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TJ Simers: Beckett acted like Mr. Congeniality, was on his best behavior

Aug 28, 2012|

LA Times Columnist TJ Simers called into D&C to discuss his postgame discussion with new Dodgers starter Josh Beckett. TJ talks about what the Dodgers ownership was thinking when they decided to accept the blockbuster trade for the Sox, how big a role did marketing the team with fans have in making the trade for Adrian Gonzalez, and the effects Manny Ramirez had on Dodgers when he was traded to LA.

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Attempting to hook up with the TJX timers out West Coast he had the LA times and the confrontation. But a better word the the exchange with Josh Beckett after the game. This young little Beckett disappointment on the mound and was -- women in the club of Dallas did get fired up for you didn't take the bait he does sound like a guy who's just going through the motions he pitches like on any sound I'll click on them now. Did the article the column turn out what you thought it was based on during the Ross sound of PGA members and and -- -- Sampras. Explains himself -- morality. He hears about people here's the reputation these guys have on the -- -- he wants to find out from -- so literally goes up some and you that you were bad -- Yeah it's not about what two and a half hour since she played the sound that runs about three minutes or so and TJ -- LA times columnist -- an irritant. To be sure and a couple odd duck. Flew from Los Angeles to Denver said he was going to do it it was going to. Out of -- and fraud. Josh Beckett in to see what kind of guy he really -- this is what -- on the last like last night after Josh Beckett and the Dodgers lost in cholera. Poster would eventually. After what we've seen him. Standing out here do you view that it. From their perch to pitch. -- smallest -- if it were true. When you're nervous. No no more than normal I'm always nervous on -- that -- -- to be here. It's. If you make pitches yeah. -- some. In the funeral. So I can make some pitches when it's that didn't make someone needs it. How effective. Try to make them to -- and there. See you have about 45 pitches every game here that. That you that you have to make if you make the majority of music pitched. So for packages. Every -- -- -- You can have situations where you have to make those coaches we're talking triple in the big picture. Erica I know I was talking about actually two pitches -- that -- the -- like you prefer to. What about that kind of so throw a fastball -- -- that was one of the post here turn in your minds. You're out here and here. Man you guys -- all. It happens is the big -- If that's most. Iraqis used to be. And certainly. So. So mentally and drove up -- just happen suspect now that it gone differently in my head unit -- have happened. We -- first baseman the knives and and while leaving the market quickly do you make an audience who -- conveniently that fast. Because. Absolutely. I do everything. What you learn about things that affect him or explore a single school. So it's up and it's going to run up 30. Look at it before it. It's ten runs three days. -- -- -- And tomorrow right here. Beliefs. And whatever and -- camera that night. City that is where fueling instilled in that this can be your team that can be years off -- him for two days I can't answer that. I'm very happy here. Are you on your best -- now. This world can get problem. Like players picked you again and again -- courses I'm sure. Maybe it'll still work today that's a problem. No problems saying. Okay. It's a bit. Can we used to using a tape. We -- six players ultimately depend on -- And there they -- those things. That'd be fun you have to promise you you didn't you know when you -- you better calm and thus your better and I'm struggling a little thing here you know. Can you pick up here -- or something something like that. These guys feel -- remember if you like us. -- after a lot of shares of do you like you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- last night after -- Josh Beckett the Dodgers lost the Rockies in Colorado and it appeared wits out that here's where it appeared a little bit of it in rip this morning we're gonna get TJ -- second. I'll -- as they couldn't stop booing Josh Beckett in Boston folks tired of the stubborn Texas tough guy routine. I've never had a problem with punks -- or the idiots who sometimes pull on a uniform. I just document how childish they act and drop by again at the again the next day. Run another chat. I've always found the slots and -- amusing. Expecting to be treated as if they've discovered the cure for cancer it's on the AT&T AT&T forgy LTE columnist the only times TJ climbers TJ Diop and Jerry in Boston how aria. Dedicated -- let it go as you expected or did you go in with no preconceived notions as to what you and how you and mister Beckett would get along. Kind of both the document Sunday in LA. He was sweetheart. You know you've been warned about my approach isn't. You know I try to work him after the game I always do with a smile on the face. Which doesn't always come across to your listening to -- -- you know from the far right. You know he was. Brief and to the point in the nothing wrong with them might as you know the idea of swearing to -- -- -- I'm not crazy about. But other than that he was he was a new guy in town. Who's just kind of trying to figure out where he belongs and how he's gonna fit in and and I try to push a couple buttons on them with which he knew it was going to do right which I told him the day before I was going to do. So decades of their purpose and Sunday's there was not concerned about the went to moment all of this is what I do. I'm gonna keep your -- it is the same thing with -- -- Gonzales. Who will roll it was a beautifully. In the this Sunday Dodgers stadium. It's really just like a little kind of fund has some people think it is serious and say oh look what he's doing he's trying to. You know get under his skin will what you I am a little bit but it. He would -- -- So did Josh Beckett past that's TJ Cymer is litmus test or fail. I think there's still part to work in progress -- I don't think I know with the guys really like -- everything I read is true minis and Joker. But I also remember Manny. Coming in Manny gave LA its greatest memories in baseball since 1988. -- -- while ago. Around the female Arnold kicked it in the hole. God we. You gotta admit TJ you you're wrong you miss read man. To help the league does degrade -- -- in -- terms of cheating yes that you know I don't know any player at a time whether they cheater or not. Terms of giving those belly laughs and entertainment in making Dodgers stadium relevant again. That was a ride that I would early do over again in a million times and enjoyed it. Was he good for the team wasn't good for the all the Russian organization. LA has never had so much fun to -- -- -- it will -- your underwear argument can be and that doesn't help you win baseball games hasn't. We don't really care much going -- I ever care. You what -- -- like he got appointed an interest in being raised. I never ever care whether -- black going to the -- likely last night. I'm as happy that was before the. I I agree but I don't care that winning either but you have to -- team and and you have to analyze and opine on where that they make in the right moves are not to achieve. Which was a great -- they got a -- nothing. And he came in. And he lifted everyone's spirit they didn't have sellout crowd before you arrived and for that brief little. Time. In LA. You ask anyone who was there he'd turned a franchise around for that time doing that ever happening Frank McCourt rain this was worth a darn. And on a sound welcome Boston homer with this one but this was the greatest trade Red Sox history. My question you TJ is that -- third drug problem in the front office in in the Dodgers now I'm you know they. On something what the hell would they think and they took. Two of the worst contracts in Red Sox history off their hands and gave Boston four prospects it it just seems. Too good to be proof from this and the deal. Will never understand how often people think and build or understand -- OK. It if you're here in LA. You have a team that went through the Frank McCourt era. Who -- ownership. Everybody is down on the Dodgers. You know it didn't have been attendance over the weekend. It's it's it's a population right now as waiting to see wouldn't -- you're gonna do the dodgers' ownership audit and spent two point one. Five billion because they know -- good TV contract. The -- Mega Millions and billions. It by getting star power whether it's perceived to be good or bad in Boston -- perceived here right now to be a jolt. Because include Hillier -- this is that this is people talk about mega trade and really includes all the moves they've made. It sets up the Dodgers right now to make a run this year and do something that would have been thought impossible in the season began. That is compete to -- to make the playoffs and then who knows what. How much of this has more of a a global is not the word I'm looking for but the best Monica and come up with. Affect in in Los Angeles is is this driving a a flag into the ground saying you know what it's not just the lakers it's not just the angels it's not just. Whatever the case may be look at us we wanna be the Los Angeles Dodgers we wanna buy for your love and affection. Absolutely that they're intent. Was that Paul offered I mean the last two games and looked horrible but. You got Dwight Howard and Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and all these kind of jokers shown up now to play basketball buddy in LA now is so eager for the basketball season start. The Dodgers are irrelevant look what has happened the angels they have floundered. And disappeared on the map. So this is ownership. Move plumbing Gonzales become their first baseman. In their minds for the next five years Ellen premieres and -- -- shorten. Property is good it was up to expectations but knows something about that yes. They've got there they're starting left fielder to go accompanied here so that's a pretty good look at team for the next couple years. Was it -- or calamity or both who fell madly in love from afar with Adrian Gonzales. But what he has always follow you try to trade form yeah that the trading deadline sometime ago. They really do believe. This guy is going to be a stud. In airline I don't know if that's true or not Osama bin Diego's crummy team. From afar does look like he had a swell time Boston. Said these personality kind of disappeared there and shut it down. You know everybody in LA remembers Fernando and he's got a chance to come in and -- Fernando junior. Well we're gonna help you out here and TJ I'm on anyone LA's -- this but Josh Beckett stinks. He's not a dynamo he hasn't been -- he has one win in three months. Well it certainly has been dynamo during his career no question he's spent a ticket match and that took a you know. And are you can do is see as a reporter all you can do is talk to the guy he controls it it's -- you know people make fun of the way the he's been interviewed. But the act to control the interview. He control it that chance of subject walk up to -- every name in the book the -- -- it really doesn't matter to teach him how he handles so yesterday. Last I think he actually handled himself pretty well but I also was clearly -- his best behavior knew I was coming. Knew my reputation. And don't would be easily. Would not have been a more accurate test. Of -- Josh Beckett really is if he hadn't been warned about your approach TJ absolutely and unfortunately. -- -- -- -- city anymore w.s or do you told you be coming up at a Denver to -- and problem. What that -- did you just say earlier this interview that you told Josh on Sunday that you were going to Denver to -- and Rodham. Well not only that they'll -- you knew it Demi was a bit worn by the team. Every team in town does that now Dwight Howard comes to town same thing happens so in going up to him Sunday. I had no intention talking nobody would sit in the middle of the clubhouse and surrounded by people so. Locked up and start looking to element. Couldn't help myself one equity was made of -- points and a little surprised frankly I mean he was mr. congeniality could not have been nicer. Person in the everything I read so it's something else. We should amassed about you know the beer in the chicken 'cause there. Pretty tired of that one that might got a jolt -- him. Oh look at that he asked me in fact he said. Michael must have good you know will be talking. You know basically he suggesting. Those kind of things or is pitching performance. I told them last night we talked pitching before we'll get the other stuff certainly. Well your early in the honeymoon process just understand that question and it'll get a Laura. Little more certainly down the road I can almost. You know what -- it will be to his detriment because. He's not the powerful pitcher anymore not be the guy to everybody knew was a busy it is a good pitcher. Becoming routine now where there are other dominant personalities. If he becomes trouble. I suspect he won't last very long because I don't think they think that he really fits into their long term plans -- -- baggage that came along with Gonzales. Right and what is so magic Johnson's role PG AC -- some big decisions out their. Or is he just cut DR Evans and kissing babies. The lonely decisions whether they bring got drugs to the owner's market and betting. But you know magic has not handled himself well in the beginning here is -- the minority owner. Made some stupid statements that was Frank McCourt he's. Readjusted his approach now. He's a he's a cheerleader but he is not -- in anyway shape or form on a baseball decision. And I you're gonna ask this Frank McCourt parking lot attendant is -- out there so I know he still making money still controls a parking lot. His specialty he can you go out and see him and a dodger game. You know he's lurking somewhere in the shadows but -- and nodded at dodger game but he. He controlled those parking lot and there's you know there's going to be in the dodgers' stadium down the road and probably whether there are built out in the parking lot. Frank McCourt will have a today. So while Beckett on honeymoons over the new owners. And as long as they can keep. McCord and they noticed out of the spotlight they've they've -- time but eventually he will become a player in the development. The whole doctors. Stadium and put stuff. He still by and lighthouses every every other week by -- That was the -- that was the ex wife Jamie McCourt in. We haven't seen her at all either but. You know we we we we go after our owners here at citizens of the players we just love our players when Alex box. -- circling back to the trade is there much. Or any dissent out there in Los Angeles about what happened over the weekend. No there's no dissent whatsoever while but I also don't think it's like upgrade time. These people are you they're gonna have to win. And so what they have anything to really get the excitement going beyond the -- when they get that initial burst -- apple like. The plant Iraqis for God's -- to stick. You know that's when they meet you buy into it with Beckett -- left eye which had tried to mention to him after the game. They want legitimate major leaguer in the lineup. So. Don't like -- there's no dissent. This week we had guys they don't humor their names were playing. I think Scott that's like with their cleanup hitter yeah. Earlier this year so both picked the back of the world and what it's like a Major -- upgrade. Artie -- my final question is as follows I'm trying to get the pulse skip the sense. Of the likes and dislikes of Los Angeles sports -- list if you will the order. Of popularity lakers angels Dodgers clips. There's really one team and how -- look at look at things the lakers. The lakers won. Well our our 111 a one B one COK and then after that. You have to make it tough case -- you get to use it was a hot property of the day in the USC football going to be big this year. -- good basketball maybe this year. The Dodgers have really fallen off the map. Because of what's gone on the last couple years in the -- fans have been treated the price -- -- the economy. So this is all about trying to get them to feel better bring them back Eagles are way at the bottom of the list the bumpers that are. -- little little progress yet. Did you -- -- -- appreciate the time this morning getting up early Los Angeles talked down the road. Our -- to Summers LA times with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds up -- ten times after the three GAT and T. -- think -- should -- as some suggest go with the angels tonight. As Bobby Valentine if he thinks will be back next defended and I get a charge out of Bobby V is up big ones -- it is -- is -- that it -- -- -- -- -- this you by the end of this calendar year you are huge gap. USC's offense has been as -- some pro --

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