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Michael Lombardi: Patriots will control the game better this year

Aug 2, 2012|

NFL Network's Michael Lombardi joined D&C to preview the upcoming football season. Lombardi gives his predicts for what to expect from the Pats with the return of Josh McDaniels. Lombardi briefs the boys on the rest of the NFL and takes an early prediction on what teams might be around come February.

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Miguel Cabrera clubs is 26. Home run for the Detroit Tigers in Prince Fielder followed his seventeenth they go back to back -- -- five run fifth inning in the tigers' seven a five win over the Red Sox. Aaron Cook gave up six runs in four plus fifteen runs in his last three starts right SARS now 27 and 29 and home. Last time their under 500 of them went fifteen years ago the host the twins tonight -- Lester against did you know it all begins at 645 on the shah's W yeah I Red Sox radio network. But such patrolling the a's and angels by three and -- the wildcard -- after Oakland lost to Tampa Bay port one at angels blow six wrongly in all the taxes eleven to ten. Into and a patriots will have another work out today spikes in shoulders stop the practice yesterday their first pre season game a week from tonight. Against New Orleans will be Ryan Block the against Michael Phelps in the 200 I am. It's afternoon at the Olympics Nathan Adrian wins gold in the 100 meter freestyle the first -- school in the event in 24 years the flash is brought to -- giant glass column at 1854. Giant broader auto glass replacement needs. More Dennis and Callahan -- Mike Lombardi is on the -- and -- I'm John -- a Perot. And that's the flash. Our friend Mike Lombardi from the NFL network starts his piece this way the Arizona Cardinals will face to New Orleans Saints in the hall of fame game on Sunday. And every weekend between then and late January will feature some kind of football activity. Life is about to be very good and of course when you talk to Mike Lombardi from the opponent work on the AT&T hotline good morning Michael gearing up Summers. Racing past is it not. -- it's great now I'm really looking forward to we got a little football no more baseball not a big baseball guys so it's all good now we're. Moving in the right direction that. What do you suspect is going to be the biggest most watched most talked about story unfolding in the NFL this year do you have a favorite in mind. You mean governor Jim Thorpe in New York yeah. Why who's in New York we haven't heard. -- Jim Thorpe you know I've never seen a backup quarterback at this I keep asking everybody here -- -- that we're here we're gonna talk about David Carr as much as we talk about Jim -- Tim -- at the nearest at this but -- You know obviously that story just physically carried on without itself it just keeps going but I. There's so many great -- to go on the other talking Carolina with Cam Newton play as well as they did offensively next this season. And play any defense I think he NFC south this -- Sean -- not being there Carolina emerging as a good team by the -- -- a very good football coach. You know I think the Buffalo Bills that we haven't covered him yet on the network here hopefully we'll talk about today but. You know Buffalo's improve their team -- golf course a chance to overtake the jets as a real competition to the New England Patriots. So there's just so many great stories as you go through this. Offseason and -- you start to look at the teams and see how they're built. And to see the way they're constructed in terms of the table -- to take the next step. -- just per second revisit the Tebow Sanchez New York Jets thing and you have a choice isn't either going to be an unmitigated disaster. Or wildly successful. Well let's just go through history you know up past performances predicts future keep me and I believe that completely -- you cannot find in the annals of the NFL. Everywhere there's been a platoon system a quarterback that's been effective now we can go back to college that we completed. But it has never happened in the NFL I just don't see it really work I don't understand how it's gonna. How -- you gonna put him in the game and he's going to be the personal protector on the punt team -- tried to talk about that a plane. And you know he never really been covering punts before it's gonna get whacked on the side of his head. You know is that because he's going to be Decourt everybody's gonna play punt safe against -- To me I don't understand what they're doing but the other general manager he has just plant and help carry on with the. Was was Rex Ryan enthusiastic about this when they made the deal. It it's -- -- and -- Ryan's no he's got a cocky but does he think he can actually make this were I can't think of too many coaches Mike. Who would who would -- welcomed this who would embrace this arrangement. Well he's embraced that I mean he's been in the league it's almost like they all follow the same script every day at a press conference. The GM gives them about three guys that they have to promote that are going to be good players for the TV even though we'd ever see them afterwards I think last year was that. -- -- he got to tackle from Washington State that they talked about was going to be the next Richard Seymour. But the reality of it is I don't see how this works settled you know wreck just gets up there and talks like cover up. Have tuned him out this press conferences because you really don't know what what is fact and what's fiction. It would comes in New Orleans without Sean Payton will the saints used that as any. An us against the world rallying point or will turn out to be an excuse to lose. That's exactly what I've been saying I think that they have taken the most. Our powerful motivating tool us against the world and utilized to their favor -- drove it on a good job of carrying on the memory of Sean Payton. They go to the players know he's not far away. And then I think they're rarely get good football team and I think they're gonna they're they're gonna take that motivational factor. And carry it forward I don't think they're gonna miss them but we're gonna miss them it's gonna be on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday late November -- December. When it gets really tough that you have to be to great chess player and you've got to be able think clearly and you gotta go into the telecheck. And the other great coaches in this league you have to find ways. The particular position -- -- that's when Sean Payton going to be missed terribly Drew Brees talked about what we're used to not having them really on asylum because he broke his late last year. And he wasn't there well he was there Tuesday through Friday and the game plan preparation is really what it is so. To me I think jumping into an outstanding play caller he's an outstanding coach I think they're gonna missile. You wanna go back to this division here Mike is he said do you think buffalo is gaining on the jets obviously. They've shored up the defensive line they still have Ryan Fitzpatrick under senator we don't know. Who Miami has under senate is there any way if Tom Brady is healthy if -- is upright that this that the paintings do not win this division. Well they should I mean you know Brett they have the best quarterback and typically the team that wins the division always has the best quarterbacks though. You know I think that carries -- -- the patriots have to get their offensive line kind of fixed you know without Logan Mankins and they're right now Brian Waters hopefully he'll will come back -- he played. At a high high level last year than words about mr. Ballmer in terms of Altidore ability can replace sixteen games are right tackle. I think the patriots realize that the that the uniqueness of the team this year will be vastly different election will be able to control the pace of the game much better. People talk about all the points they score which was wonderful and they were opened on the field but they never ever to get control the game how many times patriots fans did you see the third of mourns. Did you see the short -- where we didn't like about the cold cave where he had a chance to just basically eliminate the game and have a -- not move the football. There's a third of -- they don't get the first down the colts come back and score touchdowns all the sudden a blowout becomes a the game that should have been more that's what I'm talking about controlling the pace of the game I think they'll control the pace of the game much better this year I think with Josh McDaniels. They didn't have an emphasis on running the football more in terms of later in the game and be the best powerful -- something I think they really needed. You see Billy O'Brien going to Josh McDaniels as a seamless transition Mike. Yeah I do you obviously Billy O'Brien remembered the legacy here Billy was at duke and Josh McDaniels was instructed to go find a good young coach that they can develop -- in the program at the patriots that he picked Billy O'Brien Brothers. There's symmetry between the two guys one guy talked the other -- but when Josh comes back I think. Now that Josh is back I think to get to see a little bit more of of the 20042005. Patriotic when you watch the game implement -- network about a month ago. In the summertime. Because I was desperate to watch football -- the patriots plan Eagles and Jack's ability to keep the power abroad that they had then. And I think they controlled the game much better even though they can still move the ball effectively with the passing game. I think -- bring that back to the team not the ability over I didn't do the job because I think what happens as we all fall into. A trap at all our lives in terms of taking the path of least resistance that if it's easy to get a first down run the option route to Wes Welker -- let's just call it until it. And sometimes you just have to be more determine if -- persistent. This is is there any reason to think that Brandon Lloyd will be the next Chad Ochocinco will be actually know understand the playbook. Not a change he knows the playbook probably as well as anybody I think he probably knows there's not a chance to meet. I mean look I I that I heard -- got dressed up just that he was humbled he admitted that. He clearly had a hard time. A learning and he clearly admitted there was a lot of it was his fault he talked. That way I mean his talent level certainly should allow them to play but his mind that Obama plan. Will Manning win more games in Denver than Tebow did. That's a great question eight games -- -- that's the platform we're sitting there you know I think they even admit that he's -- taken some I mean it it this -- gonna happen overnight you just almost a year football a year of any thing. And just walked back into it and and believe that -- going to be able to just transition into the where you were 20092008. It's gonna take a little bit cover it because he -- a lot better football team. I think that's going to be a probably Denver. People glossed over a lot of the problems with the football team that couldn't tackle to safety to corner towards her good. They struggled coming Portugal in the first half against the patriots I mean it was really their defense has -- in the responsibly to the world. Which is for the veteran players and side so it's gonna take a little bit of time for Denver everybody's focused on patent. But I think the reality is going to be their team needs to get complete -- Kansas City team with all the guys that were injured coming back. Has the best chance to -- Jamaal Charles deported 2010 level if they get Peyton Hillis to play 2010 level. They get a really good team. -- in Miami -- Joseph Philbin is he called the shots they did he want. -- Ochocinco. Or is Ochoa said it was he brought -- just for the hard knocks cameras and what what coach would even want -- hard knocks their anyway. I don't know I mean I couldn't imagine having a camera follow me around that you can't even he can't do anything I mean Ireland was talking about going up. Going to discard him -- I think it's a dangerous thing when you bring cameras in there you better make sure you understand exactly -- -- doing that you could really projected the audience. That you are a competent and you know that you were in charge of the team and you could do would just good job I think that is a very dangerous -- can go one where the other I think it helped Marvin Lewis. Into Cincinnati etiquette hurt Herm Edwards and -- in Kansas -- who can go either way here. But look the debt the dolphins are desperate wide receiver and sometimes and I've often said this before feared as a worker reason. And so sometimes when -- carefully you'll have any players you reason that a guy can become a good player and I think that's why they signed. Is the Dez Bryant experiment doomed for failure is just an end badly at some point Mike. What looked at Bryant an outstanding football player of the problem as he just can't. Do the things he has to do on a daily basis to be complicit in any part of his life comes in terms of what he does off the -- widow -- shouldn't really. At a global takes a big bullet for this but there's also many times in the game where. Well Mobil one all of border does doesn't know what he had to do and he doesn't take enough responsibility for himself. To be able to handle that and I think actually the biggest problem I think there's maturity level has become a factor he's a talented player. And if you just go out there and economy is but when the game's over and he goes home. What would you have an and I -- it shows up on the field I think dependability. Is often feel limits on the field on the get a work that way. Who's gonna have the better rookie year RG three or Andrew Luck. I'm gonna I'm gonna -- RG -- because I think what they're doing Mike put an offense that will be conducive to -- of these propeller offensively Q can just watched a little clips that we see here on the phone network. And you can see them running some option you concede that running the Baylor. Spread attack in the you know Mike never really had a lot of regard for keeping his quarterback safe and healthy he'll run him anytime -- quarterback draw. An -- drop of the hat so he you know I think this hardy trees going to be moving around and I think it's gonna help on the -- -- the -- line is not very talented right now they're behind the eight ball. In that area especially when the have to block the giants to block the Eagles to block the cowboy truck that being said the beat the giants play -- which to me when you are those games is remarkably more -- I TiVo's hot breath on -- in getaway yeah well I was gonna finish up with the with Jim Thorpe. And with Tebow is hot breath on his neck does that make out the best and mark Sanchez's chances. Of buckle under the pressure. Don't you wish that just would just stand and look at the camera to look at this might tease us. I I wanna take this over I mean don't you just want them to do that I mean I really wanted to say don't Kamal mark beat a competitor. You know you know you cure team you know don't be so nice you know nice guys finish last in the company Eric. It really take the game over and I and I think -- he -- that and I don't think it's ever gonna happen I think he's very content. And I think that you know to me if people say what's the success -- the patriots -- they hate contentment. There's no no want to continue that Brady he thinks he can complete an option around it they've probably not. You know and I and I -- sense of contentment like got a contract extension and they may -- that starting quarterback for the jets. I don't think that's really what the way you wanna be able to compete in life in the -- able to go through and and the team's gonna rally. Isn't that -- and a good brought Tebow -- because they thought that may be Sanchez was too comfortable he had the old man -- you know Brunell as is backed up no threat. So he could just got to show up when he won and do what he wanted -- would always be the starter and I got a guy. You know this bit larger than life stand in there on the sidelines. It does make him uncomfortable maybe they just wanna -- to be a little less comfortable. With the circus involved I think that's always the problem but here's that here's the reality of -- people can only make you want comfortable if you go to what people offense. If you run in the same office and you're doing the same several seven every -- keep those thrown the ball. All the time that's not gonna fit he bill and incentives is gonna walk off the field to announce that an America that's not even close. And so where does that competition alive I mean that's one thing to have perceived competition it's they to have competition. It's really what what I call the illusion of validity it ends of the and you think this is a really valid reason to do -- but there's no reason to -- really when you break it down there's an illusion of -- All right let's finish capital to fund a few days before the hall of -- game who is Mike Lombardi think will ultimately meet in New Orleans in the super natural gas are fiction in the hall of fame. I would vote -- him. You know I I think that -- still are I mean he's right now I have watched one team play in the crease he's and I hate to run away from an answer but I think -- on the green -- got that hunger I like Mike McCarthy's toughness. I think Mike McCarthy's kind of coach who who understand how to be head coach not a guy who's in charge of coach who's head coach pretend he's in charge of the assistant. I would like in my I think Green Bay we'll have that eye of the tiger this year I think there will be a better team and it will be hard to -- And I and I think they certainly can do it. And I think you know this dealership in their offensive line is better I think they're going to be much better I don't know where they'll be on defense. You know I think the patriots will be right in there I think those -- the two came into the Houston Texans that they can stay healthy the whole season I think those those of the three teams that I actually come from the AFC. Well we're very proud very pleased he'll be joining us again on the during football season all through the year and -- I -- not a good thing. I'm looking forward to actually ability to supporters she's not out here with me in Los Angeles she can't even make her first appearance on the on the radio all. Get out soon enough don't worry about that don't work hard like I -- party the NFL network the Santelli on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE.

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