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First the loss to the Yankees then the loss of Ray Allen

Jul 7, 2012|

Mustard & Johnson are talking about the Red Sox loss to the Yankees and whether the Sox can recover to win the next few games. They also talk about Ray Allen accepting a contract from the Miami Heat.

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It is wards Saturday. Mustard and Johnson addition men and most of sports Saturday today if not all the occupied by the Red Sox and yankees number that rain out way back in April well they're making that up today date night doubleheader first one. Around 1230 yourself fox as the nightcap at 715 in between who knows what's gonna happen whether it's acts. And yankees occupy. Not only these Airways but it's time on the clock who knows me the place to eight Brahma 1230. Right on through the night time last night of course. Both teams putting up a sol clock in the first inning. Five for the Yankees five for the Red Sox. Are Red Sox bullpen not quite matching the yankees' bullpen in the final frames. Yankees pull it out ten to eight. Where I don't even know this is relevant anymore they're now eight and a half games behind remind -- that -- It what was the joke was real story red -- England yogi. The respective first inning. You know it every pits the Yankee to restoring -- there was getting hit 123. Everybody is reaching -- source Banco comes out of a round Nittany. You know he's out there he says where do you think does everything in argues that -- what I -- McCartney and -- a look at the element like. In other for kids literally so the ball for a it took them a feel that after out it was just. But it's almost like it was a washout it was the strangest game the first two -- three innings Kuroda was it was terrible back it was awful -- and they finally settled down. And to me it came down to the seventh inning went into -- payments or relieve Arab arisen and it again. If they got when this series or or split or whatever they gonna do it has to be with the pitching because right now. Mean the Yankees have six guys in double digit home runs. They've got our lineup with somebody's got hit went to share or that part of the triangle. That's the difference but you know there was one moment in the game -- it that it may have been near the end of the game. When Ortiz. Is an end on this so I think decent third base scoring position. Any watches and Gonzales to grounds out for his faith -- you could the Ortiz Michael looking across the diamond is Gonzales grounds out to first base. Interfere rumble Ortiz is quote the week before about these guys get paid all this money right by the way I love the pregame celebrate -- you've noticed at all Leo great high school where I I said to myself -- -- amazing. If you get the owners doubt on the field but Ortiz who yes is it can gradually bottom of form of home -- -- and you work on exchanger one more year -- -- and. The alignment. Of that little commemoration like Larry sure OK Larry and I sure -- did you notice how it was arranged. Okay point -- comes out yeah. Rom reading from a left to right John Henry. Tom Werner Larry Lucchino in a very. Beach like. Smock. And then the guy that actually. Did extend his congratulations. Bill -- out. Tom Menino is giving him a chance this debate was almost -- shocking. We are all losses -- don't want to speak last David Ortiz -- -- you know that particular are nice but I said. -- up by the way we got a short survey were there on -- on tell eleven point five so we will do our opening. And then go to break and we are gonna get right back to the right to the phones so low -- lines up because of an economy on the outlined Avaya no -- loves that but really. I said to myself now you talk about mind blow of a moment if they hit is that he would have a plaque in my -- little -- worked it out with his agent ahead retirement said. We're getting stingy when of the year -- -- contract I think you're looking like they have a black and he's probably saying to myself -- -- minds about the -- The -- but it was it was perfect because after all this Contra top between Ortiz and ownership and not feeling respected in. -- got a yacht a yacht etc. etc. When he goes out and accepts the 400 home run award. It's Menino gives it to -- it's almost as if Menino was sort of like a buffer between Ortiz in the ownership trick that you see that I did. Yeah I I did but I I laughed even more because. Of Ortiz his comments. You know getting into the game itself and that of course that in him in near the end of the game you got this on the story that breaks with Ray Allen in my gonna get to that about two seconds. It was a very entertaining game if you like a lot of hits and like a lot of runs scored. I thought. You know can always in the seventh inning -- -- was you know. It always amazes me with these haters when you see a pitcher that wild and they can't seem to find the strike zone. And then they start helping them out swinging at horrible pitches. So I think the Yankees were a Lackey -- that -- god. But in the end again now this is that this was the -- -- -- in this must be driving Bobby Valentine crazy. That you know when they're hitting. Then and not pitching. When they're pitching them and not hitting. When they're pitching gets straighten out a little bit in the hitting the post up that eight runs. But that the bullpen falters. Of the bullpen has been steady for the amendment Padilla I think the only elect -- nineteen inherited runs only one who scored -- last night I. Rarely quote Bill Belichick but I will here they are where they are. And let's face it there a one game over 500 team the inexorable march back to 500 continues over the weekend Larry this. And and -- come out -- reluctantly. Even discussing a Yankee Red Sox game in the wake of Ray Allen going to Miami forward runs customers are charged yankees a Seattle and -- Clinton is in the Yankees we should get some people playing who you know they got my point being is they even relevant at this point. Their eight and a half behind the division and people. Discuss the Red Sox season total in contacts as you well know well I mean I asked dale yes the right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As a Red Sox fan working new hope for -- -- this week cart series hopefully you know they just taken series hope for a split. Like would you -- it's satisfied with a split right now you would -- at least a way to tell us that's our captain oral ran. But paralysis -- today can be very interesting to watch him because he's been very effective of late. Larry we're going into too much analysis about a team that isn't. Interest you right now excuse me yeah there I think caller on the line who you ever bet -- that you said the Red Sox are gonna beat them out. Where are they right not -- that I you're getting about. More I'm not giving up because the league has provided the Red Sox yet not one but two opportunities. To get into the post season outside of winning not only that it's just the strangest season to remember one time where nobody is really poignant now -- Well it's still early got to do it. Yeah campus having problems recanted hitting women Gloria went down. You got Baltimore they just got -- me. Now you've got the Yankees should get the Red Sox I mean I'm Detroit has 500 -- -- are only eight they have -- to take a true but essentially it's -- you go again. They're only half out. People frame the discussion of the Red Sox vis a vis the Yankees. And I'm telling you right now as you know as ludicrous as my prediction was in -- not gonna win the division at this point it doesn't seem like it honestly is it feels and so thousands more like a come back after the all star break. But they're not out of the playoffs by any stretch of the imagination as mediocre as they bid because other teams are mediocre you just pointed out. And there are two other opportunities Larry there are six teams going to go -- going to the playoffs. The other the other -- pitchers have is the calvary is coming over the hill with profit and Salisbury. I don't people don't wanna hear it and I understand it Pineda went down and Revere the biggest -- went down and then recently -- with the ankle. Now weighing down the -- lying about injuries but I'm just to it is amazing to me in his visited tribute to. The Red Sox GM's squad Theo slash Arrington. If they have been able to -- -- -- players out on the field who have been able to excusing it -- -- -- my headphones must be something -- my headphones as Larry just complemented the -- every other way I am not told that way I'll tell our current -- problem this week when he read -- from all of a -- disasters that they had to. Get off -- payroll from Bobby Jenks on down so. But I mean that's the week of very entertaining game. If Beckett hit even in that we can surprise you income for the sixth inning I mean -- That was had settled down yet but I mean an -- and I was listening to Lou yesterday talking about how badly and I certainly agreed with -- how badly. The Red Sox needed a strong performance from there. Alleged -- a capsule here's a guy that had pretty much been lights out over the last seven starts not a great record to show for the no decision against Seattle last weekend. Yet as -- RA was under three he looked like the Josh Beckett of vintage form and he comes out. And him behind home plate with a GPS -- map quest is completely. Out of his element cannot get this the -- all the work at all. Totally out of -- yankees put up a five spot even though the Red Sox did come back with five. In the bottom of that frame it really did set a bad -- I'm back -- first point to our reporting Daniel -- And I couldn't laugh Britain and have a story for another day advice did he did a pale imitation. Of Daniel Bard in the first inning Kuroda was all just as battled on just Mike's gonna point out that Chavez certainly helped that. The Red Sox effort in the first inning without a -- at -- -- Robertson and he'll tell you right out what congress for one inning anything beyond that right again right. That's what he does. And you know last night you can really it really came down to who bullpen. -- the the two lackluster performances from the stars whose bullpen was going to be tougher. Yankees open was tougher now I would have to be if you ask you for the game I would regular it's like the edge -- love -- -- -- way I am I know I doubt it would it would. I won't I won't I won't. In honor of the the triumphant reach Cairo on Steve -- everybody got a full time shift at the station and I do realize there's a full time every item back and evidently that did a great job in -- we get us our play our I -- -- IRA agreement as have -- You where you're watching the game and now -- -- once -- get back on the computer just to check and then going on -- To see the it how nice of the Miami owner -- Aronson who was in London at the time to tweet to the world. That number twenty is now going to be wearing a Miami Heat. Uniform and even wearing number one -- the ideal number -- me -- all right so Ray Allen. Unless you're living in a cave. Ward doing an ostrich impression or just completely. Com. Barring yourself from any kind of communication Ray Allen is in fact. Going to Miami three years nine point seven million obviously the money. Not the motivation at all. And well there in the Celtics offered a two year deal with twelve. Yeah he wanted watt nine over the next 327. In total to stay with the Celtics certainly the Celtics were not going. Acquiesced to that. Ray Allen's going to be 37 when he hits the the hard -- next season. But a revealing. Article does say -- least in Yahoo! Sports Adrian which and I -- one of the a great insiders. In the NBA points out a lot of factors. For Ray Allen leaving Boston going to Miami one of course is he fell. This respected and we certainly understood that. Treated almost a couple times most recently to Memphis at the trade deadline. Last winter didn't like that didn't like really being the. As I've heard Pierce's name bandied about before -- trade possibilities. Ron -- name was certainly out here. For trade possibilities so point one I understand he would like the possibility of getting traded to menace or are some other teams rumored. Out there that's a legitimate point I understand that veteran player many years of service he felt just respected but let's let's also take into account. They were shopping everybody around meanwhile. While they may have been shopping -- around and Rondo around and. The salaries weren't exactly commensurate and you know as well as I do. That's how they keep score they have more money than they'll ever have the use in their lifetimes. Their their children their grandchildren their great grandchildren are all cared for with a -- money they've amassed. As professionals in the national -- I was also -- -- account of a point okay are right Kevin Garnett. He wasn't and eat it with a worried about keeping score can -- and I understand that but that happen. Recently that's only been in the last week where all of this has been building up its accumulated. And after awhile Ray Allen felt as if he came together Rick Garnett and pierce to win a championship in he's always since then and with the emergence of Rajon Rondo. Has been on the outside looking and he doesn't feel as if he's part of may be a -- four forget the Big Three. He's now the -- the court well a lot of the other problem. And as you pointed out in any it is a must read in the -- -- -- deep in terms of right that he was marketing anymore respect him wasn't getting listen to. In a finally got to a point where he sang Frank Sinatra sound a song -- -- and I did it my way he ended up saying I'm leaving on my terms. I love Ray Allen consummate professional you'll be remembered -- five years beard championship -- industry and all that but the question remains. Well I feel the same way about him that I did and the answer is now. I'm not angry with him I have great respect for him. But my feelings have changed that simple because he laughed. He left he's reached eight same Johnny JS. Does detonated what that Red Sox did want Johnny Damon and it you can. He's got angry ladies and gentlemen but no I just I'm ticket office analysis cap now I'm trying to get an honest man is going to have not yet been nailed that I was pandering to opinions what a shocker -- and Dick dale log that I had they only got that from Leo all right six point 77790850. 1888. Types through five. Lot of -- -- I don't let the -- it's in the back fifteen minutes -- discovered to -- about I don't know hospital aren't isn't demagogue ladies and gentlemen he sticks his finger up in the years is which way the wind is blowing. In of course caters to that audience.

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