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What has been happening to the Red Sox

May 7, 2012|

Mikey is back from Vegas and is talking all about his trip, the Mayweather-Cotto fight, Celtics and of course the Red Sox getting swept by the Orioles and what it will take for them to get things turned around.

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From -- the airport last HM but it's about 8 o'clock right. And the game just ended. He -- six hours seven minutes six. Mean I don't know what did it say about these respect I I think I'm series estate I think they're better road team. I don't think they like it being your homered there's negative am. And it's honestly when a team when I said -- Orioles -- good team that he you know point. They're they've said Kennedy it's early but it's not so released -- little bit later all the time. And yesterday's game I think is let the bad taste in of people miles. Well the weekend -- general -- -- can -- -- -- to get to end the week in America note with it you know he momentous struggle for seventeen innings and have beat like that. And it to have all the -- key witnesses and it came. You know I noticed that gonzo is not talking now right now talking the press. He always goes back and forth done. No go weeks doesn't talk annals say yeah -- -- you hit it on -- MBA to look at the hits I don't care to ever talks of the press really really don't it just doesn't bother me. He could say look -- -- better and are depressed good don't they Steve Carlton do it I don't care. But he's not it's not like he's at temperamental you know I never thought it was January at voters coming even tempered guy. But I mean look at batting -- He's at 264 guy with two home runs he's just one cut above pools he'll end up hitting is just -- -- -- hitting in the clutch hitting for power well I've. How about just win is you sorry somebody tell me. And warm weather next month it's ever so much more important when you're missing people and it's just sentinel company is -- -- -- are bad now now are these gonna change we'll see. Yeah I was at as as of yesterday -- -- of the weekend so talks are a definite point of of you know valid complaints by anybody but I gotta say this overthrow this and there are no you know what's government. Yet the Celtic Alfredo sells -- -- -- dimensions because the rock that many really good things about the Red -- Alfredo -- since April 23. When he had a bad outing against the New York Yankees game. Has been perfect 82 thirds no he's up no runs. He struck out twelve guys in -- two thirds innings as the air raid zero that's since April when he -- who pitched well he had. So maybe they should just let him keep the ball I don't think -- tomorrow so he and it's gonna get that forty series might not get the chance with a team like their at bats like that but well that's the panic thing -- practice he's -- Up the Red Sox aren't good enough to give the guy elite a day you're backing off though aren't you -- back it up on the prediction of ninety wins or you backing off but. -- -- Although we I was you know on Memorial Day all right what about buckles and that what are called you set in 1919 which I don't want to talk about -- -- talk about your hair yeah I was dropping throw up on my own spit. Right but here's the good news and we all notices where it is you you -- -- -- you guys first -- receive the most often as far as the negativity about the Celtics back when they were 500. You ankle and don't frown at me writer you were doing it too. Talking about how you can too big to do it is they couldn't do that because they're not good enough to do days and that. Have you changed your mind at all are they good enough to win a championship. I think that they're good enough to win the champ you've I don't think they will win the championship but Dave over achieved. They've definitely over achieved I think I I I gave them a slim chance -- think a lot of things would have to break their way. And things have broken away Derrick Rose is gone out with -- ACL injury Joakim Noah Philadelphia is gonna win that series yes. Right hand and you're the loans -- well it's almost like you're saying if they do win the championship that it's only because the bulls got injured. Well I don't have the balls were held Seattle to did not -- off bubbles but. Everybody's injured on the -- Way he can't be cute kids have a hell overjoyed by the by the self weird doing our show in Vegas from radio -- next right next to -- was as the Chicago radio station and they were all bummed out because they go on the sports book. And bet on that -- says. Game with a -- makes a comeback. They don't bet on the bulls when that game big time agencies to beat me and they looked really upset at and that -- affected their team now isn't is in real danger for. -- a beating go with a red sucks so weakened I didn't touch a didn't touch them that was ever so glad you wanna hear something really weird -- the line at the sports book and a at MGM grand -- it was for some reason I don't know what what the problem was. They got like twenty open -- -- twenty windows need to go to. And like three of them were open. And for some god knows reason they open ten more and and and alleviate alliance sports on the night of the fight and -- -- -- as I before -- -- right -- -- -- Right at the way it yet but the light was out the door army and -- they didn't have enough of -- -- okay so I couldn't get. -- the -- owner. Fast enough to bet on the Lester game which I was gonna bet on just based on it's the Orioles this Lester he's always beat the Orioles the elected I think he was lifetime twelve Leno gets -- a fourteen and O ports you know -- -- -- 2.3 or runners OK that's a good bet. And and I and I jumped up there's the Gaza now a couldn't get there in time before the game started is -- three hours earlier to the song that I -- guy stupid. Sports book. Net and then it. Essar is a loss of course I'm like. That yak. It's almost like winning yet you know you're right don't make that you know make it time to make a bad bet you go Lakota. I did I went with photo not for much money are -- you know an -- just say something about that in boxing in general right. Now that every has different opinions and they want to fight you know obviously judges do to sometime. But I kind of felt before the party and started. Is that. -- no matter what happened was going to be Mayweather fight and he's gonna win it because it's it's like his home. His home field. And and all the people that are sucked in the money out of an event like that and there are so many. He's the guy they've got their cart -- too well did. I I didn't see the fight so I can't you know say either way I was surprised I give go to credit for from oracle residency on the money pay -- play like that but. But the I will watch it a few weeks when it comes out HBO but did he deserve to well I think -- -- off the head of credit and I thought I had a relatively even I had it 75 -- -- some five favor Mayweather -- in the end. But I don't think a guy like -- is gonna get the respect of the -- and Mayweather on the run for a good portion of the fight being the aggressor out of the any credit for that. It is not a knockout puncher and he does not what he does you know -- is not big he's in a body with a big handers Mike that. But I just get the feeling Mayweather and and plus you know it's a little bit more of that. It Mayweather. He's not he's just not likable Alia I he is he says okay well he's doing this fight. Easy live in the little apple archery and you know he is a big bag wind. But he's gonna be in jail on June 1 and which is you get the feeling that's probably where he really should be. I probably would if he wasn't boxing immortality it would -- -- doubt about that this is thought -- -- of his wife threaten his kids die you know -- these -- -- -- like them. But other than that you don't is no question is great fighter one of the best ball but he -- sure he didn't knock me out. Pardon the expression with -- watch separate go wow what a great fighter. I thought okay he's probably gonna squeeze out a decision on this based on the fact that he's who years that's my opinion. If you look at things through rose colored glasses on him money. Yet. And even it was good time and must bases. We can weird place and departments it's tough to return to reality yet to go to Vegas and yet that's one of those cities would he come back. You need a few days to cattle and -- firemen did you know and brightest my children sewing up bags and AM on a we get open lines for it to 720. Then we're gonna join the Red Sox and join it organs started. The Red Sox and network broadcast of their Aaron as we think that if there's a team that can remedy that. These problems clearly it's not the Orioles in beating Kansas City Royals. The Orioles let's face it okay since last September everybody. They have did not the Yankees. The Orioles have been the Bane of our existence. As Red Sox fans take out the playoffs. Make embarrass your whole team is nobody get a win against last September. Now they're leaking the American League east they commit to Fenway and they sweep and finish it off. We've that are no McDonnell performance it's an unbelievable time to it but yours. To complain if you're of that nature I'm ready for yet you have the right you have the forum. We have thousands of people -- will hear your complaints at 61777. I Missouri 5888. 5250850. But just don't say anything bad about the Celtics because right now. The kings of blast occurred you see anything bad about they've been so unbelievably. Fun. To watch. And you know run goes back in the fold now as as you obviously should have been all along. And I think there's no question they've -- out of Atlanta and the end this thing Tuesday. Tomorrow that's my field over that help out -- over and done you know Rondo played his best game of the series yesterday last night. -- -- when it when he twenty and fourteen. To sixteen but he's six he. That was better than tripled. From his perspective -- from my perspective. Darby and which from what he did -- when I should be your perspective there's not talk -- -- and how well he didn't say it I thought you meant he said it after the game well I think I played better and out in other words what you think -- his contributions of that game yes or Puerto. But nonetheless and and they won by a lot more to let's get our first caller -- that's just break the ice here Bruce in the car Bruce go ahead. Guys away -- what you do tonight. Leo I just got a bunch of questions and concerns I would but he Red Sox game and I went to the Celtics. Would liked them but he the lowest -- -- which was incredible. But I see this first before you can do what what time to leave the red sex because they overlap both yes I I lost. It was about. 45. We're in the twelfth inning yeah I had to pick the key to get for the Celtics in the so I thought you know what. This is going to be -- Had actually believe it or not I had no say. -- him what was happening with the relievers going on a lot of employment and my appearances. When I heard -- outcome I couldn't believe it but but here is saying but I couldn't understand. In watching the game. I -- -- Just missed a few would be the fly ball. Doesn't seem like he's comfortable. In less and that's something I don't know why Andrew Miller was pulled after our community and two thirds. I don't know maybe pitch count. You know maybe not ready to go longer. Maybe it was the hitters -- -- I didn't see the game I was in a car and an airplane Bruce you have to tell me. But it wasn't a -- -- the kind of day were just -- a look at the box score -- takes a whole page of The Herald. Because it was so many people in this game. And I pitches reached an -- I don't know it's one of those gains were doesn't really matter the end there -- -- they're trying to say I can anybody out here throw because we're screwed if it's so it's going to get the ball. Play well but injure mill was pitching 95. 98 and how many innings that he pitched 11 and the -- I mean I couldn't believe that it took him out. Well again that's -- exit could be maybe that's. It may be it's the caddies not ready to go longer we're never out of a level at that point was that there was that a 55 game. Are you -- yes and came in after him Albert's. Matt Albers Wiki well at least that. That Belkin said that it would be the only got it would be available. -- -- Well I again so he pitched -- thing was great okay. Also there's there's a there's a liver rate their out of -- out of a real pathetic weekend you'd like you do something positive. I I don't think it's very well and and Sandra Miller -- Miller. -- a locker strikeout guy has pretty much what he has -- -- hero and we guys in out of and that was that was unbelievable -- that was going -- I I don't think. Well here's here's the problem you you can negated as I've said this many times before they have a rule use is shut off the beer in the seventh -- and yeah yeah you have a game. They get to do so on the seventh inning two and half hours and they get three and a half hours left of peerless baseball fans while all the talk about injured Miller Albers are mean. The crux of the problem was the guy that started off a made Clay Buchholz is the one we should be discussing here because. You know he only gives you three and two thirds innings. He's been an absolute horse -- this year all all the way through Erasmus tardy has given up at least five runs. He's a mere shadow of his former self he's contributed nothing like to win three. Objected in less stern warning tool you know it and his whole you know. Under 500 attitude of the starters not attitudes and it's the results. Never signs that allowed at least five earned runs in each of his six starts this season he's got -- -- a winning record and he's no he's the worst of all of them you have to go all the way back to 1940. Last up I -- league -- -- But you don't you the other thing to do there were two other two of the statements that I like a bacon was the replies. I cannot believe. How bad we are in defense. I I I that was the one of the fly ball such as some sort of feel. I thought -- could -- actually made it to the -- made Saltalamacchia. Got that pop up to on first base side. He dropped that and then -- -- -- night I. I gotta say this though and I I agree maybe the defense hasn't wowed anybody and and I understand that that's for sure. But I think it's the least of their problems pitching. No and you're missing three of your guys it is not -- a sustained hitting rallies are inspired hitting rallies. That I can remember -- you're losing out to the Orioles three in a row. The Orioles who we all laughed that last year when it jumped up and stole Red Sox post season wishes from them. Now the leading the pack and a Red Sox will but they're not should be on same field. As I mean the other night and it would -- nothing. And we get that all really pat -- pat and I were laughing. You can. You know like it's just how bad is what we've become now and hopefully system it out of our imagination it's not a statement. A temporary thing they can turn it around all that stuff on deposit are thinking do without -- getting their play all the players back and haven't -- somebody stand up. And be Amanda on this team and maybe -- is the one he's making a lot of the money. Maybe -- -- got a lead for changes that have two home runs to 64. And you know -- gas performance singles I mean yeah. Who needs it was gonna anchor the projects that there's another -- by Lester took another question that we should address.

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