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Talking Hoops Ep. 10: Flannery and Holley preview the Celtics-Hawks playoffs series

Apr 25, 2012|

On the latest Talking Hoops podcast WEEI.com's Paul Flannery is joined by the one and only Michael Holley to talk Celtics, Hawks and playoffs. What Atlanta player scares Flannery? How far does Holley have the C's going this year? (You might be surprised). All that, plus more than you ever wanted to know about their neighborhood.

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And now it. On WEEI guns come. Inflationary everything you wanted to know about the Boston Celtics and the sport of -- in general always want blades Duncan who we've all Flannery column WEEI. -- -- -- Hey I'm talking hoops podcast go back to the bridge. Today the very first guest -- talk to podcast. The Bill Murray in my letter and Michael Holley. Is in its studio or talk Celtics were talk playoffs Michael. -- -- I'm doing great you know volumes of people. We're neighbors. But we never -- -- and never. I can see your family and I see your people. That. I have one person walking by the house. But I never see we'll see or senator that's right so this is this is a great opportunity to see a neighbor in studio. I understand -- right and you also write well about basketball won't let a neighbor who writes well about basketball and mr. the block party. It should have been there I was there where it -- Reuters can sit down and not one to two inside baseball last basketball. So you said about the playoffs -- are you kidding after watching that last night. Out there who want and I two weeks last night and the whole season last night means nothing it means nothing that was. An exhibition games have been played in Manchester, New Hampshire has. The fact that it was at the -- is laughable it was -- -- horrible and you look at you look at guys who play well on a game in music. Maybe in the playoffs -- now I don't -- to meet irritations -- it was a little bit of first. To the Celtics home court. In the first round or in the first you know. It looks like going to be matched up with Atlanta right now -- they don't need they don't -- home court gives the man. Because there's just something about that team and this goes back years and years this goes back to. Mike for hello I'm Mike for hello hawks and I don't know if that town the town is not really into. -- passionately not into basketball or. They don't have the right mix of players. But you don't fear the Atlanta Hawks so if you think about it home court advantage. Even though Chicago stadium is long gone is it when it go to Chicago. And play the polls. If the knicks are good you know when -- go to New York to play the next no line in history has ever sent. I don't wanna go to Atlanta. And play those those talks tell you that's a tough place to play it's a tough city to play because -- some things that happened outside of the court. Very underrated oriented to -- in order to stop I don't think it has anything to do with. But basketball now I -- -- you I mean the one thing I would say is you wanna if if you're gonna make a run in this play house. You wanna get rid of the series as fast as you can know that they're gonna be able to I think is going to be a six game series at minimum maybe even seven games maybe even sent. It will so this. Do you think Al Horford can come back. Not looking like Sherman caught it and -- can well you know it's it's it's at this point 148 on Wednesday and as of 148 on Wednesday Al Horford says he's not playing. In the first round may be in as a Ingraham. I love it he's a gamer he's a gamer not nearly as in if he if he were to play in the first round I would be a little nervous. About his presence even though he's been out for forever but he still. An all star center in the Eastern Conference in somebody's got to you know think about even though he he he must be out of shape. But he provides something that the Celtics don't have investor number one weakness rebounding. Ability to match -- -- With the big guys and he's not that big 696 and buddy plays big and he's somebody that the Celtics would have some problems with even. Coming off of an injury so if he doesn't wanna play into the sector around there will be in a sector around for the Atlanta Hawks and -- of it and into the second round five. There there is one match appear in a series that would concern me from the Celtics to Joseph Johnson. And Avery Bradley right yeah that's the well Joseph Johnston as we've seeking in the playoffs before especially there at home. I don't know what it is about him when he plays. In Atlanta in the playoffs against the Celtics. I can be dangerous he was a nightmare for them in 2008. You think about. Re trying to match up with them it was difficult at times it was difficult for Paul to match up with them. And he's got a pretty good size advantage over over Avery Bradley so I can understand -- you concerned about. With with Joseph Johnson. And maybe it's an unfair criticism. When the Celtics traded him during his rookie year -- mean when they treated him. Maybe this is propaganda. And maybe there's an element of truth to it they said he didn't have enough dog. It just don't have that killers -- -- -- come come come about if I'm the most talented player on the floor. And I was shutting down right now and at times he's done that but not consistently so. You can say he should have a big time matchup over Avery Bradley and you may see it in a couple of games. What happens in the other four or the other five. So on not as scared as you're. Com and so scandalized mama -- -- did I did that you did -- it was an area there on those get those veteran move on your part. I mean here's my thing where they were Bradley they need him on the court. And if you if if Atlantis Smart they'll match -- they'll match of Joseph Johnson as the as the to guard against Avery Bradley try to get him out of there were. Well yeah that's true okay on the flip side how do you feel about Joseph Johnston as a defender. Not so much right. Nor do I feel very good about Marvin -- so Paul Pierce should have a field day in Tennessee he should. The thing about Avery that impressed me the most Nancy come in and I was down on this kid last year at beginning of this year and shooting 30%. He was miscast as a point guard they don't complain point now off the ball. But the thing that's impressed me the most is that he has learned to cut to the basket. Like a veteran. And so. Joseph Johnson may take him to the post and make them look bad at times. But he's got to lose Joseph Johnson. On a few occasions too because Johnson is not a is not a great defender and there are many help defenders on the hot seat. Now they really are and you know -- The salvation when the series. I don't think there's a going to be anybody says that it you know who's gonna pick you know lesser being contrarian you're not pick in the hawks and we got some of those we do have some -- -- goodness there is one guy though. Of all the injured players in the pocket and we'll throw Rondo into the mix to back spasms -- no joke. So we'll throw Rhonda -- Dwight Howard Ray Allen. Exactly teachers. Whose injury concerns you the most who's it who is the guy obviously you know you need Rondo on the court but the who's the guy you need in this series. Ray -- really Sacco PH. Ray Allen despite the bone spurs and ankle problems. You look at his shooting percentage this year. He he he is not to be that he hasn't had his regular season I think the lockout. Has hurt him the most not in terms of being -- -- is always in shape he'll be 75 years old in -- championship to restore it. It takes so he's a pattern he's a routine guys -- structured guy so the lockout has taken a -- -- structure. That current offense. Has taken away some of his production the improvement of Avery Bradley is taken away another routines are now you know coming off the bench. I feel like Ray Allen despite all those things you look at his shooting percentage from three point range shooting percentage from the field. It's still very good for -- for a guy his age is unbelievable Reggie Reggie Miller and Ray Allen. When their room and -- when Reggie is done broadcasting and raised downplaying the should. Might run -- fitness corporation or something there they're freaks of nature. So you get that guy going in the playoffs it's an incredible vantage whether restart to come off the bench he's gonna come off the bench particularly -- Ray Allen -- in front. Yet I -- making deport them at my point with teachers is that he's the guy. Back in second switch on Joseph Johnson. He's the guy that can take him if you know if they're gonna start with him the way the way Atlanta plays they're gonna start Johnson to two of the three if you start with a two -- it would not shock me. If teachers rated play if he actually started those games I mean the designation of starter really. Doesn't make that much of a different and I got a massage even when ray was -- they are all playing thirty minutes tonight. That guy allows them into a lot of different things in terms of versatility if you don't have -- there you become very conventional specially off that bench which is very thing -- You know we've kind of left out the fact that the Celtics. Are in this position and we're talking about them as if they should win this series yes this conversation. Would have been laughable on December. Do -- January. Absolutely they're fifteen and seventeen at one point 32 games of halfway through the season. You think in May be do you blow it up it's is this a lottery team. They've tried to blow it up Danny Ainge tried he was unsuccessful is that China is doing here he's a little embarrassed. That the story's gotten now. Ray Allen he embryology traded the -- -- party trying to get Paul Pierce in New Jersey the deal fell apart. So the fact that. The Celtics are in a position where you Fink and I think. They should win a first round series vs the hawks and I think. Their legitimate Eastern Conference finalists. Are you don't see me. Dad go to bed I'd -- go. Yeah I agree that I I don't know I don't know it's a topless photos and outside of a -- -- but I do. I've there's one team -- fear and -- as -- team -- fears Chicago SO. I don't fear Miami was for what they don't fear them and the heat -- you shouldn't. And get to the best five players in basketball. One of they got a saying to they got three of the top. 2015 players in the game. They got -- -- is considered -- a coach who's not -- but not -- -- pick -- one of my favorite role players of all time Shane Battier -- they do some nice things. Why don't -- fear the Miami Heat -- educate me. Slap some sense into me. Metaphorically. Too I'm not sure doing what it's doing anymore. And you start -- -- you think Dwyane Wade is slipping slipping. Not it doesn't mean he's not still -- innings incredibly hot and they're not slip. Being you know I also think this you mentioned -- yes having a horrible years shoot the ball Mike Miller. Mike Miller is not done anything in two years Norris called their their point guard that they are all high on that particular game to completely Barnhart completely fallen apart under the Celtics don't fear the they don't know who. I know that but it still and I knew that you bring up appoint. A very good -- -- I knew Dwyane Wade was slipping. But I saw him before it was a Sunday afternoon -- it was a Celtics playing the next. At the garden as a Rondo. Historic triple double from Rondo went three guys -- league can -- use that line like that. So as their leading up to the next game and it was Miami lakers. Dwyane Wade walked it was a really tight white peers at that point as it is about to -- -- -- this. How that happens guys that fantastic impeccable fashion sense but he walked that would -- the white cancels tightly against. Everybody slept on it because to -- Because the project have to be carrying a purse right. -- because. LeBron James is an easy target we are focusing on from the bribes pars. And I just couldn't get over the tight white pants. From Dwyane Wade. And under 65. And your strong dude right and you brought your body. But you should be that for a now you really should come up and replaced it pretty pleased are really a question though about the -- yes it's about the -- No question why -- -- prints. -- a what would what constitutes success for the Celtics right now -- You know question yet. Good question I think can this is the last for a -- this last -- and there's no way this group is gonna come back rate of freeagent. -- -- free agent after this is over. I just don't see it all the house's only way they come back is that they win a championship threat to win a championship. You almost don't want to do that Jerry Krause thing and break it up before it needs to be broken levee tweet though tremendously yet. Success. I think is. For a lot of people for the majority of people is getting to the conference finals. In losing. In a armor on the on the battlefield. Game seven overtime. He's old warriors gave all that they had but it just wasn't an up against these young spry. Chicago Bulls. That's success -- lot of people other people it's Boston the space tons of banners hanging up there and that many Atlantic Division champion banners championship banners. NBA finals so I think for a lot of folks it's winning. -- I to me the whole thing. I am I some -- -- a hard time seeing how they get by Chicago and second I just scared I just don't see it because they're so but it. And because they do the one thing the Celtics have actually no answer for which is which is -- popular let me correct. The thing. This whole battlefield scene vs your rate that it would have to be -- and -- around battlefield scene vs the heat them. And now vs Chicago because they -- there in that bracket where they got a -- they win the series right and left what you think Chicago is gonna lose to. You know either the knicks or Philadelphia absolutely not but I will be curious to -- damaged or grossest. And a healthy it I think. I think it's a can really competitive series. Without Derrick Rose but they're still good it's so good yet they're so athletic. But that second round look at this how you see you know see how to get by Chicago and a stick around. Chicago needs to be. Wounded a -- so of Derrick Rose. Is had 80%. Or 85%. Okay that's how to get by and still won't be easy because Chicago just has the length and athleticism. That will give the Celtics fits the rebound -- the basketball. And a lot of people. Just haven't focused on this you look at Paul Pierce in Chicago. The last two years. -- the world and it blew all day. All bang his head the the best of Paul Pierce on most nights are really tough matchup foreign. And it's just Luol -- you look at the small forward Chicago has had over the last three or four years from that epic series. That the Celtics -- Derrick rose's rookie year. John Salmons who was given -- Here's with -- -- don't. Judge -- why John sound man's excuse me getting brokers problems. But so that position has been a problem for the Celtics for many years now. It has and this this is why I mean it would have been there have been really good if taken have somehow gotten on the east side of the bracket. If they could somehow -- that I -- seen a repeat of 2010. They wanted to cats so bad did. And they and they knocked out fraudulent -- it you know you called it. And yet you dig dig deeply Grady gets Orlando won that series before -- -- him. That worked out so perfectly for them I'm not sure it would happen if they had say Orlando and second round that year that's why you know I'm I'm just not seeing how they can get my -- so. Who do you think you eat it sounds like you think Chicago was the best team in the east no I think Miami would beat Chicago so you got nine times -- and and -- becoming obvious. I do so Miami comes out of these two comes out -- the ongoing Santonio and I know that's that's a that's a terrible. He got to beat either Memphis sort of the clippers in the second round. But I don't think Santonio is the best team and it is in the western -- -- for Memphis after lasted a little something for them in my. Clippers. I don't know. It's been a nice year for them. Excited to fan base and sure he got Chris Paul and that's great didn't know Blake Griffin Duncan all over the place. San Antonio I don't think we'll be worried about the clippers the second round Memphis has proven and we conviction moment we -- all right we just did it last year it's not ancient history. Now San Antonio can counter with well we didn't have Ginobili Ginobili came back he wasn't quite the same we didn't really have our team. So we'll see and and will also see if Gregg Popovich is theory. Late games late season theory which I which I really like is intriguing. He's collected -- madness basketball goes he's quirky things on my team has a ten game winning streak. Rest my starter -- what are I don't divot yeah what you think he really doesn't does this. Really pay off for them in the post season. We'll say I -- -- a San Antonio. I don't believe and Oklahoma City I can fit into the lakers are gonna come out of the west who on the about it the lakers gonna come out and I think you have to start a show here detective and I think it's going to be Celtics lakers about how the Celtics lakers just -- -- -- the house was have a drink and keep talking about. Love it love it lot of talking who might -- good yourself. Thanks so much for listen you guys would back soon -- I hope.

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