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Red Sox 0-3 start Beckett gives up 5 home runs

Apr 9, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan talk about the Sox first 3 games going 0-3 and the fact Beckett gave up 5 home runs in his 2012 debut

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Well -- Roger -- Mike Wallace yeah one less thing to worry about somebody not an honest all camera that was his buddy. That was -- now member that was a friendly interview. You know you ask for Mike personally and the -- that night he signed yeah science and you know what I mistakenly spot. That Phil Mickelson is triple bogey six. On the fourth -- at a gusty yesterday was without question the sports disaster of the weekend that was until I saw a status in the lancet. Put up their own nightmares six each giving up. Three -- Three runs off home run and a blown save. Your bullpen ERA is 79. -- four that low 79 dollar -- -- much worse may be because. Atlantis' 36. Think about this they -- 75 in the third they -- 107 in the ninth and they led 1210 in the eleventh inning and blue game hole and three. And match scherzer gets to sleep well tonight we talked about a sought a flat pitching today wasn't that bad it was he was no I think. I think they should make a deal it's pitchers are you put -- apple -- blogs up there with the rest of these. Stumble bombs I I don't think you get economic change it Dina I think you have to let the sabres stay in the closes -- until he gets -- All. About that okay we can make a move but he hasn't gotten that took seven -- to keep it took seven -- and pitches face five batters have Allred I what did you have for your Easter dinner and this awesome ham -- in traditional eastern India it was not nearly as. Big and juicy and delicious the city and metal plate as the pitch to Miguel Cabrera that was a Easter ham. They pick -- at times you see him pitch. You say it's proceed with a guy like a Brenner says this is the good hitter -- EC of its meet Andy's they beat the corner he can hear anything and everything. That was one of the worst pitches. I've ever seen able to -- -- rubio now it was so I'd I'd that was. Better than Odom because look at the pitch to Cabrera says waste. And it's on the inside half. If he were to request it was like oh run underwritten and was asking his pitcher where he wants it. He wouldn't he would say exactly there that speed that height. That's bought. And it was the easiest home run Miguel Cabrera is ever hit you see -- go -- out before it even reached the plate. Oh yeah you watch as he goes slow motion it was right exact -- felt like slow motion of felt like. Halfway to the plate. Cabrera was trying to decide you know which. Seat there we're -- going to -- don't know -- you left a video left his only problem was starting on too fast and and maybe I don't know he had that. -- wait and be patient to be such a good hitter. That it was not a lot of trouble for him take that. And that is. At the last whether -- was last. Person cities based. I'm hitless for five by Donald reached all right it is -- again and threaten to battle it out the idea to get to technically he hit one. I get a better. That if I mean it about a second. -- first you don't want a game you got to give credit for one thing he knows how to pitch to contact it at that if a he's doing that quite well you know you don't remember the Red Sox is probably not that disappointed with yesterday's results in Kevin Youkilis probably in the giddy about it Josh Beckett. Evans out what -- and got a mob might stick a font that's a good point and it amazes me. Well just watch and everything all want to -- Bubba Watson. We in the masters. Two weeks after adopting a baby. Did that Josh Beckett say that that's slick is impossible to strangle the life changing right I mean he couldn't. He couldn't. Pitching numb in the month of September right in fact he still can't. Is he had a baby what a year ago what you got a lot out there are seven and 23. In the last thirty. Yes seven and 21 victory in their last thirty that's Steinberg now very gives all kinds of -- on facts from this weekend if. What -- dredging -- up consider the overview here of Beckett with some sort of hand injury that may or not. May may or may not affect his pitching during the course of the season. You got -- buckle to look like you throwing batting practice there. -- done with a severed bomb for the rest of the year Carl Crawford LeSabre Hagan in Fort Myers, Florida Youkilis is old rate with thirteen -- -- -- -- its its pretty bad when you say -- looking over shoulder please don't make eye contact -- bloody Valentine and of the bullpen. As it does a this Bobby don't look at what he's gonna be up there was that that's in this mornings ago good news Carl Crawford's. Yeah off on schedule hitting -- a column Crawford -- back and take him his job from Sweeney. Possible problem. Is the is the upside is the good news here it is the you know. From Gordon needs peace is the first time ever the Red Sox have lost the game. In which -- twice held multiple run leads in the ninth inning or later. Or time humble says according to alive stumble and even the first time ever in the Chad fox era in the first pulled up by committee -- forget about it yet Chris speak here. True very true Ottawa in the you know whatever in the forties. The fifties when it really the Dick Stuart your debt Dick Raddatz at 60000 early sixties America. That's -- -- I was unbelievable an aunt and you know what it is. The big debate now is obviously you're gonna jump on it shouldn't say. It's time for apartment it's not time for -- he gets stuff gets a stock maybe an old an 88. That's tomorrow Paula tonight up and -- -- tomorrow is that tomorrow he gives us tonight to move it up. You know Bobby's done weird things let's start tonight in -- -- it was sick as we gonna get an animal that we promised them. A start and he's gonna get a good start tonight is gonna close Garza he's gonna start tonight he's gonna close tonight. Do of that -- Red Sox at McLaren started yet no one word that but it is. -- that he you can look -- ways obviously they need to close you know but. The company has started two and a few notes. Other than Lester the big hurry up the -- irregular Buchholz did exactly lighted up. And buckets isn't Beckett like teetering on being in like the biggest Boston -- team at this point but the money he makes in the and -- expectations. And the lack of executing pitches as he said he had to do. I got to execute -- that really wasn't lightening that in -- in Mexico not a news but here it is from and from Gordon -- it's all over this dateline Detroit. One Major League scout watching Saturday's game said it was the worst Beckett has he's he's ever seen. The worst he had ever seen Beckett pitch quote he topped out at 92. And he must've thrown fifteen senate cuts. You can't do that sent a cut is jargon for cut fastballs. Over the middle of the plate and he breaks down. And this is alarming if you wanna get technical lead at the whole -- they break it down really technically. The only 254. Seam fastballs topping out at 92. Last year and a season opener no second start. Against the Yankees held them to its -- -- -- from 23 force team has averaged 93 and a half I don't slow our city's down and this pitch selection bears that out and his execution this. Bill in the did you get that such a need to hear that sound is really. Executed it just yeah I believe I heard somewhere that Beckett didn't give up his fifth home run last year and like June 6. It was like the second inning mission this one. A that is directed out there right yet do things -- there was death was early -- -- there was some us Davis and mullets -- -- heat. Is impeccable because go to the weekend isn't packet the most disturbing thing. I called Coulter back biting article are you kidding -- -- it's fun but I go -- -- -- -- -- you expect more from -- -- Don't know I'm just expecting a lot out of a 48 point seven million dollar and at least want to -- seventy. I don't runs to work within discontinued handed back the took a Levy and it attracted took a leading candidate backed. Back can win any games with no runs scored for. Now Beckett clearly is the major go to the weekend clearly a packet -- not that far behind but the men and animals -- Report. Man it's an -- -- that you feel bad form. Yes yes he's altitude sleaze -- -- here while icing and the right meat yes yes he did. On need to stay aggressive and you know not not let these affect me and keep going thank you never sleep now. -- -- -- -- -- This device can I don't know if this. And and Anderson and -- cumulative -- who -- him tonight and you know who what where you don't -- you're going you know it's a good question because -- -- today he's an idea. Should forcefully -- left him in the game and don't -- he reaches his limit that is a star. He's a starter or. A closer. A closer. I guess yeah. I guess maybe not tonight but like tomorrow who closes for Bart -- gives you good start and it's a safe situation unit back to a how it goes right the morality is our growth record lows -- -- of the let's deal mr. valuable ground along in the long -- -- key ends at the very long reliever yes it was pitcher the post and don't stop until -- -- that at -- -- they look like he only looks like he looks like the bad and the moments ago movie and and it looks like. The drug cartel guy -- Who's got a hostage and succeed gals in got to get the hostage -- other drugs got a helicopter in the of it that it ends up north. -- he looks scary and the he looked good. Compared -- -- that's very good so why can't he had an expanded role he'll have a long doesn't have clothes -- stuff. -- -- -- -- Reagan he does its artists were a few big. Let's Davison and -- and appeared to they appear to have. Closers out now -- -- -- Barton has closer stuff Bart is your -- does well again these started to. He can do we the ones and they really need to start. Yet no one was close to stop right now is all upset and Morales does he strikes people out right. And that's why would go -- him as my closer and you need to strike out pitcher you can have guys kitchen counter act. It is absolutely maddening the Valentine has an equal right now Franklin Morales -- great. And and only keep keep -- -- and -- -- there against the service in his blue on the ground there and creator had a pretty good -- six hour fastball often played inside can compare spreading. And it goes out there America's. One pitch away. A pretty good 96 column that was not 96 Q which one was he said it was not his service that has been the and he said there wasn't a -- talking about dealt Cabrera out front I checked the tape that was like 85. I thought it was that. It was I guess a passport at -- -- -- a week now. 96. Then no Miguel Cabrera had to win have you your box score from the Red Sox -- idea here now to look at mine connect. Terribly it would. Says this is the irony is. Services ER eight is let me find it. -- I'm pretty sure that was prince's name before a blue prints -- -- yet. That was is named him before he changed it's like it -- -- side and it's like outside that's infinity it but it's weird looking symbolism you have ever seen them before he just kind of left the line. That isn't that. That I thought that was just like a line yet either. Over and that's what I have -- my bottom line is that intentional what is that. It's not -- side. I'm sorry you got issues I know it's only three games down now I know the fan boys in the come up they promised Marty -- and -- What do you make him feel badly put out there have to admit I know again you you know like his -- moment now to have to admit it is in in. Keeping with a small sample. I'm just being barred specifically Barton would not be very baseball. Like from the say we need closed before -- gets stuck in the you have to have some patience. Things changed it's not as if their designated closer Bailey is still there and struggling this is some patchwork thing associate medical little. Duct tape over the whole trying to -- this thing up and it's not working. Social situations have changed little things have changed -- -- went down yeah we thought to going to be a starter but you can't be one we need. I'm an amicus Davis feel a little about target that -- a box from Yahoo! hot that was from Harold Yahoo! -- has INF. Infinity if you could just feel bad. I NF he has an infinity an infinite whip to me is an infinity. An independent while ERA. So if you're like -- from the boss today and never pitch again -- -- -- for the would be in infinity. -- infinity and beyond and you know what. You don't do you question -- with the proper Beckett the reason Beckett is the biggest go to the weekend we have asked that question we all question happen. Our biggest -- of the weekend. The reason Beckett. There's more responsibility years equipped to question his heart commitment cuts his commitment. You don't do that the same -- we'll also had more approve than anybody that is not you don't do with the Davis normally Anson you know their stop -- Guys are well say this was invaluable last year and will be again but it is closed that they're sort of about it knows there's little caught guys. It's -- I don't even remember meeting in New York it was like. I knew was there I just doesn't call Pedroia answered and hit but Roy but I remember. How he stood up to -- to the pressure and we didn't close with some pressure. In the setup role in in any role in New York. Was there any question about his nerve. Not -- policies. Balls and parties. Speed automatic a furious college coach or Eli Lilly's sales last -- when we talked -- spring training he was a little on what's -- is odd but it's all close or thought we do that sound -- that hopefully this won't affect -- sounds like he's on the bubble watch on the eighteenth through the second and Green I'm guessing he's not hasn't got to sleep yet. In the hotel in Toronto used to weigh NL -- -- obvious ceiling -- -- hoping. I mean I'm I'm sure that ball hoping to get the chance points and analysts say this but don't have to -- the night off. -- Morales Bolivia. In arts. -- -- tomorrow road you know he's a -- he's a good night Aaron went B maybe maybe maybe not. When you think that he might think are obviously phone turned off in the hotel room to Bobby and and and -- and it's gonna go well like really really late late -- -- about -- annihilate -- -- what the pitching coach of the master to see me walk -- it's gonna shave his beard. Who really classes via the in the in the men's. Hair and -- you. I mean I feel. Like you've got a more -- that's politics -- And that tomorrow you know what you hope for. He has kind of mediocre start because of the in the Jewish slammed the door click on abandon racing to save even more reason to make him closer because he's that good you can be notified you this team could be 015. -- barge still in the starting rotation and these two bombs item to give conservative analyst of goats as we go to this quick break and I would be Beckett. Buckles. A sameness. To deceive -- points and should be excellent yeah Dalton or Valentine -- Chairing pin is featured in the -- go right now -- Beckett. -- and yeah -- I mean without question yes -- but you have heard Theo walks on water. All yesterday he. He was -- if if if I don't want what what time of year you walk on water but. I think -- yesterday we can all of the Theo savior -- water. Joked that -- bleeping joke 170 fundamental payroll and they don't have a half a billion wasted. And they don't have a closer and they have you know nick whom they'll -- non often Ryan Sweeney in penalties. You may never get back at a lot up after put those performance just and you know -- -- always -- it right thing now. Youkilis is August I'm guessing -- projecting just -- Because normally -- he didn't know until we get to the -- correct to do -- these guys hate that. They can't go get to -- -- -- -- -- steadily -- -- they focused on the next day's pitcher Youkilis was probably going over his previous at that against shares are yet getting ready -- of the park eight rate slipped bright all of that get ready to play until. Punto is and it's -- in and 169 career leadoff he said it was just a routine. A day off for him. Youkilis said he felt fine. The reporter said then why are you sitting and he said go estimate. Which is -- and you know. What player and I'm not blaming Youkilis what player wouldn't be pissed when they're given a day off. When Matt scherzer is pitched -- particular. It is this it was going to be. Would be pissed at people to get it couldn't get a shot at Beckett a -- I suppose. 6177790852. Oprah number 8085250850. A Brad Faxon joined us in the 7 o'clock hour break down the masters 92 timeout at your phone calls next.

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