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Mikey talks MLB Playoffs and Brandon Spikes

Oct 11, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder are talking about the Red Sox future, the roller coaster that's been MLB's Postseason and Brandon Spikes Twitter controversey.

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How can carry a cell from a 66 time all right. Allow island ally Ian nice Howard Cosell would count says speaking of the sports. Upended -- -- twenty years and -- of the roughly -- must be somewhere around there and while. That's hard to believe. We have a couple of hours with you tonight friends and a going to be talking a lot of things first and foremost I would like to say this. To view John the writer to use the radio listening audience. Are some really good baseball office boy you know whoever you're a fan of an almost around here include a -- to the ones -- the -- not dance but. That was a tremendous game and in the drama as well later in the night Oakland. That was just a great a couple of games to watch after I got home last night I was able to -- via the endings the most. Those great baseball games now is a good postseason terrific games about the Yankees game because we were here you me and Lanny. We're sitting here in his room when Adam Pacman gym clothes. Ran back and missed it was no Bradford were -- Restaurant oh that's right side and it was perhaps recourse but ladies usually. And he went back and misplayed by the way it got a terrible job on -- all. Now what's it hit pretty good -- off the fists considering it -- you know I didn't think Jeter's on the strongest of all testosterone injections but he's he's. He had a pretty good on the inside my I didn't think he would travel that far when I saw that I understand that if you're out QVC got off the -- yeah right be at that you're right but you know what your professional. Center fielder in the playoffs is a major least. He was nonchalant in back to them have all bought a bubble blowing bubbles with -- bubble gum while he's running back looking up for it. I mean. If you're fervently trying to win a game with every ounce of energy you have. I don't think. He's quite that gift that a player that he should be. Blowing bubble goes back to -- And turn it -- travel season that meant of course that changed everything you know people don't talk about that but yet that's an important round right there are very much is it in a close game and a tight game like that and usually typically one of the better. A defensive center fielders in the game totally blew that game for the Orioles because -- in and there are no -- and other people say well no you know Johnson fluid give up the OK but that those things shouldn't -- happened. After that because the game should have been over in the ninth inning correct. Yes. You know we saw what happened last -- there's one place. Earlier in the game that people won't they'll think about that they roll by and yes. About he pinch hit for 32 million dollar a year in her what an amateur but whatever when it gets to that point miners will be 32 it's just we Equus. Scenario for the Yankees to have that guy sitting there. -- about it now if you set useless for them they're gonna pinch hit for a playoff game. As as good as the highest paid player in baseball. They should part of team wants to pay him. Eight million dollars a year and then suck up the other 24 million get rid of who was that the only team like I think of as the -- it would take a great area there there there that -- Well I eight million. Yeah yeah and then -- the Yankees eat the Tony for the gonna eat it anyway they're ready to eat worse when I got to line up please what is to think about that over the next. Few years it's even past forty would A-Rod and he's an author of without yes I was on the year when that when that happened last night I was on when the pinch hit a home run happened -- was a while and -- urgent I was previewing -- while it's it's might come down to a riding here against against Jim Johnson I was. What do gutsy move by -- -- and get give him credit not only easy. You know look at that is okay this is the guy you want up here and let's make the move for get a rods he leans. I probably as -- do we have nobody rise at all what he makes 32 million dollars you can cry himself to sleep tonight I think will be okay in the morning. But what a great ending to that game -- it to have about is who's 41 he's forty. India is -- -- 41 probably I think he's birthdays coming. He saw an old dude he's been around in a botched T Seattle Phillies battle of kind of the late bloomer in terms of limited some good years in Kansas City and Seattle right. You know I always get a pretty good year for them based on what they paid and they picked up as a free agency out of his -- party is hugely -- you look at that to mean Kuroda goes eight and a third. And you and he is up there he's what 37. And Ibanez. Though who one year deals -- your eyes -- I don't know and take heed of that Red Sox. Management. Red Sox Nation. So that was a great game. At -- I love baseball and I hate the Yankees but I I'd love baseball so much -- that was a cool at least it was a really cool game is it the Aggies had to win -- they wanted to on. I would not want these multi zillion dollar guys -- an -- Oakland game mystery tremendous rate is game and you know it's funny because Coco Crisp has been. You know when he got when he came here he had all kinds of promises it never quite he had injuries what's whose hands it -- -- his fingers like that sliding into a -- He never really became the sparkling play although defensively was always great. But you know he didn't get a lot of the key hits -- -- he's been just remarkable for this Oakland team which always seems to via. A spot for people -- goal when they don't know what to do with their career and it and what do resurgence. For Coco Crisp and -- or the egg in the pie in the face in the Gatorade -- -- his head into Indian national televised interview. I really just enjoyed that -- I was happy for him. And for the whole Oakland -- team who bored to crazy rowdy nut balls in there on the surface of that that -- -- -- -- -- good for them and I hope they win tonight. Although I don't anticipate that they will I well I think Detroit with Verlander Golan is gonna win again can't count out Oakland Baltimore and now they've been you can't but rebellion if there's any pitcher you can count him out against is when you must think so ever be brutally. You know. In that park right. And also you win the that game. I -- yeah Brandon Moss strikes out -- at that would runners out of the and that's it that's it for -- and -- rights movement on and all of a -- and Smith wrote a huge hit that they've had. Smith Smith who struck acted to finish up the two. 2007 World Series tremendous game really fun baseball watch last night and about this Nolan Ryan in the smokeless tobacco thing Josh Hamilton now. As a guy who's had a little experience with tobacco. I quitting tobacco -- long term think is a little bit of it you know struggle mind Bender for yeah. Changes a little bit you have to really takes a while. You know to be able to do detective Mark Twain who said. Quitting smoking is easy I've done it thousands of time yes. So for Josh Hamilton now he's got the other issues in all of the substance stuff going on but. I think Nolan Ryan had a good point I agree when you tackles something like that that that changes your overall. He's rolling -- -- -- -- -- MVP Tutsi said he decides he's gonna quit the smokeless did dip or whatever it is and and Andy he gets all messed up. It's because it's a psychological addiction more than anything else and so he's gonna have all kinds of things going on his already very tentative. Head when it comes to substances. So. With all due respect to anybody who you know and obviously the people -- if you quit tobacco it's great -- you're right -- -- -- -- -- -- night. That it's a Smart thing to do long term for your health and anything else. But in the middle of the season where your -- used to change anything. It's not as a Ross not heroin. Now it's not cocaine. Vick could kill him immediately -- -- hurting your long term you know of course unity it is this is a lot of things you do an excess -- like eating. Any -- over the long moderation Nikita but our. If it's changed completely -- who he was during the course this year that I -- I would've said you don't know is -- point he could've -- -- -- -- in April because -- I I agree with you and I was tied with -- and I -- -- -- call. There of course we're talking before the show and then yeah I I completely agree -- Nolan Ryan because. He's used to having that you know whether is that the played or Alter the outfield. And and he's also trying to now like -- caffeine -- was trying to do that part of -- -- said he was treated too much copy that caused as a -- be all right -- -- -- yes believe the space man -- the first person to admit that he smoked marijuana the major -- -- Bowie -- struck commissioner's office -- -- on the cover Sports Illustrated over that very issue. You you played in the seventies. He she says baseball does have a substance problem it's you know it's caffeine nicotine's very good if I -- If you played in the seventies has Nolan Ryan did in the sixties. Late sixties and through the eighty's and ninety's he's probably in his life as a pitcher a player coach owner. Seen every single kind of dealing with -- every kind of vote. Physical malady addiction injury all these different things people of painkillers or cortisone shot you can watch it for years. And he probably is absolutely right to assume. That middle of the season is not the right time to quit the idea I have to read -- to an audit and I can completely understand his struggles are with dad Tim and and I do believe that he did slump because of that I do I -- I -- 200 I had to guess absolute one and one of the things contributed to whatever mental -- was in when he started to. Turn away from haven't maybe the greatest -- you know you gotta be Pete Pace yet -- he was you have issues. Somebody issues and it's almost like you know all right just. You know it's good to quit once they wanted to start slow down a little bit after being out naked you know quitting ever nature assists. It's just one of those things I guess if you if you've ever been a tobacco freak opinions stated that -- -- that if you haven't. The other one thing -- before we get the phones opened up people talk -- feel like talking about it 6177797937. Is the Brandon -- stuff I can care less. You know the I understand that if the team says well this is offensive team wants to stop tweeting a team can have a policy don't -- you know you're embarrassing us or whatever. But the stuffy saying -- criticized not funny is now -- whatever people say so much stupid crap on Twitter. If I may wanna comment towards our aggregate fifteen responses will be able. Normally you know what a jerk I am whatever it. But any -- you get whatever whatever you get so if you don't wanna. You know wanna hear what he has to say don't follow him. It's that simple it's like a -- cause you know John mean thankfully I think maybe more people like the show and hated. It's always a good thing and radio business or television ready -- is right. But there's people who hate me they just is -- Emmys. I don't have to have them on my -- attempt blocked them a title like what they're saying. If you don't like what you're hearing on the radio station you've changed the station if you don't like which are watching on TV that's why they have remotes. So if it's a Twitter thing it's bothering people. On follow. Okay I'll follow him. By the way I don't put any enhanced upon my to a quarter. At Nike -- W yeah. -- still in my quest for a 100000 Twitter follow I don't know maybe I should stop throw -- prompted it's really expensive. He had to have more -- you could very well -- you know I garbage out of rebuttal last night. Knew I was inspired to follow Coco Crisp -- -- Chris is his real name they -- -- -- by Canada added -- -- to -- it -- day. For the -- six point 777979. 37 and we welcome your phone calls to 8 o'clock -- -- at that point we will be jumping into NFL football coverage for you. On the Thursday night football game situation. So let's get right to Georgia in Cambridge George how would you like to be first tonight. George fine and their guards and very clear yet -- our radar as I. I am hi I. -- -- -- Well it's like. On spiky humor. And I the way things are today especially in sports I'm not gonna react to anything. If somebody says. In his little bullet because if you he began note sent to humor you wind up being -- -- -- that earnings. -- not really. Our humor loser now it doesn't -- OK I can understand why people find this -- offensive and I can understand the via the patriots you know halting you know -- talking to him about -- you have pitch you know there's been so I don't find it offensive because substrate but I can understand how people got to lighten up by -- PC -- and long. Everything's accepted now it's it is and it in his laws against. Hatred and I understand that it should be like that but you know comedy and wise ass stuff and that's not really hatred that somebody trying to beat. People what has got as they got to just chill the bleep out. Yeah that it. And I don't see why people and that includes your organization work for people they have to bend over backward to accommodate people. Who want to blame the way they feel on other people. In -- on anyone -- -- he comes satellite and it won't make other people feel guilty because. Either they are not mimicking some political agenda or 20. They just don't have a -- Let's -- -- -- honestly it's like but I am I always had a motto George yeah. Lethal mistake can't take it. But it's really -- -- in my life that -- some places it's really hurt me but on the other hand it's it's keep she's saying he had such a fine line with social media -- -- of the culture -- and a dollar figure on your next idea that assistant. John the -- car phone there hello John. Dawn and I don't dirtier. Award comment on this department balance sign -- -- our situation I actually played in there. -- that that is written not -- or not. Would name dark. -- -- Now yeah pitcher -- -- yeah it's there right in the kitchen accident and I -- -- -- -- up and down in 93 and the reds were -- that you're. A big bounce on the wrist started out as to manage. And you know that the question what the -- -- -- on my upper spent. When it starts to happen like that you -- make sure you numbers all the right numbers -- good because when it starts the people around. You wanna be -- the next the next the next -- and make more money in and show it could go through all that -- Park City. And an -- and the like that the reps are. That the support chatter. Luck com -- you know I got involved with -- it -- really old army that we could control and I think that. The local players and intimate look at passion for the game and had a lot of the game that no no -- bits and they were able to make that our level still at the port base player that you know -- That's accurate controlled and it would -- can't control hit the ball portable. And ball. So the -- -- the stuff I take her out I. No and iPod talent with the reds. -- want certain non B. Five or short period or going to strike may strike beaten -- -- -- last -- My let's help you with -- -- went on strike that your problem like mark you know an actor and desert north. Probably my gay bar can't control that and how much -- at all. And I'm blockade after all the little ball the ball and in just let everything else that -- an update. Player and and do you wanna respect man you don't walk a lot what you -- Along with it but yeah that's not always gonna happen because this 45 got. So at that point as it is just you'll be it baseball or a lot of the game Jordan Red Sox stadium is historically famous stadium. We'll get bingo later about it to our call up there. And -- double stop the ground game. And you know what happens to here in Boston you know unlike other some other markets is that when there's an epic failure like there was last September. I think negativity creeps in even into the fan base. Our organization or that Red Sox chip they've flipped their general manager their manager. They set a bunch of players the Dodgers and this is clearly a destruct first wrecking ball year and then -- rebuilding things starting next year. But -- you right -- just do your own job you wanna be in a big league. Right. And it's all about doing your job man and what do you do and in this Syria now. You hum well I live in Nashua and I are gonna and a youth baseball programs. We do we trial round. I'll look I'll work. Trouble around all summer plan -- -- Tournament all over New England there. They like they're so let you don't it's getting leftist bill. It's not it's good to hear from you were glad to veto while I -- stay in touch are right are. Appropriate to former Cincinnati red. And Perez quality exactly are -- -- -- six -- 777979837. And that we got football on the plate too there's a game tonight as a big game coming up on Sunday. Don't forget to visit the old town tavern in Amherst this coming Sunday LB they're starting at 330 and after the opening of -- of the patriots game against Seattle. Real quickly Jeremy the Seattle I think -- sales -- getting much too much. Credit so far. This year everybody's kind of this the patriots are favored by four but I have to -- should be seven or nine. And not for. I think really summarizes all the -- get more credit than it is it would be seven or nine may be heard somewhere out seven and half of -- -- -- at stadiums and there's no Seattle's defense and definitely -- -- to visit. They pump in their own crowd noise they do but they also the crowds crazy anyway to those aren't so what's the Con-way company and from the -- last. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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