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Larry Lucchino: Meter is worthy of a callback for Red Sox PA position

Jul 19, 2012|

Larry Lucchino joined the D&C show to chat about the rumors of a Carl Crawford trade and what’s in store for the Red Sox. Lucchino talks about the vibe of the clubhouse, if there’s a possibility for Ben Cherington to make big moves at the trade deadline, his faith in Bobby V., and explains what the media is getting wrong.

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It's been awhile since we've spoken with the president. All of the Boston Red Sox. Look you know joins us on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LT eat good morning Larry Dario. Morning are you happy -- happens at 1001 witness that attend one loss before you can malice morning you bet. Yeah you bet it's that the game was a great feeling -- the ballpark let's let them have to kill a separate things that. That ticket picked up considerably. Are you -- touch sensing a change in the vibe around the clubhouse and the team itself. A lot. I can't speak to that I think survived -- on the -- thus there's been pretty good for a long time. It's just that. And the media. -- that's have since the same thing. But decide what I'm referring to the sort of electricity in the ballpark the excitement that comes from. During the is that the return of those very Crawford to the top of the lineup this. Speed the offense has been generated it's just been is it did feel it feels very different and -- again. Sounds like Bill James is claim in the media. But at that they let Larry you one -- and more when we heard this rumor about a Carl Crawford trade. And a -- shouted down and no it's really unlikely to happen but. It got us all excited because we've taken this might mean that they're working on some than anything and -- this might mean Ben has the nerve band has the the guts to pull the trigger and make a big big deal it is that how you feel I know you're not involved in -- do you feel like there is the possibility. The Ben will make some bold moves before August 1. Yes I do I think that as it's done and is feels. Empowered to do it I think he's got the capacity to do it. When he took the job and then and in fact since -- We have talked. Frequently about boldness. You've got to did know when to people and when did the somewhat a more conservative and methodical. But it does this club has been built on not on bull moves over the years going way back to. You know but Nomar Garciaparra -- you know force -- there's but one example. So that -- no. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind. The debenture in the entire baseball operations department is expected to sit on top. Are involved and -- our all. Pointed towards. I'm working hard call for July 30 yard line just look at the track record for years we've we try to do things. And that -- deadline if we are in the hunt and I'm certainly field where content. And will do we can't -- that doesn't guarantee again astonish supermarkets could walk into accepted one of these commodities. You've got to find willing partner to work with and has got to be a bit. But are we exploring minute that says that avenue absolute. A week ago we all thought it was a possibility might be sellers that seems to have changed in. You appear to be buyers again I just wonder in the latter does this work. A big deal does -- have to be for him to come to ownership by assume when he wants to. In a designated print little -- for Simon he doesn't need to run it through ownership or run through you. But if he were to pull the trigger on a Carl Crawford deal he does is there a rule like which deals he has the bring a -- which he doesn't. Not not a not very simple rule there's a pattern practice that we developed an open over the years. And that is well aware of that and is very good judgment about. What things to talk about would -- spoke comes as July 31. We've been talking about it for a very few weeks because it is such a -- potentially important date. So there's plenty of dialogue between -- abandonment job -- myself. And none and other folks with a baseball operations department and Bobby Valentine. Now on that issue there's this split decision that. It comes to do we have a strategy what are what role -- Alex's group what do we what do we look forward to the possibility. There's a lot of discussion because. We just wanna be on the same page and things can move so quickly of those -- they -- -- We want adequate buildup preparation before. Larry is the degree of autonomy that Ben has the same. Less or more then -- feel operated in his dynamic with the rest of your organization. All boy you guys I hate making comparisons. -- -- -- -- it is for -- I educated. Dependency -- Howard or Howard and I certainly think he will. It's affirmatively. I think there's. So. As much probably a little more collaboration. These days. So -- when you heard this rumor. Was like a surprise to you or is -- something. -- -- That you -- that you were briefed on the the possibility that a monster. This rumor is because of you know that Dan Jennings got folks from the front office to drafted to occur properties that happened and in in. In Boston. Scouting -- presumably Carl Crawford and others and one. When did spend less though about the fact that there had been an inquiry and the and given the encouragement. That we offer regarding. Being able kind of curious what -- has adamantly talked about it. It is you know that's just step par for the course this -- here you explore all the possibilities. Big ones bold ones small ones Sacramento once whatever you can do. Larry is is is Bobby Valentine your guide Larry. -- does that bother you when -- that. And -- -- not accurate that accurate a lot of things from the media's that battlefield. Are accurate and not certainly. Have great. They didn't confidence. In Bobby Valentine I think he's -- but it sensational job with the beset by injuries as a team has been. Possible that problems. I I think he's been he's been. Although we -- expected he would be -- I think it's in fact column my -- John Henry's known. At least as long as I have. And worked with and stated -- -- -- -- a comfortable. -- report them I just don't think it does it's. It's accurate to ever. They're referred to it that we put data and the media needs shorthand. Needs simple concepts. That they kidnapped hammer and to the extent that they can do that that it just par for the course. The meter Larry's guy now yeah yeah yeah that's accurate right. Metres or government audit. I'm actually flattered by that person it is. Objectivity and knowledge I think if these to supporter that's only good side. He thinks he might have made the call back round number two for the -- job can you confirm or deny that for. I wanna be sure you understand we had. Thirty loser in Korea thirty different bounces. Command and it's been. A parade is very did people. Think kind of interesting to watch the different styles. But meter is certainly. In the top ten although we don't have a formal -- That is he can worthy of call back. I absolutely think he is. All the matters at all as leader Larry things you do object guy Larry that if it. But -- -- you brought it a little less style get a lot of different people as said that you at least at this. -- -- -- -- -- -- Was creative and and we'll see I don't know promises a lot of competition of the thirty more people want here. About the thirty morphed before the end of the year. Well maybe yes demanded as well as some people come back in two seconds. So maybe that the fifty years ago. The problem is meter that you'll be in the top ten anymore it's not enough people and there it is in the top ten -- evident class rank high school. Summary might start a conversation I had yesterday decided -- this topic was gonna come up. So we had to do it examination of -- performance and and we you guys heard him I mean this is not. Favoritism just because like metered system he did bring a certain. -- -- -- What sector -- flair and Demeter the national logic here via dial the tries to the united was a number seven. Cody Ross -- 66. Daniel novel. Left field novel well where's the -- and passion that if I thought it was terrific and that dictated not remind you share on. The bet yes yes he's I was buried treasure this year. Hey Larry I'll back to the serious stuff here as far as you can tell I know you're not in the clubhouse every day when you get down -- you don't spend a lot of time as far as you can tell. Are these stories and you said the media gets things out of whack so this is -- we have you want to correct us and and guide us into into the proper channels of -- overdose shepherd us to into being correct inaccurate. The stories we hear of discord and disconnect between some players not the entire clubhouse and the manager. Is there any validity to any of those. Well first of all I try to get out into the club -- get on the field. With some sort of frequency to get a little feel for that -- possible. And -- in there day in and day out lottery ticket basis to know exactly what's happening. Do I think it. Managers in general has the support of there -- the 25 man roster. All the time. No I think there are decisions that are made players can beat -- disappointed that the couple -- -- for their pitches Torre that are. Or something happens that the other dogs seized in the old. Joke I think you've heard. But managing this particular separate cases like Casey Stengel he says his job as manager. Was to keep the five guys who hated them away from the twenty guys are undecided. And I think you've got to keep that perspectives. In mind you can. And when there's a transition there they're going to be. Some adjustments that have to be made it in relationships and then dynamic that there but by and large I think it is so very. Cohesive. Clubhouse would -- guys who like each other. A teammate to pull for each other. I I think this. The set of really good. Positive personality down there and it's one of the most cooperative -- us as we can -- at all -- -- and again the major. Okay in the interest of accurate reportage I'm going to ask a very specific question about a very specific story. And you will know the answer to this report report -- yes. After Bobby Valentine in spring training operated a Red Sox infielder. And did it in front of a lot of people -- -- sort of obvious to those around. The story goes that Bobby was talked to by either management or ownership and said we'd do not embarrass our players that way in front of the general public tour false. I don't know and its. I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. But I don't know I don't know world is due reference you're you're making. I do think again I'll go back to. But previous experience Earl Weaver. Used to say. Larry if I don't. Criticize the guy it immediately when it happened. That likely to be victimized by it again and so there is a school of teaching that says when when something goes wrong. You deal with that -- immediately. And and that can be the most effective way to prevent its recurrence. I don't know -- -- may have been circumstances where some kind of criticism. It was required on the spot do I think that message was sent down to him. From the front office I don't think so but I don't know all meet -- and. And he may have -- discussion about. -- felt that this that. I'm not aware of it but as it did happen that would express. Well you men around a lot of teams a lot of managers. Do you think it's strange or unusual that your manager and your pitching coach don't even talk to each other. And I you know that because -- spent a lot of public in -- read it and Gordon east peace and nobody nobody and I rated. It. That I know Bobby Valentine as efficiently as. As a separate or going over things hasn't very. Positive opinion of the coaching staff has a -- pitching coach and particularly. That this is that the as transition period required where people got to adjust to a new managerial style that the manager role. And perhaps new coaching world. I'm sure that I'm sure there are occasional abrasions and and issues to develop but. By and large this. There's been much too much of focus on on on Bobby Valentine has it's some -- where. But he lightning rods and down there I think it needs to be a little more focus on the performance of the team as a whole world a little less focused on the list. Melodrama. It's it's the increase. Let them but does not help but does that take the pressure of other people. You could argue that it does you know it does that's one of the things that capital and when there isn't it. Focus on March managerial figured that it makes life a little easier for the players because it's. It does not occupy. The the media. You didn't get much for Kevin Youkilis and I'm wondering if you're like. A lot of college a lot of listeners fans say you know screw them let them sit on the bench let him pinch hit let -- back up. And and I know was untenable I know Bobby was probably Glenda in and get him out of there and get Adrian Gonzales back to first base. Do you tune when a guy like -- kind of forces went on a U of the mindset you say. He knows now that we're not pay his salary and trend for nothing let him you know feeling and where he can fill in and two batteries unhappy. Boy that's so hard great centers. Person to person. And situation situation that was that one week has certainly had a full discussion as a question -- whether -- it. Sustain this team because we did have a history of the jury's -- to be it is Italy in nearly part is these and so the argument was that was made in the internal discussions that. Like betrayed. Desirable and necessary at this moment given the likelihood. At least the possibility. Of injury and the first base third base. -- on this team. But the the better judgment I think it would. Will -- -- Deserve to play every day. -- the publicity team and Adrian Gonzales and particularly deserved it on where. He was playing it may -- a little stability. In in his role with that would help is offensive performances certainly appears to indicate since that trade was made. Adrian has gone on a bigger -- I don't know if it's. Because so effective it. But there is certainly the argument could be made to stabilize in multiple live up to each day as very positive effect -- Beijing Gonzales. So you'd go to it was a legitimate argument. On both sides -- -- question. But the problem was to take guy -- been a regular player. A day in and day out for a most of his. Careers and less so -- years Kevin Youkilis. And make him a a bench player. And how would that don't affect both the performance of Kevin Youkilis as well as the performance of the vote will approximate Adrian Gonzales. And judgment was made at this facility. This would be a good thing for the player and that he had a good into the team. I got the steamy one more thing and exactly. Besides Stewart the pitcher we got different is that -- to Tripoli -- of them have been outstanding so I think it's a little early to us. Do necessity. The impact of this -- you can't just look at the place you can look at the impact on the close performance. As well this keep patient to see what kind of starting pitcher they have a quarter -- A -- how many hours. How many hours emergency liar big liar liar yeah I -- hours have been spent analyzing what the heck is wrong with Jon Lester in those offices. So. I'm sure Sherlock and because the. You know you gotta battle the club policy got to teach sectional low level you. You've got got it going on in the in the front office. There's still enormous. Respected for Jon Lester in the contributions he. He's made to this team over the years and a lot of expectations he's gonna get it right again. You know -- very few pitchers goes through a long career with. A down period be -- man -- season overseas and here there. So this is not unprecedented. But we need. To stabilize the pitching rotation. This club leads. All of baseball and offense and it runs scored not just the American League I think all of baseball. The defense has been good the bullpen has been solid. We do need to stabilize that the as a starting pitching and and I think good things will wolf flow from. Based on the reports you're getting up and -- it does Daniel Bard situation concern you Larry. It does it's because he's been down there for -- and we're eager to get him get him back to hear enough. Want to see him. Pitch was -- greater predictability and consistency down there. But stopped by for one certainly predicted Daniel Bard will be back and it'll make -- real contribution. To this team now be admitted to -- You touched on the injuries a few minutes ago so I posed this question. With the switch in the medical and training staff I'm sure you'd expect a 22 guys go on the DL what's going on. Well. This does is it because of the problems we've had an with the injuries the proliferation of them in recent years. We we -- we can look everywhere we could to see if there's something that we could do better than and and we decided that. Well may be some changes in the structure some changes in personnel. Would be desirable. And and we've we've made some of those changes -- an idea towards. Rick rehabilitation physical therapy. Using that both as a preventative and as a treatment mechanism afterwards pressed a little greater -- little less reliance on on on surgery. That was the general sort of philosophy that is that -- approach that we don't need to be greater clarity -- they're reporting structure we try to make some. Exchanges in that regard about injuries can occur particularly cute injuries. Connector or someone falls on Jacoby goes yeah. His shoulder. That he is a collision at first base that affects. Bailey. There are you know injuries that are gonna occur we just didn't. Beset. By them and they had a powerful impact on this team because well every club as injuries. But every club has some injuries to key players like a year and VP caliber center fielder -- perennial also -- -- field. Like they're closer. You know it's. Go -- -- Breakthrough this -- is starting rotation was we are we had a couple of guys on the disabled list from our from starting rotation. So it's it has been that in this series is very tactful injuries and then but I don't QBs all of -- to. Restore medical. Where was the impetus and the goal for the season ticket holder letter at the mid point of the season January here. I'm glad we did they get to the 10% -- -- The impetus for that the motivation for that there I guess we're too. One wish just to say thank you. Because season ticket holders are key constituency of hours. And it's important every once in a -- that you thanked him and fact that -- a -- would come up to me last night. Apropos of this has issued today. He came out that it says wanna thank you -- -- little about the decision that the what do you think you mean Forsett. I'm really appreciated that this season ticket -- letter because. I cam here night after night all the hostilities ticket holders and it's nice to be sanctum. -- for the support that we show. So that was part of motivation to say thank you the second part was the city keep the -- That there was still an opportunity. For this club two. To make -- run that. -- demonstrate to which -- based says the waiting was was still the highest priority for us. And it in fact today we're talking in what we need to two games. Out of a -- occurred. Tampa Bay it was nine games back in September and got to the post season -- it certainly. This gives you guys collapsed. Sure. I left. And didn't mention I mean there's. For some perspective. Whether you're a couple of games out of the wild card. Position and then in mid July there's certainly reason for optimism and -- to say we do it and we want to -- Remind people to. That we appreciated there there's there's there's support -- update their passion. This it was Bobby V was he offended that he was not encounter on the -- No. She's -- -- -- my fault. You realize that. Every jot and tittle every word every -- tactical error it was going to be scrutinized by a Kirk Everest media. That I should've realized that but does factors those body doesn't benefit the worst. From Bobby about that there was nothing intentional but -- not making a reference two to Bobby Valentine's. Yes they said earlier didn't. -- very supportive and very appreciative of the job he's done. Larry you referenced my my reference to the season ticket Poland as a tempest in the teapot I didn't think you got a lot of criticism for that I think back about the -- -- -- was flying Italy took a backseat. And a turn for the worse when Bill James opened his mouth the sort of talk about Penn State. Yeah well yeah that's so horrible tragic case. Situation. And I don't think my commenting on it now is gonna. And anything it is the it is discussion there. And then bill has been told to. It is perceived rightly or wrongly as a spokesperson for the Red Sox. And John Henry and Edgerton and discussion with them and urged him to. -- in this system -- out of personal public comments regarding. Do you think the statue should come down and Penn State. -- I'm not gonna get into that. Is that that debate. Really your Pennsylvania guys this must know better. Wednesday was always good of a world away from the University of Pittsburgh right what do. Every University of Pittsburgh football basketball game -- could possibly go too -- state was perceived -- the evil empire. So you're like me you always knew paternalism fraud than right now. If if that. Any else voice Jerry -- or not would do it says so well we have to do just that does the law need Catan this week aren't you watched. No no good I I do think that we should warn people that this is the. Beginning of the series as of Thursday discussions that we're gonna have we wish you guys effort to. And our perspective and perhaps a little bit. Rationality to be immediate -- -- on and in -- that we hope to be. -- the front office report to every Thursday that's of this discussion with your your management there -- so they -- weakened. Make a positive contribution there from 2% for the second half. All I'm sure you're looking at this Thursday to pull -- -- -- this Thursday to -- when you say we we what do you mean to. I mean it's going to be a front office report I think most of the time. Big guy is yeah in the processors for you guys. But I think sometimes it would like to get -- the commandment like tickets detonated them and maybe is the maestro of the Charles Steinberg could. It contributes to certain debates so. Opened the front office report afraid. That most of the time in the get -- That's fine with us that's filed with the vote yes -- -- -- Larry. At the time Larry Lucchino president block -- off with Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTD the wheels of term music's. -- you can come on every Thursday I get the job. That's right that sounds like a pretty fair and everywhere arsenal and meter will get you breakfast. Metre here in the top ten I know. All of them liked him -- jam him when he had to do to get that -- the second time this week. This show has been in the -- yes yes the only show. In Boston in the top ten in the Russian nation what's called the hot 100 -- so yes I want every 100. Heavy 100. And we were number seven millimeter -- we should have narrowed it down any particular. Top five I would just. Reid. Well -- Larry is Smart guy where Larry's pretty specific if your of the top ten. It's they're ten or nine. And Terry in the next major and a man and a yeah and I have been all of you lecture and ash who did he did it like my four years there and they looked at what I told I was gonna do public should be on do. Not that difficult but the four of the board elegant would be like -- -- off. It's -- dot. Jillian it's Saturday giving it will take it to about 6177790850. Your -- next with Dennis Kelly. First baseman. Adrian Gonzales. Robert William Gonzales.

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