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Willl the Patriots run the table the rest of the season

Oct 9, 2012|

Mikey seems to think that they will. He also talks some playoff baseball and possible Red Sox transactions.

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Well come every body is will hi everybody welcome -- planet Mikey show all. This is Daryn do this feeling and from what you know life and death death well we hope you have. Interest out there right now make myself puke -- I I'd you know it's going to be kicked -- duke this out -- them work so Carl Everett so -- so generic lurking in the hallways trying to get in here. If there's one thing going with you know I understood people's -- generic stuff. That in -- when you're when your generic in the radio or television and or entertainment -- or entertainment for that matter anything -- if you're generic girl here aren't looking for you know some action pick apart. You know it's going to be usually results will be generic. -- -- -- could meet someone else to -- well that's true when I guess should be generically happy ever after but. That's not what people you know that's not know what we strive for know what they strive for -- life. We're gonna ask the people call -- tonight five questions here's as a way that we get to know our audience will be John. You know it's really interesting questions yet so for yeah I guess are regulars -- traffic over the fifth question. Out of the five questions -- because -- -- ask people questions. You engage them a little conversation final bit about the -- normally people call up there and -- -- as the Red Sox minister Rabin vowed targeted patriots had read that we don't get to know him very well now. -- know our audience we want to have and we want to have a relationship with everybody worries that we're we're like friends. We're like towels we know -- or you know I remember you'll. Get a guy you paint houses for a living right. -- a guy would say you know that bad. Sorin your -- -- whatever it is it it's all about getting. Obvious that would be that way conversation Minko. Conversation would then probably quick text already on Ryan Seacrest he's made millions being generic he is generic. What what's his talent he's a generic Hoechst. You know there is east Specter only has produced what are your favorite shows which won the Kardashians. Oh man stay right there along at -- already. Buy that basis I hate him for that alone. You know it's one thing is to blame now is anybody a bad image. Do you want let's put that on the list of questions have you ever watched the Kardashians. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ever slept with a -- and that's probably gets him -- -- people who have said yesterday. -- we have Indians may try to help players most interviewers she slept with. In order to get viewership and she she must've slept -- and probably made a sex tape them. -- crush Seacrest now is that wolf this is is that correct me on this from wrong. When I watch this show and I never do but if I patent attorneys secretly sent to those who don't know when they have to -- -- it. Why am I wrong to say that everybody -- that show including Bruce Jenner is whore. Or -- is that wrong. You know it's Bruce genders is one of his sons. Was in my buddy's bar recently realist and there what are brewer hitters aren't he's been discredited -- regular older girl and prize she saw he goes. That is when Bolivia's pretty tennis semi tech's Bruce -- -- whatever his name Brody you're -- is in is in my bar restaurant. -- and I had asked -- ask him why his dad now looks like an LPGA golf records what are your dad's face duty was. You know handsome and major athlete you know could have any chick he wanted this whole country. So what does he do he gets the girl who -- was married to Bob Kardashian but who. Bang and OJ Simpson. Incredible on believable what do you know -- -- that one degree of separation always is hot we haven't acted about a web -- a great football week I am having such a great. Football week in predicting games John I'm on this major role donors well as Adam Meyer from -- -- from real money -- Autistic guy and he's five into. On this program I had a better than a five in two weeks this week. I mean I'm doing great that's great and I I particularly the Yankees losing to the Orioles last I mean I -- -- roll me that was a nail biter -- come down to the end. If that if you want tips on the upcoming schedule is to go to pick. You can go to real money sports our government to do with a professional or -- can do me just call the show a tape pick game and I tell -- who's gonna win and Obama's role you might want to write it down. What people write it down. -- baseball is a still on the the agenda here because the red the Red Sox are up at the Yankees are written so we have veco and force the -- can still rooting for the Yankees I -- fervently. And Orioles fan who isn't polls insights did you hear that the national superstar youngster. -- says Bryce Harper Bryce Harper was called Bryce Florie for some reason. Great great phenom pitcher in his own right he lashed out at a member of the media. Us and missy you are you anxious at the plate -- said. What he says it's a -- Quinn and ordered state. You may be should be our next hitting coach yelled he's like -- nineteen yet that's what it is right there yelled and government twenty year old kid yeah brash. Well when -- he went he -- be decent. Know that they were close to clinching the NL east when it went an app now he has a Mohawk. And he's he's a real freak -- he's going to be you know I guess ahead nineteen to be -- don't he's doing tomorrow anticipate. Everything's OEC -- two great young players the best be in my drought actually you know Tony's Unifirst favorites I've put before -- as he -- Because though when I was a youngster -- he was so young music youngest newest guy in the team in the big star -- a big star isn't it. I remember those days very well of the Tony seeded and you know people don't a lot of people are listening right now are alive today don't remember. How unbelievable was for kids in the Greater Boston area exactly jump into the Red Sox lineup on opening day in 1964 the age of nineteen. And it twice for mormons first year yet most people like the newness of young exciting players they don't then you add onto it just from the area I'm glad you mentioned because this -- getting it with the Red Sox now I know. That the Red Sox fans have have over a period of time become used to this so high payroll expecting to win mentality. I think the Red Sox are gonna have to take. For a period of time maybe a year or two. The position that we're gonna develop 12 maybe three players from minor league system stick -- -- let him get some experience and grow into this thing. And and to suck it up maybe get to be little better next year be about a 500 team better that. Which some young players because of free agent market is pathetic right now there's really nobody out -- that you want commuters a couple of guys I -- -- -- -- for -- power. All right -- and and at what cost well it's some kind of exorbitant costs yet has not only. Is that a huge salary the twins once of the return to. But the Red Sox prospects so well maybe so maybe now though they asked why do you say they put on waivers today. -- -- most teams do put their players -- win a game federal era in other words they or at least to the point where they put Joe Mauer on waivers willing to accept someone coming along and taken them off their -- wells. Usually it's a procedural move. You know that most teams but they would still wants something back in return they would just give my opponent right but that's that is a good indicator and so of of their willingness to. Lee relieve themselves of Joseph Morris of financial commitment and here's robs him among our I don't we we at tuzla bitterly indices when I'm -- rumor rose. Joe Mauer at Fenway Park I think I see him as a kind of guy who could do very very well at Fenway Park. -- -- in left field for a lot of doubles India I don't seem ever hit more than ten home runs as a member of the Red Sox I really don't. But I do see -- at 325. With 45 doubles in in a 140 games. I don't at first base -- base -- first we played some catcher mostly mostly catcher at a hundred games a catcher. He can handle that and a Red Sox would it would be relieved of the problem of having a 137. -- -- out -- -- tragic disaster rather explores some started pitching a 12 for that type money. Well everybody again what's that money going to be is going to be the full contract is going to be in part. There's going to be completely absorb the fact is the recessed can afford it he's the best catcher in the American League. And you get him and you made you made a quick statement about regaining respectability. Opt out I disagree I wouldn't go that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- only -- Yes probably really spoke that way and -- it. It in terms of pitchers that are ready to make that jump most of their pitchers down and the lower minors. So we got to baseball and of course the patriots who are now gonna run the table knows the only athlete everything up and they've got their two losses for about a waited your jets fan right now you feel like crap. Although they put it may be better frightened some people thought he was -- -- -- the -- forty enough that Houston. There was a little while last night and and had been terminated the Texans didn't cover -- and an -- was now. Yeah ignited a half on the Texas right but that's where you tease him up by six -- and if you wins like I did while they go. I still think that you lose more -- well the soul let's in Adam wins subject but I picket. You go straight but are you doing on the on the show him telephone numbers your memory is Vietnam -- about what my first shot at a united tents on the ten -- and nights it was just follow me on this. It's 617779793. I'd have to sing it -- -- and we're gonna talk to all you folks -- we're -- awful for our show fun and frivolity and talk in sports when he's gonna come -- -- -- -- -- always -- -- on the of his studio and on it takes on the Chinese -- there and -- a pretty good off. And here's only my out of -- Amtrak. Situation for the New York Yankees the Yankees were caught. By a train cancellation between Baltimore New York. Yankees try to get home after losing the rain delayed game against the Orioles on Monday night the team was forced to switch to buses. During the late night trip and how that felt for 32 million. I was just -- right and that's immediately what I try to regiment it's his toenails done and it's five -- He's got a ride a bus I'm getting creepy. Joseph Girardi probably wants him on that bus and not on a -- the ways slump but right now it's got a three and he struck out in the -- -- not only that is very Assad is McCain sees none of the bodies at your -- Johnny said he's. Cricket test after all of -- died last night by analog. Jim Johnson blows him away 32. Billion dollars a year now -- wants what 1214. A more in a neighbor -- have to. Oh my god this -- so bad that he's arriving train station about 1 AM Tuesday but they were delayed about an hour the train experience further electrical disruptions. About a half forward for the trip. Joseph Girardi said during a conference call Tuesday at the train arrived in Aberdeen Maryland team switched to bosses the ballclub arrived in New York about 6 AM. 6 AM pitch in Aberdeen -- game minor league team done while. Yankees announced the workouts and media availability Yankee Stadium were canceled on Tuesday afternoon ball poor beard good. Wanted to -- appeared. -- -- people for one million dollars which stay up for 72 straight hours. You know and deputy worms come -- By the wage here that's terrific -- in a contest eating roaches eating the music content Suzuki the most was on the Drudge or something. That in see this one now that the guy we was won the contest and a half an hour later and -- -- -- eating contest. The guy won it the -- -- He attacks he died half an hour later. This sale -- word of advice to all you people like the taste of cock roaches. Just keep to -- small. Or you could what I I would think that in nothing kills a -- -- nuclear war wouldn't kill them but I I would I would think that viewers. Some sort of paperwork involved worry and to discuss this. It was a question last question it says it Kardashians okay sort of five questions for only tonight aggregates and -- little -- and we're gonna -- to get what you get to know muscle movement to a and highly personal level. Which is sports art and our number six -- 77797983. Seven's Dan in Nashua, New Hampshire cash and dash dash of. Hello Dan potato head that's sure. Yeah that -- yeah how orient. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know one. -- years ago as sick of -- -- on go -- -- again have you ever been to a Super Bowl game. I've never been to a global okay have you every caviar. At you have. Have you ever met as Cy Young award winner. I have not have you ever had a -- right. Here OK awhile so far too early on its mistakes your honesty game when he was on your plate tonight. He'll -- all about the chipper and I'm wondering if -- sport the effects you like it affect a lot of people around here. You know what to do it at all if pit -- -- -- it was because it was done 20 -- ought to go you're used to it a few big and Red -- Oh sure oh my god yes -- benefit from my whole life long time but hit maybe that's part of why I'm able to deal with adversity well Dan how old you. Or you're forty Casey were born in nineteen. Seven weeks and rights or you don't remember. Really the Red Sox sucking on his 86 he remembers that Korea has made billions are and they know I know what I mean the collapse in -- -- in but I remembered when they stopped. Like date like they did this year but they did that every year -- and there was no hope for the future. So I've been like. You know I've -- we don't weather beaten and grizzled by the worst of circumstances and add to that. You know defected. When you were three you know we all went through the -- Red Sox losing the World Series is 75. Went through 86. Went through 99 against the Yankees -- a lot of seasons gone by. And 22003. -- Trust me now 2003 -- When that happened Grady Little and all that I just went. Asked -- happens or well terrorists in that there was no idea appealed to feel like dance on that witness that but at least some bad baseball in the ninety's. Yeah I would -- you know there was always hope for a -- would get better every year and and it wasn't that the sixties and trust me it was stable awful. They were horrible. Day and -- an argument who suffers more through the sixties and but I know it but it's also and -- basically yes and all of a happy person and I love -- I get I get really bogged down in two things at the -- thing that's happened. Last couple times they've had a shot at. You know -- in Miami and with the lakers before that that really pissed me off -- basically in my happy person. And the world's pocket change that much it's still just sports it's not life or death. Right. I hear -- I've always wondered. What these people actually happy. And you're saying people try to drive that your happiness yes now am wondering do you did you say no no I'm married -- -- magnitude does for children totaled two marriages have been happily married twice China's -- I like this discuss turning the tables he's interviewing you I have not had a hemorrhoids I've met numerous young award winners I've been a -- But that's all I can tell you right now -- a Super Bowl one finance. I think I got screwed out of a few super balls or you know it. And he sent everybody from the radio station to the Super Bowl scores -- somebody had to work your back at the station that was me. And this time John -- you'll. While I was on for the past couple Super Bowl still 6 in the morning but I don't know the real -- -- The data looks like Russian heavier it's fish eggs but I don't know doesn't look like someone neat. 6177797937. Tom and Springfield Massachusetts. I'm paid might be maybe ordinarily don't -- -- like being -- -- defenders of the Super Bowl this year accurate make it. -- away a New Orleans especially because that's kind of like that's my kind of town you'll come back to operate there but he had -- he -- I almost didn't come back last summit that's the only super ball I went to. A Mecca for people on Tony here I am. And credit the that's going to be. Denver by ten. Yeah I said 31 -- four cycle and the scores right to a close. Who do you think and going to be the next moderate. You know us to -- about this today actually in great depth and I don't I don't have an answer for his first who's actually going to be that guy. Who's gonna you know the outcome of the rise of the top and be the cream of the crop and you know win the thing. But I was thinking today about Varitek and and however we always talks about how Varitek and I was always destined to be a manager should be manager and I'm thinking maybe it's it it the time to put a guy -- when he's had no real manager experience is right now with him. And here's why because I would think and act and because there's nothing to lose in other words. A rebuilding period Carolina and yet it's going to be two maybe three even before truly competitive again at least one -- protect shot. Exactly now the because there's no way he can fail in other words if he's not gonna lose 69 games next year is gonna win more than 69 games next year. And that's the site on scene of the new of whatever roster changes are gonna make. Varitek the one thing we do know is that he has the respect of his of the people in the club house. A beaten knowledge of the game -- like nobody's business. It at a -- program and helped him probably handled the pitching staff -- -- an -- -- last three guys they paraded through here trying to accomplish that very feet. And he's already loved as opposed to what when they brought -- Bobby Valentine it was a mixed bag as to whether people but it is going to be good -- -- most people but not too good. People artery. -- Varitek you're going to be willing to bear weed him. During the mistakes that will be might nests you know almost by necessity be made by a first year manager. Let me give them our bench coach and -- -- -- out -- a good pitching coach -- during a good adventure I don't. I disagree with both you guys I think it's too -- I don't -- all -- Varitek wants to -- this guy -- -- -- it's perfect -- in this apprentice role where he gets to spend some time with his -- because he's just. Retired from the game and he wants to do that down and Atlanta. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is everyone needs saying this because of that terrible team on Earl. I didn't need time I attribute your broker or. They're gonna make that play Foreman and -- -- good thing I'm concern with most about there's two things first of all you get any payment a lot of money. Because of what you think he's going to be in an all you have to go on -- what he's been in Toronto which has not been a success. I guess when you're going to be as -- as they did they what they once every two games Terry Francona wasn't a success either in Philadelphia but I I think that. I think that would Farrell. Needs a little more familiar with disorganization the other thing with -- -- -- as we -- time respect from players I'm sure there was there's definitely respect from -- and buckled in these guys. When he was catching and to document them and go over things well with their be that same respect. If he was a manager meaning I just played with -- guy he's yelling at me. About stop me today to -- yell at anybody anymore I don't know well it depends we don't you know what type of manager he was -- -- -- went well no we culture and -- might be uncomfortable for -- Barry didn't know what kind of manager Bobby Valentine is going to be you know what kind of -- Terry Francona was an -- hired him well Allentown it was a it was a habit -- economy I mean he sort -- -- -- -- You would that's right that's right worked for him yet Tom thanks to cause it. So -- I think younger might be better in -- in this day and age. That somebody like Bobby Johnson pleaded not only was six teachers all which is you know relatively -- -- a -- permit to a baseball manager. But he hadn't been in the games along Dusty Baker has been neat he sees the same age or whatever yeah I don't think age has anything to do and you know -- me it was important is respect. Right on that that's what it comes that Davey Johnson is what is seventy's I know so and he's got 1920 year old kids so I think it comes down to respect Joseph Maddon. And is up is David Johnson really -- 7070. Around the World League club -- or somewhere around there we check on it but I think it all comes out of respect threats exporters did respect Bobby Valentine simple as that. Hey I got a text their patio says what is your online streams suddenly switched ESPN in mid sentence. Adjusted yet it's because it has switched it back from its. -- strong are those guys. They're 45600000. Dollars a year each need to manage five new phone numbers.

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