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Greg Bedard: Welker won’t be here next year

Sep 12, 2012|

Patriots Beat Writer for the Boston Globe Greg Bedard joined John & Gerry to discuss his takeway from the Patriots Week 1 victory and how they’ll attack the Cardinals. He discusses if Wes Welker really get benched during Week 1, where he’ll be back with the team in 2013, and compares how similar Josh McDaniels is to former Pats offensive coordinator Billy O’Brien. He also gives his thoughts on which rookie has impressed him most, if there is any news on Brian Waters, and can the Pats shutdown Larry Fitzgerald.

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As you mentioned briefly earlier in the broadcast Jerry and I are very happy that Greg Bedard the very talented. Beat writer covering the new Rampage at the Boston Globe. Will be joining us every Wednesday are midweek patriot report it joins us now on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Welcome Greg as a regular member of the squad to appreciate the time. Are apt to be aboard before we get into some of the yet the media matters here I I think it's it's probably appropriate that I say to you -- meter would say to a Boston College -- in the hands on take a ball you're the guy. Amid all the screaming and weeping and gnashing of teeth this offensive line was absolutely gonna get somebody killed. Said don't worry about it when the bell rings for sure for real in game one they'll be okay they were okay on Sunday where -- not. Yet they wore. You know I I don't wanna world. You know it was all on line because I thought that you know much like Belichick -- -- the defense I thought that Josh McDaniels to the perfect job of putting. The offense in a position to succeed is you know he makes that a lot of different things from. Play action that bubble screen a lot of deception type plays all the things blow -- -- They did a nice job with their outside power runs. That are really. Taking it to the titans and thought maybe in my at a disadvantage. Don't buy it now for openers Mina but they did very well -- pressures that very low even relax your remote -- attempts it's still pretty good. Day even -- it would have been for last year's offense once so. Yeah a good start for those guys but this is a that the much stiffer test. On Sunday and the cardinals. No doubt pay philosophically how our Josh McDaniels and Billy O'Brien differently the way they think the way they approach the way to coach. That's good question I think that the big thing is. You know Josh is a little bit more thirteen -- adjuster I heard that from Spagnuolo talked offseason about Josh coming aboard back so that. The angels with the best. Deemed a play caller he's ever been around and that's you know aspects worked. With the Eagles with Indy -- -- morning wake. The giant with Kevin -- bride. Even Tom Coughlin I'm calling plays for time. It's about heart rate it's. -- -- -- -- I mean this is still gonna play out but I mean the we party scene would be the multiple tight and really like apple widget fullback with he would ever get one. Today I think he wants to do that not -- some things but I would say -- He's less focused on the wide receivers and kind of more focused on the -- and bring back. You throw -- little fuel on the fire hit today for -- Greg everybody made a big deal out of Wes Welker is diminished role playing 43 of 67 snaps. I guess and you point out look like he got benched after that drop. Do you think he wrote this will continue what do you think this week against Arizona we maybe talk and a boat in on ten catches for -- -- and it's all in the past. Well -- do you think that. You don't want people started to bring this up. You know -- early on Monday. You know when reached -- to snap counts. You know I'm always cautious because. You just snap count without any contacts are very dangerous to me you really need to go back and watch the game. These situations. And what played well. -- last -- did he play almost every snap. On regularly last year. -- -- This is a completely different team and last year I mean look at the wide receiver core I he had to play. -- so you think this is the Brandon -- Watch because the Brandon Lloyd or tight end a back because if you look at it a lot of times the third tight end in in the -- back were put in. For Wes walker that's when he came up there were definitely times an adult and played instead Welker. I thought that you did get bad after drop I mean for him not to play in prior sure is wonderful I don't think that ever happened patriots. Oh yes it did when he made -- Rex Ryan's feet. -- it yet but at that it's correct that for back up. Black -- -- -- that I knew what people are are not. But he about a year in art this is gradually an element has earned time and I -- this coming out of treatment I said they need to find a way to get at them in the Baltimore. And it's not going to be low weight because he -- -- the first legitimate X wide receiver that they have to go with these two tight end. He's dot com now -- does not run those routes well but not his strength. So in adult men. You know. He's a different player than Welker has different strengths but it. It would put the papers to try and -- -- back victim of the opera element during the time walker. I think part of it is. They need cut down on his reps he doesn't need like it will work. Playing -- still playing overeat and snapped. Wes Welker does not need like nine -- there's no benefit of that unless it's a close game. They need him later in the season he tailed off a little bit last year. Big -- over the light on them too much early on -- -- and I think now they're trying to build in a little rest for him and I think that is very wise does not think about it. Skill is he gone at the end of this year. I think unless unless for some reason EU. Suffers an injury or his production goes down for reasons other than not point. But bill would be about playing time as the season goes along but as long as he's around -- catches. Yet he's gone he's gonna get a contract somewhere else or the patriots are gonna protect act concentrate. And settlement would be a successor. I think you would see more reliant on the tight ends I think you will see that eventually went Shiancoe. With -- -- week after week six. I think that yeah that'll make it still and I just think that role. That in the in this offense is the role is going to be diminished with the tight end -- now they have Hernandez and gronkowski locked up opera. So Wes Welker playing time in production in game one according to bench Harrington would be multi for tutorial they benched him for the drop for a series they wanna keep him fresh. The wanna get elements some involvement here and the offensive personnel list tight -- centric for this particular game is that about right. That is such a way out I was surprised I was surprised reading your bureau report card so to speak that you gave the quarterback Tom Brady a rating of three out of five what I've missed that you saw Greg. -- -- are a lot of I had him with six the world export programs palm which I think formal he was dealt out by receivers. And included. Was that wrote Q Brandon Lloyd on the they play actions were Brady threw that in the one police. That the you'd rather not pro which is directly over -- head which is precisely why. Because -- have an on ball. He couldn't judges that flight stopped and turned around at Brady throws it -- either shoulder. At the touch. So you know Brady I look piper I if you break it great Brady and -- because. He's incredible I mean nor did it the second half of most of 2010. I don't know you can play the quarterback position better last season. Pretty close but not quite as good and this game. Oh look you can have a lot of challenging prozac but I thought the best -- that he made was actually the one that walker. Drop that one ahead right base right the road in traffic like that would that -- You just didn't -- lot of high degree typical Pete Rose and he missed the -- pros so to me that day. You know for Tom Brady that's a little bit better than average I I think you know what the embassy you'd gotten look back and in about. Twelve games that are better and out. EU. Watch a lot of film watch games on tape did you actually go back and checked the tape on this. Cardinals won eight of ten amuses the duke. Proof of this -- -- that is that sounds impossible the Arizona Cardinals won eight of ten. But in dating back a lot he's in the half an inmate bit the played very well in the last season. You know I met his -- that it continued indices and even though they've really should've. Really -- one Mac game going away against the Seahawks and in between. -- special teams then turnovers. Dealt with a bad pick. You know that that was a lot. Closer game and should've been. So there are four middle. Formidable fall as you quoting you as you well this -- On seven and end. And boy and then back and I think their defense for the patriot offense yet they've they are -- there are very good test. Even though this style of ball defense. The Steelers don't -- Record in the album. The offensive coordinator for the the cardinals is from the Steelers so they've run the same type of scheme and we've seen it before Brady has no problem with -- yet they get locked up that's that big. Question and I think it is going to be a very good test but -- offensive line I mean Darnell Dockett. You don't get any better as far as active interior perhaps tortured and Darnell -- he is. Sensational -- killed the that the talks. On just about every down as for as. The Patriots defense against the cardinals offense. I wouldn't be surprised that they shut them out the cardinals are not. -- Kevin -- you hit him early. You start looking at the rock she stops looking at the downfield routes the running game isn't accurate. Chandler Jones should have about five sacks in the game that's how. Or the cardinals are. At left tackle. With a guy over there what is his name his name is OT Anthony bat bat he. Black army started to gain was in 2007. For the falcons and I was regard. Last Sunday's game with the first -- ever started at left tackle and it looked like. Us utopian nicely to the my next question starting Sunday and into Monday rose petals were being thrown at the feet of high tower and Jones. I can't help but think that a Bill Parcells were coaching this team he'd be saying let's stop them in the hall of fame just jet which is what he famously said about Curtis Martin many many years ago and Alliedsignal fame. Up close to Greg Bedard I towering Jones as far as you can tell who had the better game who was more impressive. Well. Jones was Jones was more productive. Calm down to down as follows me on the way and I'm. Great things. And hightower had a couple issues in coverage. Which is to be expected but I. Parts were impressed me the most. Over the whole game. Height our something else. The the Plavix he made there -- that Chris Johnson. Ron from minus through the -- on the article today. He took on the guard and the fullback. In Quinn Johnson like old gentlemen that's all he does is block parties to pass receiver. I Turk took on all those guys in the backfield. And knocked them all back in tackle Chris Johnson about two fingers I mean. It was an incredible play and he did this he plays similar to that. Time and time again I mean they're all very impressive but I -- with the guy that was like. You know considering all the responsibility as -- as a learning curve to it. He's really the guys that I -- way like while I can't wait watched the way this -- grows over the course of the season. We got -- shutting out the cardinals it's either thirteen point favorites will will say well I'll 31 often. At Baltimore next week Greg -- -- FC championship game and did they do something against Cincinnati -- -- and then the ravens. Impress even though they had a good FC championship game issued a one -- in the shoot them play in the super bowl of Lee Evans and cut the ball. A few more pressed now that -- of them with the ravens. That's a really good question. I didn't watch that entire game. Those -- -- but. I would say maybe the no huddle. That they're doing in in Baltimore is definitely an added dimension and and not and I see a much more comparable Joseph Flacco incompetent -- lack of this year. We still don't know how good he is at the end of the day I mean I think he's pretty good but. Is he good enough to beat Tom Brady there's only a few that do that in a big game and I I don't -- I don't think that lack though is capable that I still I think that last year ravens will better. Than this year's group just because I think the often blocked the ravens is very much and locks and the patriots have a better bands there. This year and then also. You don't not happen so. Yeah I mean that. That's huge now let's talk is back in the day at the embassies in but it came into being maybe that changes things but. You know why I elect the -- -- like do you think this is the we'll say today at the top -- game. -- -- -- Woolsey about the Texans they date they have to debate towards in the season but I think these two teams are going to be there. Until the very end no doubt. But a question from me on the cardinal game as much success will they have the patriots as much success stopping Larry FitzGerald as they did Chris Johnson and I only posed that question because of the inferior quarterback throwing the ball to Larry FitzGerald. Yeah I mean I don't think that it is happening troubled pop and then. You know you look at the other weapons -- -- picked at Andre Roberts. The other -- even the other sort of wonder cure for the cardinals is inching weapon he does a lot of things a lot in the back. -- appeal to carry the ball. Outside -- that I mean. Early Doucet Michael Floyd retired and that they -- not those guys are gonna stick their defense while the why the patriots would just double team -- securing the entire game and make everybody else beat them I think that we'll -- do. And I got beat Larry always get the dip is some boom. But I think the papers -- mansion is located Chris Johnson I don't know about completely shut -- that it Johnson but it'll be pretty good. -- how long before someone from the globe may be Greg and I knocks on Brian Waters door. And says what is the real story here Brian. Well I told Brian when I talked him when he didn't report to training camp as said that you know I wouldn't be calling him again -- that too much. Respect for him and he obviously didn't wanna talk and you know he knows that he has my number he knows that I would love to talk -- him at some point in time but. There really I think that this can be managed for the patriot people ought to keep in mind that they were fully prepared on -- last season without a -- waters came very late. So be able. We will make do you would love to have them but it's not the end of the world. Just -- in what we want. I know you fear and through some theories out there what are you believe what what is he thinking. What I believe is that he. You know they have an agreement to. To rework his deal. And they were gonna give -- in return -- wanted some protection injury protection so they wanted to -- the game. Everybody was agreed to it will sign -- when you report. And then Bryant had second thoughts personal. He did not want to leave home for whatever reason and all week if you want this kid has an issue or whatever I don't know I know. He -- of our personal reasons why he wants to stay home. Andy said you know I'd rather put all the home I don't wanna go all the way to Boston again I was miserable last year. Com all away from football. I hate being away from my family always have been and I don't wanna go there it if I can't put also the home and I would think about it for more money pitchers have been -- We have an agreement we're not gonna back and mark our agreement market -- -- even more money after just give alternative. And so there had an impact and I don't know how that -- results. It depends on how much Brian is called back to the field I think he's different than most players -- thank you feel that. Cole back of the field he wants to his family is number one like football not number one his family is in the you know -- -- -- -- week feels well more power to. So you think it's a probably a pretty slim chance that they'll end up doing with him what they did with Junior -- and it's bringing him in midway through the year. Small -- I want. If I would say it I would say -- possible. You know I. What city I don't know I mean I don't think that's the situation right now we're like oh we're just waiting until midseason. You know -- electoral war learn more about maybe last year. Date they thought he's incapable electoral sixteen games this noble to bring back the second half of the season after he had a tremendous training camp. I don't think that the same situation here I think at some point aren't. Brian sides -- want the player not I don't know whether that decision's been made. He is our Wednesday regular for the Boston Globe Greg Bedard -- AT&T hotline says on the text lines is no one's even close to Bedard and football spots he's the man as enjoyable as watching the red zone that's well compliment. You can read this stuff obviously the Boston Globe you can check them out on Twitter it's -- Greg Bedard -- the talk of the publicly talked next week. All right. Greg and -- but that's in Cali hello AT&T AT&T forgy LTE.

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