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CBC Hockey Analyst Don Cherry wants cheap shots taken out of the game

Apr 19, 2012|

Don "Grapes" Cherry, co-host of the "Coach's Corner" on CBC TV joined D & C to discuss the physical play of the Bruins-Caps series. He discusses the retaliation occuring during the playoffs and wants a long suspension for Raffi Torres.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan without question of our favorite guest that we don't -- often enough it's been a year since we last talked to him but -- -- this next conversation. -- are great friends from the CBC team be in Canada coach's corner Hockey Night in Canada. Also be working for ES PM these days Jerry said Don -- is -- is money. These days not counting it on joins us on the AT&T outlined AT&T four GLT. Eat that morning grapes long time no talk how are you my friend are. Glad to be back Pia at the end they didn't -- back I get -- with new cup on on the lot on the all. These -- don't invite me back anymore but I have a good time in the Bruins are playing their style well we're all right. Yup got to the Bruins in any in a second Don but as an overview of what's going on in the National Hockey League if my numbers are correct and I believe they are. Last year the league office suspended seven guys over the course of the entire National Hockey League playoff series. This year before the first series is even over eight guys have been suspended you have a theory as to what's going on why this is happening why the mayhem is running supreme. There's going to be another one for a big timer and -- what -- -- on out of that. I was the cheap shot of all time that he gets about a ten game I'm betting that -- -- the coworker of all my noise I went up into one. Once series start. And their walk through that period that and they responded that back I mean it it's like I don't know it's like the united stated these but I mean. You're the the network is unbelievable. The blind society is is back at the port -- Like the Broderick cup than we've played Montreal there was a lot of -- -- -- the -- but not this stuff where -- the park in ten minutes later guys. Killed them about the the thought that they're getting everybody -- -- apart the would be art like to go down the -- that's the what what do that they're not looked mark in the they're not expected and boy -- either come in ninety miles an hour I feel sorry for Kevin hadn't heard about -- club. And that is more common -- You know well if they lose Don cherry man it's all over if you think it's gotten too violent they got problems do you think Shannon's doing a good job done. And what would you do if you were if she had and a -- Batman what would you try to remove. That the cure this disease as you called. Well I don't -- which it -- that the people against I'd still like roughed up -- I don't like the waiting I don't like the banging I don't like the whole thing I just don't like -- cheap shot than I could activate. -- -- grown boutique and I have to admit that -- -- -- court I'm -- I doubt but. There's not much you can do I think Shanahan doing a good job I mean. I don't know what they wanted to do I shoot him if you're the bodies. -- -- them but the guys that I have the lap that are doing it might the reason they're doing it now the doubt that they -- -- -- That would -- -- boot that in itself with that and drive is that into the board. I mean I don't get it I mean it but the big thing. It they have no fear now -- you ever -- them try to do that you know I've gone back in my about broad. They heal it and tried to do that spoke to John Battelle you're dead man you're covering that part of it it's the same thing and Brett he. An electric ten years in Edmonton and he had a little pink copy Warren is as head. You never added injury hold it here because of McSorley at the ankle. And we had didn't have the instigator rule. What -- -- -- now the argument that before it became general manager got politically correct what we have now vote guys would -- is running around. Picked him because they have no fear retaliation. That's the big deal if you -- well be lower. You're straightened out now I don't there's no way to do it now is after dark star like it typically do it with Crosby then they went after -- year I don't I never ever went because this -- never one after the other stark we will to the -- that did it. And that's the problem with the National Hockey League now. Is the institute -- rule has been putting in and the dub -- governor governor put it in because there were printed the top guys are gonna pick I would start. Where -- exact topic that we could protect the back then and we can't protect them now. Others probably no question of the league hates the head shots in the concussions they hate the cheap shots as you referenced them they certainly -- when their stars are sitting down for a season receives -- and a half. But by a large when you look at let's say the Philadelphia and the Pittsburgh series. With that kind of mayhem do they and their part of art's sake this is pretty entertaining stuff all the other things aside. Know what I do and I had to go to hockey and Canada I said no let's get this right. They'll play an adult minded because they're doing it as you look at that stay and who pay the money big doughnut. And the coaches don't seem to mind it. But I think the people say don't mind that the people go to the almighty that the coaches don't -- it home buying that big guys that reporters. That -- Analytical of the screen mode. That are paid attention. The guys that didn't appreciate not a band that I know you can't have circuit is that there all the time and ability of Pittsburgh brought to the bar but it got to have -- off -- you if you talk about the Bruins. And it took it down to Florida and of the -- these -- the broad street -- you'd never got a ticket you've got to have some hidden. Look at -- ball look at all martial arts now the big thing in the world -- -- I have -- hockey. What I am saying is you're got to get a cheap shot that authentic like that -- a cheap shot. Are you -- -- little -- that run around. It's good top the Olympic like depict the Bruins but they were there were all are not left -- There -- three. But the Olympic got going in his -- he won the game when he got -- and not the way they got to play. I dot tell us which you would you prefer to see every night the third period of game three of Philadelphia Pittsburgh or the first period of game 42 very different styles of hockey. What do you like better I don't. A dependent by mid Pittsburgh fan whether I'd like LA I -- I think that I know I did at the plate for talk like you elect and I are repeating myself. I don't like within the stick work. I don't think we ever back in the seventies that's obvious they're quick we're seeing now but I -- -- can't clean it up that it it -- lady to lady invite said the the sportswriters build up the appearance that it at all if you don't like hockey take up tennis than your little white short. Well what to think of last night's Philly Pittsburgh game diamond day. I was a government that they run up the score like that upwards I hear -- owner Billy he -- -- had a goalie. In twenty here and what I would tell them inside the -- goaltender available besides Britain opera ten million dollars. And he kept that up a big ball -- in the guy you -- my head case. I would like to be them good team like detonate in particular -- without it the goaltenders are very kind of played a little better and you don't look very ever -- the way he can play there'll be a little trouble -- another team. And it turned it around his -- -- and I know there are belching up and but it they ever get the goaltender does that if there's any convicted turn around -- -- -- -- to -- -- you know it's very -- I Don Carl -- north they think she's gonna get punched in the nose tonight by Lucic with little crybaby motion that he made and to that end. That is that you don't -- that stuff the Olympic argued it was rile them up. And tell if it ever comes he will -- because with that the power forward. The power port to the national hockey to read now. Why would -- got wanna get a guy like that riled up -- You'll pay the price of -- come down at the good score you know elected not quote you pay the price. Yeah I think also knows that gives yesterday after the skate he said I'm not actually calling -- teach a baby we all know he's one of the toughest guys in the league. He said that he's of their lot of calls out there and complaining about calls there's nothing you can do about those and that he says he's going to be one of the top ten toughest guys in the league and everybody knows that. I don't wanna fight him so he's already turned. Well it you don't digital on -- flight of that dual slalom because. You know at it like I broke yet figured score like six to up the light -- -- not been doing it quote but. Does make it that the Pope beer I'll tell you that. Do you think this -- capital series ramps up with its intensity and mayhem tonight. Well I -- -- because -- -- they would playing right into watching it and and you know they were typical analog remembers sleep. And -- -- -- rile them up late I don't think it'll be like -- -- York. Or are Pittsburgh did did you know -- got to win that series that that -- Pittsburg is like little black all the but it will be a tough series it's all all depends on Washington if they wanna be up to the Bruins will be tough. Ordeal like in the east right now obviously the range that don't -- the penguins on the ropes Philly has no goalie. The bruises. Have as good chances anyone to come out of the east. Boy I wish they had Horton that's the only thing that bothers me they don't have -- -- -- overtime goal. While when they we are within Bruins I'm not political against the Bruins I think in that right to the end the other time I went I would don't expect -- -- -- -- Canada. I had I had a woman about him is that. Go to ordered some bomb an old your personal favorite for the Bruins had to go look up what Obama met with the media but they're gonna Brooke I'm not gonna get them a lot because -- -- -- You get that they comment that you know that Obama signed and all that all of it with -- up a little more thought I'm going with the Bruins. They lost not only the -- because of the Bachmann is a partner in Canada that same thing. But -- backstroke big loss for the -- the night. All call. I get cute you know he was he wasn't on that do that back when you do it usually with a guy like him that he's one of the top guys they'll spell out the Bruins for sure but I don't think they need any help Washington's return of around dale hunter did a good job and all Latin. I would still hadn't said that the Bruins are going after action tidbit. You can just try to get them stirred up do they get. During Wednesday's practice John Erskine practice alongside Dennis Wideman. I liked him cryptic and Ontario big -- boy that you're gonna have a tough guys they get this -- -- and he famously a couple of years adult kind of punched. Lucic in the submission you think those two kids Mike get together tonight. Well I'm I'll tell you this guy is a monster and I don't know why haven't played before I have been you'll be undefeated in the light up light at the end of a country abortive in the Olympic that would be it. I'm gonna go into that would watch that would be a beauty. Is Pittsburgh are our Pittsburgh and or a Vancouver come and all the way back. Well you know what it all depends on their goaltender and the one I pick him up. I've taken Vancouver right -- I think they could come back but. 31 that's pretty tough like can't beat Pittsburgh. I did get -- they'll win that game it -- but I. I -- if they get -- -- -- -- -- -- but I tell you I've never you know an organization has such rotten luck with goaltender is well maybe Colorado when I was there. So Bryzgalov is not going to solve that problem I mean he might get into the next round and he might face the Bruins but you see him. Do and kind of what he did last night. I love you do what they do they paid a ten million dollars that you and -- -- they got. A few hours delayed I mean mr. Snyder the owner must be just going nuts. No I I can't see him carry them -- Stranger things have happened but bought a three -- that -- the comeback from. They -- Yemeni theory on the a playoff disappearing act of Tyler Sagan we've seen this before. Well you got to remember he's it is is it just the -- yeah I mean you know that it did everybody think because he's been so -- he's about 25 years old check it out. And you know it's -- -- -- up time but. I remember being -- on. I'm not a decision last year. Talk to you guys that I had. Watching -- him. One of these games he's gonna come back and he's gonna commit -- gonna get a spectacular ball -- went through the whole team the next game yet did. I -- always got a dip below you know it's delicate. And we met her yet you watch you -- they'll pick it up. What if you're a coach like dale hunter do you think guys obviously he wants it more physicals we heard that benched in. Can now you know take the bodies that are preserved his own body when he's out there skating around and he likes that obviously -- can likes that but do you think guys. We'll try to impress their coach may become somebody's I notre -- -- -- someone says oh my coat -- he's he's he'll love this. Well I like not that I dealt with stuff but he never. He wasn't about cup but all. I I would think that he's going to stay there eventually they'll get a team. Like he played I mean that's real that's -- that's fact that's not that's not his team there's lot of -- -- team wouldn't be there dale was here at all. If they keep. He did Helen and they keep going along eventually they'll be one of the toughest games that they play like him. But -- he wouldn't. You as Julian said you never tell a -- the -- got a guy I mean you're never told. Although -- a player to quote get a guy. And it got him into really heard it seriously you'd you'd be done -- -- Say but that's been around that you'd better start playing tough. You did you never told -- go get him. What I want Stanley -- I not had bought the there was you learn an American Hockey League. Your mistakes and I remember in Providence. And do a guy named -- Wilson was running around. And I had one of my guys John would think I had him down there and I think John would you like to go a little -- he knew what -- And he got a 1010 game suspension wise idea I I'd put the vote they're up to that never had a word but like John when he got with a broken -- big portrait of put a -- left wing when a guy with a runner Barack electric -- that. He knew they had to do. So you don't tell what to do of the northstar to stand in front of the bench and call the money just -- to do that naturally right. You know Harry in the medical and home might. Did that with they still played out over and over and over again and you know what judge could pick up on that hold. And and you never sensed little Stanley opted to do anything. On a daily news job and you're emirates damage done at the and I -- I played that assured once and the other night might have -- you guys they. That this this is just been -- now I that you want a piece of real made him back in the old days take a look at it. And then boot Sheridan and never ever played together beverage said that. They have the -- you're gonna play again the National Hockey League since the -- pick up the organ is just -- -- -- -- -- Quebec Montreal brought. But that's good going on in hockey for a long long time that stuff. You know it's just that they -- it's just started. That they've gone on a long time the only thing that is due in the whole game is cheap shot. Yeah I got -- -- -- remember this but I was doing a live shot for channel seven a few years after -- putt I'm sorry Bouchard got punched into submission by Stanley. And I'm interviewing you and I believe was -- was doing Canadian color commentary and he was up in the stands and can be held up to a lecture for at least he. After the stands out at the bank didn't take too kindly to battle -- great. You know I shook him -- him first you're not hit and the result big. You paternity you can kind of chick as with a B couldn't hold around and help barely did that what Ollie did if you look at the Philip. He was hit it and it's that was one of those guys get hit with a two by four and it wouldn't hurt him yet Elwood that lifts and to his left and I never -- -- -- -- good with the left it's good it's because the right wing which stand. And hit him with a left. And when you got a plate with it and Jonathan you know how when you get a guy down. This book let him go all right it is like a little bit -- -- -- I mean he really did a number that that's that -- -- knowledge quite a bit but I it -- -- Bowman was the guy that started that he's the guy put dollar bully boy right and Peter McNabb it's better. With Terry O'Reilly went take on the left side but I could see that he was look at the trouble right above the garden. But I took -- -- McNabb Peter McNabb said it would perhaps -- of small slice. Todd and Jonathan and they were looking for trouble and boy did they get it. Greg's but a question for me on the mount Rushmore of all time National Hockey League defenseman. This Chara find himself on that mount Rushmore. Well regarded up their boarded the north civic because dirty come through in the -- court we know who would that -- yeah a Rushmore a country mile ring we've got to go into that right right. War I'm a lot. Robert G or a lot about tech. Leo I've ever seen in the that anybody that no part he's -- that's for sure that's great. That the board and equipment. More potent Ray Bourque told us last year that Sharon is better. Defensively than he was or or ones. I don't know I don't know what they do that I don't know you may be it was a little rougher and stuff like definitely -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- defense and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obama your body and I think it just meant. And -- it -- I don't know if Kara what is -- got a good plot might have that he always is up there one of the best -- -- with 25. This year but Bobby you are. One didn't what the handwritten forget it was a 128. Though he wasn't too bad defensively if you're -- -- 128. Nobody even comes -- maybe Larry Robinson here. A great if you ever get the Boston. I can't let people put you guys when they when I was there like period up in the final minute you guys when you guys in the finals I'll be there again. Excellent we'll let you hook up with you when you get your for the finals my partner at -- Gerri great -- -- grapes. We'll talk to down the road -- shirt with the DNC on the AT&T hot line AT&T four GL TE speeds up the ten times back -- the three GAT and T. We think are -- lost to step but he was going to be tomorrow. Celebration -- it picnic on the wall -- Don cherry. You don't you just covered him when you go to it dries dies but -- It's -- Vista right in my life of every four years old I can count on the on the fingers of one finger. Coaches or managers who got fired and I felt bad about it we're gonna miss some I think I need to think Joseph Morgan -- one -- I'm not sure it was the other. Jerry was the best. Sized solid state that's I remember I had to hold you we're so broke in Oakland Pete Carroll goods sent them -- that's true that happy about that -- -- that's three it's a three guys that it ship it how about that every day is -- number Texas that Kenny. And he managed the Red Sox I think it -- -- -- that it. Obviously -- like double talk argued Doc Rivers Jonas at 905 to talks and Celtic basketball.

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