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Jerry Remy: The relationship between players and manager has gotten better with time

Aug 15, 2012|

NESN Red Sox analyst Jerry Remy joined D&C to dispel false notions about the players’ recent meeting with management, when fans will know that Valentine is waving the white flag on the playoffs, and whether or not Bobby V will be in Boston next year. The guys also talk about why the Lackey story was really a non-story and whether Daniel Bard can be salvaged as a pitcher.

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Our conversation with a Jerry Remy a sponsored by ARS restoration specialist property managers and insurance -- depend on a arrested cover all the disaster bases when it comes to 24/7. Emergency services -- -- ARS serve dot com to see what they can do for you. -- buy dragon speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anyone to use a computer you talk it types. Visit get dragon dot com am by Lexus of Watertown inviting you to a new level excellent 1800. Gold Lexus -- or else always joins us on the AT&T. Getting a lot of guesses about the sunflower assassin yes. And most of my are. The big lefthander. Lester Lester tall guy uses the left hand forced the seeds and -- -- you can see a lot of other players that you can rule out bright though and -- he throws him and turns and walks away and people are just incensed if you wanna see it. Gonna put on the FaceBook page a bigger bigger versions and did he conceal my Twitter you re -- it registries are going to be meets tweets -- concede the video of a player -- sunflower seeds and Alex chose. -- dog ever proceeds on the coach's face just to be mean I know I don't think so now now. They on the heels of Jeff passenger reports a seventeen Red Sox players called for asked and got. The -- Larry Lucchino and John Henry in an effort to air their gripes and get Bobby Valentine fired what does that say about the baseball team in general or at least those seventeen guys Jerry. Well -- sometimes. You know I I kind of figured he'd be out this. And I honestly until yesterday I knew nothing about this and also what I did. It last night when I go back to the hotel. After the game was over after the club left the ball club I called one of the players' involvement. And the player involved told the effect emphatically. That this was not a much upstairs to get balance on fire. This today a roundtable meeting that they had with ownership. Ownership met with that weekend with the manager of they met with the coaches and about what the players. And they are old. The meetings all on how we can make this thing about a the rest of the way. Now this play Dustin Pedroia I could tell it -- his name. Said that he had -- were down time and at the beginning. And they get along fine now talked. About you know a couple of months ago answers that time everything -- confined. -- players -- their grievances out yes. But there was no no way a mod chips is to get -- clarified that the best information I get here. -- why didn't they invite Valentine's in the meeting because as nick kfar reports today they did this a lot last year but Francona was always invited. I have no idea that I had no idea I mean this is you know it was. Supposedly set up by ownership and they met with everybody several. According to the point to what he told me in the with the coaches separately in that would -- -- up early and I met with the players separately. You're obviously they are -- dysfunctional baseball team on the field the record circle certainly indicates that you get a sense that within the walls of that club policy as often as you were in there that they are dysfunctional as a team as teammates as a cohesive group. I I would say I'd I'd -- this really media and people laugh and say I'm stupid. But does this does this group to me has played -- They'd be they like each other. They've got issues with their manager there's no question about. Can make and he still wins when you have that yes they've underperformed they've under achieved. They've cut the number of injuries which you know we -- eight point two buckets of that. And the and the and right now the club is not good enough to -- wanna be in the playoffs it's that simple I mean when you have these these two of these two starting pitches you know Lester -- Beckett. Who have a total of I don't know how many wins -- not you're not gonna extend the winning streak that -- the united wanna run. The end that is this that is just the facts so you know all all -- came out yesterday and you know I'm looking in that dugout before the game. And it's important distraction it's the what -- what if they were talking about before the game baseball August crop -- the amount. You know yesterday about these meetings they were talking about the -- -- and an you know I didn't want to look expletive feel good about yourself. When that's what the issues now you you know they all accepted the blame for that. They'll update that went -- that but the fact is is that that's what I was told. It was all about it was not a much is to get rid of the manager. As a matter of -- the relationship between the players and manager has gotten better as time goes -- we talked about just the beginning of the year. That I knew -- I think everybody else knew that women switch from Francona the down time this was not going to be an easy transition. It was not an easy transition but as a transition that is driving data as time has gone on now you know how long this thing last. I have no idea because this can't go on the way it is it's something new every single day it's a proposal it's that it's it's discouraging. And it's it is that. You know to go to the ballpark every day and have to listen to stuff like this when -- suppose we try to win baseball games sort Kendall on. And and I don't know how long it's gonna you know is I don't know how long it's gonna go on what you can go to an audio like. From a wildcard standpoint Jerry a lot of fans a lot of fans have waved the white flag of surrender how will we know when Bobby Valentine and management waves at white flag. What is that split the younger guys -- And though he's not playing younger guys in the you know what was -- -- upon way right now. I mean I don't think -- I don't know -- waved the white flight and not but you know they get rid of Shoppach. And they planned Obama way now. You know one will we see some of that happening. About what they waved the white flag but I mean you know that they're gonna play Italy and they have to Vietnamese unit gonna sit down Pedroia broad you know the rest of the year you let it sit down Gonzales for the rest of the other got to play. And now they're gonna play as these -- they end up and they -- and that's just the way it's going to be so. And it -- -- this -- not been on this is this is. This is this is one of the worst I've been through. Since the Kerrigan -- yeah. And it's it's not fun going to the ballpark every day when there is some news. You know some new stuff coming up like this hinted that that has not gonna do play baseball. Are you convinced that Bobby Valentine survives the season. You know I -- I was out of players are -- to the other player with the California angels declared as a manager. We landed the airport we get on the bus he's -- in the tank he wants the flight everybody on the team. All the bus over I'm I'm I'm I'm one of the interstate found their promote from the airport the ball mark. They want to fight everybody. He was fired was by the next was by within two days that that. The -- think he's going to be five I don't think so I you know as far as that -- I have absolutely no little. But I think if you're going to be five he'd be gone by now. Well yeah I mean I've heard you. Critical of him on a moves he's been on the field. Do you. Load when religion. I have. I'm not saying -- from descended on the managerial moves in general like you're supposed to do like we'll all do you know. Exactly I think I think that I think that he has done. A managing wise. A very good job on the field I really do I think you've managed to a lot of the bullpen. I think easy you know confront what he should pinch run that you would you should mention that I have no issues with that at all the only issues I have is lack of communication with the point. I was gonna ask that's -- I was gonna ask you John Tomas is a -- -- goes through a number of things he said. That is as upset the players -- -- Crawford's wrist has ball Youkilis or org or or roads oh what's buckles need an extra day's rest before you start you -- The EU as a player that had don't have you can see that as didn't under the skin of the ball players can't you. Absolutely. Absolutely you know and and they were issues earlier this season with a lineup wouldn't come out late you know guys did not play tonight. And he broke things that they did that big players comfortable and you know will blow although well there's -- talking about you know make players couple -- there is a distant from -- back. And I think is true that in every sport. And I think that the -- getting used to his style of doing things was not easy for these guys. And it did it it took a long long time and and I would say the relationship right now is probably better than has been at any point. -- in the course of the season now what that means for the future I have no idea. But when you got stories surrounding this club the way it is coming out now every other day. I mean it's it's it's it's absurd like the star that amount about Lackey I mean it's it's crazy you know the rules the rules and the rules. Are that you have no alcohol in the home club out of you have no alcohol. On the role on the flight back to Boston. Period that's it. You have -- on the road. So what's wrong with a guy have to bear on a road after a game they although. What the reporter in my estimation who wrote the story and made a big deal that didn't know that the rule was -- Indianapolis if you had no idea he had no idea right what does that bug that caused the fires on the right right right there and you don't neither of Cleveland. You play at a TV should be beaten and in the lab values that miscues he didn't -- -- should -- -- play baseball and beat them. But the fact is -- it but -- it was -- incorrect because that was not the rule. What would be the logic for manager not telling the guy the -- before when they're leaving the ballpark figure out the next night off what -- benefit. That's dental school management that that the way used to date yet. And -- and -- wide open who died of -- two about playing you know the night before what I worry you know when I go home that night. Every once in awhile play -- its scheduled day off. The man that you would say they pick these that I you know he's got a day off tomorrow you know get your mind about the game. Well for the actual lineup I didn't look like walked in the book. Does make some sense if you think that the guys might if they know they have the next day off -- -- gotten stay a little later than they normally would. I would have -- -- that I went -- and you sleep differently -- -- Uganda and maybe it. That it just. It's literally a budget some good you know more even -- sometimes more than physically. You know -- no okay tomorrow the ball for me at least for the beginning of the game. You know you get out your routine a little bit. You do things differently and Andy you you you know you you go on him and him and you know enjoy it enjoy -- -- operatives sometimes it's just more mental than it is physical. Was you know what that I'll say this for Valentine he seems like the kind of guy Jerry who can. He's not comfortable -- okay -- in the middle of this crap storm you know. -- -- he's pleased elderly couple what. You know I mean he says he doesn't read the papers that he doesn't but I don't believe that. And I think everybody does they know what's going on and but eat -- You know this stopped and rolled up his back. And -- it's it's like it's you know his goal his whole career has been like this really wherever he's been. I don't know what it was like in Japan you know he was a got over there but. He's managing him and you know and it in the in the US and Venus is always happen to them. And so the end all the stuff -- often backed. Two was resolved brand new because we had to get open so many years where none of this stuff came -- -- -- you know -- was there -- issues -- -- But but none of this stuff you know blow up much like it's blowing up right now also. You know I'm not here defending anybody -- not I've been trying to give you the information that I. Or what this latest episode. You know is all about and I think I gotta correct. Speaking of -- half of the game being mental -- Daniel Bard I don't know if you heard about news is outing last night Tuesday's game against Scranton wilkes-barre. He faced four batters I'm sorry faced five batters walked four of them and struck out another. He walked the final two batters he faced an eight consecutive balls he tossed a total of 27 pitches ten for strikes but we finally got -- he was upset when he got -- the left the ballpark by the way that was his 27 appearance. For Pawtucket used to and one of the 771. ER -- the opposition like it can be salvageable someway somehow Jerry. Probably not this year yeah this is this is very sad I'm in at all side -- try to make them make a Masada he wanted to be Estrada he failed at that. In an -- back to -- to the minor league you know something something mentally. Is he's got to be screwed up right now you know what am I mean because physically he's been volatile in the world as we saw. A couple of years of the set up parolee was the best setup role that guy in the gave a baseball. And now he's you know he's he's one good three back and and in you know that's it's sad to say yeah it's it's for me it's very sad to see a player with that kind of ability. And a great kids you know have the kind of issues that he's having right now and I'm sure a lot of it is mental. And I'm sure a lot of is gonna -- go a long time to get over and you know I would do expect. I wouldn't expect to see recovered data by probably till next spring. I what is the next move they make that signifies their planning for next to you mention it. And John asked about that early but -- pick and Shoppach traded -- ways of LeBron was gonna play a lot more now. Really make a move which shortstop will be lewis' time. I don't know what we can do that so -- I have no idea I know that Valentine's very loyal to reveal those because Avila has played much much better than you know than anybody anticipated this year BP played the game hard he plays the right way. And you know of these guys -- also play for something to so. You know I don't I don't think you see take nine guys look the -- and put -- nine young guys that I don't see that happening. But I think UC you know different guys getting days off as time goes on a -- and that is why you know. And in this there's no indication that is not gonna continue this way right now so. And you know I. Wave the white flag -- I don't know how to describe that I really don't because. You know you've got a certain amount of players is they're gonna apply. And -- you know I may be. In Qatar where they -- skipped start with pitches. As they get close to the end of the season you know on the approach somebody else and they had to make it started could be stuff like. They do and they shut down Carl Crawford singled to -- repaired. Yeah -- that was another none other -- You know agenda came out this week about the rest are being -- again I've -- did -- -- about you know playing baseball are. -- double talking actually good talkative our friend all right Jerry Remy on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT sponsored by heiress restoration specialist. Property managers and insurance pro depend on heiress to cover all the disaster bases would come to 24/7 emergency services. Also everybody thinks slowest most analyses of a couple of votes collect -- Just 'cause he's -- and yet but he would -- better. Like -- in the -- one last question you would know this was like a month ago and was in the he wasn't traveling right from the -- -- -- Ottawa it was no I don't think we can rule him out yet Youkilis has ruled that is so right there right so. If that's Lester and people take a look at it seems out of character but -- and we just don't know and the character is. Had to buy dragon speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anybody to use a computer you talked it types visit get dragon dot com and by Lexus of watered down inviting you to a new level of excellence 1800. Go lexis.

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