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Buster Olney, ESPN, on the Red Sox, Cole Hamels, and the Yanks

May 24, 2012|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Lou to discuss the latest on the Youkilis trade front, Bob McClure, what Cole Hamels will get in free agency, and if Hal Steinbrenner is really trying to sell the Yankees.

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Final hour on your Thursday it's not elude ID 37 WEE I've been -- you Red Sox last hour or so they wrap up their twenties and -- -- guys play and everywhere Austral leave ESPN weekly spot joining us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T forgy. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Buster it's my little Dario. I'm doing great what -- that the -- experience. Slowly go down they're getting better. We know a lot they at this hour right fielder -- Gonzales they acquired -- -- that put him out there and they've been good since they've they've moved that got a right. I love them lining up afterwards after that great play by -- yesterday's -- would have made that -- hill -- would've caught it and probably added home. And I noted that would by Kabila's given a pactel. Yeah I don't think you would have made that play out the US is also makes the routine plays. Buster I think that's really all that matters but to me I hope that experiment is now over once you leave -- yards right. I don't wanna see you paid the guy 154 million because not because he's great offensive player because he's a gold glove first -- it's almost like now you devalue that contract. I don't know how they can -- because. You know they have to make choices here and the question is. -- do it because I mean we know it didn't wanna keep Mel Brooks and major Nadal is going to be in the line up. And -- the same time this year is we talked about the last couple weeks to begin to read that was and you glitz for any kind of betrayed. You have to put him in the lineup and teams are not gonna and misty last week GM -- and -- We know we're not -- didn't -- you could play left field advantage and seeing him play right field we wanna see big play first base to third base. And Serbia the Red Sox -- have all these sort of competing. Motives. They'd they'd probably will occasionally have to put Gonzales out in right field to make keep all these guys in the lineup. The question would you close to be right comes back with couple games of first buster three of sixty as the home run has got anything to. Changes value at all in terms of other GMs looking at these first couple games -- Kevin Youkilis back with the -- Not yet and I actually Doug did you in this morning -- the team that you know sort of might have an interest him and he said look I'm not gonna. In the two games is that going to be enough for me I'm gonna need CQ three weeks and though. This is something that. In the teens do every year there are times when they don't necessarily put out the lineup that they wanna put out there they put out the lineup today have to put out there. And you know one Bobby said yesterday. And and your station. You know I don't seat. I don't he would treat you good to me let's face it managers do that all the time in terms of -- a prop up players trade value. Like yes they -- in your bar pitch and I knew that -- dip in his velocity but. -- to -- he doesn't have an above average fastball anymore really as a starter its its effort to study to 93 in the though without the location a question that. Harry was Selig of early and you know like hitting 97 when he needs it he pretty much is consistent at that speed. Concern. I think that an and they concern the biggest concern over from stats and I'll defer to them I mean I'm not not. Pitching coach but dared say enemy what really concerns them is by how much he's missing his target by. It and that there -- watching it. You know they did the target again in the ball high and away. He's missing his target by a couple of feet and that. For -- and they are concerned and that feeling is you know how good can be of these missing by that much. And what is the reason behind that and and certainly when you look at statistics and he's got more walks and strikeouts -- that this point. And you know that would in the Red Sox organization trying to figure out the reason why and and that's going to be the thing I'm sure they'll focus on that make the decision about what to do them as the summer goes on. Awestruck I just get the impression they've been on the road here but I feel like Bobby Valentine this last week or ten days seems more comfortable to mean yes they are winning but. Is I think that the idea the ball is moving parts volleys injuries he said the manageable a bit more defense replacements coming in moving guys around dealing with this. You saw on the New York is that something he likes is that something that might get him more in his copper zone dealing with the moving parts of a baseball team. The year that -- covered him in the manager in 1987 he had exactly. That kind eighteen and I thought the team responded really well to overnight up Bobby did a great job. You know and cabinet. He used guys like Matt Franco in emergency conditions and scramble this line up on a daily basis and did that he met their versions of this got that said that that they call up and and help for a couple of days. I would have always thought that Bobby was never going to be deep push button manager where you're -- have this set lineup every day. I I know he doesn't believe in it because you want to use his entire roster. And so the -- became a bit in recent days because of the injury situation I think is the perfect about it. You know he's definitely used this entire roster well argued practice that needs it to possible -- Daniel -- you know some. Scott Foster and monies are -- of that the thing you know we just couldn't find the strikes on anymore. He was -- get -- lot of the rotation put it back to the bullpen my concern is okay award you gonna get a bullpen. But he can't locate as a starter from the stretch at times and the velocity is down to we just expect to see 98 again with with control. And that's where we need the big. An important thing it I think in talking with -- would be. To keep open Atlantic communications and understand you know why. He's having too many issues that he's having and I. Odd since they don't cover the team and a daily basis they can't tell you what he's telling. The pitching coach but I'm sure that that's going to be something that's important nuclear. If your bench Harrington no history and you're asking the question is you know going through this regress and stop it's interesting because it. He's progression he's actual people like Joba Chamberlain did you guys remember that the dominant setup man and then he moved into the rotation. It is a lot that he would inexplicably dropped and suddenly Joba Chamberlain who it as a setup man was 9698. Was suddenly coming out as a starter throwing 9091 miles per hour and he had a lot of command issues. Today there are actually their courses are fairly parallel this point. In terms of how they've developed. Starters after having dominance of the setup man. Speaking to Bob McClure in -- -- get a lot of not a current youngest is a good pitching coach he knows his stuff maybe the personality. The high price pitchers yet this step may -- didn't mesh well. Sloppy political about the pitching coach to some sub par performances from this pitching deep I still think it's too early to evaluate with what you noble Bob -- can you tell us. He's really well respected tech data general managers' data means that. An account wishing it didn't seem like him sitting in deciding that -- -- -- and I'm gonna tell you know I don't want. I wouldn't want to diminish the current -- but the guy told me general manager told me that EPA had an opportunity. The higher -- -- he's pitching coach you absolutely would have gone after him. You know it might have been -- situation in Kansas City were you with the same voice for a long period of time. But he was very well respected within the game for the work that he did and I completely agree review it's too early to say. You know that any type of the issue that they had power on his shoulders. David Ortiz had a bit of a dust appear couple days ago buster where he seemed to get frustrated and a bunch of different things with Gordon needs an end. One of the lines that that stuck out to me was heating get respect from the front office I wonder from a a contractor contractual standpoint if he continues on this -- it hits thirty home runs and he gets the open market the Red Sox don't offer arbitration. Is thirteen year deal out there for DH 3637. Years old right now on the current database. I -- think that there would be an opportunity for media but the question is what price. Like for example I think David Ortiz could have gotten -- studio of the -- -- But added sixteen million dollars the united seventeen million dollars in. -- David I think to this point is being sort of translating and did the offers that the Red Sox have been making two home. As a sign of disrespect and I really think it's -- assigned to the market we're seeing teams basically. Veer away from keeping designated hitters especially high price -- Because they value the idea that they can use that each of flexible spot. The Yankees are doing it now that without -- as -- by -- as you've seen the Orioles do it this someday agency tweeters as a DH. And that's -- the direction of the sport right now. And the bottom line to is that what you go you know -- 35 36 birthday. Teams are not really going 212. You know one investor three year deal with a player like -- a matter what you track record is. And I still think -- the end of the year EP had a good year at his best salary would be coming from the Red Sox saying you know what. Opry arbitration will make a one year deal I don't think that dynamic is gonna change and -- and and I don't think -- a lack respect from the Red Sox. They liked it enough all from arbitration I just think that the market is gonna as the market is sort of been pulled out from underneath these nobody expects. Buster Hal Steinbrenner responded to a daily news so report the Yankees could possibly pursue these he called -- -- fiction. But so was talking to somebody -- like that doesn't just leak out doesn't. I don't think there's any intuitive all I really think it comes out of you know people. In baseball sources in one hour after the Dodgers hill with the Yankees be worth. As a person -- out of what they read the story which basically suggested it well it's. That's a good kinda catchy and and if you can't beat -- -- the can he's gonna go down. And he's organization between the yes network and -- all the tickets that they sell. So it's not it's certainly in five years beginning of the 1972. Yankees with a price going way down. And it's not a good the Steinbrenner kids are are are dying for dollars. So old I really comes down to. Or the Yankees the Steinbrenner children instead of running a baseball team and having and continuing the work that George. And I talked at 4 executives this morning and every single one up until weeks Powell loves running the Yankees and as long as that's the case and why would you say Alex. Because you know it did that says that Dodgers owners told me. Look they're not very many you can -- a baseball team. But you can own the Los Angeles -- very often and you certainly can't on the Yankees very often in December and it happened. The other thing about that part of the equation make -- sent it -- to sell the team they would take a huge hit. In terms attacks it is better for them to keep it team keep printing money. It will be interesting to see in the offseason a type of interest Gallic Cole Hamels gets we joked about old school cold at the Bryce Harper thing but. It seemed like this is a guide it's going to get a big big payday what -- dollars buster. Are people talking about Hamels and with the Red Sox beat team the jumpin on the dedicated in the offseason. I don't think that we've seen too many examples of pitchers setting themselves up for each day. Like we're -- -- Hamels I think CC sabathia 2008 when he was taking the ball on three days' rest for the brewers and John what a great team guy was. -- that was an example Cliff -- He dominated the first two rounds and post season for the Rangers in 2010 that was an example Kevin Brown. In 1998 picking the Padres into the World Series was at thirty -- like product. You know. I don't know exactly what the Phillies offered Cole Hamels during the winter. But I think he was somewhere in the range of ninety million dollars and I think in the end. They could wind up being short in their assessment of what he could get by fifty or sixty million dollars. And I I don't know the -- to beat players -- and. They have given their other payroll issues I think it would have a problem because the inflexibility given the current roster. I think yankees didn't have a problem. Because the Alex Rodriguez contract with them the other deal they haven't played. In the fact that they wanna do not get any that 180000009. Million dollar threshold I think it -- usually have no problem and maybe the cubs. Would look at him some day it would invest in -- who knows maybe the Rangers because there are a great position as well although they tend to just look for internally for solutions. And that's the team thousand -- you both the Dodgers -- We saw the Rangers signed that big deal another Piero jumped to almost thirty million dollars from last year this year the Dodgers that a hundred million dollar payroll on the new ownership. I don't think that there one of these teams that will be up at that mid hundred at a 15060. Payroll within the next couple years ago minus Pendleton. No question about it in a day have been existing at the Milwaukee brewer level you know they're -- -- a hundred million dollar payroll for the issue but remember guys. Part of that is because. Frank -- their former owners that have so many deals with deferred dollars. But the actual real payroll that they have for this year is ninety million dollars. And they don't have that many long term obligations it like Ted Lilly for another year. Yes they -- that can't do that he's deal last fall but besides that. Don't have a bunch of I like the Yankees and Red Sox who would all these long term obligations to -- opportunity to grow going -- they could add like fifty. And handle it no problem. And that's why you know everyone is is if Cole Hamels decide in the -- to lead the Phillies everyone thinks is no doubt that the Dodgers -- he front runners on balance. -- to get -- on this the Orioles have taken for six in the Red Sox it was a team that I just thought was a joke. After watching a play for second series and it they're starting pitching holds up and you got stroke and you have Johnson there at the back end. What would be their major pick up if they're a fallout this thing and and fall lot of contention and American League playoff spot. You hit it right on the head starting pitching if they get enough to hang in there. If it does look like you know any panic comes back the yankees' starting pitching can can get better the blue jays got some room for growth you're not quite sure where it's gonna come from. When you're talking about the Orioles and now to maybe get a pain goes -- -- -- Ryan Dempster midseason. War what you say that the Phillies decide you know while we're not gonna scored upfront let's put Cole Hamels out there. He would not surprise me if they were really aggressive under first year general manager and also you know for the first time they've got -- that some excitement in that city but I don't. I just hit either starting pitching holding them up long enough where they gonna painted. You know in this race in America we hate to date the other fourteen that they get much better position. Two to hang in there over the course -- six months the world they. Boston thank you have a great holiday weekend I do not -- only ESPN joining us and he's always brought the -- friends. At -- go to a Nashua give them a try before you buy hit a home run on your next new or pre owned car truck arrest UV check out toy go to a Nashua dot com. And by Applebee's there's no place like the neighbors.

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