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Tom Brady: Welker didn't start because of a personnel grouping

Sep 17, 2012|

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady joined Dale & Gerry to discuss the disappointment that came from the Pats loss in Week 2 to the Cardinals. Brady touches on why Welker didn’t start the game, if the Pats are trying to limit Welker’s role, why their offense was out of sync once Aaron Hernandez went down, and who’s the best player he’s ever played with. He also discusses why practice didn’t go well this week, who’s to blame for the loss, and his reaction to Gostkowski’s miss.

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Let's talk with a quarterback of the New England Patriots Tom Brady brought to you by northeast electrical distributors and gallery BMW. -- Dale -- in for John Jerry you know as well thank you -- for being with us and good morning. Ordinary. I I wonder in a situation like that is that one of those nights where there's not a whole lot of -- been going on that in the aftermath of a loss like that. Yeah it's referring so. Do it is a tough day obviously with with you know all the missed opportunities and and you know pretty much -- draw the players. Lay in bed thinking about what they could've done better so. What what what did you think it land in bad can I guess. The the PA TV two point conversion throw that the one thing that kept you up last night. Well. The whole world know about that I wanted to make the competitive play. Yep Friday if there's a couple decisions that which has you know made. That would have been better. Was there another receiver I've seen it again the PAT. I was or somewhere else you could go with the ball cause it was a real small window with -- Yeah it was it was eight. It was -- it is you know they they actually play the play pretty well itself. It was kind of across the board and yeah it really shouldn't come down to that -- week. You know we've we do a decent job moved the ball we just. Don't do enough for a bit over the course of the drive they get a closer to -- kick field world. Where do we really need to do is score touchdowns so we put together some good plays. And and can we get some negative place and the negative plays are what really kill you. Your team moved the ball much more effectively in the second half. It was that as much to do with adjustments you guys made as to anything Arizona was doing. Well they pretty much get what they did all day an and pretty much what they've been doable pre season in the Gordon last year so. There was an outcome that really surprised us. It was just a matter of release. And they have a good team has some very very good players. You know very disruptive front and good guys in coverage and they -- I think pretty well. You know put our excuse wasn't great in either one we really had them figured out so. So that's that's why you get -- is if you have chances to make plays. -- -- you just don't make. This is the National Football League guys are gonna get hurt every single week on every single team. And I know that you always feel that you can and should overcome injuries and yet when Aaron Hernandez went down. It looked like your team was out of sync offensively. Why do you think that -- Well I I didn't really feel that way. I mean he's a big part of what we do and and he's out there on the field quite a bit of FO week. We just pretty much -- -- Try to adjust you know with some different personnel groupings -- formations and such but I don't think that we were. You know people who really shell shocked that he wasn't in there that I thought we tried to react and and we didn't have a great first half by any stretch. -- You know we we fought hard in the second half but far barked at the end it was pretty amazing defense got that turnover. But I never saw that that was. Felt unbelievable but to make their place in the game to get the ball back. And and they played great all day that they leave those guys played their hearts -- so. You know it's really you know you within the team and you lose as a team and that's always you know what we've been out in that's for -- will be about him and it and all of us you know. World nitpick the things that we need to do that that are because you know a lot of trees and then we a long way to go and and you know when you lose it's -- -- it -- you really self reflective and hopefully we can go obviously have a much better week this week. Did you would you like to take another shot at the end zone I know you guys scored I know it got called back and questionable call but would you preferred to. Maybe try to put him away and not leave it up to go ask asking. You know I think it it really. You know I mean -- he always makes those and he's he's he's he's in the best kicker you know most accurate kicker in the history of our team and he's a great kicker so. However what caught commute coffee and sometimes you just let them and and those that sometimes a quarterback you just missed a throw him. I'm Becky just missed a tackle or drop all the righteous -- also. It's it's never one play and you can always point -- -- that was the big play we have an all big plays if rural scoring plays you know we have 82 -- to play yesterday and -- we could scoring one -- old if if if somebody who would do a better job doing their job so. That's just the way for all this so. It's easy. Have split finger you know at one player one play but the reality is there was. A lot of plays by a lot of guys that you know -- where we need to do a better job of that it doesn't come down -- you know kick at the end of the game. If you probably know that you know the Wes Welker questions we're going to be deal with them that lots of theories conspiracy theories why it is -- you know why didn't west start has that it. It was just a personal grouping you know where where he's -- in the game so. We have a lot of different personal group -- put him in the game and you know there's still a lot of government roster we're trying to utilize every player so that. You know at the end of the year you know one guy doesn't have 700 plays and you know and other guys. You know as fifty -- if so. Hopefully everyone can contribute they have opportunity and he's fresh and stay healthy and because we need everybody gets along here. When I look at the percentage of offensive snaps for Wes Welker a year ago it was up around ninety. The seasons prior to that it was around 7577%. Do you think perhaps. The team is reacting to too many offensive snaps a year ago and try to get him back to a percentage that's a little more manageable. I'm not sure if I don't I don't. I don't know -- minutes are we don't sit there and over analyze it probably you know after two games that the way that you guys -- mean there's different weeks where. You know we have pushed our group season in that we use them differently than. So we -- we drove all the more. So were so we truly run the ball a bit more in. You know it's just one of those games where. We actually threw the ball probably way more than we wanted to -- it just the way it was dictated it and you know west is a big part of our offense he had big game yesterday that. You know that's really critical catches for a limited Julien did to. You know -- it is. And all the guys there were out there -- contributor and we're gonna need better parents. You know about him there there wouldn't need other guys -- play a bigger role. As as -- earned more playing time. Julian denigrate and jewelry and really worked his tail off -- he's been here is this Fortier and and you know everybody has -- -- -- into. Couldn't believe it. No one has more culprits of western beat. You know and -- -- -- gained a lot of trust in inflatable over the last uniform -- so. It's a really a good group -- receivers have kept up like. You know who have been there for sure that one catch for whatever two yards if you're forty yards. You know some weeks or try to take you gotta -- you gotta find different -- to -- the ball and last year. We have three very productive receiver. And that was pretty much. Our production of the -- So you know the more excited to contribute the -- that we're going to be just stop. If we don't play well through previous stop. On this as we don't make the plays or people make you pretty easy to stop. I would just say it's accurate to say that you guys have to get your office your offense has to get you and the passing game in a rhythm. To be effective I mean everyone loves to talk about establishing the run and that's wonderful atomic kill the clock. What are -- trying to score. Don't -- to get you and all your weapons going get you guys in a rhythm maybe in the no huddle and and and get in the end zone. Well it's you know. You'd love to get. Him good luck this just be -- offensively all day. That's not so much -- before the game Joshua. Think I got a really fairway -- common -- -- I mean he's expected when a pass play called that that could -- going to the so he's he's. You know you look at the running game going to let that be accurate and efficient throwing the ball. You know. They're in and we did -- -- yes in the second half or excuse with a lot better. And that's really I think what we've moved the ball better. Because. We were really make a better place and you know we're down whatever level in the fourth quarter and -- really just came up short on the two point play -- situational football -- we'll talk about it. We just didn't. We just didn't make the plays we really needed. Three guys on your offensive unit after the game Logan Mankins Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski all said separately and individually that. They weren't happy with how the team practiced especially late in the week. Did you agree -- their assessment and what happened. You know some days you have good days of practice and other days you don't and you know it over the course along we can all your preparation you know -- you. Play on Sunday often it is a reflection of how you practice over the course the weekend. What were inconsistent practice in the word consistent gains and we've got to find a -- -- you don't -- that a way to be better in practice. You do does that surprise you when you and opening game like that I -- Arizona Cardinals of the defense and some good. Guys up front as we sit back from a follow -- watch this thing. I'm I'm just done and then I thought you guys move the ball at that you gonna blow morrow and I guess that's not the way you should thank watch an NFL game and I assume that's not what you think going into game. You when you end up losing a game like this you in shock. I mean I think everything and it that we lose -- game you know I'm very disappointed in and if this is the team though that has won eight of their last ten and think back last year from now it's nine elevenths. And we talk about all week being in a team that played Hartford sixty minute. With a lot of close games therefore in order overturned last year. So that you know that they played that the principles of what they're built on. And what they're capable of and and I don't think we took them lightly at all I thought we prepared ordered. You know wherever we're trying to do the right thing that's spurred a lot of effort. You know it's just the execution. And that requires more attention to detail them more concentration -- And actually got to try to do a better job -- it's a lot of football left of our season. Do you need to lose you know your first home game. But I know we did. And we've got to be able to move on we gotta be able to move forward not really let this week. Affect affect next week as it doesn't get an easy you can actually play and you know get the team that now we know a lot better. And we put him on the road and they have their own strength so. You know you can never overlook a team and the and we certainly. Never have done that we never will be that and you know we just I think what happened today is we just didn't play the way that we need to be able to play for sixty minutes to win -- game. Until we do that we're going to be very competitive. -- -- -- -- Come Larry Bird Houston and he never missed the chance to say that Dennis Johnson was the best player you've played with even though he played with. Parrish and McHale and so many others he he was set it all the time best player ever played with. Who is the best player you ever played with and would it be Wes Welker. It's so hard that you want and I mean there's there's probably -- you know list to attend the I've had I've been lucky to play with. Some incredible players on offense and defense. And very. It's meant to name one would be would be too tough I mean what. I know -- I'd love where if you like you know my one of my best friend and and that you know what he does on a daily basis to prepare himself really. Motivates everybody else so. He's a leader Harry you know he -- cut -- and I've been and so many critical critical situations with him where. You know what he used to work. So hard. To do the right thing would be replaced and -- played well. He's he's a phenomenal player. So I don't it's -- -- has -- I think I want your -- -- been a long time when asked about some of the guys were quoted yesterday about and we've heard before but good weeks practiced bad weeks of practice on the players -- guys were saying was a bad week of practice did you sense that. I know sometimes he would just the opposite happens about a week of practice you play great good week of practice you don't play so great what was practice like last week. Well I mean that I. I think that you know it's it's the second week of the year and don't. You know and it's not like you know it and we've we've got everything figured out of the team yet you know in practice for the games obviously -- and the way we played yes it is probably pretty much the way we practiced last week it was just up and down. And we'd make good plays -- we make bad plays and good plays in that place for the public that offensively. -- defense simply has -- offensively you don't. You can't -- together drives. And and and we just that's bells are pro am yesterday so. We I don't think we had any real rebel. Yeah we did. We had warned -- coming -- a -- we basically went backwards. About thirty yards. In a long ways -- -- we. You know those those. Plays were you and your negative plays and those who want secular so. You know they had to turn over here say they got caught. The very good player on the first play of the game didn't. The other hand up and get the ball Tipton and they're -- make it nice play him. Yeah they're they're capable of making those plays and we got to be -- make him. Really good plays on our and we we do make them but we just need to make them work. You think drunk held that. On that -- I didn't see it I mean yes. Are you tell me that is. It was -- it was iffy and wasn't even you know relevant to. To the runs so. It's it was in the worst call replacement official -- in all of them but it wasn't the best either and I was surprised chronic illness among afterwards but he might I guess after you go off sides or the next play you can't complain. Yeah that was and you know we all of record that we -- we all had played just say that we wish -- done better at. And and all of us who were part of their game and part of that love. You had a hard time sleeping and then or do you think about it and what you can do better and hopefully we we use it is. Motivation. To get better so we don't have that feeling again for a long time. Did you hear what happened in the saints game in the pulled one of the risk of pulled off the field isn't he showed up wearing saints government. Let's FaceBook pictures version -- have to start a war and the New Orleans Carolina game -- FaceBook page says the big saints fan and he was. Looking forward to doing its game and this is RF. -- -- -- And Tom we appreciate time as always thanks and good luck next week and take -- Tom Brady is that brought to you by northeast electrical distributors. And gallery BMW. We will a little bit later on complete our Monday morning quarterbacks segment when now Boomer Esiason will join us. But will get to the call with you guys in just few minutes 6177790850. Told 38885250850. Dale Arnold in for John Dennis Gerry Callahan here -- jeopardy and for John meter for Al. It's patriots Monday Sports Radio WE yeah.

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