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Celtics motivated to end series tonight

May 8, 2012|

D&C chat about the Celtics making one last run with the Big 3 and if this will be their last chance together. They touch on Doc Rivers coaching style, how important chemistry is to a championship team, and which team is the favorite to with the NBA title.

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You gonna talk in those terms that you got to just take credit one at a time and then go out and play aggressive when it that you move more and -- -- look at the finish line members talk about the talk about the next. I just playing well and your plea will take care that and it doesn't and you got -- -- the next -- so obviously. It's important if we want. But we just got -- that he. Single game focus keep him down absolutely. The comparison of the celtics' effort and talent level -- the hawks effort and talent level and the opposite success rates of both teams -- certainly reflected in their coaches we talked about -- -- yesterday. But I love those sidelined with a political attracts you know the sound of -- Exhorting his troops on the bigger and better things and Larry Drew said there is saying we need we need be organized. On office. And and you hear people say this all the time I guess we accepted as true because probably it is. The Doc Rivers may be the best coach left standing in the NBA right now and that's certainly gives the Celtics have an advantage. But we here at -- addressing guys specifically Intel steam he's going in Europe patient gotta stand up to do better than that. Specific things that he wants his team to do better specific things that he wants to happen on the court and you -- these other coaches and okay the second. Let's get organized out there let's what's let's play Marty coaches -- pierce is lucky the inherent ought -- -- -- like in in although although that there was a a a rocky portion of that relationship that they had to get over and it had to be some trust there because they did not get along. In the early days. I was wondering that I mean obviously. You know Larry do could be the greatest coach in the world it says peace can't motivate Joseph Johnson put heart in the -- Johnson. I think. Pierce. Garnett and and -- When when when the deals are made by -- I'm sure he was crosses fingers hope. You know it worked hoping the chemistry was there or they develop the chemistry in the -- -- this in you know. Missed this odd ball Rajon Rondo when he got to quirky he fits. And and at times he does that it doesn't right now as it beautifully right now there are all on the same page rails coming off the bench. Which is Celtic Kevin Youkilis pulled efforts to put. And and and Kevin Garnett just his love and in on this payment and motivated and playing hard playing as well as he has since got here. And then Paul Pierce can of the emotional leader and it's just a great mix I think boxy -- and could do a better job but. How much is he the responsible much as he. Does he get the credit for developing. This in this personality and his team personnel yes chemistry. This collective. About getting them put together mean is are urged bolster we've roundly criticized for his inability. That away from tournament title but but he should what did you with a -- television whenever -- bats well right now as we stand I would say they've. In in the hole and I disagree that the west is tough road. Well real easy thing. If he squares with the Indiana and then Boston or Philadelphia. For rodents got argument -- -- -- -- dwindle to a to an open I am the favorite to win at all -- Los Angeles which through Los Angeles Oklahoma City and San Antonio makes no those teams some pretty tough for teams -- and one conference. The the other team on the other -- of three best teams that of the three of the four best teams in the NBA playoffs are in the west right now. And they have to go through each job correct one another right you guys pay attention to update the three best teams are in the Smart around here to free -- you're always -- -- -- knows what's going on when the -- -- -- -- products they didn't -- -- -- they play the Los Angeles Lakers best teams. In one -- for yes and so fact of the favorite would be the one with the easiest road would be -- Miami so this so one of those teams will survive. Right and and and likely to -- the as the senate so -- -- could be San Antonio has so what do you -- the favorite right now to win at all. I would say. Just telling you matchups are this way towards the -- -- bits of slaves to Los Angeles Lakers they lose in five is the favorite when spurs. A -- Oklahoma City. OK -- so those -- have to play each other and it's that makes it less likely that comes vocalist. Miami has to play Indiana and Boston Philadelphia. Right that means Miami has a much easier wrote so if you pick one team to win in Miami would be the choice not because it -- an easier -- -- get the best team is when they finals nationalist three favorites. I would agree that. I still think the spurs and -- Despite the fact they're gonna have to play it would call Bulldog -- boat was having it Iggy -- all the bells and -- products. He's not here anymore. What is a greater motivating factor for game five tonight for the Celtics and hawks. Is that is it. Getting this thing over with and putting your feet up that would be the motivating factor for the for the Boston Celtics. Or the Atlanta -- saying we were embarrassed we are at home we want to extend the series and an at least show some heart go forward. You'd think it would be B would you not. You don't what I think the motivating factors for this Boston Celtics team and in the heat I don't know. This Boston Celtics team is motivated. By the sheer pleasure the bleakness. Of watching the other guys suffer a devastating loss they love that. Garnett love that appears loves that guy knows Rondo loves that they liked to cut the heart. Out of the opponent. And while they still are alive they'd like to eat right -- front of them like India and watch all the heart is beating L of the heart's beating and they can still see it. In the and they in the in the -- just chew and swallow right -- and they'd like. To beat you more than they elect. To win I think the bigger motivating factor even them that is they know more than anybody else. But this window closes after this year although I will say this -- Washburn has a very very. Thoughtful piece and headlines is premature. To break them up. And he runs a scenario by Danny Ainge and Celtic fans that may be. They do another year this Big Three and they've got twenty and 21 in the draft picks at three in the top 51 I believe that that infusing. A youth with these guys maybe they make another run but this is the first summit considered that. Don't you think Kevin and ray and Paul say this is our last shot together this is this is that either we go balls to the wall all balls and grip. -- this is gonna happen force again you know you're really not a great great great great Celtics team until you win multiple rings -- I'm. They say that religious understand that we're coming you have to live in the moment and say today. We may never get a chance in you know or do you say let's stop these suckers before they get. Cocky honest let's just put them put them out put them down let's win tonight worry about tomorrow tomorrow. -- -- have to do idea I think pre game -- getting ready for game it is in that moment but I think they look at big -- spent a lot of time on the road together they're there and host tells you the board. Each other more than they are with their families. And my guess is that conversation -- taken place a number of times this is our last shot to get.

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