WEEI>On Demand>>Amidst his best season since '08, Kevin Garnett tells the world that the doubters are what motivate him

Amidst his best season since '08, Kevin Garnett tells the world that the doubters are what motivate him

Mar 29, 2012|

K-G is having his best year in 3 or 4 seasons, and last night he told the media that the people who are counting him out and calling him old are only feeding those flames. We discuss.

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And added that don't washed up here in in Boston don't feel pretty good about myself right now. But I thought it was that was falling game last night but you couldn't keep your -- Awful big -- and KG. About the album that was great able to sneak that in their that was great and a walk away now a year immaculate miracles that afterwards. When I was playing in the eighties. He's now walking away. He's out walk and -- is not walking away with no further incident not gonna determine that in turn your back and walk away. After elbow in the in the -- So it is a different day and what about a -- -- Maxwell who in Philadelphia -- what is planned out are they not political. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was so it was really fun and KJ you can just hearing. In his voice right now. He he's not -- -- he's gonna motivate you. You know -- No I don't call me old -- he'll call me. -- Whether. -- motivational tape we must motivate human home older and basketball. And life on thirty solved. Think somebody almost the -- had no head to head hair beautiful here. Whereas here. No comment home. I'm I'm just I'm just remotely like he used that word on. You know the first half of the season won the most pleasurable floats. -- don't like would be better. -- and working towards and they give my cellphone. And that you must -- true analysis in America we commit myself Tomas so what can not do better in I've been going towards that. Whom I know some things I can do better read another trying to do. And take months to motivate -- -- At a loss to me. You just interviews. Blah -- but I. Well -- Tyler adamant he. Typical old older. -- -- like. It's -- rods ignore -- gathered. Even weathered the with a beautiful it was a variety of browsers beautiful I was probably females in the current leaderboard for a little Hillary throws half spared no hearing here -- -- here was Paul. Atlantic and human who have no -- near that there was no comment. -- -- -- -- -- -- Bartley is whether there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'd take that into the postseason is he's so motivated that field is open in the post season that you don't expect you. You party said that you haven't called weathered. You haven't called an older but you don't thing what I call them a -- -- a proud. Proud guy. Who gives you everything every article cannot ignore him the opportunity you -- the team in indigo I think it's -- scare somebody in the playoffs can they go far and get through seven game console finals after seven game series and -- -- -- and roll up in the Eastern Conference by trying to arguable. I find affordable but if they do. You know it'll be based on the fact that these guys. Are not only savvy but. Damn they're proud of what what they forget about those -- managed to say about savvy and proud knowledge that that's like yes yes but what but it has KG. Played well enough -- -- is no longer word we use. And proud is no longer word used but we think he's playing so well that he looks like the guy he didn't 2000. I think yeah -- was I think it I think that might be a stretch but you know what he's not debt for a -- now all I know. Hopefully they'll offensively. It looks the same well defensively now so he hates playing the center positions defensive player of the year in Toronto he NATO went right up well that's what I'm. And he was playing against. Different personnel right now the setter position as much as he hates it he says he hates it. On the offensive end of the -- it absolutely makes -- reporter. Because they can't guard him because you're taken bigs -- -- bring in a way albums of the room. Is that three is right he is a perimeter -- that's pretty become offensive. So I think that presents a mismatch for the other team and really is playing how well at least -- is it that's why can't get upset at these guys I think they're giving it. Everything they have got. And you don't want. They probably don't have enough in my opinion to go win a championship this year but I can't get upset at them because here they are every. Well I would -- in every night but most nights Michael. Right there are out there in the nice that they did not doing it they simply physically can't because they're tired and they're playing the second night of back to back in not to disrupt KG. But they're old older or whether whether right and it affects the way they play in the second night of back to back against two good young athletic team. And here's the other one where they really do fine. All of the numbers they did it again last. They got totally dominated off the boards in that game. What was the the the the total last night was wanna say 49 to 30% like apple it was even worse. Off the offensive glass. That Utah had sixteen. Offensive boards to their four yeah. Now you see yourself how do you go in winning game by double digits when you do well they don't turn the ball over an awful lot when they do what doesn't seem to. Heard him an awful lot. And they shoot for pretty high percentage from up perimeter. I know I don't think they can win a championship here. I'm not gonna dismiss it now I'm not gonna dismiss it out of hand. But it would be a major ups it would be amazingly. Incredible it would be much greater than what we sort 2008 -- me being most unlikely championship. In the history of the Boston Celtics and I know that. I hear you out there -- 1969 people are hearing it. Imus was different -- they were resting peace -- Bill -- -- still had my man Sam Jones -- -- under an arrested criminally under rated they have shown. Okay. But if they win a championship they would championship this year. Over teams like Miami and Oklahoma City and Chicago. In San Antonio. It would be unbelievable but I tell you how they can get it done -- -- -- KG and Ray Allen and Paul Pierson these old guys. Keep your eye on the point are we haven't talked about him. Keep your eye on the point guard is doing some you make some decisions on the floor that are blowing my mind. He's making some passes that are off the charts. Ron have you -- the assist -- Diaz here lately yeah he's playing with. So much confidence and an out I'll bet Doc Rivers would say at times too much confidence every time he comes down deplored it feels like. I'm gonna set somebody I'm gonna make it easy pastor somebody had a -- conceded defeat and step. In his -- in almost skipping down the court at times that he knows he's gonna find somebody knows what everybody's supposed to beat. He sees things that other point guards Garcia. And that's that's where you get to the next level not my favorite point guards in the history of the game do those things you know magic did those things. Where you know John Stockton. Isiah Thomas they saw things and nobody else -- So you falling into that that exact figure out that a stock monitor that trap many Shia and -- trap that I felt the same whale watch last night's game and I was proud of the way they played and I I said it was a fun game. It really was a fun game. And it's nice of the KG in Al Jefferson thing because of history and everything else. Was an added element to lead to the entertainment factor. But on the other hand that's why can't get upset at the -- I think they won't give a payroll. They'll make the playoffs they probably will end up is that number seven seed because they lose the tiebreak at Philadelphia look at the schedule to the next couple weeks and well Phillies got a much easier schedule when they do. So I think they'll probably give a payroll when they get the players still scare somebody a little bit. But I just can't. By cake and my ticket yet and I think they're giving it the -- tiger falling all in -- over yet. You did you beyond Smit and you are falling it will all over this from I can hear music -- -- that you talk about remarks real the first bet that you. -- -- not to let you talk about how I just got a paperback Atlanta to a 35. Latter in his home area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what I'm not there and I and I don't think I'm ever gonna get that an appointment that I can't I can't get angry at him because. Giving it there'll be I just don't think they have enough to -- And the -- list of lines I'm not much of wine guy but we're gonna -- -- and note that that's not board where that's not Joseph -- they give me a list of underrated spent countless thousands all of this because a person is a greater help me out with one person -- -- -- -- a little -- of you know fermented grapes and that's probably -- suddenly there -- small little Britain -- stuff. But you know if you go in. To a bar and instead of getting the the domestic beer instead of sitting and -- 000. Light. -- -- -- -- get the -- dollar and fifty cent beer and hard to do it's been you know brought in from Australia Austria by private security whatever. Belgium then I then you know it's now their Beers and let's not straight years now bill. Eighteen point lead at one point in time. Banded up tying things up how do you guys do a better job of limiting those stretches where teams are making runs against an extra people homered doubled -- videotape my high school since. Not policies everybody -- very. -- put together. But good points -- made. Total bond James games a little runs and other middle of the talk about golf now. Who's we got Thomas will be just a couple post about mid month. And a little about what you know we're not my children into this in his usual win over the details will be my basics and I don't. You know what out there on the last couple guys who don't really. But you know well maybe not only -- the adult when he goes towards those -- -- -- -- out how -- how they're gonna -- I don't I don't comatose on some. Well admiral we were doing everything about those -- does give you realm is that you don't make -- Does mom doesn't motivate everybody -- the wrong but. Kevin Garnett -- and everybody a lesson. A lot that there's just -- Which -- I'm sure that the KG was listening to Dickerson commentary was allowed hackers -- somebody. -- go to bed right at him. But it's still. Open about. We don't Greg you look at definitely -- does on dog night and -- Greg. That you think Earl. Out here. The better when those authorities note. Outdoors I think god. Earl Miller it was Durham. Which is -- This -- -- She's themselves and what else and so it. Note to 40. Dollars bill but I would like to -- right now he's he's feeling. But which is good because I think he's a lot better. Well in he has this little you know. -- Amber's everything Garnett. Away -- him now is quite quiet. Earlier this always go limited joke always as the bank of stuff like that talk him. -- How's that sometimes. He becomes a must have missed those games went when Garnett and am my own accord please. Like. -- we go to blow it. I didn't know -- submarine. They are the words such well how are. Do you think the sub what we seriously don't. A bench -- -- six men whose -- will be you know about Hitler at the start now because of injuries. There are patriots who Powell some as yet there are a lot because of -- and there are big man has you know. -- got from Cleveland. At. There it's just. Well I'll live with you know Miami had a great bench are -- or at or video or crazy out the bench just that we are much of that stipulate. Duke question -- -- questions off work and they go obviously to get the number four seed I believe they gulf of farther than on the number seventy. Second part I'm not sure the bench. Is nearly as important in the playoffs is it is during the regular season I really don't -- I think you get away with a lot more show fewer fouls are called in the post season because. The officials you know what -- be a little bit more physical. Out there I think. Second of all your rotation is probably. Eight deep maybe the ninth player gets five or six minutes of the game because you know play -- back to backs enabled him to three days off between haggard. -- going to be in the playoffs. The importance of advances. Guys who you trust to come -- to big situations and be productive even if there's no pattern to their minutes and that's what I mean about 2008 the spokesman championship. In a regular season. You have a very productive bench that followed a pattern in terms of you know substitutions you know you knew you -- you're gonna -- James Posey you know you're gonna see. Eddie House. Very late in the year you had Stamkos selling had PJ brown but in the playoffs. Depending on the matchups. Those guys found themselves getting erratic minutes so Eddie House. Until very late in the Atlanta series really wasn't a factor I think the first five games that series -- a lot of Eddie House. Game six and seven you saw Eddie House a James Posey. Even he had erratic minutes in the post season but he came in and made some big plays. PJ brown. Not much of a factor in those first six games. Against the hawks and effort that that tougher than expected first -- what happens in game seven makes that huge shot. Late in the fourth quarter that to give the Celtics the lead so. I think and alligators Cleveland's are in the next series against Cleveland made a huge shot and even human -- come -- in the Atlanta series Riddick. And the Cleveland series in game seven -- he pops up so what you what you need is guys on the bench. Who can come and even if they haven't been used for a game or two they can come and give -- a big shot. Give you good defense rebounding whatever it is -- the Celtics have those guys. But they do I -- you obviously were were banking on on features like Mattel preachers coming back. For the post season he has to come back for the post season because he's been one of those key bench players. You've got passed beyond that. I would have liked to have seen Wilcox here I think he'd be give you a little bit more that what you get out of steam as much because if you haven't scoring problems teams that might might be able block a shot to. I can give -- an awful lot of offense so that's one position I worry about so you probably one big shot. Sure. That Bradley gets nearly the playing time that he's gotten here in the last week and after two weeks once you get into the point. He's one of those guys I don't know spot every once in a while I don't know -- -- if raced back. Yeah look look at the number of Minnesota for Michael. How do you get Bradley -- lot of minutes easily not a lot of minutes but to get them into. Post season games have already averaging right now public we replaced two positions. Right -- and and he's probably more even -- he's undersized he's probably more of it too many as one was absolutely to me doesn't handle all well and -- my opinion showed you get. I'm feeling like you're not gonna play Rondo 42 minutes a game in the in the post season you gonna play close to that not probably like 3940. -- don't -- -- so it would play ready to play -- 42 minutes you're playing your your player -- 36. Okay going to some time amended the bench player in applicant for thirty minutes for bench players or even 25 so will he nobody stopped playing the minutes he's bright -- -- a significant advocate -- out that's right he's not going to get the hell is it really didn't hear why and and muggy. When he does get and will be expected to to do what he's done lately. Which is make open jump shots and we can see him do that very early in the season he's been doing it now consistently. Not I don't see a problem with that I'm I'm talking about guys like. Mean -- on what -- gonna get out of him you don't know. What are you gonna get out of -- mean you don't know about those guys but I'm not. And -- I wouldn't finish that I was taken any notice that this that tribute to the tribute to Bradley. And dark. And any angst I'm not concerned about Bradley now and I couldn't say that in and December and January I'd be concerned about him and Leo in a playoff game. Against one of these better teams. You know defensively player what a lot of confidence and a relatively you don't have to worry about them but at least play a little company it's disease get a lot of minutes in a lot of times that's what happens you give a guy. An awful lot of minutes and he gets a lot of playing time now here's the one thing I think he can do for you in the playoffs which is that Tony Allen room. And that if you've got one of the guards that right now are out there and -- lighting you while you get him in there. Because you don't want Rondo to commit the files you put Bradley that's the time you give Ronald bit of rest. And you said Bradley if you got a phone. Would be all over maybe you'll get away with a few you know do that which revealed over -- that's okay right but that's that's a role like she Bradley occupy. I think. People looking at right now they're seeing the numbers in the port city scorn. He's not gonna be that type of player I don't think it up in the postseason interest and -- going to be two guys. That are going to get a majority of the playing time off of Euro off of -- that there's no question about that. But. And I do think this is significant difference don't you finishing fourth and finishing seventh. Averages finished seventh if you play either Miami or Chicago in the first round you don't wanna do it. You finished fourth you got an opportunity you can you can you can win that it is very difficult I -- it would be a huge upset. For them to knock off. The bulls or or heat in the first round Q match. You don't have you don't have home court advantage -- you're going up against the top two teams in the conference. So you have -- Buddy you know the other thing too is and and this is where people might get excited a little bit of the Derrick Rose right now is -- he's missed what eight teams -- well. My guess is that they are looking at it and saying. Not that worried right now because they're gonna need to get the number one of the number -- so they're looking at -- it's okay. The more important thing for us is to have him ready here in the middle of April. That's what really counts for us yet the story yesterday with LeBron and apparently got a problem with a with a finger to play. Through it whatever but I think that gets people will -- excited because. But the bulls a different team about Derrick Rose store -- -- -- beatable when odds are grossly you know it's something I think the time he's been out. It's the best thing providing obviously comes back healthy it's in the best thing for the Chicago and always sounds good. To get kaposi's always -- you played well -- you really got it -- but in the post season. You need a guy who can get a bucket for -- the oh with about a minute left and you're thirty seconds after the game he needs somebody. -- to become law banged out Derrick Rose not going to be I don't know that you keep your right. If they come back and they don't have Derrick Rose I think they're gonna have a difficult time eradicate it they won a series -- You know they gave that somebody at a troubling game in round two. But it's hard to envision him winning the whole thing without -- his MVP but. Playing without him and then suddenly he comes back I think is a good thing because you're not as reliant on him as you have been in the past. -- domain it is that it's almost be healthy Gary -- got ill and -- fool's gold anyway when you play a certain rate without and you play well without him but when he comes back. It's like you're gonna say there. Improve academic who shot without. You know this is -- like the ball ones that too well the ball on the situation around nine you know. I'm Derrick Rose on the MVP and it. That's your word go back to the way you work well of the and that's what we'll have they well it just and I think you gain confidence began his team confidence win. They have to do he's -- around and by the -- have been winning games so without that if you're losing games you probably lost confidence in your winning games against. I would take a break when we come back Josh Beckett of the or reds -- Adidas live from Fort Myers, Florida that's coming up extra --

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