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Friday, October 12th Whiner Line

Oct 12, 2012|

Godspeed Meter!

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Music music music expressed and expressed the -- like -- aren't likely to keep received this car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey I'm taking responsibility for this I mean really we have to make suggestions I've -- count on us to be able to get -- -- -- and get things right and now. And we've we've stayed with the things that we know how to do real well. But now we have to make just as do we just on women in good WEEI. Whiner line. I would say is we have to go back to work would -- together we have to find ways to create office again but right now we don't have anything -- this. It's given us just went for bones and dial 7793530. -- -- in the -- the consequences are clear policy consequences well that's you're paying the consequences are clear on it if you lose. Yes I know it's just fun -- brown and have a running neck. Guarantee you this all right -- airline -- about the vaccine you're working commodity and we do. And now he's gone there was no good but what -- don't. That WEP guys warming your life. -- Reporters. You know I was fortunate but not probable evidence Parcells Belichick that. Not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so one witness on its enormous Mikey. He was nervous. And -- Coming up with. -- Currently in the iTunes now and -- what you want all of these extra inning games when all the -- Major League Baseball. And that one extra -- -- Clock. After -- -- why -- got problems so much. Army active Oreo the greatest stories and problems of your. Seven race. -- 32 million dollars -- years 51. You know again. And time of the of the top ten days one year. Just -- IT TE. Of the equipment to want to. Call. My -- your votes 5050. Switched over. The -- And helping out now -- and it never required. Probably about what I want it's good and pick and but what a lot apparent product and I am very. It is what is being. Does this job board. Not bad about bank -- -- yeah I expect they'll go at that and edit back again. Yeah I dot com. And -- met him. -- let me baby. 1877. And I still. Cold creek. I -- I feel like. Probably your cat that phone number I think it's important to point out that nobody has ever -- but I. I've been an important -- -- I have L final but numbers don't talk -- decided to take. All about it I don't need help would be ordered I don't I -- quite -- but -- They called it a lot about my -- -- one -- seven and I don't think double screen. -- -- -- -- -- Ads -- V studio doing yard work and overalls and flannel shirt. The proper comedic response -- look at me -- dialogue we're here to all of my guys in jail. To vote for -- and number. -- -- to lead 5850 AM until we have one -- to Cuba at 858 inches or. What gets our hundred dollar American Express gift card. Also eligible for the one of the year -- priced -- spread to -- would want you here. He AT&T service included. One of the -- iPod by AT&T forgy outreach was. I brought up ten to land then a -- AT&T. Rethink its prosecuted tried playing and functions like about it. By the way that it now you don't know when these actors get rid of -- come -- and just bring back -- -- at -- I'll -- our people and candidates. Of them. Very big dogs yeah I'm on my dad had better because. Noticeably. Didn't like Jack Edwards have a. Jack Jack back on here next door OK I think he's -- more apologies -- an occasional games. We'll find -- its seasonal holding them sketch and try to -- time. It's jumps up to get a it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Picked up yet today not can't help -- -- It would it won't be me but you know you do a lot of work but really -- -- -- -- -- concerned but the big orbit as well -- I. Of course and great question Andy have you. And that he would you say that every Monday as -- -- -- -- -- -- so that doesn't count as well as an -- what is the last time ago. Who have been so loyal you don't you work with them for so many years does that count. Good times and bad times paying for Thursday at a console -- -- and occupy. For how many times. As you -- on to them. I think too -- W zero -- one Christmas means he'd wreck Havoc you don't. Do all answered by mistake I -- and tell us what a disgrace us once analysts any idea or not I don't wildlife that is defense takes very good care of its. Clout. It's the first patient -- very -- -- some. He's never stop these are procedures are going to get picked off first. Well no and -- go back. And then back -- about Obama. But that's almost a foot restriction but -- -- him Mikey got metal mainly the evident among the list -- -- or accused or she's damn good looking. I gotta tell you what you think about some of your friends and we used to -- -- just like Dempsey is focused -- for an excuse you're one does it comes to mind that's on out I'm not really tell but -- -- -- but the -- -- -- -- a -- a little worried about him you if you -- by -- -- -- you know -- gotten. -- -- bell who went to war. And that. I have some been elegantly Beatles sound and have something from being -- just -- penal -- calls all of. I don't want to put god back again noted that they I want them both kind of part of cost was there. But it -- as it got very good. Abbott and have -- -- one -- But it's -- long lives and then go to private contact. Still haven't got -- back to wouldn't have mattered to. Marcos what he's going to be good demand but I've got. That that could have put him back. Think about that. That's what popped up about what science. Don't divided children have been caught about what it's appropriate. -- -- -- father just died -- you don't want islands off it's terrible it's. This directory. That -- worst thing ever ever want to feel like this it's amazing to be the Yankee fans can't -- the fact that their teams in the policies. Now we know what it's like for a team not to be in the postseason for you all posts. Isn't of course I proposed in the polarizing I don't post season got -- -- -- stopped -- stop calling it should do things like frolic that I don't Franken the false -- -- Hey good dot. -- -- I apartment that I. Our. Bob. Is not -- yeah -- -- side. About and it all but -- aren't. And the love that look just stole second mission alike as he does -- -- and -- -- earnings aren't yet -- -- down the baseline. Earlier in order to get. Haven't -- -- take a lot of -- -- jumped up and have -- resentment that equipment or pop up slide late throw Russell Martin this fuels so I. I want. More because it not a bench what do I want them lose more. He would start. Happen. And this message. -- Is embarrassing for the Yankees. I have high priced seats behind home plate -- playoff game. It was celebrities caught -- celebrities. Don't leave them empty exactly they're all. In particular the property your response was that it's -- the local fraud that brings you war -- -- real jobs. Giuliani doesn't have a couple extra friends and Roger right. Lot of hilly course got -- -- fuel friendly and if you call the celebrity and have a problem Colin celebrities and coming celebrities call you might like we wanted to either -- or eight seats in that -- empty and the first eight years there have easier solution. Hello Keith saw him go let people come down -- Friday night and let people come up as Gypsies and he's got a big night they'll take Friday and he's got pregnant again you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey yeah -- that dot com yeah I've been asked. Yeah yeah. I really -- big news truly -- it. And I -- your own mobile -- that it actually. Died on oil and cry here. And I thought I. -- -- and their anger and luckily he actually that is nobody took off wouldn't eat them honestly it was a good archived the Darth Vader -- -- hook. And. Don't but when -- That Britain had a diplomatic. I don't -- I had in my mind telling you about. And that put -- smile. That's my. I'd bet. Yeah. That. It. Again in -- an independent. I just thought. And I have sat well and. Got up and got back. I am okay and it brought out -- negative. Disappointment and they have been devastating about them the benefit that depend on the way. -- and that. You almost hit. The the feeling that he had delayed hearings like you know because it -- seem to match yes I'm shackles they would like everybody does I think he missed there was my friend I -- my friend are right here that would -- Fred. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Michael. Good. -- haven't. And that it had and property. Okay out of work a worker religious title -- -- -- -- it like I had no problem appreciate any time tragic highway off by the way for two days in a room. Conference thank you very much like it really appreciate -- as got listening really -- -- -- always ruining my doing nice things I people I hate to tell you guzzle -- operating -- she's she's she's always listening she heard -- when you left the scene he can't discuss what can start stop. -- -- -- Patriot -- -- Our bureau of the world over cattle that it -- otherwise. You're. The ball carried. -- what message. And it has benefited platform call upon all become apparent that it carried out about all the different between glory days. And core -- it's just horrible and it didn't. -- And here when it was Memorial Day and I didn't hear Nightline and so having said that. I won't -- or else it. Just like -- Texas to stick it right before his -- -- everything that. I won't bring our own army and -- Got a bag stolen it was during those days and I have been here one year ago and so having said that. I won't Mason Florio let's say they have their whole different language and Texas the only credible. Good morning. Don't -- I want somebody just aren't guys. On -- guys are blind side block but more -- that -- because behind. On all the guys I've. Time toward America did it on -- Rivers and army is the word now you can't just corn -- guys on a blind side block. And just tailgate -- itself its final. -- -- in this corner hold back. And -- It's arguably the hole and there is going to be there. Gloria hold court all the titular title -- Florio don't do anything he. -- -- my big government big -- did and got dumped in the days all the Shiites today there and says. Three -- And it. I would say get some musical accompaniment. To that mayor horse maybe get a job and it that -- job. -- -- -- -- -- -- They end up being good the -- -- anymore. This -- the murders 77. And seven. Marie Smith of the war -- and the number no resentment. That is. That led -- and I agree. Seven. Report. -- -- -- Saltzman sol and -- Huckabee either. I hear that she stormed out here today and it was a -- it was at all about I don't know. He's moving on to play by plan -- the next John Sterling somewhere -- mr. -- here. I have been a bit. I don't know I think they've been letting the bad news I bet you can't support getting back by the belt does but Beckett. Do -- -- quite got there and they have a book but I. And message. -- -- -- -- Guys that kind of let one. -- language and our affiliate there are no. No no no -- This is this the guy who left and his cronies that comes on he's got a bright future I'm telling you not say. The Odyssey Jon Meterparel. Doing big things don't -- -- -- -- Yes on the couch beyond. -- -- model boys' underwear. But. In reality here a couple of let it play and got that red button now that god didn't. Yeah it appears. How else you know what let's go to when they're saying that maybe he did get thinking -- may yeah just -- maybe he's gonna do little play by play and that would actually do. The beat the Red Sox announcer expect that's a possibility -- he -- that he can park free over there can park drive and their dad. 88 -- put -- by boat brought the water is the I hit about a period I had written for the period that helped put Iraq. And -- you're sharing a better show I like though. Arabia. And are up you know leave that all they are today -- -- and it I haven't thought about -- -- -- -- -- -- As you can work is done that's it really davis' last acutely than in past like at nine. Cents a huge announcement. Usually you know. It was huge amounts. I really see that number up there. Unbelievable. The last five Yankee. Post season home games if scored totaled nine runs this -- And show you might -- -- this is playing. You know. The broadcast group. And his next job might be proud of them. That the child -- -- -- NASCAR was. Not -- charged by the what he had BC like you know problems. I would like you know what happened DeVon yeah. I cannot connect and candidates take note on the under the plan -- about me. Like about -- it would -- yet and apparently some sort of quote. I can't. The bad. The current you. -- You'll want to -- one of the eureka this morning -- informant took. How much 6668. To 32%. Whatever -- 100 dollar American Express different AT&T eligible for the -- the grand prize claim your prize and -- -- -- of the week at WEE I ducked out -- -- got a lot of Cuba AT&T -- LT TE speeds up to ten times faster three -- AT&T every thing bounce -- --

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