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Michael Silverman, Boston Herald, Joins Mustard and Johnson to Help Wrap up this Painful Red Sox Season

Sep 29, 2012|

Michael Silverman joins the Mustard and Johnson experience to talk Red Sox, Bobby V and Ben Cherington. Also, his thoughts on the Red Sox potentially spoiling the Orioles' great season and more on the future of the organization.

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It is -- -- Johnson and about forty minutes away from Arnold in minute hand don't forget mr. Sheppard and I always call mr. Sheppard and his presence at 4 o'clock Red Sox baseball America I'm -- prep right now and I'm sure he is you give me huge huge yes but he probably is already a Florida guy he loves to do his homework no question about it. And we have been talking. About -- A special anniversary is just one year ago today that we were picking at the carcass of the 2011. Red Sox or do it again in 2012. And here do I can help us -- that examination is Michael Silverman. Of the Boston Herald and is kind of funny Michael here we are a year later same ballpark Red Sox and Orioles and my have the tables turned. I know. That -- like you said it's still the same carpet. I'm a one year later -- keeps on giving. That's a grateful -- I think they can use that over their 2000 at thirteen in the arc as the kids I'd give -- about Michael what ya know make a plaque got to let me and Michael but why is -- the same cockiness. Well. You know that that that's a great question Oregon. I think it. Everyone including the media have. Come to terms of why why are so wrong about this game I think -- opposite the last. Maybe not play -- game that certainly not a losing team in pretty good team would at least be in the hunt for the policies and so we're -- we go wrong and I think you're wrong about. The count on the team we are wrong about the -- to be able to snap their fingers and you know get over what happened on September. And you know also. I think management was wrong and and thinking about what kind of you know what would work in the clubhouse. The changes that they made the amount of changes they made in that it was important to us and our. If Bobby Valentine surprise you would talk as there are during a discussed in earlier. What is new about this guy in I'm not knocking him I'm just in what's known about him that -- that we didn't know already. I guess he thought that they -- the make them bigger bolder moves and can bring about change. But he couldn't the first bold move we tried to make he get slapped down by Pedroia or Mench Arrington. The ball moved criticizing a player. Well I do with the ball but that at that respect is really Smart. Well what did you. Expect him to do that he didn't do. I thought that he might be able to deflect the attention what the players play and just kind of -- a little aura of what exactly I guess and how we. Kind of manage personalities. In another crop up only record I kept very open mind Greg tried his mom -- that. -- in my professional career at times about the trying to you know see what will Bobby -- I think overall the first capped the season. You know like well if there are a lot of injuries and can't blame everything at poppy seed I don't -- about XP that at the same time I think there's some. You know it's been a bit of a disappointment -- I think. Well I would say so -- -- just a tad of a disappointment slightly disappoint little disconcerting. You work colleague last week John Tomas say through a Tomas he threw all objectivity. Out the win no and closed the door and an open mind situation by essentially laying. The blame for this disastrous season on the manager of the Boston Red Sox. Has he persuaded you to his side. Really the Giants you know great jump routes. Strong opinions like we all do it very points throughout the season and right now that's that's what you feel I don't necessarily create a 100%. But I could see I -- -- point. It's -- it. They've found and brought the blame because -- with all the injuries and look at but he had to deal with. I mean made it look what and -- you know it's only early in the season. And popping and about alone was would be very -- -- -- -- different things -- Michael or court sense in being. Which is a lawyer he's for you know we've seen these things and you deserve -- -- react so. That they that they observing there haven't been watching it -- in -- I think they have that they have a I don't think the Bobby Valentine's. Experiment. Well that's a fairly low and haven't worked out. Other running this team by committee. I'm I think there's a lot of collaboration between. And sharing it and where that you know and Johnson and I think John -- much more involved now than he was. -- beginning of the year and I don't adopt it. I think they're all I'm not -- panic -- crisis but I think they appreciate. With the size and taverns but the camera there and right now I'm not saying it's gonna take a lot of work. You get out there so I think there's not a ton of discussion in collaboration going on on out there to pull away at the end and that. That's something you have to come to terms with and improve because the system that was in place last year and throughout this season. On the hasn't been panned out so efficient in being. Very real potential I have more changes to make up in the decision making. Well to the rescue. Comes the former backstop and two time World Series winner of the got -- to have the seat. On his Jersey. Jason Varitek according to a remarkable Michael Silver in today's Boston Herald is no special assistant to the general manager. Well I. Ideally that would the scoop. A thousand other people that there there's not much mystery Tibetan government entry -- I think. If I'm Eric and everything that TV's the people's reactions that -- Well the -- Jason Varitek but manager. -- picked up and down. But. I don't I don't see that happening I don't think Jason Varitek would. -- certainly accept that and I think there's a lot of things that date that are excellent Q. It under his belt before you can even begin to think there think about that. -- let me let me let me just let me just interrupt -- for second. -- -- couldn't be any worse than what you have right now. And beat Metheny did it Venturi did it Girardi did all of those guys recent -- two guys very recently. And one guy in the last several years hired would no managerial experience at all all. Well I mean. Okay and that's like saying every player's equal I would like Carl Everett because. Yeah but this c'mon we're not we never we never put Jason Varitek Carl Everett. In the same sentence I would hope. Well you know I don't think all ex players art created equal yet he's accurate yet -- -- the game. But and I don't know necessarily Jason Varitek. -- -- I think you met with the media communicating with players a couple of spots behind the scenes. We know how -- -- I mean. And in my experience. There -- pockets a lot of different people there's some you know I think he has room to improve in certain areas is obviously notre -- -- a lot about the game. And yeah I mean concern that easy. Those are credible hired based on the track record there and I think you know he can't you can't argue that that necessarily it's gonna work. And -- -- the would be hesitant about doing that just sort of the job so -- no experience. I think if I'm a little fashion but. There's an up and exactly release sent -- minor league managerial experience. What you're saying is -- in essence there -- certain qualifications. Particularly Boston that a potential manager has to have. Jason Varitek Varitek doesn't hammer you also saying -- Metheny and Ventura. Couldn't come in to Boston and be as successful as they weren't other places. Well. The the thing I really don't know either of those guys. I covered all Jason Varitek compares so I don't know much about the personality. So I'm not gonna -- -- -- you know it would be -- probably. Probably will feel the same way that -- -- -- some special out there where they actually indicate that it wouldn't make me -- commit -- let me ask about an open mind. -- -- Let me ask about a guy that you do know John Farrell. He season -- the flavor of the month and -- up in Toronto their fight with the Red Sox even as we speak the last place. He had he had the mum that esque Abbas situation but the eyes blackened now Omar Vizquel the 45 year old veteran. Was complaining that does no structure and he's not doesn't discipline the young players so they keep making the same mistakes over and over again. What is your opinion of John Farrell and how much would you give up if you think he's worthy of being here. I think if -- were the Red Sox I'd be really careful about giving up compensation entry in the -- special case. And I thought that based on what happened this year at the Blue Jays. I think going into the last offseason that -- is bargaining position which really strong and -- agency with the Blue Jays Billy Dale. It was a moot issue there's a change I mean at John throw become unemployed. Then by all means go after them and pursue it has some good. You know he is an attractive Carriker. We were trying to -- we were trying to think early Michael how many successful pitching coaches. Have they've been the man it being on it. How many that the real. Is there have been a lot of great managers -- -- get the stagnant that -- a little bit more bad. -- got a long way to go at it seems to be that I mean obviously Boston's. You know I don't think it would be content is. Or however Joseph Kerrigan I don't -- qualifies -- about a half or I don't like about. They are avid viewer there of the alzheimer's obviously was sort and more recent choices. Bob Black from a couple of years ago with the Giants but. There's a gaping hole in between there haven't been very many because really they only know one aspect yes an important aspect they really don't know the position side of the game. That's why you know people get excited. About Jason Varitek because of the catchers seems to bridge both of those aspects. Yeah another -- there's -- Obviously if I'm Joseph Girardi Joseph -- -- characters through -- you know pretty good at. Again I would just wouldn't say it. And the -- Jason Barrett. You know -- I go back to left for a second -- you kept bouncing communication communication it sounds as if I think we all kind of grass this may be it's our our media bias. But to really be a great manager in Boston and I think there was a pretty good manager here for the previous eight years before this year. Communication is probably the number one asset any manager in this town has to have would you agree that. Yeah and then by then -- do you mean not just how they come up to the media know how they communicate with the the players right -- critical. Michelman there are a lot of it behind closed doors that we never see in. And then make your players. Feel comfortable. But ultimately there. Michael's using the -- communications. And if we assume that that most people think to Bobby Valentine will be relieved of duties next week. How much communicating will Bobby do after he's released. Well I guess that depends. How much are they complement what the Rams because I repeat my cabinet and that is the the end of that. Then I assume you're gonna try to blow up a lot of bridges and you know it is not like him. Shyly and questions and whether of the on the record or will be needed traced at least talk to. They're expressed Powell how much and you know if we're gonna what's written here but it is still with the players are opposite the media. Then yell uncle regardless both guns blazing if he wants. Another shot. They're not I think you'll understand a lot of pain that cannot be locked in a graceful or not suspect -- there. Routes a -- speaking of both guns blazing. Red Sox firing blanks obviously my. Do they have any shot -- -- any shot at all you're down -- Baltimore. When a dead team but could hit any shot at all to winning it all down there. Why would say. Run it well that last start but then again. He only make it to the -- maybe the sixth inning so. You know there are alternate -- in the lineup is atrocious. Oh -- -- good -- oil there's so much on the locker. Don't know who are probably doing side. They are doing it and it's very exciting to be here in Baltimore and either a statement on multiple. All else and yet and Pavano and not Red Sox fans that's the weird thing about it right. Seriously -- like and it's so weird seeing a sea of Orange and you know have a replica. How aren't and the people are actually yelling injured -- -- It's it's exciting I always I -- -- huge oil and Rory not does because there's a good time today. I don't. You know I think it's a great baseball although it is weird isn't it that they they can't go out. Well they that was the way begin on a certain age in first World Series ever -- is when the Orioles shut out the Dodgers and 664 straight games cold facts losing -- Jim Palmer one nothing. This last game ever and you don't memorial stadium was never sold out even in the glory days even for post season games wasn't sold out. -- -- and -- well. I think it yet you know maybe just. Economically doing that well there. Let's dance that well. Let's put it this -- don't support their teams the way that Tampa Bay to fans do the fact that they're really pack that place. That's the real that's the real magnet is at camp that maybe doesn't deserve it. And I agree with you. I would the Red Sox dugout being prior -- body bags right now. I got myself I was very disappointed to listen to Ortiz whining about. He wants to be respected -- want to two year deal it is this timing off a bit or what. You know all hotly that we heard that story I mean it sitting in a different series just. Saying that -- up and now we're hitting it it's the exact same thing. You know at certain points I think I understand where you're coming from that that the right -- -- they're probably not that I don't think are deeply cares he's. We're not the guy I want back -- and if you're open minded perspective Michael are the Red Sox going to re signed David Ortiz. I think so yeah I think. The alternative a lot leaker. And I think they they should make it and -- -- and a two year deal or at least that what of what -- deal with is the option here pretty easily obtainable and make it harder and that. Yeah there are a lot of people out there we doctor today Michael started to erupt that think it's outrages -- even ponder keeping Ortiz that. The rights to this I agree with I think they have there. Grew up to comment seemed -- you can write -- the middle of the order act. I mean they -- start but after what they consider. Going up to get more often. And look at the light up Atlanta coming at the you know. You don't want ami Ortiz is up there but think about picture. I'm Mike I'm gonna up the other bit when you sit down that they have the press conference for Valentine I want should ask him. As -- quick and has the team can impacted in I don't why is he late comer to the ballpark I thought that I wanna see if he reaches over and Texas wearing out chipped. Oh come on. A -- Joker Larry and Michael enjoy here today is that ball throughout a couple of crap gates on us look at. What area are very our whole lives I would I thought five. -- bird country the Orioles take on the Red Sox to beat the beat writer covering -- team right now they went in Baltimore I'll take it.

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