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WEEI.com’s Chris Price on what he took out of the Pats preseason opener vs. the Saints

Aug 11, 2012|

Chris joins Craig and Larry to talk about the positives and negatives he took out of the Pats preseason opener. Chris liked what he saw from Chandler Jones in particular and tells us what the team needs to improve on before the Eagles enter Foxboro on August 20th.

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617. 77908518. Hunt 18885250850. Texas and a 5050. Give back to your calls and a bit. Meanwhile. Game one of the 2012. Pre season is in the books patriots. Emerging within inspiring seven to six win. And here to break it all down forest is Christopher price. From WEEI. Dot com well -- your first response of the patriots performance on Thursday night would be. Is it barn burner won't let you. Did the offensive line it was a with a little bit worrisome but I will say that so that he could decide ought to do a lot of good things that I think. A lot of people should be heartened by. Throughout the -- there were fairly consistent. Throughout the first second third team and in so I think that you don't shouldn't -- and confidence from from patriots had -- at the same -- look it's incredibly early. You know it was so that's kind of put the brakes on any sort of a purple. -- somebody where it weighs to go we're in so many points of our conversation I guess -- -- If you really want to be boil it down to bottom line here. Chandler Jones big plus -- sold their big minus but at least we know that. -- solar has a year under his belt already. These things can be worked out once the offensive line gets relatively back intact. Exactly I think you know Jerome did as well as could be expected -- -- Bert -- preceding game. And -- wrote about this for the site bit. They're aware there there was a three play sequence it really showed how dominant he could be in the NFL he drew back to back holding call. The -- tackled above the truck in there and he should great pursuit is in. Separating himself from a block in breaking up -- running place goes through that sequence really for me show a bit they're chilled could be special earth has the ability to be special at that level. Sort there is so -- trouble you know rarely eat into wonder how much of that is because. It doesn't have -- usual offensive line or -- him of it -- they had -- -- troubles across the board for the up and applaud such as -- the market -- And a false start you'll puts actors didn't open probably well it that are played well at the the second thought that was interesting. -- -- -- to -- into -- -- as you know they'll have a week ago. It will be interesting to see. -- with -- way that they -- remains in fact they get Ballmer back and bright waters returned. People's problems your work done it will it is. Given his track record impeachment and should have beat it about -- started your ability to coach this group up long term. Chris. Being down a training camp as you have been since its beginning. Even when you're watching Mankins and Ballmer on the sidelines are like are they moving hourly moving like do they look like they're coming along her. It beat it -- the -- get court moving during the spring session though it is cut beginning these direct -- Because they'll go down to the lower fuel and work out you can't really get a sense of how they're doing. Of in the spring -- look like he was moving well. All were not so much with the back problems but that's of course you know you're looking you're going on you know three per month ago so. I will see that given their track record. I have complete faith that Lincoln will be able to give back your rapist who later. You we -- could -- the level we know what he's capable of the question that I would have long term would you Olmert because you can't back it you know. You cut back if you going back to college in great school. -- have thought there and as anyone who has package. Can tell you. You know those things are a little -- safety. See those things are very difficult to work with so there's the question long term it's gonna be over predicting -- you know from everything I've been told -- going to be -- and ready to go sooner -- it. It already it's always tied with the exhibition game to remember last year are raving about. I was ravens got out there to pass rush against damp eyes than -- it was the -- to where. -- -- embrace god forbid somebody comes around -- to throw the water and -- and there was let's say what was the over under for -- -- he catches our -- level with that -- But really do you like draw the line even and in evaluating. In an exhibition game when you see it Chandler Jones or high tower. Because I I thought Ridley in -- I don't care exhibition game whatever you want a college either you can make your reads and making cuts and and and you godspeed to the outside rather it's an exhibition game -- regular game. How do you really gauge. Com which players really look that I remember the first Thomas. Like so how do you -- that the difference in an exhibition game in the regular season. Larry at the request for the American way creeped out Belichick about it after the game what constitutes. A successful pre -- rooting for you and I think the bottom line really it comes down to execution I think you have to take into -- well. Arm some of these second and thirteen guys who appeared snaps were coming -- they're inspecting Marines did very well in particular. When he was given an opportunity when he was given her reps but at the same time you have to understand. In the regular season he would be going against those guys that was missing second and thirteen defense -- the second out. I think it's all about making the most of your opportunities and making the most of your reps. In executing properly when you get out there I think across the board pretty much arm the -- -- sense you know that they did that particularly other third quarter -- goes back up because. You'll -- reporters yup simple life bill executed properly union if you want it because people are. -- -- -- -- -- Really did well that was the note that was -- secrets to take out of -- again I also think that the defense desirable. Really throughout the game typically in the second apple twos and threes that are very good job but we saw some good democratic effort traverse got injury -- they're especially yes have been competing. You're Angel holding that edge. You know to have a little dropping into coverage we get after the quarterback doing what he needed to do executing the game player properly is there I think that true. But did right when I gig you know you listen to -- -- some of the guys are reporters and every court to throw water run Chandler Jones and loud you know it's early and you know EE was okay and I'm saying to myself if it might be early but he's that you were starting. -- was going up against one of the best value but in the eighth best offensive -- the bush tried it in football somewhere at some point. Regardless. You got to evaluate the guys they went to your rice tell you I know what to only one game. But I was very impressed -- his motor with his -- In -- said that -- he made he was in the in the middle of rush. Pass rush in made the read interned there and -- the spin move. To catch the back after two yard -- all the things that I don't care what -- you know that's very impressive. Exactly now what you're looking for him with consistency right it really is it over the next the second and third pretty even game and even afford -- -- I'm assuming you're completely -- that what you're looking forward to support him this. String together consistent on the field performance that we've seen it over the course of training you know you've appeared almost dominant at times going up against the patriots offensive line -- -- You slept very positively. In the first street he can use their against this thing to put truck had nothing but good things that they about. Over the course of the week here and after the game as well you know in what you said -- produce -- pretty good offensive tackle the -- drug -- from a guy like that that certainly means something. What you're looking for Gerald Ford -- here are very good start. Really -- -- looking for right now -- -- string those starts together and really start to build up that says that. One of the freezes and her writers -- respecting success. And they think that's what you're looking for from from Chandler Jones in -- -- in the rest of the rookies too political about what -- -- -- very well at times in the pre season -- well I think what you're looking for is -- consistency in how -- were stretched. Of these these 34 pre season games but in the maximize their -- at their position in the continue to play well. One of the guys who did not play well I'm not sure -- it's a cause for concern are not because you might be irrelevant we are concerned about that would be our Ryan mallet. A lot of people. Not happy we're Ryan -- performance should we even be concerned with Ryan -- performances. If you're patriot fans. I thought there were a couple of good things I think the overall. If you want. -- his performance don't know what word you might see it's inconsistent. If he does well when he he kind of slow you down. And by that I mean you'll unique to grieve because we need to do -- when he starts disputing development or get happy feet then that's when he gets into a problem area of Malick for me and I -- a talk about a month -- during the week out from being remains one of the more intriguing guy on this roster. Because I still don't know what the Indian ms. with a right now but in the -- student look at -- even earlier Tom Brady portrait they look at him residential treat beat because -- think you look around the league. The league history starts per per per quality quarterback oriented think. The fact -- he's been in the -- system for a year. Would make you very attractive to some other Chicago Bears sort so you could probably get -- -- fort for a drastic there on the road for. But they -- thing you know Tebow. He's no Matt -- leader I guess that's the Elena get the Tivo and a second -- just -- that we just said. Is there a Matt Cassel scenario at least an eight season cents. War Ryan -- You know that's a great question here in any -- you go. You don't know what you have with bella really in -- illegal that you that you get a look at the capitol police -- Regular season now affecting people like what they've seen so far I think there -- some improvement but what we said before there's still some inconsistency there when you talk about him. And repeatedly beat if you watch him and -- in unique and fabulous -- Greensboro sit -- you know I I don't even think Britney could make really in I mean that comparison before. There's a little that it Jay Cutler in the political radar. In -- you just uncork these are -- -- he's 56 yards and but there are times where he has trouble with you don't touch passes. With the with the with the -- -- with that little thing like that so if he could ever put it altogether right compared to reverse that political quarterback they're the question is whether or not. You can actually durable yet. -- and the other question is what is the end game are you willing to be patient enough if you're Ryan now wait around the patriots can be patient enough. And what is his future is -- a New England somewhere else. And that is yet to be -- it's gonna talk about Tebow did you watch any of that performance last night Chris. I didn't like Salmonella outbreak it was very interest bearing and were your thoughts you know I I I hit -- I don't know Ole. How this works just the story with the -- I -- that the Marvin looked out for trying not to run a while yet. Last night super for whatever reason they -- he didn't so. I don't know how what we should read into it in terms of long term. Acute I think there's there it'd hurt shoulder a very I -- think it. It that things are gonna boil up to a point where there's going to be quarterback controversy in New York you know it's just. I mean when people sleep last night and he he did some good things start you know the question of long term and get it done but I think that -- split within the -- -- -- -- -- -- for. You go in -- seemed -- struggle that it could go to your quarterback controversy of the biggest speech and prepare well sports so. I mean that mister -- walked into this order it's gonna be interesting to see total please go. The jets go from being the team that beat the patriots. In round two of the playoffs two years ago to a team now deciding considered a contender in the AFC east. What a lot of good choices defensively you know and in that Al wrecked trying to build -- -- -- -- -- -- for lack of better term at the defense -- guy and in some of those defense that guys. You know old got old retired you know you look at -- -- -- -- -- -- it's -- -- -- -- -- he used to be if they think that. Effective. All looked. Think that they meet some interesting decisions when it into the salaries are kind of going all lean on guys and I think being actively. Hard decisions as a result of that you'll be consumed -- and the mood in releasing I think. -- they had guys before. Owe you one guy is an example Jim Leonard with a great remember that yeah remember that -- -- -- -- group you know you need guys like Jim Leonard. If you're going to be successful. Well delivered -- got role in the -- you know we started to break down with any it would tempered now you know. Shot -- it was another great example you know you you needed glue -- like that character guys locker room guys. You'll in a lot of those guys. Have other -- started to break down or in other places right now I think it's certainly true. Are you saying that Santonio Holmes is not a glue guy. But but yet but business -- that the great -- -- -- -- -- guys. You know who are questionable at best he can get -- regards so -- they get it because started initial for the jets into I think -- -- -- incher and dynamic here is going to be interesting to watch is the people who goes. In I just don't know how it works in New York I don't know how it works for the. Over Gabriel's. Obviously a lot of the coaches and players and not gonna go on a -- to talk about it but I'm curious after the game if you talked to any other quarters of play is. About the the referee situation there and you know obviously they can notice things a lot more than we can. Yeah in that village and about the game in. Smiled a little while since you know I think my career that. You know everything that needs to be said about that the refereeing situation in the National Football League title bigger than what they're -- more referring to -- the laborer in my daughter was are critical. About that it's in -- ruled the other days -- Belichick -- Beginning -- old caller letter from the lead. Or rather you know a bit of a passive aggressive swipe at the refereeing situation. I noticed a couple of instances where it was clear that there work. Refereed in there with a pass interference call people back and look at the box with a pass interference call Obama will -- come -- with a 46 yards after principal. According it will sterling Moore. It was you know you're the guy who -- in order in the world like receivers we're. You know on the replay that it was you know that like sugar and more important work you know little things like he left their -- -- -- in the stadium and you can -- actually one instance where. -- after a holding call. -- one of the players. Yelled at the -- to go back our school so you know -- -- little things like that you're there be really at least for comfort you know that you're doing. Government that we trust that was -- that they on the Michael and so it's not a writer and -- you wanna crop believe I like I rhetoric -- about the buffalo game with the ball well appointment to the four yard line in the rough problem that touched racked. Exactly yeah. Yeah I mean they're they're like that that are starting to pop up they're going to you know it's -- thing to have those in the pre season. But when you get into the regular season if we start to -- more that there's going to be -- real problem. In other words when -- -- betting money. I thought well here's the question the most important questions surrounding this refereed issue. Not if but when are they gonna settle -- is that going to be before the pre season ends. Yeah I think if we start to be more of it I think the league in Africa back the table and they love you know we need you more than you need. Ahmadinejad again -- if it -- the regular season. -- -- -- The -- it's gonna it's gonna pop up over this terrorist stuff I mean you'll we've seen it in other league where refereeing has come into question. And it is -- the product in the news dragged down the product in -- -- in America and Europe felt. Letting it go into the regular season as it is right. That's my whole point it's -- it is no I I would guarantee and you know a lot more about this that I do Chris I'm coming out of from complete ignorance -- auriemma standpoint why change now enough about the Charlotte got out of my wallet and none of this is no way. That the NFL owners and Roger Goodell -- allow this to go on the on the pre season as the way. Yeah it's it's art critic what we're talking about relatively. Little money. We you know from from everything that I understand it you'll we're we're not talking about you know billions of dollars here in terms of payouts are -- we're talking about you'll relatively you don't want it it's it's still billions but at the same time when you're considering the National Football League that that's a relative drop in the bucket you're we're not talking. You know these these these two sides are not you know. Miles and miles apart piece it's going to be that we could be several reports of a week and so. You know I think -- -- to the bargaining table currently is no. They get a good TV contract going maybe they can pay for some of that. I mean it's a big impact quarterback's hurt you know Cooper our much is gonna caught them. That you wanted to stick to get back to the table and get that -- I'm just surprised that it -- rating going to another season they've expanded the TV programming Manning have games on Thursday night I mean it's the most popular sport. Of the four in you'd think with this rap controversy in the Vilma. Appeal that he keeps making I'm just surprised they don't get all the stuff straightened out before the season -- do well. Yeah in in I think there and here he won't talk about the coolest stuff that speaks to Goodell and his level of power you know I think a lot of players still feel the same way that they Drew Brees. You illnesses echo echo is feeling that you'll not a lot of -- trust developed because he sees himself as judge jury and executioner. Anything that might have to be tweaked go to court but yeah I mean this seems like a relatively small problem but it could grow into a bigger one if if a -- I -- we appreciate it and we'll check you out down the line. Okay Chris Everett writes from WEEI dot com on Sports Radio WE yeah.

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