going on there and I'm a lot from a pass rush. Really exposes secondary and at exposes -- aren't going to be -- bench yesterday tell -- -- -- Marino strikes me the only thing to keep induced road DPB gets flushed out of the pocket he gets a little momentum. And he fires it peaked and we did it against other teams who can -- -- who have some decent safeties. Back and coverage I mean their last touchdown the Sidney Rice touchdown. It was just two safeties deep and he just ran between them and they they looked at each other like I don't what do we do about this. -- minds every month reformer he never mind Jeff Blake and yeah same way you roll it will likely roll out and he just always been open Aron and a guy by them -- and could come down with it. Could remember the days of shaken Blake. And that all would lead to TV screen so hard. But I go to the other guy has beaten Tom bradys we Cam Newton he's beaten Aaron Rodgers sort of Tony Romo sort of like that you write this -- -- beaten those other quarterbacks now. He's a rookie and I'm sure that he's not really totally sure about everything that's going on. But some leadership reforms seem to be right. That last play where he -- touchdown pass to us to -- that was almost easy foremost EZ -- -- there was nobody around them. I was just launched a ball down the field -- slump now let's get on the two deep at the back of the for the safety of the of the pitcher. Over Seattle had completions of 51 yards to Golden -- fifty yards to Doug Baldwin 46 yards to rice 29 yards to race in 22 yards is Zach Miller. A -- as much of an indictment of the patriot secondary as it is lauding this -- a rookie quarterback. Guys also are an indictment of the based -- -- Russia does not exist yet. I mean so they would you watch your quarterbacks around the league those guys that have clean pockets like Aaron Rodgers that last night. They start you know -- up and even number 8258 I'm just it was almost sacked once and there was a couple times where there's some pressure and all that other stuff let. You know when -- -- back to create content nobody hit you you know you get into a comfort zone and all the sudden you know you start making big plays but. Maybe that's why I would take quarterback is that number one. You know position in all of football for all the obvious reasons. And then number two receiver shut down corner or he's a great great defense abandoned or outside linebacker -- and put pressure on the quarterback and get -- -- When you need to -- that happened not you know in the middle the first quarter. But on that last drive -- the opposing team is driving down the field you need somebody. That's gonna make their quarterback uncomfortable and you -- that didn't happen to the patriots yesterday. -- three losses are by a combined total four points now is very positive there that says yes they're close or is that morbid negative that they can't close about the tight games the end. Well let's take a look at certain acts was in the next five games -- the jets this week in -- the rams buffalo Indian medical at the jet right. Do we favor and every single one of those games they're a better team and every single one of those teams system that nobody gets us significantly injured your ball went for the patriots. They should be the score you know twenty. 34 points on every single one of those sequences. Maybe with the exception programs that it's in Saint Louis. While we have three is obviously not where they wanna be I still believe. It made very weak conference and you take a look at Vienna cheaper -- city. You know that the real hard quote great defense is right I believe brawl on the interstate. Obviously it's like the old AFL days that this is about all the Balkans now on the field in this conference. I still believe that the right they would use that as the two best teams in the attic in the conference. Really so yeah they're the best 33 team they have seized Ballmer the best. I would definitely that's one of the dominant Gilbert confident about that that I high enough because. A daughter who doesn't WEEI also that this morning -- Libya and I'll say that you know at the end of the week on -- -- else on doing an interview there's there's no question. That offense wanted to -- long minutes and it's planned well is going to be very difficult for the other teams in the division. There's no -- I mean they should be ashamed to be tied the other three teams thrilled to be 500. The patent should be ashamed of. The problem you get the 500 right -- that's got just demoralized and back to back weeks and sort of the Buffalo Bills the buffalo. Yeah because of our kicker -- big -- 61 ought to protect it whatever is at 35. When the game you know that you lose yesterday's game that of course. Number that maybe the big surprise -- all these good teams as the way that Miami is -- you know Miami is. Although gains clothes they play them tight to the -- their defense has played so much better this year. And -- rookie quarterback choir and having no one beyond his years so. If you if you look at all the quarterbacks in division you look at all the all the play makers in the division if you ask me the patriots still by far away are the best team. And I think you when -- -- -- I think he's emerged as the second best quarterback in the division we asked that every week consistent this quite a disparity there but. Beyond Brady's -- to see these -- the one guy. -- Ken who looks promising. Well it certainly does major upside compliment and -- Mark Sanchez only our government attempted eighteen passes yesterday completed eleven. For less than a hundred yards and while I guess that the baby steps to -- probably swallowed offense down here. It it's not -- it's not a passing attack that you know is gonna shock anybody or supplies anybody put. But they haven't faced the patriots -- Ballmer and are there. At the -- our power quarterback getting ready to stage the patriots. The licking my chops are really worded it's that you. Appropriate in the performance in the screen you could see it could because on -- wide open. And can also be a very clean pocket for the most part for opposing quarterbacks so what's in the -- I I the pitchers are better team -- the jets but what makes this this whole thing really interest things. Is that it is Rex Ryan it's it's mark Sanchez's comment -- -- anyone who's won big games up there and it stopped -- legitimate do -- help a lot better about itself today than it did last year. Didn't tell level the jets quarterbacks I'm sure sexy -- he likes to think the ground and pound is gaining traction with Shawn Green yesterday is that sustainable. Is that sustainable. We haven't -- played you know they -- Indianapolis and Indianapolis is there's not a great team by any stretch of the imagination yeah sure they decreed that last week in. All the emotion that went into all of that stuff -- You are denied the Indianapolis not a great -- -- -- -- yet the ticket for what it's worth and you know down here in New York or you know Mark Sanchez just been blistered for five or six weeks down rightfully so but then -- those parties bottle. In my estimation. They're better seasons started yesterday that if they would've lost that game to Indianapolis. You know then then I think the vultures wouldn't really aren't coming down from both elections spano and and of course those which has brought. At the bit when the game yesterday I'd like perceived would have started the new had they done that another much better frame of mind and this will be an interest in gains coming on. Well with the jets winning big in the giants' winning big this does to your people to boomers people turn their the wrath on on Robinson and know what happens today. It's not a big -- -- -- -- -- as as president of the giants' war yesterday and and and what a great performance was. I still think that the initial. Start this morning will be. Are the Yankees in the just the inability of there you know 189 million dollar payroll. A couple of big spot and he's got a lot of -- Yankee fan so wanna talk about payroll pretty good defense and get mad at me. But then again the reason that there are so angry is that because their players who were receiving that money aren't living up to their paychecks. So it's it's kind of a weird dynamic that we have down. Abbott they get all the just in Berlin and now so the -- be bounced back nicely game to really hit it. Well listen you know what I did anybody give San Francisco giants' chance. Another lose their first two games at home and then they go on the road and went -- for him and Cincinnati which was an amazing story which is made this. Postseason. You know baseball just unbelievable manager watched a game yesterday. Couple blown calls by umpires won't -- the night before Bobby can know who was -- at first I mean there's a lot of things that are going into these baseball and that I could just fascinated. Over should we assume -- not gonna -- San Diego tonight. I don't own cross border area good yes good move -- -- that -- and you'll talk it next week. Marketed under a portrait Boomer Esiason to Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE Boomer Esiason has been sponsored by Cumberland farms DCU digital federal credit union and by global deputies.

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