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Brad Faxon recaps Bubba Watson's win at The Maters

Apr 9, 2012|

Brad Faxon talks about Bubba Watson's win at The Masters and how his pick, Louis Oosthuizen almost pulled it out.

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My goal my dream my dream has always been -- can win on. And you know on it to that step in the right direction. And this is clearly sensitive. That your masters winner Bob ball Watson after winning the Green jacket in dramatic fashion on the second overtime -- joining us on the AT&T allied is Brad Faxon. -- is -- -- -- has brought to you by our very good in mutual friends at foot joy by the way bull Bob every week. More foot joy shoes yesterday at the masters that must be the difference sure -- -- Bubba Watson -- the foot joy -- -- and Louis -- the dried -- -- respects where which was as well good morning facts -- call. On the winner you dismissed a -- one overtime all you steadily at the beginning of the week. Well I like -- yet still particularly. Let I don't know -- one of those typical boring Sunday afternoon because of. It sure was not what you like about what did you see what did you know bottom prior to teeing off Thursday that you thought he'd be in the position -- did yesterday. About -- well. A little time with Trevor Immelman a few weeks ago working on -- -- and covers south African -- is Louis in defending champion forceful but the moment you know that's something you could this -- -- he when he plays with them. You've got the most effortlessly hit the ball further than any they gotta be played with and when he's gone he's so confident he. Could see you know -- the -- have a guy like that there's some part of the game that doesn't look good but. You know he made some beautiful putt the 67 footers yes. It was incredible to watch and he he's played well the last few weeks you know he's been close to winning. The two weeks prior so I thought. You know might be a good time form. There may not be a better looking swing I think Peter Costas called it elegant I would call a balanced but is that it's a technically about as good as it can get up their backs. You know what I think so I was trying to think of the guys when I like more than that you know you. You like to watch. Obviously you like his Rory McIlroy -- -- a lot of that you know freedom and -- -- but the power and and you know when you you got tickets and it's like. Like those both those guys do it it's awesome to watch in. He he was impressive in that shot on number two you guys you really can't help from television you know flattened everything up at that second out of the second hole from 255. Yards of Orion that -- really on the front of the Green so that ball flight 225 or thirty yards before -- the next. Twenty yards. That it's such a hard cut it in the air in the sound that ball made up the club they concede yet. Planet over and over that the dramatic sound and up all the launched up in the extremely hard. How many how many double Eagles do you have effects. You know what I'm glad I guess I have to. Unfortunately none of them in the major or not government determined that it mattered. Let it's the rare shot in golf and it and I thought the really really cool thing that would show the slow -- of the second I Clavet -- caddie yeah little flap saying that look like an albatross. -- I pay a bubble lots and seems like great a prison for golf ambassador for Google could Christian. Good husband obviously it's on there on the Green with a mother to find out like. Thanksgiving night that it was all big fraud these hookers and strippers in the in the hotel room and it's just this was just an -- see the real thing. Now he's the real thing I mean we kind of like Tebow having the same thing. And that was -- you know I think he's. He's at the matured a lot the last year so he's made some kind of silly comment people to the put an electoral trophy tournament. France and didn't know what the -- trio was depressed really complain to the French about. Human Amber's and if you come down from silly stuff but he's a really popular guy on the tour. He's immensely talented as he could -- another intentional curve ball he can hit and you know he's a super nice guy I didn't even know about it AppleTV that it is like Indian adopted a baby a couple of weeks ago so. Great stuff and and you talked about it earlier how many times do you see any tour players wait around to watch. Their -- innocent you know -- that there were three guys that crane your salary and mr. -- or. Are they held Jesus guys are just his post are personal friends out. They're both you know I don't know if you guys that -- the great video that they did yes golf is right Ukraine Hunter Mahan Rickie Fowler and Bubba. It's going to be a cult following you know I think -- Probably Christian -- -- but. You know you I still don't you know that that -- and it. It didn't end until 740. You know it -- almost dark I mean these guys are out their plan to play -- all the trees that that the dark all that temple definitely nobody waits around. As remarkable probably gonna get on his plane goes right -- -- -- your old as remarkable as that shot was I -- to these guys earlier this that what what's the more remarkable shot -- one obviously double legal did they just don't happen. But bit of it but a stood out there and that same position with a hundred golf balls would knock it on the Green about forty or fifty times from their backs are up. Here you're right I think this shot. For a left handed player night. You look at valued at a site like that anytime the ball you hit the ball first before you get grass they out of the rough it's easier to cut of that ball up and highlight the ball with the -- the seat so it's easier to hold -- all right golfers play -- -- although it be easier to vote and then we have a higher lofted club yet. The pitching wedge from 150 because it is amazing to think about but he's turning down that -- so it's -- suspected nine -- And it's easier to hook off the club and it is the book and not laugh because it's harder to look at 234 -- yeah. That is typical wedge and the conversely harder to slight the winter night I took that shot once and is remarkable is that may have looked. I would say most tour players and -- their wedge as much as you looked at but to hit it on the final hole on the playoff you happened to win I mean that's. It's -- it -- it's the circumstances it's the pressure do you think. Bubba can keep this up does he have staying power will he win many majors backs. Well you know what he's he's been a guy that I've always thought may -- didn't quite have that -- you know that little bit of you know stuck inside the rootkit you'll over the hump and he. Stuck with a yesterday and you know the back and Augusta they set it up so well her effort yet to make Eagles and bogeys but you know. You'd think about yesterday's round and and what happened in some of the great players. And how the pressure get you bill on number or you know we get the wayward iron shot on up. You know. Debt if it doesn't hit the grandstand you know he's got to cut cut -- gonna make before you get the bad break but. I equated him trying to get that kind of bamboo kinda like. Tom Brady's first pass in the comparable you know he just he was out of sorts you could -- back looking up agreement but that and any try to hit this shot that. Turn the club outside almost hit him. He's lucky to make it six. It's like he was trying to rush himself in that six when he shot it at the very least and it beat it wanna go back to the team should he not taken a little bit more time to try to establish a stance -- had a swing I mean it was like let me get this over with as quickly as I can't. Absolutely and you know he and caddie -- -- -- that they're really gonna talk and that's about they certainly -- that and you know. If you wanna talk about some other players in the situation that they get. -- the pressure. That could make an unbelievably great eagle on the fifteenth called the pull within one. And then. It's a nine iron it he. Or -- if he beat writer -- like in jail in Horry can't get up and down Peter Hanson dead -- an iron -- -- but in my view on the twelfth hole. I think you know and I think he was playing well and that. I think he was -- implement its emphasis. Now he's all he's still out there that you don't expect you know. 52 year old Riley in the parliament after two rounds Freddie couples I mean it's just such a great stage for everything and and I'll tell you -- it. It's something you don't have to be a golfer number one to watch determined to go there and just appreciate what it's all about. -- read what element exists in a 52 year old former champion who can -- have the kind of round Freddie had the most people observing saying he can't do it again and again and he certainly can't do it three days in a row or four days general. What does that element in -- got its 52 years -- that doesn't allow him to to do that consistently over the 440. Four day tournament. We know with Freddie in the Linksys is still an asset to -- he crosses the goal only play though on the industry's. He's 20/20 five yards at most of the guys so he can still keep it up there with with most of the guys on the PGA tour. You know it just audience and you know you think about attitude how important it is determination mean. Freddie is one when he -- -- down the prize he says you know. I win I'm just gonna quit you know I don't up -- bill hang around they'll be surprises anybody and I think they're great players. You know they're about thinking up. Well well you know I'm just lucky to be here I think -- they figure they can play for two days and -- been consistent with the way not I think it's way of here's where it just kind of downplaying everything but. It's not surprising that he -- -- the -- he he thinks about the little bit yeah. -- -- do you believe Bubba Watson has never gotten a lesson so I think that's just. That's. You know and he keeps saying that. I mean but to meet meet you can say a lesson is going to a whoever one of the top teachers are put yourself on video but I can't believe he's never had a -- you know who what when things weren't going well -- you might say hey. Have my ball position look you know where my game and but. You know he does have a lot of stuff. In the swing that are kind of hand made him and for all you golf junkies out there if he's elected obviously but if you watch bubble up in the top of the gulf clean a lot of players say we don't want you wanna keep your back leg black. We don't have a lot of hip turn expects to that crap. You look at his his hip turn his back leg almost dead straight and it turns seventy degrees and -- -- largest shoulder turn on the on the PGA tour and he does. By far the longest there's -- news. -- -- -- Five lefties in the last ten years. I'd let you win they showed that like you're still three -- and then -- Pretty amazing and you know then you can go on to say it's always been a -- -- -- right to left player you know so obviously the right handed. -- hooker of the gulf -- and you get up on a hole like. Thirteen were you got to cut the ball thirty or forty yards Dylan and -- really can -- -- -- -- there with a big kind of like an easier shot than those hit but. Bubba did some amazing driving on the on the lap -- hype to drive on the if people with when he used to animate you know and you go back. There's trees on both sides of that fairway and it's not. Wide open and keep pummeled drive there had less than a 180 side. And 85 yards all live together it would eighteenth hole holed it they have brought the lefty got to draw. But the -- it was driver -- and gained weight of the right get a hot right in the military. In regulation -- in the play. Some that's some good stuff. What did you think of tiger's club throwing and club kicking and will he be sanction for that. Well I hope so you know I mean we will never know the PGA tour policy is to keep all. You know those things quiet but. And the other thing to be got a national -- at the masters is -- -- a PGA tour sanctioned events I don't look they actually. And confined tiger the masters would do that I know we got a personal reprimand from one of the -- the national committee members for the ineptitude on thirteen after. A bad piece but you know everybody gets frustrated you know in -- you know. And I would be lying if I that I haven't thrown a club in competition but I mean it's it's just. It felt that it looks childish you know let and a guy that needs to look better for you come back network. He just keeps to. It in the hole sometimes. Do we doubled our bet on the tiger catching Jack the majors yet we still the file. You love I love your and they have encrypt it. You -- -- -- facts he's not -- an eighteen. -- it up or more ago yeah. You know how long he has to go to pass and he has Phil Mickelson career and so he has by relatives that. Tough road though and you know I I don't see guys like Bubba Watson and Rory and Louis they're not nervous anymore -- was I think they're just. You know they're -- playing their own game now. And they're just guys Steve forget about you see you know this thing unfolds in the -- Peter Hanson early. Who's an -- in the week. You know you you seem like before the start attorney were worried about Ian Poulter and -- and he can be done there. With the chance even those shoes and future putrid mylan and he spun a lot of people like that you know and -- it -- Did you hear tiger say after the first bat around some of those Haney is -- -- sneaked back in -- it's what they can get. Well yes it's not comment. Obviously trying to get back at Haney putter release in his book just prior to the map right the big minutes which I would rule would recommend and I'm almost finished with -- you know I'm not a big fan of any teacher doing that to any player I mean obviously gonna make some money you know the book but. That's a blatant missed trusting you know and kind of our code that shouldn't be doing that. You you were there for this and we've failed the talked the about it the other day were probably -- at the dinner down there when you got your award tell us about the speech from Sophie Gustafson. Well. I don't know if there's anybody heard about Sophie Gustafson she's got -- a chronic stutter problems he hasn't come publicly until last month but. -- she's at 38 year old Swede it is a very good player played on the -- or Solheim Cup team for for Sweden -- and she's. Super nice coat she got up on the stage and we thought you gonna make it thank you because they had this. Hate speech she had done by herself in her house alone with the -- camera they put it up on the monitors that some big monitors there. It was a six minute acceptance speech she later told it took her eight hours to do to ourselves. In case and she starters in the speech to me now. Believe in this is the edited speech where you are uncomfortable watching it because in anybody's temptation with a toughness on the oldest cutters to finish the sentence for her before. Before that person before they do it. And we start Thursday at the tournament -- plus is super nice and I just wish all the best or hopefully maybe make in this public makes. People more aware of what it out of -- you know -- -- Out there more than people know and that maybe it'll help her to get over. You global full year. Thankfully before he brought out an idea standing ovation and you either you were pretty well -- you were here to listen to -- you where you want ball teared up -- you missed it really didn't think I am confident that they think it's the restaurant. It calls at the most agonizing amazing emotional funny and absolutely gripping. Speech you have ever watched an it is it's uncomfortable to because she is stuttering. Pruitt but I guess it would've been worse if she had to do live. You did it's unreal and I. Saw that Rick -- article like we do not put it out there so does the link if you Google. Rick Reilly and Sophie Gustafson and -- Is is Riley Jenna is obviously the top of tiger's enemies list did you know tiger abandon -- half siblings. Fact I don't know. But when you have to believe the end but that would surprise he's. It's -- could talk and get great up pick on -- Louis you to one putt away on eighteen or -- -- on ten. I know I got my big dinner for -- but it got you guys daycare facts abducted on the road. Our conversation -- Brad Faxon brought to you by foot to foot joy over the number one -- -- more of the world's best golfers where foot joy shoes. Choose your style at four Actuate dot com and as you pointed out Bubba Watson -- foot two icons yesterday and -- -- taser -- dry joy a.'s tour who doesn't. -- -- --

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