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Donny Marshall, CSNNE, on the Celtics

Apr 2, 2012|

Donny Marshall joins the show to talk about the Celts win over the heat, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, and how far the Celts can go in the playoffs.

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Leo we're just gonna tell them it is Vietnam one of things going and game that we told Rondo. That we need him to be in this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And authorities set the tone -- beginning of the game by doing that. And I thought that loosen it up for everybody else in so. He was terrific. Doc Rivers after the game big weekend for the Celtics. The more complete games of the year beat Minnesota Minnesota come back and BP yesterday it's much load on a 37 WE -- we start with the Celtics here today we get back to where this team is right now with Donny Marshall Comcast sports thank you seem. -- with Tang -- joins us on the eighteenth -- hotline. -- -- -- -- -- What's up guys early going today and. All right -- Friday night after that game I've -- I was with a broken Gary tango X I asked him to what is the Celtics -- -- to do nor do you change your opinion of them he said. There's nothing they can do my penis my opinion. Be honest after yesterday I'm -- -- changed my opinion this team which is thick what the this run lately they've been doing. I think -- did the thing is to pay attention to him. That we have to remind ourselves is that the Eastern Conference right now is becoming especially after that Miami -- it's becoming more wide open. If we talked about this a month ago we say -- and Chicago. Miami they got it locked up Orlando still wanna look in them a little suspect I just don't really I'm not a believer in them I think. They're having Gandhi's message is lost there are really think he's already lost a lot -- I think they're they're clinging to right now perspective Dwight Howard is coming back. After that the hawks are charitable. And they're seeing that. Right now are looking up America and we have a shot the Celtics and fourth goal on a CEO of first person -- division. It is sitting here. April 2 and say that. Bingo so -- that really it's a ragtag bunch right now doctors doing a terrific job putting everything together on different nights. To sit here and talk about them you know maybe. In -- -- the winning -- on a stretcher guys but maybe having home court advantage having the most important thing for them is. To get that fourth seed and not have to play Chicago or Miami but it's a wide open guys in and is cool with that being said you need some help you need a little bit history can and hopefully this public will get that in the weeks to come. There what fifteen and six now since they moved Kevin Garnett to senator Donnie do we you where you for that move when they initially moved to the center position but he surprised at all. But how well he has played the Celtics have played since KG went to the five. You know I love the move only because it's people talk about small -- that's what the NBA years. You know -- that's what college basketball at its all about that the guards that you know the team that. Are in the NCAA tournament not going to be going to be an attempt to gain. Those teams conducting himself link they have size. That's kind of old school basketball we think about it guys right now you know. When you have a team that's playing well we're cooking and playing well the teams that are small Miami Heat. They don't have a -- they're not a big team yet LeBron is a freak of nature dictate to sixty point point guard basically. It's Igawa or don't have a huge team they have a long team but they don't have a cute can I love the fact that KG can go down. And maybe not be his natural position would take advantage of his side and I think that added you know have not maybe. Years gone to a career at least contain that I think we're seeing that no longer is he settling for jump shot on the perimeter. He's posting up guys who were undersized. And that's what we've seen nowadays undersized big man in case you taking full advantage of that. -- -- best -- start lot of David Bradley is right now with three out Pietrus you don't know what you gonna get the rest of the season when it's also and done is it is it depth. But the biggest concern for the -- I think he wrote it is that what it is for every team you know when you look across even -- Western Conference is Oklahoma City deep -- I'm not so sure they are. That the lakers. I don't necessarily think they're very deep. Right now what we're seeing his coach is going -- as an end to the bouncing back going with. Seven maybe eight guys and hoping that those guys perform every single night to try to jockey for position. -- in the playoffs. You know the Celtics. They have some guys who can come up and public Marquis Daniels hasn't played it's on in the with a guy last year. Before his injury would helping this team they -- him he gets there he seems to be able to know where to go. No matter what the situation is about what position he's playing in the in limited minutes so I liked the fact you can count on him there have been some guys on this team that I think. It is in my opinion and as. Let them down a little bit as far as you know as far as being able to go to get -- the -- not to travel this did a terrific job on LeBron. He played within seven years six years. And had a great career as a starter in Cleveland you haven't seen that guy at all this season. Yeah -- in -- what 78 years we haven't seen Keyon -- that is left of the phone in the league. Maybe because of injury Doc Rivers told problem might go but I still think we haven't -- servers of guys who can really come off that bench and helped. Ray will be back which read Michael features it. Not at him because he is then expected he does so much. And -- that the difference -- him being out now Avery Bradley almost taken that Michael be controlled not necessarily shooting threes but more that athletic. To guard position. You mentioned Bradley and he's obviously been a revelation here Donny when you hear. Young guys in the media like myself wouldn't play at a high level say Bradley is already an elite defender do you -- range or. Is that a fair assessment of his defensive ability right now on the NBA. You don't eat it he right now is in it a unique position because. There are a comment scorers in the NBA. And there are only a handful of great defenders Avery Bradley can be. One of those could not be best of those operate under. Handful of great defenders if he wants to get it in a position where docket. Allowing it now -- natural position now the thing that. I always pay attention to the beginning of the year got it all right coach Avery Bradley at -- I told -- told Ortiz struggled. In the beginning of the year he was out of position that you can't sit here and say I told I told -- because. He -- he really did not play well early on maybe he had to get to learn the position to get to declare his teammates better again. Being in a split second year. He's in America position not even at two guard position not shooting guard are you that you got to make sure we we work this right. To guard position meaning he can playoff football he can slash to the basket -- a lot of guys like that the NBA in the NBA. And in this league this year especially. That have found success and they -- Bradley this finding that right now I think he's doing a terrific job and he's getting a great great opportunity now what that opportunity to be their teachers still healthy. Ray Allen they'll be probably not which you know what. Gotta give it credit taken full advantage over the -- and -- for. With this lately it has been some discussion about great their play and ray -- not in the lineup when he comes back Avery Bradley should start what's the status of reality him when he comes back he's a starter in the steam correct. They got to be you gotta be in not just from a you know all on Paper standpoint you know that perspective of Ray Allen -- starting that the mental aspect of how do you take a guy who scored. Twenty plus thousand points in his career. Who's been in this week forever rule is the reason why one of the main reasons why you won your your your first championship and however many years of what your Boston. And then you bring him off the bench you eat it just can't happen and it's you're talking about a guy. That you wanna keep happy because guys let's just think about that and you guys probably talk about all the time when you talk of free agency in the about the NBA. You wanna keep a guy like re happy you want him to come back I know he's older. And I understand that he's got the mileage on him but when you look out the over directly to what is out there. As shooting guard -- player who could actually make shots consistently every single night. There -- any of those guys up there maybe two or three this is an important part of what's going alt reality can bring it back to bring them up -- make you gotta keep those guys happy just like. When you bring Paul Pierce back to back and it put him on the -- in the same. They're in the same old you know there that's -- at that same level where they are your stars. You can't bring those -- about the bench you have to keep them happy. You know he mixes -- the race going guards out there there is one of the draft Austin rivers. How would you see that that happened if he gets to the Celtics do you think that they were taken and how how would it be that for -- coach's -- There I think Denny who I think gaining and secure it really believe anyone would say they were taken and I'm not accurate and on Paper and and you know I love doctor death but I don't know on the -- the docket saying all the right things I don't know when he get home at night. And he says man to be awesome to coach you it would be great to coat my son because now you have you're opening pandora's box because it's not just. It's hard to separate got to know Mike Dunleavy a little bit of a guy who played for their dad in the NBA. It's not that easy for a player it is because you're just playing basketball. Before -- coached. Who is that manager of all the personalities time. Scoring all read someplace. Now you have to relinquish some of that and I'm not so sure you can do that for yourself especially. If he's what 1920 years old but it's it's easier said than done Danny and I guarantee you love the kid would take him in a heartbeat and I. Talked -- a little bit again yesterday it'll be interesting man got. Whether project and you could go they got some -- So to cousin picks and they're not -- I looked at play here he's like are you kidding me as a I said because of your data because of the team and he said probably more because it's the Celtics. It brought the -- that is a bonus. We're talking a Donny Marshall Comcast sports net you mention changed deadline went became -- -- -- -- from this team names. Stood pat it deep we surprised by the lack of -- in the Celtics on. But tell you what nothing surprises me with Danny and at all if they're being. Traded all three of the of our -- KG -- I would not be surprised that that's who Danny and I remember him as a as a player played short time with him at the end of his career beginning of mind. And he would echo of the player you know you look up. And this little white guys. You don't scored 35 point what like -- you just see. Any goalie played. It didn't surprise you what he did so this you know making really -- -- did not surprise me with any because I think he. He obviously understands and he hit it as much as we talk about on TV and you've got on the radio. -- need to understand this team we're much better then any of ownership any of us who have seen it years you know that in years past. And he just get to I think you know that this is the last go round for the big big four. I think he understands how important is for Rondo. They have at last couple little. Gains with. KG all of it and and re on the floor together and it just understand that you know why would you -- why would you care part. With only a month let the -- have dot -- to try to put the pieces back together with really no time so. It didn't surprise me but again have been in -- -- -- up after that wouldn't surprise me that does. You mentioned -- Donnie last one for me is become some highly negative that Rajon Rondo places biggest games on national TV dot mentioned -- BA BC joke after the game yesterday. I know we talk about consistency. Overall as he -- more consistent in your mind and not just been a guy that plays those best triple double type games on ABC on national television. You know that's the one. You know Gary saying well yes we -- couple -- and Minnesota area me. You know what is Rondo needs to. What they need to work on one of the things that he still has to figure out and and I would say you know. -- -- knows this is you know better than better than probably anyone. You can't just show up certain nights in the Enron know right now is he'd almost got a lot of people are saying in estimating that that Randy Moss side. You know he's he's the call at some time where he'll play if they're lucky they gained national television -- the games not so much you know Doc Rivers back in the got to score. And Rondo also -- goes against that don't look at this forum and had twenty assists and they wanted to -- we need to pass the ball to the Google has. 25 points eight assists so. Well believe it right now at a world -- his own and you know Doc Rivers has given him the ability to call his own plays. He's also given him the ability to be a leader. Especially when you're down one guy like Ray Allen. And it says. It really is that you know to gamble because we know Rondell we know sometimes -- He's a little we don't see it on is on his face during games but he's one of those guys that. If you're upset them. Talk -- him being traded. Talk about not being in the upper Echelon of guards Chris Paul Deron Williams those guys they're grosans. He get so upset right now I think what they need to do with Rondo would say you know this is your team. And you go out there if you succeed we succeed if you don't you also have to put the pressure on him to know that you know yet to take the good. With the bad and right now you know consistency I agree it probably the one thing that they're looking for yet nobody need to triple double every night guys. But he definitely needs to be consistent. And do the job not just an offense whether it be good as well. Don't you know I respect your analysis. So I want you to analyze and give me this information you because I think it was even where -- at my wedding. -- -- now or even at five and you're there and it can telescope is he's not given anything up. All I can say is. There war. There were cute -- there while at least in my head and his boys had. There -- -- negated -- the people at the wedding only heard the one that we can actually see. Meaning there was a lot of bad dancing and that wedding I gotta be obvious no 1 of them I am not -- letting guys just like I don't wanna hear marker and I don't wanna hear all this crap -- from the entrance. It would it would like this -- trying -- they came in every one bit that way and in the party. The people they played great music the food looks tremendous I mean it was it was probably the best wedding I've ever been to. And I tell you what it it would it would break -- -- UConn guys there and a lot of Celtic band there and they actually. You know they weren't -- -- -- questions sir. Or anything like that I -- to enjoy the weddings so a lot of bad implement all my guys it was awesome it was beautiful I don't work with mud on the Benson merit to step all you can do to them that they keep it simple. Any help with the that dancing and the golf game and I know you can help me humble those. I got -- covered red that covered and those -- what -- -- -- will you keep its bulletin Ang Lee's emotional roller coaster at these games are all I keep that line over there. Outside outside he's got to appreciate it I got it yet that is that Donny Marshall Comcast. Rethink possible -- -- -- aware that it was is that new information even though the guitars -- states are not ideal there's forty people therefore under. But now yellow -- in for you guys really -- -- incident. Introduced him ever gotten introductions on what has the dancing just walking into. And you did you'd. Everyone's got like an intro song you like each cup it I would call couple. It's about it's a year later forgetting -- airing yeah I got a big group has been a bridesmaid actually gets underway on entrance. Get a big big talk with the DJ pick what they want but you cannot some old school tech -- others but the -- -- it was a mix of everything and we we were packed get we came out. At one had a chance to come out I actually have a hard time ever -- not be able can't promise but I came out to Hamas the money. That -- I got that right okay. And there was fake money that's remember again. In my month as a fake money all over the dance floor you didn't do that you and your wife. Become a dancing -- -- to a song neighbor he's gonna walk Ian I'm -- just a matching everybody currently. That a little structural struck opulent and it'll be -- there's a sprinkler some people did what it was a wheelbarrow that might have been brought in addition to condense. There was no -- There was no mockery and then let those YMCA ball no did not show up. Not on the list it's my wife just she she put the list together mostly men and she won -- none of those type of -- On -- it's got Portland Celtics in the waning days ago. Only go to -- guy apparently yeah. I mean you're kinda. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 617779050. Till 38885250850. Got a Verizon cell ball pound WE EF recall -- they show. And 85850. You got Celtics you've got brew when you got the Red Sox on the table it's not Lou 93.

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