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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN, on the Celtics entering the playoffs

Apr 27, 2012|

Jackie Mac joins the show to talk about Ray Allen's injury and how it will affect his status in the playoffs. Jackie also talks about how the Celts matchup against the other elite teams in the Eastern Conference.

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Final -- on your Friday -- elude ID 37 WEEI the team they share the building with. The Bruins playoffs are over Celtics will Begin on Sunday in Atlanta. -- seven against the hawks that we talk on the AT&T hot line. Which Jack and acknowledge Jacqui brought to you by Comcast business class. Switch to Comcast business class for Internet voice in TV solutions don't wait call 803913. Throughout 3000. To switch now. -- overall what this match up hawks Celtics -- -- good matchup for the Celtics here in the first round. Well I'll tell you like to be a lot better matchup if we -- rail on the plane. And I'll play -- you know you guys know on the nervous person about the things I think people look past these guys to too easily too quickly and when you talk about matchup with the hockey look at -- direct. And he probably doesn't look good job of anybody. On Rhonda I mean seriously he he probably does as well as anyone in the league on -- so then you had key. I'm matching up with Avery Bradley to start. And I think he -- you know he's he's quick guy he can handle Bradley. But what I don't think. Either one of them can handle it Ray Allen -- -- those screens it's been a nightmare for both began Hinrich and so if you don't have re playing and you know I'm not sure that we do here. It enabled -- to stick to -- elect will. And I and I think it's gonna negates some of the stuff that Avery Bradley and don't sell those of you out there that think it's no big deal that -- might not play you're here you're mistaken. Yes and -- today didn't sound too confident about to be honest with the easy you know he really give an answer and I most of that is a no I'm not feeling too company is this something. You think that is the -- long term meaning if if it hasn't played this series would -- available in the next series. -- -- bone spurs -- so I think until it's taken care of that you're stuck with that and now am I I guess that you had bone -- somewhere along the way. That's the one injury don't think I've ever had. Well it's really like it because they're the iPad in their incredibly incredibly painful and they usually have to be taken out to be corrected the -- -- tough guy you know we want to play. And I'm sure we'll -- it is the best job but you know he hasn't played since April 10 so. You do you worry a little bit about some. Rhythm and and even conditioning is well conditioned it's rated so and you know he's such a creature of habit and he hasn't been able to do any of the things that he likes to do to prepare for the series now. You know. Is this adept now hardly. But it's -- I guess compared to many people around town saint hope Phillip Ray Allen campaign that's a big deal now we don't Avery Bradley well kind of hold on their cell. I think the whole idea of the depth they -- gonna have a -- can go I guess -- my bile -- question will be how. How they feel Letelier Jack is going to be literally it sounds like a day to day thing that he'll. Get out there try to see is rhythm maybe tomorrow and then I guess decide on on game day if he's gonna be ready to go on Sunday is that a a fair trail Avago. I got I got the pretty early today so I was watching -- he was out there shooting a little bit. Tickets to free throw shooting a little attention around little but he didn't practice with the team that this -- before practice started and he was out there move around a little bit. China watch him. And you know I really think it's that it's the painting -- -- and I wanted to speak Korean I I didn't talk to rain this morning just -- work -- out from up above but. You don't broke don't break it it feels like I was taking a -- in just repeatedly stabbing you in the in the area. Where did. You know it did did Larry Bird and remembered double double heel surgery for those sponsors he was up a whole season. And it you know depends obviously how big -- -- now how cute that's so I'm not gonna question railroad cut the you know that I would go he -- And I and I lot of got one more for exit that Tweeter asking your question I he's a huge preparation guy he talked about the very meticulous as the three hour prep. Is he going to be able to be in a spot or he has to avoid doing that would actually maybe not doing so much prep work on -- of game. Help him deal that actually play in that night's game Jackie is that possible. Yeah that is denied that he's -- ADM curtailed what he normally doesn't. Remember Q now the preparation some of the basketball court it takes like 45 minutes to shave his head completely bald he's got to have the exact. Chicken and rice meal at the exact right time so it's not all basketball preparation a lot of its mental preparation -- and and that's something that I think ray would tell you he prides itself on. While physically as far as arrest this team goes no -- says he's okay the -- last night he he missed a couple of the growing steamer you stick them up when a -- ideas. Where other insisting that banged up which is something there it's not playoff time it's no big deal. I think I am I actually spent some time with with policy one I'm not gonna worry too much about him he told me he's been kind of battling the still on and off all season. And that he in his own words that can really do it shouldn't take care of it he's gonna do that now so I don't think that's going to be an issue. And you know -- -- -- deal with so much now for two years for two solid years he's been battling the -- and a -- flex -- than. And you know I think it's unfortunate that near the end of this year. He start to feel a little uncomfortable because he used to -- so great but again he's not a guy that can -- keep up the floor so I think raise your biggest concern. Are we talking to Jackie McMullen Celtics and hawks game one on Sunday night in Atlanta you mentioned Heinrich at the matchup nightmare for -- is Joseph Johnson. I heard doc talk about this because. Avery Bradley does a real nice job of guarding the twos but -- Johnson a different animal and that's the match up to me you know this is. Child by east and thrown right into its first playoff series gonna start he's gonna get a lot. Of Joseph Johnson at that two spot. Yeah you know what if you're mean and it's not but. I -- -- known again but I didn't. And now I -- little -- we'll do that but. And listened. Avery Bradley he he he's ready to Raleigh is really that confident that you a halt all time. High level and yet you talk to the guys about Bradley and they you know the things we see now they say hey we got last year you can everyday. Every single day he was dunking on people steal the ball and everything you guys receiving games now the problem lies when he went from the court. You know the practice court to the -- court. He couldn't get it he just didn't have the confidence so you know this is this is how you make your mark and he knows that I think his confidence level by attacking him last night after the game. I think it confidence level is very very high so. Now we're finally admit right. They -- yet exactly and a lot of -- but the talk about -- hole for not coming not to be able to go here but what they lose these are eleven games this year. So it's it's you know there's. Actually -- Chilean mine might not -- was he going because if he's not going and not not get a hockey got a problem and then you -- Jason Collins in the middle now. You know we know -- -- the Celtics like to play that small -- but it's you know he went -- about matchups who's gonna stop Kevin Garnett. Right now for that team it's going to be top especially -- runs the way he ran here down the stretch if they get by Atlanta right you get Chicago and the bigger question Jackie did the expectation is team they played so well. In the second half I don't speak for all -- expensive for me I thought at first you know become a one and done but now the way they played. Is it crazy to think that if a guy like ray Allen's help the and there are help to go and it's that series that they they could make life very tough for Chicago -- its second round. Oh I think it's absolutely possible they can make life difficult Chicago I think the real question is can they beat them. And I'm not sure what the answer is there because we don't know really know what Derrick Rose indeed it would pick up the price of the celtics' problem. Okay. Everything is being -- and I think the chemistry on this team. It about it because it's been a four year street fortieth I really think that the team they've added they added some great week we don't talk about bad enough. But here's the problem they have -- zero margin for error -- here. And that's because of all -- you know it's the career ending that season ending injury to Jeff Green before it got started. And then you finally get a little thing going with Wilcox and he get they they just can't afford to have anybody else whether it's ray whether it's scheme it's not anybody. And so that's that's where we stand with those guys and I just don't know afraid in the elevate this to do this over the long all of those bones and I just don't know. You know what I want to ask about this team diseased expected all the injuries have a big -- Marquis Daniels is you just. Not the same player since the injury that those times we -- actually a pretty good with his -- years past now. Yeah and I don't you know you hate -- -- that I don't you know here over the last couple weeks he's -- two minutes he's got some time. And you look at any -- so athletic in everything but I think you kiosk. Yes -- that it. Something got lost in the translation be you know after the very serious injury and that I think the biggest thing that they keep -- Carolina there's. You have to finish. You know he makes some great moves that they -- off the -- he got a finish they need that you know expected this level. You gotta make those shots go down those giant flash to the back it's great to be -- flashier but it's no that they don't go down so I think that's probably what kept marquee top -- In the Eastern Conference and always talks Celtics Celtic fans are hoping for a deeper on to me the story lines starts and the Miami Heat jacket his team was put together to win a championship. They did -- get done last year they go one as the two seed there's no excuse Derrick Rose is banged up as you said this. This Timmy feels like a deal -- now or maybe never get it done their Miami because that eighteen supposed to win this thing this year. Yeah I know you're saying but. Do you think they'll win I don't know when but indicative of LeBron to -- that the problem I think if you're Miami Heat and it. You know the way Dwyane Wade plays. Remind me around a little bit he played so hard -- love doing it globally act -- place and it's catching up with -- now continue with that we hit the court as many times. And that the guys like Rondo and wade in. It's it's start that take its toll on your body and I think you know you don't hear very much about. And you know with all sorts of different ailments -- seriously perhaps to some of the other guys. So you wind they'll believe it or not with that group. Is there is a window it doesn't seem like because they -- so young and so fresh but but you know I think I did the year to taken at all Dwyane Wade felt. -- it would probably behoove him to win their championship sooner rather than later. And I just I know -- it it's fashionable look to bang on LeBron but. Communicated so talented. And he's learning on the job and he's still growing up you know mentally that the mental part of the game is still work in progress for him. So it wouldn't surprise me all they say when the whole thing. -- was bothered about these playoffs I -- David Stern is just he wants to be different than anybody else but. The fourth seed going on the road. Now I know they're crazy I don't. Yeah I don't really that I did you know it's I think about is found they want. They wanted division championship means something okay because they want that you know -- have every lead every sport like when you have. Champions of your division or your conference right but that's a battle but what they realize that -- the year with some of these conference champions. The the particularly divisions were so weak. That they want to reward them for winning that the division. But they don't wanna -- nick given the chance to LeapFrog over the team to have better records throughout the course of the season so this has been the solution. It's a little quirky idea -- that a little crazy. But but I think that's what's behind you know that the Atlantic Division for so many years with the Celtics and everybody else you know. Any reason I guess to what Flip Saunders is two and hang around this team right now. Actually talk to -- for quite awhile this afternoon morning when I was over there. He's got the underdog he's gonna travel around the team and he's gonna he's gonna you know hang out with dot gluten started keeping peace. I think he'd like to get back into the game but want to get back. Into the game. -- the with the right opportunity. I remember it out to flip was -- Kevin Garnett longtime coach Kevin Garnett adored -- -- they get along still our fundraising KG. Yeah they do it I'm very well with Josh McDaniels join in the coaching staff for the play. Yeah it's I mean he's not he's now working for the Celtics or anything I mean. He he just -- that stock for an opportunity to probably came around and tila. We're a little bit about how they do things and I think got a great affection for flip it cricket coach he really -- he got one of those. Crazy mind you I was talking to him about down. Did you actually and it's reflected Clinton is the only part that -- And read him credit you know we're -- when the holly -- don't get it because of the way runs -- he had that. Forward deeper kind of leaned a little bit and it changed his head and into the -- you know ten minute explanation for it. And that's slipped you know -- can really analytical mind that I've learned a lot from foot slipped under through the years about basketball. We're not in the big prediction business will get -- out on this any feeling as to what we might see for an NBA final this year. Final bill I'd I'd I'd yeah this is what we do now great start tomorrow play out are the guys don't want to -- with. Your guide to do what I think. You know I like this under the left and I know they're young and all that but I like the way they play like the way -- coaches -- And I think I think that I think they come out of the west. Are you put the gun in his thumb. You know I mean I think Miami comes out the only thing that I think that might happen it's the match and actually lines it back in next -- like he's gonna win at all. That will we will not hold to that prediction the want to get your feeling about would be for NBA fan the broad and the rant and that final. Would be about allergy to get I couldn't guarantee. Eight it's an interesting year it's gonna continue because you can't sleep on the -- you just can't. It just can't what they've done this year has been so sneaky good and I remember -- -- when the NBA championship the last time there was a lock out. In done in editorial Burton. Our course and top seed and it's going to be a lot of fun Jacki thank you so much what -- Talk next week get a few Celtics talk games under our belt sound like I had a good run Jack McMullen joining us on the AT&T hot -- AT&T -- LTE with speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible and as always. Jacqui brought to you by Joseph and -- gulp performance center -- 138 in east in club fitting golf fitness instruction. Practice and play come down in joy and improved so what you want about. -- -- -- but it's gonna do how they fare in this thing. If you gave NBA fan ran well on finals. Oklahoma City Miami yeah sign me up for and -- as a Celtic fan Tony. I watch every second that series that would have the potential to be -- Tremendous basketball now the spurs on the other hand I give credit. My goodness that team is pouring that it's a boring pee -- are Matt Bonner had rocket in Duncan get them out here Oklahoma City again ask you wrote. You need to rain -- Scotty Brooks. -- -- They're gonna I get a lot of trophies coming back to be a changed man. Bipolar individual. -- nice to lake is a -- in mind that -- Colby need to superstars. I want superstars I want to rant brought the can't beat the Celtics 6177790. It fifteenth 038 at eight. 5250850. Final hour Mott and low 937.

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