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Larry Lucchino invites Meterparel to audition to be the "Voice of Fenway"

May 30, 2012|

Red Sox President & CEO called into D&C to ask Jon Meterparel a very special request, to do PA at Fenway on Thursday. Larry also touched on the Sox finally moving over .500, the restructuring of the Sox Medical staff, and Valentine's managing style.

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The president and CEO all the Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE good morning el presidente how are you. Hey call me a -- Larry as I asked the following question. Yes it is they -- dip but just coincidence that your coming on the -- the first morning after the Red Sox scored game over 500 for the first time this year. I think that's probably be the first time he has an invite me. No it's that I feeling -- that they have to. Milestone part of the year -- -- around Memorial Day to finally get over 500 is something we should celebrate and I'm really pleased the way they need team is is coming together I think in perspective. As they have the dark clouds departed and the worst is behind this team. Well you'd you'd like to think so but. That same rhythm of the season that got us from down go -- willow will reappear or did and it's. Or were about 30% of the way through the seasons have been 70% C is left. So there will be some ebbs and flows. During the remainder of the season but the good thing is that these these. To keep this kind of come together and I think there's an identity forming some. Some of the who the lesser known players are very Euro contribution. Keeping this team and around 500. And that's what we wanted to be till the calvary comes over the horizon in the -- but it that he. Person so of -- very him and Crawford and and aliens. So much for getting your facility get a good -- -- today. Do you have a theory as to why there when there are a lot of injuries Larry do you try to apply some explanation some common sense to -- just say. That's bad luck and and and we move on -- you you fired your medical staff correct in your prankster. Well we've we've we've restructured it did because we're pretty. Uncomfortable with the incidents so they dip in numbers of injuries that we had in the past but this year seems a little different. We're we're -- high degree of confidence and they've restructured staff -- we emphasizing. Prevention and and her in rehab rehabilitation. Physical therapy. I do therapy there a lot of new things that we've been focusing on and so what we run into a series of acute injuries. Were people and their thumbs. Step on the base or shortstop fall on the guy's shoulder things that. That are possible to anticipate. And it the Pedroia injured obviously the latest another guy. Who knows not gonna lose is job injury we assume so what who is the temporary replacement are you comfortable and it was not your call. But you watches closely as anyone has put you comfortable with Punto in the -- for 34 weeks or does Iglesias come up -- or someone else. Well that decision being made right now and I Meredith put -- it was. Second base and on the World Series championship. Cardinals last year. So he eight while he's off to a slow start is a guy with a real experience is a great teammate this it did it. It is teammates like playing with them but. I think there's say that we have a minor league system it's too stiff for reasons like this. So I think that is a but we could dip in the quietly system that we need to and maybe -- Put too little bit at second base. Larry speaking of slow starts as the backer Bobby Valentine were you surprised when things were not going very very well at the level. And the intensity of the disdain and the finger pointing at manager. All I have a cutting the convenient. Symbol. The people that I didn't think it was a certainly fair to focus on him and I thought the people who were upset to. And and and legitimate grievances with the performance of the club in the -- finish last year. And it's -- the manager Wednesday kind of figurehead person or symbol that people could. Could focus on. But I think he's done a an acceptable to it was the series of injuries that deal with they're restructuring of the bullpen they said do. And a number of the calls these days proven to be really. -- Insightful on in very helpful is the club. Sustaining itself. Records for the quarter output was actually it's -- 30%. Did you did it become a while in your opinion that I don't find his stride his comfort zone or does he just like it. When he has the mix and match and put all the pieces together as opposed to go into every day with a set lineup. I think both the things he said it are true. Kelly and I hate. Thanks sentences like that and I think both -- -- he says is true. That he is and it took -- -- 00. A little while we as it would anyone it was a transition that was necessary. There are a lot of new things. Going on new players. Do and medical is that as we said. -- A new type of manager of the philosophy of personality. So inevitably there was going to be some transition. And I think that that the. We're kind of through that the team. Despite the adversity in the injury -- -- -- -- received becoming together and I think down. Let's hope he can sustain that in terms of missed mixing and matching I think he. It's undeniable that he city police. Every game two win. This is commercial. Message has every game matters. Every every pitch matters every out matters he places like that there's an intensity. That's in that that I like and -- line of -- he's pitching. Lefty righty lefty. They get the Mexican wants. And I think that that's that's the way to do it -- particularly in this day and age. -- with the a wild card system that we have. One game. Will make a difference two games -- make a difference last year one game made a difference. In the final standings that's been true for the last the few years. There's. Did you want did you wish that Terry Francona did that did more that. Well. I think. I actually hesitate to make comparisons because of Franco and it was so good for so long. And so successful. With us. But I I think that there is that there is a bit of a difference and in other user. If they're able to have -- I do think there. Obviously there was some interest general -- -- by the team -- wondering how and why did the club -- -- decision not to offer old -- a contract. Well. We we certainly thought about it it's the scouting. It was a. Good judgment that we got a two pitchers. Coming back soon. Both. -- cook and Daisuke Matsuzaka. And now or worry about now a possibility of a six man rotation. Pitching depth and at some point you just have to say. Where are going what the players that we haven't been and it's very sizable price associated with this perhaps sees -- as well. So it was a -- so we were. Pitching or starting pitching sure do we we we think that. You know we can do we're gonna have. Seven. Seven possibilities. And cities it's been an extra. 67 million dollars to secure -- when you've got that kind of pitching need that you may need. Money come July 31. Did two trips to the deal last year with a bad back for 34 year old guy give you pause as well. It's absolutely -- -- it it is effective but I think -- You know we. Didn't think that. That that would be disqualifying them you know but but we did. We did look at the alternatives -- available of the costs associated with that and that's decided that the and remember we have a guy who kept saying to us over and over that he wants to be somewhere down there. His home right and it was it was going to be a longshot at best anyway. -- Can only answer questions serious question -- pro and I have for you see why you mentioned Carl Crawford as a member of the cavalry coming to save the day. Why is the team was of the Red Sox better and better team with Crawford then with Daniel Nava and left. Very interesting question because -- -- one of the great stories of the entire season so far. Here's a guy who. That is great moment it is first this moment and we don't know what is Grand Slam -- -- -- -- -- -- And then -- this year it was not even invited to in Major -- can't be any visit spring training. To be sure that he was on the other side of the camps from the 66 players. Who were. Invited to stately campus it is it's very high number. I think what we may need to all give any injuries but that's. It's 66 guys and novel was there was not one of them liked it right into them. Or during spring training and -- with so little bit -- he was very positive very upbeat -- -- really thanks to he's just. Good story and an underdog kind of kind of guy and you get a reform but. But he doesn't make twenty million years that. Understand. You know it's that if he can sustain what he's doing. He's gonna make to -- over the course of the immediacy. Not he had a firmly established. Major League and -- in order that he is that it invaluable part of the totally. First part of the season this team -- that is awfully well I think it's stories that. You know property somebody who has established in Major League track record. And we're eager to get him back in and I think he is he's got something to prove. I think he yeah feels that appears he seems more comfortable. With the surroundings and his teammates. And I know he's chopping it it just can't wait to get in there doesn't mean -- -- -- doesn't play. It means that so they'll be so. Some some blind share exposed was among the elephant is given the -- -- injured -- Larry we ask our followers on Twitter to suggest what they thought might be the reason. You have me -- what is the surprise announcement you're gonna make here with Dennis and Callahan. And our top three hunters were. You when he announced the selling of 100 year anniversary use -- urinal cakes -- -- think that's probably the case now are you sure endorsing Romney might that be yet. I think that's a launch OK how about this one this of the third when your -- the Red Sox to Rhode Island for loan guarantees and tax breaks that. What should -- so. That the that the title line but it -- not a funny third notes on told that. None of those other reason we you know amnesty guys is that possible. No that's not boss -- you don't miss. All know set a medal but you only miss us when you get about 500 for your blog. If you invite usually -- -- below five under which may happen again and oh we have become on again. It's not a question. Butler Butler records. We have we have a lot coming out we have big months to June. -- promote. Its that the part which we have. The promotion it is -- related activities every game time on the Q school calling out kids. So that's the big thing I've. The parents out there advocate and those discredited been preaching that the kids. So that's something we had big homestand beginning next week with the first place Baltimore Orioles. In a long. Along the state well it's let's hope. It's that next week -- their plane tickets for that targets and saw tickets but we're looking for is. Rising star were trying to find someone to feel very big hole. Operations. And it certainly part that we lost Karl being tragically. A few weeks ago and trying to replace the voice simply part. It's sort a lot of that. Deep they're so poised to do that process. And the and delightful controversies battalion brings February -- -- and that note I'll look in the wrong direction. In other guy that we'd like to invite to do. To try out his name is not yet a household name but it might be John beat her well. So Mir is there and -- -- Q considered. Auditioning for the position as the announcer with attacks I. Yes. Would be -- absolutely -- we would not gonna look if he gets the job. And I assume he will comes in he'll take the vehicle wash your cardinal Kutcher long shine your shoes like the via brick. Yeah. A course when -- do whatever it takes Larry if he gets the gig. Obviously I'm being serious here I I think that. You warned the local -- too long at WBAI it's 53 metres step out again. And see if you can. Become the voice is certainly part RI ST we are so sue. The auditioning and number. People it's the I highly sought after position but it. Our college of cardinals over at Fenway this that it was considering various possibilities and we got -- we should day in invite to do. Didn't step up disposition. And see how how it goes I'd like get out of position. Feels. And would love to have you perform tomorrow and today that day you look. -- -- credit much tomorrow which treatments are available would. I don't -- I assume this audition is just the charade that -- got the game goofy show as the opening. Act now and -- cynicism. This is overwhelming now he's saying he's giving. -- is getting have. There's a long lot of -- by the bread and rejected last night for a voice of the Boston bureau Ben there done that with the -- So Larry the audition actually -- -- doing a real live game really live at Fenway Park the -- and everybody will hear him. That's that the majority is -- that it doesn't might step up to the pregame tomorrow night demand. And takes it from there and he's enough approach that we've we've noted think he needed there. Too much time to that the practice because this Saturday by just worried oh definitely it is. In a lot meter obese face here's Larry -- don't we might -- the black as this is part of my bucket list. Yes this is on my bucket list to do PA at Fenway April 1 and it really well -- -- -- that one game meeting in 281 games starting soon but you know what. -- go wait let's just let's just get the one that there's no reforms because we're we're we're gonna go through the less than where it try to get there was some finalists in. And it's going to be a bit of a competition that I -- an -- be perfect and. You know he's got a -- to various demographic groups he's here passion for the game it on the meter recital this characteristic you guys know them and forget them regularly. Are you still a kid to play by play. This into. Well in house political entity in the and doctor Lambert was the notion of the. Because she -- account. Google really all. Closely as you might. A difficult time. The announcer -- day after each page. Straight -- To a one. All three. Involved it's very. Is that dot done anywhere else in baseball has done it and tried its spring training. This year but. We never got around -- it did and I don't I'd have to get permission venture and they ought to do the -- sit down the road apple beyond me is this different. But I think it because it that. And these steps did the -- and yes they are. Can I managed the team for game. Since we're all in all get along so well today because I would place second at -- tonight. You are. Old enough stimulus to help Jenny Dell -- -- you got you energized field producer. Yes actually -- -- spent a lot of time together. I know it does it's that ancient stone so to speak during nice it's no Larry I can't thank you enough time honored that they did that with her. I'll get to use a signature take a Boller for somebody that took it's a walk off on Robert wine. I'm not gonna let us now. These had a certain signature. Rex Barney in Baltimore used to be that's addict had checked every they had kind of file law and that became part of fish stick to. Civil -- if you want it but it. Analysts did do it does feel very. Did you know Sharma -- Americans they'll never be another sure impala I know he was the ultimate rogue wreck on tour and he was just a blast to hang out with the meter could never fill his shoes. Or Karl being shoes at a solution -- bring his own unique style to the job. Well seeing is another reason for you guys become the game to watch it in person that is it's hard to all of a big that on TV yeah. -- -- -- -- Yes yes and come of the blue to me under the Google+. To plug this that I patients either don't like my spotter -- None -- be close -- posting of the day. Laura and it -- Larry that's that's your interest I can tell you a look at leader he's misty and voice really him about this. So -- feel -- -- correct you made his day. Well that's good that's good where where where we we do have a real needed he's got a real talent so let's -- -- -- matchup. How many people are trying out for the gig. -- think there are 2100. No. Does getting it would leave out that -- invitation only basis. Part of volunteers. School teachers and school principals. -- variety of different professions. And then the doctor. About the mayor's -- considered I mean the real Mayor Menino. No we yeah we. I think he's got a very busy yeah you got to get the ball partners. Slightly should be. But he's by the way the mayors are real baseball fantasy. I get lots of other. Commentary and opinion and on now on baseball and his adrenaline -- often it. The gates do -- at a business. He's got yet to get a definite point of view. Larry -- good talking to you as you know -- happy as can be will look forward to seeing -- hearing Mir tomorrow night at Fenway Park thank you uncle Larry thanks for the chat don't let it be so long between gigs with the NC Larry. Gay guys you get a professional producing here don't do invite me what we're data out to Islam and they'll they'll be some dark moments -- the in the future. We had become. And try to defend -- are our ballclub against the odds lucky guys bring. So the president CEO about the Red Sox let you know Santelli at the AT&T hotline AT&T -- GL TV -- progress made and I am -- cheer him up for you gonna get silly Kasagic. Since that's that -- A part of me does what happens lazy ladies and gentlemen boys and as soon as -- -- term it is but I don't want like this you just put it very specifically know to replace well -- place. Did add my -- Olympic. Almost as long overdue when the economy. What is his pavlik nicknames like Diablo 3 syllables and syllables like el diablo. The advocates. Want the best -- And don't. Resist the -- when there's a ball deeply in the ballpark. And -- at present resist that. I don't know maybe -- to -- nick managed to do -- a batting. -- 34. Big happy to a poppy to order or does -- -- it's Googlers you could bring your style. And now launched and I think of a -- we lose him. From your mouth to God's -- --

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