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Larry Lucchino: Bobby accepted our decision with grace and professionalism

Oct 5, 2012|

Red Sox President & CEO Larry Lucchino joined D&C to discuss the decision to fire Bobby Valentine and why it didn't work in Boston for him. He talks to the boys about if Bobby V was able to be himself in Boston, will the process be different this time around in deciding the Sox next manager, and when they are hoping to have a decision for manager. Larry also mentions what the Sox need to do to make the team better in the offseason, how much input players will have in the next manager will be, does he regret not bringing back Terry Francona, and if a retread manger like Joe Torre might be a direction the Sox might want to go.

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Welcome back. -- three Dennis and Callahan about to be joined by the president and CEO of Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino he's tired of doing interviews -- Jerry turn on my microwave last night there was Larry and been doing another interview that was ought to and then -- little round tables with the each media -- yeah -- feels like he's repeating themselves at this point -- joins -- on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT he'd be -- one -- interview in -- Larry -- -- access -- -- all the good stuff that you don't know what else. We chose to do -- do the it's press availability -- yesterday instead of a gigantic step press conference. For a couple of reasons one this week to week we did it that way. With after McGrady departure. And then we get a full scale. Big press conference after. Terry departure. And there are senseless though it may be the one -- process would work a little bit better. And it would get seduced out of more quickly two years that we should at least did and it didn't we we deplete our meetings with -- -- So it I think on balance it provided for an. The more in depth coverage. And avoided the kind of mob mentality that can sometimes develop but he -- giant Prescott. Did the released about first sorted Twitter Kamal first and it -- -- -- first is that to your knowledge the first time in the history of Major League Baseball that a manager was replaced on Twitter. You know I think it's much more we certainly do use. Social media us to get different information out my sense is that that Twitter and they've release went out at saint. Time -- are. They out specifically how does -- breakfast meeting at your house unfold. When the purpose is to replace the manager is breakfast served who breaks the ice is there any chitchat and who breaks and who's who tells and do you have brown sugar for the -- men who. We actually away it was not not a breakfast meeting yet we're scheduled to meet the. At around eleven. And we ended up being around. A level of Thirtysomething like -- Intermediate for about ninety minutes -- The two hours. Yeah did open we will be able to get food of course they can invite people -- out of -- -- America again like people are out of there are some food. Seriously -- -- to test case so that this breakfast. And it's arguably say he it was -- -- statement from Ben about the. The decision. They had just been made him and. And then who we have Bobby. Took it would. It's very grace. And professionalism. -- -- A the misfortune of being involved in these kinds of decisions sometimes or. The thirty years in baseball and yeah he was. English exceptional. In his. Grace and constructive comments. He knows walking in what's going to transpire in that meeting I suspect as he say anything to break the guys who say don't worry about birdies say something goofy or or how does that -- at the moment is not. It's an awkward moment is it not. It is. -- but he he is he's been at my house. Before. Certain and different circumstances. And they distance from the door to the living room as is pretty short. And so we reported sit down and. And and begin rather quickly so. As to whether he anticipated what was going to happen. It had to speak to him we can ask him that that that that question. But he certainly. As they -- a minute -- accepted the decision with. With grace and and recognition. Larry and again the choice of Bobby kind of came out of the blue but eventually. -- by February we all kind of bought into what I saw what you -- -- and I liked and I was gonna shake things up and make people uncomfortable and it seemed like a good antidote to what was ailing you. I'm where did it go wrong what what it was why was he not the guy in what way it was not the guy you thought you were getting. Well. I find it up awkward probably a little inappropriate to us to go into. Who shot John what went right in what went wrong. Like it would easier to do it too. To discuss is the record. Oh we if we were 93 in 69 instead of 6993. We would not be having this conversation. The -- in a results oriented business and their results did not occur we have high levels but expectation here. In Boston and I think rightfully so. And we did not perform and Bobby understood it in those terms he basically did you know my job is to. Is to put together a would be -- To deal with the problems that emerged during the course of a tumultuous season. And ensure it does the team wind as is expected to do in that -- happen and so he was. Recognizes that the bottom line it was indeed the bottom line. Was was was he allowed to be the Bobby V that we thought I suspect -- thought or was he ham strung in some ways organizationally and in your estimation. I think it was it was. Bobby yet he wanted to -- Little -- a little careful. At the beginning because he stepped in the such. A difficult situation following the historic collapse. Last September. And not that may have. And urged him to be a little more. Careful because the situation was so volatile. But does I -- marquis I believe he felt that he had. Our support and from the beginning and and and throughout. We made it clear I think both publicly and privately. Did win situation. This got a question that we were get a deal with the manager issue. At the conclusion of the season and not until the conclusion of the season. So. You know it's. It's from my point of view he had mine yet my -- certainly I was early advocate forum. -- -- -- last last offseason and as -- does -- at least the manager's office from the -- made a yet. Supporter is someone who -- -- -- It -- perfect things and Bobby Valentine both personally and professionally. You said just a few minutes ago you don't wanna get into discussing who shot John is the owner okay. Something happened with a bigger policy okay we'll see admonished for a liberating a player a 'cause if he wasn't Larry should set the record straight 'cause that's gonna become. In legendary around here that he got on a player in spring training and the owners said. We don't do that around here. -- he was not a punishment was admonished by the players that Arsenal on. The -- I can't speak to him an entirely you know what happened that is if some players thought it was it appropriate to or out there. You know 26 or seven other players around them some may have thought it was. An unusual way to deal that the that whole issue was sad -- to the world that approach I think Bobby handled just. You said you were an advocate at the beginning of the process that would Bobby Valentine and and still are today will the process and finding the next guy be the same as ten months ago Larry. Although it appears it'll be a little different. In a couple of waste first -- won't be a -- Carrington maiden voyage. It was you he became. General manager in the first they had to do was go out conducted a search. Divided field manager. So he he had the experience of last year that's different. Secondly the process is starting much earlier. Well we we have. Made the decision that probably at the conclusion of the season in them and not even the general manager at this time last year. So. He he will have a running start on the process. But there will leave basic similarities to that is it will be spearheading it. That probably you will be. Earlier. Input as to the. Possible candidates as opposed to world. Adding main story as the process goes off -- try to assess it out early on. And and were a couple of most of the alternative -- possibilities. Most social we will be able to put that aside for you guys today what you ask me the next question is. That -- that day at a time of the day when we'll Libyan new manager place. Well we're not gonna to wanted to set a time that they -- benefit over and over. That to find the right person is more important -- And having rapid process and I couldn't agree more. But don't we do think that. There are some things. That need to be done besides this is is not the oh lead changes can be made this -- they're very changes that that we -- -- -- Because of them was city make -- trade with the Dodgers with the addition of Jason Varitek. With the supplements the -- to our evaluation process was that he pains. Now to managerial change that beat them. Coaching changes. And -- -- host of changes and we had to be some new personnel we we believe. We have a core of good players. -- really I'm positive exciting hard nosed players that are fans didn't. Can embrace and talking about Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby goes there and that David Ortiz and will middle -- and I could go on and on. But there's a core of good players there. And and but we've got to supplement with that he used free agency could trade we've got to do we can't. To add to this team to make it chalker and and that so make -- healthier. Larry there is a widely -- story and I don't know perhaps it's apocryphal. That the players were told back in October that. The Red Sox ownership and management would not be hiring a manager such as Bobby Valentine. And when he was hired many of those believe they've been sold a bill of goods or at least renege on that promise. -- is that true and be. In this time around will the players have any input as to who. Will be selected. Is there on the second question. But we will talk to our players. Of course the more -- we get from players on and on things the better. But they do not and have a vote in this process this is not a referendum most players. Who will tell us so. Who the next manager should be that I think is is misguided. -- it's the first question I have no personal knowledge of that I have heard the same story correct that done that are are. Such deal. As seen. Believe it was. They think that's sort of hurt. Made that made that comment. While he was here as soon as general manager. But of course the decision was made. Later than that have to -- -- was gone. So Juan I don't know. If he indeed did say something like that or not to -- you probably have to ask him that was a picture is distorted view that the time. Up close is your personal relation. Ship with Paul beast and and is he a reasonable man when it comes to things have beaten -- compensation. I've puppies and is a different mind. Best friends in the game and these are reasonable and but. I'm not giving them go anywhere near any question. Regarding. Managerial search and Andy -- Toronto Blue Jays. Think it's appropriate I would say it's going to be. -- wide ranging search. We've had our eyes so opened a bit tasted the pull potential candidates by the experiences in Chicago. Saint Louis this year -- -- successes. Those young match right there were not a Major League. Experienced managers. Previously. So there will be a year broad based search. That will be conducted done what some. Expedition but where are gonna try to -- specific deadline. -- nick kfar rise to ninth today that he's hearing he's been told by -- Major League source that Joseph Torre is interest and get back in the managing game Larry -- and is connected as anyone of you heard that giving. Torre will someday return of the dugout. I have not heard that there. That number four. What is your opinion on. It's a harsh term but retreads I just made this point that perhaps the three best managerial job to this year were all retreads in. -- and Davey Johnson Buck Showalter Bob Melvin and if you have hired a guy like that not you but anybody hired a guy like that the fans probably would roll their eyes. Avery John -- the same Bob Melvin and they and they all three did amazing jobs this year. It is I agree you. And kind of stay in the news the fan reaction to get off some time -- reached. -- manager Trudy Chacon. Is someone who is coming off a lack of success. But there I need and -- and we -- Both ways over the years you know what we are the US -- as a general manager. He was. Not quite 29 years old and in I think it was out of the box a surprise. Choice -- where -- I've -- no previous. General manager experience. When we hired Terry Francona. And before 2004 season. He was to use -- -- he -- it -- been a manager in Philadelphia and had not had and. Much of the -- -- there. He proved to be the right person at the right time. So I think you've got to be just can't treat them all the same they're better they're Joseph Torre you register at Torrey. He was the horse was successful managers before it got to the they -- today. Right in thick of the reaction when you hire a guy he can't expect. In a coronation the day -- because all the above including Torrey. -- perhaps the best manager of our time. When he was hired in New York all kinds of back page headlines to meeting him and and the meeting the choice I think it was clueless Joseph was the back page. Of the poster -- there are those power and what do you think the reaction wasn't that Melvin and Oakland just a guy you know re -- the Billy Beane could control Davey Johnson Stepan in mid season in Washington was like. Hey no one else around can you take over the team for little while and and put on us so you can't expect. You know balloons fall from the ceiling on the day you hire a guy -- You ever was pretty excited when they hired Valentine at least we all got hooked in and how'd that work out that turned out to be a colossal blunder. Well. It's just. It turned out by the way the it is about lack of success that we endured during this terrible 2000 post season. Is this what is has a responsibility that shared by a lot of us. Including yours truly. Including bench Harrington and baseball operations department and including. Jack and Tom Warner. Our present our ownership. There was a there was there. Missed judgments and and problems that develop justice. Plenty of account ability -- to pass around. I learned a follow up on that my follow up question I know you guys are all about self evaluation and I'm wondering as this season of agony I think that's with your term you used yesterday on unfolded before you. Did you ever have even for a fleeting moment the thought perhaps kept privately maybe we messed up and should have kept Terry Francona around maybe we should not let Terry Francona ago. Well I don't wanna open albeit old issues except to say that. Terry would it was not an option he told us he was. Not. Prepared to manage again in 2012. And we do we took him and his words there was. That alternative was never considered -- -- Larry thanks for the conversation he. You did have one more interviewing you we appreciate the time this morning we'll talk to down the road a lot of. Stuff going on this offseason. We're determined to do. If this thing is broken as indeed it is we're determined to to make it right get that success we've had our first decade. So talk to against -- have a good week Larry you know Dennis and Callahan on AT&T outline AT&T forgy LT he was speeds up to ten times back to the three GAT and T. Greens and that's why it takes discipline because if they think it's the right guy even though people in general arise even bull at the choices. The way in on the did what coach -- a lot like nobody say right exactly that's exactly it's a great example or Terry Francona he a better example of a losing record Philly. Couldn't handle you know the pressure in a big market like Philly. Was a retread was not in on the most charismatic guy. He had a great run here arguably the best measure of -- hand down on the other hand was hot stuff. You know was sexy they're not sexy picks have succeeded. If they hire -- them a great example but I mean honestly any of the above. People -- -- -- but you have to be able to do what they want a splash but you can't -- as you probably can't get a -- I think -- -- or do you -- I think the only buzz and this is an. Sandberg or create -- -- 'cause he was such a good player yes but for the most part it names on this list who do nothing for you and they're not gonna give great press conference not going to be like Bill Parcells and taken over and just hit it just energizing a whole fan base. That's not what you're looking for you look for a guy who's been to the joke in August and September. And until then you just have to be patient and we're not really good -- patience over. No we're not and there's a nice compensate piece in the Boston Herald today that -- a number of the managerial candidates and I'm sort of surprised when I went through this thing and you see the names of Bill Miller and Sandy Alomar junior and Tim Bogart and Brad Ausmus and Tim Wallach in the news he Ryan Sandberg all John Ferrell as well Brad most. Ryan Sandberg is the problem he's 53 years of age everybody else I named exceptional Brad Mills is younger than -- Tony Pena on that list is not honestly could not be one of those guys the first day gets people excited yes and probably in August would fail miserably was in -- may be but I'll remind me to ask him -- hire Ozzie. On a home oh man I'm -- Ponzi -- a piece. I just retreated -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah I just retreated bush between Jon -- grass because he's just tweak in that yeah. Palm Beach post reporting owner Jeffrey Loria is getting pressure from top baseball executives in the organization to fire -- -- That we needed to live if there's no hole or acting at all simulate that that -- you'd rather have aussies than -- Beckman. -- -- -- If you don't work for me just second set to give Wally -- everyone always mentions Larry bowl when teams get complacent idea would normally back and the younger. Depth and good. Significantly as a manager Cecil you could be 92 time out full lines and we'll talk -- 6177797937. Will be right back. Pitchers Jesus Christ 102021. And one.

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