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Brad Faxon: Rory McIlroy is top golfer in the world

Aug 13, 2012|

PGA golfer Brad Faxon joins the show to talk about the similarities between Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, how McIlroy has comeback from his Masters collapse, if Tiger’s game is diminishing, and why despite his struggles Phil Mickelson should be selected for the Ryder Cup.

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Joining us on the AT&T AT&T -- LT ER for an Brad Faxon good morning facts howry. Our. -- impressive would you not say. While they let. This -- point three years yeah offenses second majors in two years both by eight shots at all kinds of records and I don't know what to say. Is the best player in the world by far. Absolutely right now he he jumped back to number one you know you you became. Number one earlier this year after he won the Honda classic in February and then kind of went into a tailspin. You know the media got all over him about not being intense -- you know it's tough and you know got a girlfriend traveled too much and out of Pakistan is the best best player in the world. Think get a perverse kind of way you know a hard knocks kind of event that his meltdown at a -- Ultimately did him some good. Without question you know it and and it doesn't always go that way you know you've you've seen meltdowns by other players not help them and and -- Drury lost the masters and in dramatic fast yes you know snap hook on ten and then shooting eighty in an -- -- an airplane ago. They'll across the world with his -- -- -- that one that matters is. Think that you can bounce back as -- right he did and the eve of Adam Scott could do something like that after the British Open a few weeks ago. This is really made. Rory -- top player. Is -- a better player right now than Tiger Woods was at that -- You know it's a great question in the comparisons are gonna go on because you know. He's become the was the sixth youngest player to win two majors and in in the modern -- only behind Jack said he he did it quicker than tiger did -- you know. I think there's a lot of similarities right now with Rory and and and tigers came back when tiger was 23 years old you know there the longest drivers in the in the terms and and Rory is 5960. Let the -- and driving distance was 311 yards. If you think about it but the ball wasn't really role of this week and he outgrow -- like Bubba Watson Dustin Johnson Gary Woodland. August citizens without -- but it seems sixty. And you know 111 putt greens yesterday. It's blowing that you know when it's windy like that it makes the putting. Much more difficult. And and this -- short game and his iron game and it is cold demeanor seems to be. Better than everybody else. Tiger did not shoot a sub seventy round on either weekend days in all four of the majors what does that tell you Brad. What's interesting is is comment yesterday just absolutely elated said you know I try to go out there just relax yeah on and that's the wrong mindset -- -- well. Surely. Looked like the last three majors is -- that wasn't. -- -- -- and that didn't work either right so so you know he's got the demons and intensity ever had before. Maybe you know and now -- start to see it says the accident took time off that he had in the other players plan and waiting while he was gone has really given the rest of the world but most competent and and none more so than -- It seems to be bred for the first time I was saying to John earlier now -- do fall was number one Vijay was number one these past couple years here at Westwood Donald. The Mac Corbett seems for the first time since tiger won the masters in 97. That there's no question anymore that now he's he's not the best part in the world somebody else is clearly the best player in the world. Now that's right for sure and you know. We'll rate all the top players in the world but they're gonna do in the major championships and and -- and ability to win any of those in the last few years. Certainly one of the reasons why he's not number one but you know beat tiger tiger has won three times he's number one in the Ryder Cup. Points lists and you know he's still a guy you'd want on your team. You know Davis is definitely happy to tiger right there and you you don't really want to play him. One on one unless you're somebody like Rory -- or maybe Justin Rose -- he's still going to be incredibly upbeat match play. But he's he's -- a lot of -- you know he's he's changed his. -- tire swing again he's working on short game stuff that I still can't believe he's trying to change. You know what I don't know what's gonna happen with the guys. Even missed. We easily cost 2000 dollars and that the cost of files and wanna bet. How we we -- the other players have gotten better and and the young lions are are certainly roaring and has he gotten worse tiger. It got worse yet. Golf in general I mean that's his game deteriorated and I know all the people gotten better and caught him -- May be passed and not maybe have passed him but his has his game diminished. Well I don't know that it diminished he still hit the ball as far as ever you know use these these back to one of the longest guys in the game. What what's interesting to me as you know what he -- he's played his best golf. It was really able to curb the ball in both directions. At will and -- even with a driver but now whatever yet hit the ball right to left when he asked to draw. Especially with this driver he's really having trouble doing that and you know he's playing that shot. That's stating he's strong enough that he -- -- -- up and stop the soft enough. We're a lot of guys don't have that shot -- and you've seen him practice and now he put it golf club underneath his right arm and right. You know keeps Israel close was that the that this date movies in practice in the club coming from outside and crossed the line. For the ball in the right in. You know I just don't think he's comfortable a lot of holes where. We have to draw this driver and you know we get windy conditions in the win. You know how popular that left or right there's trouble down the left side you don't wanna be starting all over trouble every time you wanna get away from the problem. I think that's really affected the way he's played in I think you can see it in this mindset to. Breadwinner of the fade it becomes so fashionable on tour because you know back in the day years ago you wanted to -- draw the draw hits the ground and runs out and and you get more distance. And suddenly that's gone away and it seems like the fashionable thing now housed at the fate. Well you know I don't know this started with with tiger with Hank Haney if you read his book the big -- The big missiles -- Haney. Any work was shot and get the there'll be a long way. He he believes those who wrote books that he was the one who convinced tigers. That it that a date with a better shots he really weakened in the left hand grip. Changed a lot of things in the spring city this is the right I remember planet tiger Tyrrell. One of the years he won the term by a bunch of shots and he he hit five fairways the first two days and every time he missed that it was a big. Like it into the right rough yeah and you know for some reason people think you know he'll -- as a but you can. Let's listen like well the -- all let's talk to a -- adopted statement of all listen gonna run so much -- For some reason you know because technical with a high ball hitter that it stated the ball everybody thinks that the way to do it and I don't believe that that the best players in the world should -- would draw the automatic backed roadmap for it brought the ball almost every time and he's got a beautiful but he doesn't hit. Big -- cook as much. But I mean I just think it's insane to think that you're never gonna hit another -- her bad side again at any point you know everybody's going to be on the ball both sides. Some point. Yeah all we thought we'd focus so much on tiger again why he's the needle -- you're still. Buy into orbit if you looked toward the Ryder Cup I guess -- really next in terms of you know the most golf answer. Looking -- -- Mickelson finished -- in the standings he's the last -- since -- he's withdrawn -- memorial that -- our European vacation -- true. I 65 missed cut missed cut -- 43. -- 36 what have you seen from him here in the last couple months is when these Mickelson fox receiver wants -- while. Yeah and you know Mickelson don't have many on that last lap as well he's he's always been a player that. That could pull this -- back quicker than anyone and he could miss the cut missed the cut win missed the cut went. Better than anybody ever seen maybe Mark Calcavecchia could do that but you know still gone through a lot of struggle and acting more -- -- short game related. Those never been a guy attitude every single Ehrlich and he's he he prides himself available longest hitters he's always been one of the most creative players. And you know he's he's tinkered with a short game with Dave though with Dave Stockton he's messed around with different. Types of potters it a -- And you know he played a little bit better this week and he's been -- -- And you know the Ryder Cup rules -- change to her you know it used to be Davis love the captain would have to pick. We afford guys -- Guys in May have to do it today after the PGA. And now there's three more weeks of davis' gonna get to take a little look now in you know FedEx Cup starts. Two weeks the partnerships than you'd like to ship and right after that. You know Davis left to make this -- you know I was I was thinking the same thing Mickelson went and nine and you watched his trending the last few months would you. You picked committees absolutely got the Mickelson on the best players ever lived. And you're gonna want him on your team that. You know he's got a pretty strong team guys right now in right now -- at 9101112. I think Mae and dollars stricter maybe -- that over your. Four guys and all played Ryder Cup that are all. Steady players but you'll want the best players play I don't think it's just experience that matters. What about Keegan Bradley's game. Has you convinced that he's legit and here for the long haul. Well I I think he is for sure and I heard. Great about -- he can do. You know Keegan got a lot of the tools he's long he likes to be in the thick of it wants the ball into the game. Again he played well this week in the majors another big tournament. He's going to be go to the US team for Davison. I think I think he can Bradley is going to be one of the US top players for a long I don't see anything that looks. Like it's gonna go away from -- -- -- a pretty simple game pretty simple -- cities and upbeat. I'd like I like this'll formula. -- read us the best swing in all of golf and is that a visual thing bit of it looks pretty it is fundamentally sound or those two things mutually exclusive. Well you know there's always a combination of things when you look at the guys -- you know. Somebody has great -- temple and balances. And you know McIlroy. -- it was in Dayton who may as he has the prettiest look but yeah -- And those guys always look like they're -- -- effortless power you know rather than. Powerless -- particularly damaging because you might play in the pro -- You know it is it's always the combination of things that looked good together and when a guy can hit it as far as is Rory and believes that is. Would that sort of rhythm and balances in it's hard to teach that you know I can't -- you -- you know what you need to work on your rhythm better. You know you're rhythm and -- camera going to be different. You know. It is just even if you have that good ballot that's not gonna add the speed -- when it needs. You know the sequence in which a guy -- is really important that the that the swing counseling start from the ground up to they tried their hips towards its -- they keep. Keep the rotation going to. Club face state. Stadiums where over the -- the body and -- looked over with their hands but those are all things that are hard to see in. And lectures slow it down at least suddenly guys -- but I would I would put Rory in Tuesday's as the best swings in the game right now. While wide -- or real tech and clear what is stricker swing looked different to me what is about his swing it's it's the bad just looks different. Different. See to it and it been for can be no no no different than everybody else you know it is his swing is it is that it doesn't look like there's a lot of risk. Motion yes you know it looks like his arms stay long. This wrists don't really have a lot edit it and I think he's really improved his swing from ten years ago he was one of the the most crooked drivers out of on the tour he's got a very simple clean it -- plane off night there's not a lot of movement -- exactly. Yeah. Nice to all look for a ballplayer with a lot of put out a lot of bouncing around you know you've seen a little battle and tigris and drop. Wake up and -- that is very. If the weather had been. The way it was on Friday all four days -- with a winning numbers. You know I I know that the somebody's set on Friday there were more scores in the ninety's and in the sixties. You know I didn't have very up and if you played Pete Dye course you know I'll intimidate our communities. You have mastered playing you know are the deciding holes for angles and in with a lot of these old -- in the same direction outback. In the wind coming up the water others crosswind everywhere and it drives you dessert you know especially with a win on the opposite ways the dogleg. And it's -- I don't think guys wanted to have a steady at the ocean course is in their luck you didn't blow. Sons and tested to -- loved or hated as far as you could tell August that it like -- that much. Why no one got to -- did not. -- Mac or. And it's interesting you know that it. His two wins in the majors the US open at congressional which you remember it was rain soaked in waterlogged and not what the US GA nor the PGA you know they want it. This course to play hard and -- and you know have to play the terms in the bumps in the greens and the contours that design to. There was of course again that you could fly the ball right to the green and stop it and McIlroy is not the kind of guy doesn't have the body build if you would. Think that if he hit the ball high -- stop the ball anywhere like he doesn't it's it's very very impressive. Hey final question and it's a rule question did you see tiger winning got caught up in the cactus and had to -- cactus on the leg. I didn't see that I heard idiotic tactics like. He did but all that take away he hit -- little bushel a little weaved behind him is that only a penalty if you're gonna hazard I thought they take away if you hit a tree or a butcher a branch. That's apparently is that not heard yet to be in house or for that to happen. If if you if you start your swing and complete your sling -- taken -- if you're gonna. That -- when -- -- an -- to hit the ball it's a -- or branch snapped during your backswing. And use stop. That would be a little bit as he continues way it would not be. -- he did he did -- breast behind him and he continued to swing and and look forward to the cactus autos like that should be palatable -- Any sought Carl Paterson well first right he he had an unfortunate thing happened. The cut in two strokes it was the least behind the -- are allowed to ground your club and as you can touch the grass. But he made at least move and a you know. At those not a loose impediment -- -- -- so that cost him -- Let's actually you sex rehab of what he's doing well actually going to play this week Upton and to cut New York is exporting goods open which to me it. Brings back a lot of memories of all the -- peace deal ocean where I want a couple times so. Had an -- article play the Champions Tour. Brad good talk and appreciate the conversational talk did on the road -- hurt by Brad Faxon with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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