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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, on Clay Buchholz and the Red Sox

Jun 29, 2012|

Kevin Millar joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Red Sox, the Clay Buchholz injury, and the trade of Kevin Youkilis.

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Well how about that we tracked down Campbell are honest Friday but -- ID 37 WEEI Kirk many headed for a little. Kevin joining us on the ATP hotline it's AT&T forgy LTZ. With speeds of ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible us up to talk about the baseball landscape. Woody you -- straight that happened since we last talked to Kevin Campbell -- Fella tracked him down. Haven't bought. And Kurt many headed for a little RU. But Kurt what's going on guys are -- big drive around New York GPS give us the back to interfere. What golf fanatic GP SS fifty minutes away and my phone -- -- my -- is a -- thousand bumper to bumper traffic yes I'll start impact on all of this a bigger one on Obama get back for the for the show. We got their gear on today we've got a lot of golf but I made it back with a 3% on the battery. There's nobody you -- you're in town for -- -- fox baseball over the weekend he -- get out. Yes so we did our show you don't have to talk this week heroes I guess now -- fox. Pregame and post game tomorrow evening in third in that and I -- I'll back off on Sunday. I sure wasn't surprised that based on conversations Kevin the the Kevin Youkilis trade that went down one to get your reaction. Odd to the trade and what the Red Sox got back and returned to feel like that was fair value looking back on you -- Youkilis the little bridge and Zach Stewart. You know what it I don't think they have got a whole lot back -- -- but it was a deal that obviously. You know it. -- will will push his way in the lap. And basically just went on fire and then -- -- situation Bobby had to you know do this since that a couple guys here but -- some I had to break. Whether or if you're gonna. Cent well down and play you -- every day at third base for. Trade Youkilis I think that was the the thing that Red Sox can conclusion they will know Brooks a year ahead of schedule bottom line is that he has. Pushed his way in this lineup. And you know my opinion it's the business of baseball you know of the the great thing that he was probably years. You know it's it's funny how this game short term memory and he got up to erupt Fremont and I get a young. Prospect coming up that did a great job of pushing his way in a lot and -- the straight and that's what you know that's what the American dream at all about. We talked about this earlier Kevin might now or certainly debate about it if Franco owner we're managing this team right now instead of Valentine could -- have kept. You course sort of quiet and somewhat satisfied -- -- dragged out over the water and kept you -- around may be closer to that deadline maybe gotten a little bit more form. Well 100% I think this all started back in spring training with you know Valentine's relationship Youkilis and obviously the sound -- but he didn't dugout after -- They won three straight games in the race. You know -- Bobby Valentine never managed Kevin Youkilis in the come out that sound by early on the seat it was a very odd. Sound -- and prime. And the Red Sox just won three games and you know what. What do you believe that are not you know when he saying he's not playing with so much energy he has in the past. -- the other two topping the quality of player the player side not that revenue was actually have a vote this situation very well on the -- understand this guy has done a lot in Iraq sake of army cities get to World Series rings he did get -- baggage every ounce of his energy every day. And I think the results. You know 200 and a couple home runs and you know just to struggles. Along -- will Mo Brooks is you know phenomenal start and you know when he took his place when he -- I mean it just. It just made for some bad blood between -- -- about -- I think -- if that if Francona was there I think -- was still be on the Red -- today. Gimme here on what you coolest springs that White Sox team you know they were so bad third base -- -- hurt the Orlando huts and over there is that enough. Kevin to keep them at the front and American League central. Well one thing he's gonna do it is basically give yet talked about them a lot -- -- -- obviously -- a home run hitter but you know he's 200 air strikes out a lot. Out real have a bounce back year what you got to America now you get you closer to make -- -- grind at bat you know AJ Pierzynski just -- But Ellison better third base production was the worst I've ever seen. And you know up to that point I think they had little one home run a deposition was seven RBIs in the area and combined 170. So you was definitely huge upgrade for that club and assist up at bat you know you put on the -- -- put him and for all you put. Where you wanna hit you quick you can you know he could hit that -- and RBI guy you know he's got some pop but. If he's healthy he's still got some years left you know this this situation only he knows that. But at this kid is healthy you know I don't think you it was only 33 years old not forty. Odd time for my dumb question of the week you played on a couple different teams a during your career you whenever traded during -- but up my guess is Kevin you part teams that. You know guys who were considered team leaders left the team at some point while you were there. How does a clubhouse react that -- to the Red Sox react to. The U coolest thing we saw emotional they got when he's taken out of that game as eighteen -- think their reactions had a clubhouse. I think it's a deep breath diving you know -- yeah. You get some bodies there you've spent some time when it and you get some -- but it's the business of baseball but I think of a sigh of relief because. What happens is is it turned into a situation where based company and check in on. You get a during developed going right field to get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So there's always this kind of revolving door now as they get healthy you know Cody -- comes back. You know Jacoby Ellsbury -- starts rehab assignment you know and he's coming back so. I think it's a relief situation higher -- after all the place and and that he can create an identity. There right now -- at least three marked only the Red Sox have had an identity you know they hit do they start the other pitched their bullpen has been good. But who other Red Sox now you know like you know the -- you know the guys and you build a bench and you know that this is now time to start identity the next three months. You know given their forty and 36 after Hernandez shut them -- last -- nothing's gone right for this team it's always has been awful Ellsbury. Crawford hurt like you said the starting pitchers -- the Big Three did for this rotation have not been helping pitching well the same time yet they find themselves. A game out of that second wild card spot do you anticipate this team here now. When they get these guys back Buchholz and -- -- is habit of making a run here in the next couple weeks in opinion aside by getting going for the first time. Yet they're too good not to make a run I mean that they're starting pitching is too good. I think you know are they the guys they were five years ago Josh Beckett 97 miles around nobody still compete when games this level -- -- -- -- the ball. -- start at Fenway it's gonna you know that night whether the months this is when you do damage at Fenway Park. As a red -- player you grind out to the April -- and then you know this team right there you know we played at 500. Better candidate back in -- -- for and we discussed -- we'll put them. The next three months this is the most important part and that's when you take copy it doesn't matter where you started or where he had the standings right now you just gotta find a way to get healthy. And start grinding away these next remarked but the team with that second wild card by far as it is in this race and you know the Yankees they just lost two big injuries. It's easy for couples start the pets at big -- so you know now what direction they go the other big -- last night without this -- and a home run you know so. If it's a great year for baseball because the parity is amazing in all divisions you don't at all. There's not a great team out there in the Rangers were great early on in the angels came up now and they're making it push the Red Sox yankees were in last place for a while the Orioles are playing rather -- So the -- baseball's great this year. You obviously -- -- does the clay buckled situation last couple of days Kevin and last week you gave me a big speech about how much Boston how much. Different the media is and how many more people are in the media vs only other places you played. Is the anger over Clay Buchholz another example of that or is there some criticism. For a pitcher that you know had a knee injury ailment was pretty sick for a couple days there in a hospital and went to a charity event. A couple nights ago. Yeah you know what aid if these are stories that obviously see the picture everything goes gets blown out of proportion did does anybody know the real story before -- extra press called -- -- angry comments come out. That's the thing is it's just getting the facts obviously he went there on charity event he got permission from the team he was okay and you want from Florida Josh Beckett you know item. Soul and it came home so you see the picture and it's a knee jerk reaction let's and they're big boy you're don't want -- this wasn't a fifteen year old kid that snuck out of backdoor hole this is a man that makes choices like about choices sometimes. Are they the best choices you know that's helped them you know whatever but it was a charity event that he was going. And you know it is obviously sounded weird to me when I first saw them like that is weird. In the hot spot checked out -- foxwoods. And they get a picture at DePaul salt. But -- and play to big boy you -- you get guilt those repercussions that -- -- what the big media but the bottom line -- he's. Healthy and on that mound every fifth day and is able to get wins this is just going to be wild things that it was historic for a little bit. You know Kevin I think it's even changed a lot those who would you last year here. Oh why I mean he could until five -- -- -- so much more media either you know the last 67 years I feel like for these guys. Chara talked to me all this point -- these guys really I mean what's the benefit of the media I know we're always trying mr. crap up. So I don't know what the benefit really at this point is. With the players -- -- about from a player talking these guys and all this book what good does. You just you got no we could trust listen there's good media members there's bad media members they're jealous media members. They're better -- -- it but there's some great guys out there and you handle it. You have a job to do you have to get your locker during the good times and the bad times but yet you have no class. It is just there's stories every edge obviously you have to understand immediate sign also they have a job do but it's the one that attack your integrity. That impact you immediately without knowing a thing and I think these -- the stories that you know you can get better as a player -- to come in and out talk a lot of media members. But you know what I would address that. -- -- You understand XYZ. And and and then musical -- get him back. But you know players they know who they can trust they know who they can't. -- the media is a great way you know -- to to you know exit. That he used that the market also you've got some things to say and and there's no way to go about it but you're right at times. There are some bitter media members that seemed that this is that dog pile on and they liked the negative. -- because that sells but you know what if it's all part of the big market that's why you make a big money and you go up there and soon -- doors closed. You get ready for the game. That being said on the you can understand how the media at the same time like with last September for instance in the stuff that's happened. When you first hear something about the -- seeing your first natural inclinations is saying like you said -- this doesn't really Nicholas sense when you look at it. You realize the charity things he left went back the next day just you know Bennett makes a Morse has been your first natural reaction this because what happened last September I think Kevin is to be suspicious. Cure all eyes are on these guys and I think they have to beat. A little more cautious and -- situations because of the collapse of September having leaked out this that beer chicken all the baloney. The bottom line is yeah there are some not so much that there's there's choice you make. But yet it's that knee jerk reaction immediately because we -- you see like what. Now my first of like what just happened you tell what you find out like that it went for charity event he was back the next day what the big old. Slumber party and you know listen. It's not that big -- big deal you have a job do it matches to get to play baseball the rest just out that it's your personal life. I give me hit on the big breaking story today Katie Holmes Tom Cruise. Kevin that thing is over filing for divorce where where did that thing go wrong and how shocked are. Wow how about that -- mean is this amazing. Look at this we're going on baseball to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise it's shocking. Well you listen you're right Alec Kenny -- we've seen the pictures you're you're UILP Swine -- have been able you don't what happens in these I. I I did to get the inside story I thought I might know. Hey they're about the celebrity relationships are top you know -- stars in their their their work a lot -- you know this one's been a movie at three months on the road and I mean it's tough it's tough and I thought they'd get a good job stay married that long and it seemed like Pleasantville on the media. But my goodness gracious he at all. One relationship they'll never be a divorces. Lou when Nomar there hanging out tonight -- a big event together what's that what's second of the elect when those guys get together. And -- dog and pony show for the people over there. Listen Lisbon -- -- -- -- I'm Nomar or because does that locate that he walks around for the last fifteen to forty years. Okay. So yeah that that that that the relationship that's never gonna am -- you're exactly right. It's it's almost like losing no more group we don't think. I didn't say that I think you said that -- we now have that on paper and we play that back on Monday. It's Kerr a Chris Rose hanging out in New York you keep Mac and studio this week. It was studio Chris Rose zero cal does not -- You can't hang our immediate no calluses on her hand I mean this man. He goes males are perfect -- load up on me on it a man's man and how mean not not not Rosie Rosie Rosie is in the studio and have -- sit next to. Will be seeing this week not to be haven't expert picks in the GPS and hang out we'll talk to you next week. Our guys -- -- various animal OR MLB's intentional plot -- in New York this week and he's please -- Jeter. -- for the show tonight. The idea that it targeted -- I'm with with Rosa -- birthday you know like you go down that resonate for Jeter on that resonate rank them. Women he's been -- but like houses and his hands. Up. -- the base LD get -- is making gift baskets but ladies and Galley -- associates are served as a -- held. I as always Kevin brought you bike about a tractor and its New England dealers swing on the New England the bloated dot com. The went to vote against advocates throughout the entire baseball season. That's going -- voted dot com and by -- the New Orleans ninth steakhouse with locations in Boston and it patriot place in -- quick break come back to you what's on tap. Big show 2 o'clock you run 937 WE yeah.

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