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Bobby Valentine is fired as manager of the Red Sox

Oct 4, 2012|

Mut and Merloni deal with the breaking news that the Red Sox have decided to fire Bobby Valentine as manager. Mut and Merloni give their immediate reactions.

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As physically. The lead into the game is says he has been in the past for some reason. Maybe. Over here US networks wanted to. When actually the good old so the united dugout he says -- night. -- -- You know fired particularly. And that certainly are. It all started less than a year ago. On this very radio show yeah I'll take credit. On this show. Bobby Valentine came on to -- or retired six weeks. For retired came on the show before running routes I appreciate that. In beta predict where he was sent right after the interview. -- of a Boston based on the way into some questions. Not like in the line of questioning we're harassing about the in the manager. Diddy want the job would he take the job. Well respected. We got and I appreciate that the sound -- that has been used or a year on this show. But it is Bobby Valentine in my nickname his body and less than a year later the Red Sox have an out and have. Viet -- our. Not a -- piled up or turn -- 2013. And sharing him. We'll leave the search for the next manager of the Boston Red Sox. And dust settled at about twelve. -- twelve. 49 by -- watch in this thing first came down -- article in the sport I just wondered if you get aspirations that they get back and manage anywhere again in the -- Bob appreciate that. Well Bobby could talk radio talk to Bobby again. From Red Sox. Body else I will not return. The VP GM -- Gerri tend to lead the next managerial search. By quick tour. Checking my whoever where's the where's my check with my trending Twitter trends and -- -- where's my trending Twitter trends for Bobby gates. Holy mackerel. You know it that Twitter is because. Bobby Valentine won't be believe in game 162 is over in his season is over does not mean that. It's technically over. And this to me is is -- number one. Lesson that epic he should have left that a lot of people agree should be fired. You announce it on Twitter. These are just a statement. Mean yes and no -- it's just Boston Red Sox you know here it is at Boston rights are at Red Sox rather it's. Just an email lot of people are just the only announced a press conference -- do it that way to -- I don't agree with that. I don't agree but apparently Bobby Valentine according Michaels over announcement that in the -- I understand this decision. It is published a best the best the organization sure next -- turnaround year. Now will probably hear hear more from everybody. I give a couple quotes John Henry we have confidence in -- -- in the kind of baseball organization. He's determined to build that's important we'll circle back to that. Valentine again you talked about that -- the penal colony say season of agony. And saying more changes to come going forward. Tom Warner says will be back. That's like Arnold Schwarzenegger I'll be back I'm not sure again Lucchino in 2012. Begs for changes and more will come. As much -- scatter quotes from different people -- the organization. But I'm with you on this I'm a little bit surprised they'd they'd get it. The way they did and apparently a statement coming apart statement is going to say no single issue is the reason no one person is to blame. The 2012 season. I'm also saying that the -- it it's broken we determine to fix what is broken. Is it a little bit interest at its new wage they're not the only team that has announced major major news on Twitter. And I backed it up with a released right away so it's not like K this is -- -- -- gonna get there early Easter and afterwards but just it was shocking to read. Right a couple of minutes ago everyone sort of re tweeting at Red Sox. You know ballot I would not be back next year I guess relates is the -- -- we work and they know they have a lot of their fans are searching that way. But it is sort of. I don't know I don't know you know exists and it's the new way in real money for the war there's a word here they have released at they have their release out now -- as a but insurance is a 2012 season is disappoint for many reasons no single issue is the reason and no single individuals to blame -- make personal changes since August. We'll continue to do so as we build a contending club. When an historic number of injuries Bobby was -- difficult hand heeded the best he could and his seriously adverse circumstances. And I think what's important to him. Larry Lucchino this year -- won loss record reflects a season of agony. It -- for changes. Some of which have already transpired. Wall come we are determined to fix what is broken. In return -- it's not the level of success that we've experience of the past decade. So -- take this tweet in this release with quotes. I take that the believe there will not be a press conference on the wall questions answered by -- in Lucchino Henry Werner at some point today. I guess that's what they haven't seen with this news that Bobby Valentine has been fired. Is they're gonna be a conversation -- QNA in a back and forth over their Fenway Park and expect Bobby to be there -- sound like. Francona a year ago and -- Francona updated enough crap that the guys just got fired won't be back. I don't expect him to be up there but I'm sure a lot of the reporters have questions kind of season wrap up and Yasser when we get news on that will pass -- along. It doesn't come as a surprise. I'd -- beat today thought to -- tomorrow -- opinion. Before 1 o'clock at the news cycle all afternoon here statement from body as I understand this decision. This year Boston has been an incredible experience for me but I am laws I -- is disappointing results. As our ownership and the fans of the Red Sox Nation it was a privilege to be part of the hundred year anniversary of Fenway Park. An owner to being uniform with such great players and coaches my best for the organization. I'm sure next year will be turnaround year. And you have I'm not so sure you know last year talking about Terry Francona eight years -- drag them your World Series. You know the old manufactured mutual agreement paying you know registering with fire and -- right we can do that there was a need for a press conference maybe to address it. With Bobby I don't think people it was emotionally involved with him to a point where you would need. We heard anything about yet it's pretty good. John Perelman who follows the shows listening says reminder to you guys. No one person is to blame is exactly what they -- that last year and it's hard for the exact tiptoe into the -- No one person is to blame for what happened a year later. I opened a -- at the same. The statement two years in a row. With this team not one person is to blame. I don't want a little person viable -- fix it at some point move past something wrong you get to the -- a part of it. Not get the statement we'll get your reaction and -- will get your phone call 6177790850. Told 3888. 5250850. Verizon cellphone pound WEEI to free call you can text that's on the ATP text line. An 85851. By Twitter the Red Sox have announced. They fired Bobby Valentine at 369. And 93 season will not be back bench Arrington will lead the search for the next manager we'll get your react -- -- what's next for Boston. Will -- last fall before they hired Bobby tried to hire John Farrell the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays and actually got very close to making a deal with the blue jays but then the blue jays -- -- they're permission from the ripped from the Red Sox to talk within. And I would expect that the Red Sox will go down that path again that they'll talk to the blue jays and ask -- -- John -- available he's under contract through the end of next season. And maybe after disappointing season to John Ferrell then I think they go to their next list of candidates who knows maybe some like a Brad Ross missed the longtime catcher. Would be a person they'd look at. In baseball the new working model our guys like Matt Mike Metheny. Robin Ventura very understated. Respected and respectful personalities. And I buster the Red Sox also spoke today of more changes to come that this just being the first in this as a team that used 56 different guys on the roster this year. Had that huge trade the biggest in four decades for the Red Sox. With the Dodgers. What else could they be talking about. Well on their coaching staff you when you have a manager fired in this case you would expect that there would be coaches going as well. And they do have a lot of work to do with their roster because while they freed up all that money -- that huge trade -- made with the Dodgers. They have a lot of holes to -- all around their roster and that's probably part of what they were talking about. -- -- ten -- knowledge yesterday that they -- begin conversations. With code entrance. -- -- -- Bus early on ESPN reacting theaters Bobby Valentine fired after one year are with the Red Sox negates your reaction 6177790850. To all 3888. 5250850. Verizon cellphone pound WEEI it's a free call can text us. On the AT&T -- -- 85850. Will get all your reaction of a couple of all of thoughts the here in the news just a couple of minutes ago. Number one is thank god in drag this out mean everyone knew this is going to happen. They could've waited till Friday at 5 o'clock and bury this thing they'd deem legal Thursday. One at 12451. O'clock they get it out their chance to move on that's a good thing in this case. Number two they admit this press release reading through that there's a problem a year ago. You got this feeling off this team I might have bought into it that this was a once in a lifetime thing. They would have one little blip on the radar they get rid of Francona the pitchers would come back gonna be no problem. -- it trades and huge pieces this year because there is a problem and admitting. In this press released today that something's broken and they're gonna fix it -- to me that's a good thing as part of this. And number three as a follow up but the Bobby Valentine being fired in the reaction here today. Of relate that the tweet and the statement says then sharing Tim will lead the search going forward for new manager that's what I wanna hear. And it may be exactly what you said the first hour of the show. That he doesn't technically lead the search. But he is seen as the guy leading the certainly seen as picking the manager you need that right now the -- that you need that right now I can't -- included death. -- -- -- On noticed. That had been heard people but the only people include -- tournament's gonna search for the manager. Because it's actually quite alien measures -- let the -- -- the manager to include that is this Eric shows the power struggle you know and and -- the category one of the most -- informed human beings and in in the Boston area attacked. Bobby class act helped head held held high yield bashed ownership on the way out. It's right exactly. Good figures said uninformed opinions but -- you Mike Mike -- Comcast tweets out. Current member of the Red Sox response to my text with he -- It's -- a lot of other people players included. Be exciting to -- either you know. Unnamed players -- -- players who put their name on it now that it is over and how old they respond. You know. Enough with that kind of stuff though you know if he would not gonna say that you just don't say it. Period really that's that's -- I feel now it's the aftermath of this thing hopefully a lot of people learned a lesson last year. Will they follow through you will this just be. A press release out of empty words at the end and net nothing changes that they don't acknowledge that there is something is broken. That's what it's one -- -- comes out of this cute is he got to lose his job you stupid if you put this whole thing up Bobby Valentine as the players -- she RP. It's player's manager is the way it was set up it's everything. But at least acknowledge something is -- that's the first step. It's not just the manager. It's letting -- do his job it's approaching it from a baseball standpoint not -- TV. Standpoint. It's not worry about getting a big ticket item but good baseball players the Cody Ross is of the world. At one year like three million box. That should be the focus when -- and I trusted to cherry is running a focus will that'll be the case. If they go why did they stand by there word here the charity and runs the managerial search. And that they look at this thing from chairing -- standpoint baseball first everything else way way way back in line that's a good thing. I'm John -- -- who covers helping Major League Baseball for mlb.com. I tweeted about the John Ferrell search right after this happened. Weeded out the Red Sox -- focus on Ferrell. And they could get something done quickly the blue jays would be open to it that they don't. Expect the Red Sox move on quickly like -- the blue jays start to Hammond on here and say we want. In a bar plus we want players the Red Sox gonna hagel it's up to the Sox a move on quickly. It's pretty clear John Farrell's the top list right now right and they can get a deal -- with Toronto over the next manager the Boston Red Sox don't expect that. What you think it's right or not it's how they feel internally they of people have said that the point where he's their guy. Texas says don't care what technology just fix it actions not words damn right. Damn right. Charlie's in Connecticut -- -- your reaction today Bobby Valentine fired after one season Charlie. Well you know what's coming and they want to really one guy but it was one group and I think the four guys at the top eight after eight. A certain amount of responsibility toward Japanese -- it's entirely on them. And I can think of a lot of sarcastic in that state but the bottom line as far as the -- and it concerns the way I really feel. They were not here to us they were not here to the team. To a degree they weren't here to poppy and it basically admitted yeah. And they weren't here to the rest of the merit really what pitching that they put on the field towards the end into it with spirit of Baltimore. And he was spirit that Yankee. So if there's a lot to go around I -- hope they fix it and I have a dark horse candidate. Like here I love you know they traveled outside parliament of car really dear Carolyn picture it -- Reasons. Excellent pitching coach he's done a tremendous job with their staff over the air -- baseball knows the American League I know he's been away for awhile. The level headed guy -- no nonsense guy. 'cause you know the American League. You may cause you know the American League. And the American broke my god and yeah okay. -- Forty years are. Well no I'm saying what was Lester however get a pit area -- -- the White Sox -- nineteen I don't think he knows the American League cities. Tennessee River to -- candidates our problem with that but as far as. Reasons why I would -- he knows the American League you know I mean that was his last job in 2007. That the last job. Is that appreciate the phone call I gotta go back and look who's the pitching coach and pitching staff. -- at the giants now play the president role as part of that giant steam but I'm an American League part of it. I pitched in the American league for a couple years yeah I mean ladies always a list. -- I am not not discounting him because who the hell knows right I mean very well. A Caribbean and Mexico we a lot of people in the mix I'm sure they're there will be -- be John Farrell they can get the some done. You know David -- pitching coach you know again. Note Jon Farrell's the pitching coach to different to John Ferrell is the roles that he has. -- minor league coordinate he says Bengie is the pitching coach at different roles in Cleveland. These seem to gain from different spots now he's got the characteristics. Maybe it didn't work in Toronto maybe that'll work here that's up for them to decide. I hope they leave -- the bench Harrington to decide that's the next step. -- in Boston he joins the show today -- Mike. They -- Michael. -- and I can't get. Here would indicate. An eternal either you and you -- organic. You want to championship in my league manager. -- To Abu Dhabi already bought through it quickly but you get is immediately. What -- -- Should be an embarrassment to professional baseball when they're like yeah. Mike that's the smartest call it -- -- date that it it's Smart isn't call we've gotten old. Eight -- it. Yeah much much credit -- you know a lot it'll be everything that would create a -- I didn't know you people are terrible. Behind this and other Ivan hi Wally -- story in my desk for a couple days now where the Mets are thinking about get rid of them. We had a -- attacks say hey guys he Wally was one of the players who went bankrupt up thirty for 30 that I -- broke. Wise up don't be scared because it looks like your budget. -- -- -- They -- the names of a baseball people professional athletes would declared bankruptcy in -- wallet back went bankrupt. And the Mets are gonna get rid of the what started out like it like back to take the crap from the pitching staff have been split. -- like appeals run the damn play or throw some -- a roller ball. But the record. -- -- ball what else. I -- -- elect an edge he was indeed a look at Houston. Chris mad dog Russo lots of these commanders today. I'll bring in Paula and the last back and -- Getty make an oral list and and we're get your phone calls -- it'll united threesome.

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