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Doc Rivers Boston Celtics talks C's turn around since All Star Break

Mar 29, 2012|

Doc returned to Dennis and Callahan. He discussed Paul and Ray age, the C's turn around since the all star break and how would it work if the C's draft Austin Rivers.

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Our conversation -- Doc Rivers and and it's been a while is sponsored by ARS restoration specialists. If your property -- facilities manager. -- insurance -- make sure you have a disaster game plan and placed -- AA RF serve dot com and by Verizon bios a network ahead. Good morning Doc Rivers long time no talk how are yeah. Well you guys may never -- yeah. If it's been a long long time -- you do what. Armed and get somebody told you the data we sat down together out at health point that as martz gets ready to turn into April. Paul and KG would not only be healthy -- played some pretty good basketball. And I know the -- and on the sidelines but based on the fact that he shooting around this like the long term thing to being -- little conservative that -- Big Three would be in this kind of shape. Both athletically and physically. What would you set back -- Welcome would have been deprived them out oppose this -- because -- If the player. Them has been terrific -- -- was you to go from simple it would have been open you'd. But that there's no who's been so good usability. As the that the play from the all star break been attributed to what in your mind what what have what does the team committed to doing differently and better that is put this run together in the second half. Well you know -- Democrat bill. I thought that was a big change for us and them bringing branding at -- power printed over the political blog built. In particular. Because you have to shoes on the floor all the time. For the most closed at the Favre and the force but will open the floor. We made a little office saying where. You know -- -- -- to -- we went through Kevin on the -- and that's what they're cabello turnovers. And then reduce overall conclusions and good it's been really good. You know you don't know why it happens but it's happened it was a different. Would doubt -- -- play NF. If there if this were a playoff -- he needed to win. Tomorrow night when he -- I think he could try to play a million actually went to Q well. Yesterday. They didn't look good so you know I don't know if you could put it -- it would be your interest. How many days a duty do you. This is a dumb question for you dark do you take it one game at a time -- do you look weak at that time do you look and has. -- you know I can't -- two different. Out this year is we're we're one game at a time. Season except for you do look at -- a little bit at the schedule. The amount a day and and you know it was close but just didn't even. Is there a place word in just one of those guys rest. This would be a -- who knows stolen from one. Concrete virtually -- opponent. I told them I didn't next week we have two -- it is Monday and Tuesday were up two days off which we're gonna practice. The -- will be less complexity of the season -- Benefit that's it's absolute. But that's just the way it is. Gonna ask if you look the head what do you think. When how you react when you look at the next eighteen games. So it's a little holiday. Hugo. That when you don't know how to look -- moon. You know what you do a moment I damaged. It's control it and provided insurance professor at each -- and then the and so yeah we're when we're gonna be met that Republicans in this sort of pleased. I guess that's sort of answers what I wanted to get into and with I guess sixteen games ago. Is there some sort of that set formula in your mind about the rest vs finishing ahead of Philadelphia or is one of those. Make it up was we go along we see where we -- in two games for game six games eight games. And then decide if I -- put my foot on the accelerator hard at the end or ease up because maybe we don't have a chance. Well you. Stupid so my point where we thought we go to war and obviously division over. We do have a chance than you clearly. -- -- -- -- that's an easy one. The course in terms of if it's there on the one day mean you have to play it Elton. And you -- -- to guys. Arguing probably you know that that could happen and that would be a good decision. We always like to tie in with our with our guests like you win and -- and some others. What the conversation prior to you coming on the air was and is part of what we've been talking about today -- Were up coaches up players coaches and and hard -- coaches but not only that how they deal with the media. And Bobby Valentine who is who was very opinionated and very relaxed and very willing I guess is the better word. To share what it is he thinks about individual players. Their pluses and the minuses their shortcomings and all of that. Is the antithesis of Bill Belichick who wouldn't say boo on Halloween. Only say I'll do what's best for the team you certainly fits somewhere in the middle you've never rejected or just refused to answer any of our questions. And yet you don't seem to aggravate anybody buys say -- by hearing people's like Doc Rivers runs his mouth too much talk about walking that fine line between. Answering questions and being 88 in information conduit -- stonewalling the media when they wanna know inside stuff about your team. I just think you should be honest as much. -- I shouldn't say anything. So familiar to get one. I duplicate butler's. And that's important. Novo big didn't have anything they have animals and and I can be met with. A big believer -- that. Could you should have -- supporters. Because that would force the -- And and you lose -- you're embarrassed the yeah is that most WB. Would have given them. Do you do you fake it. Ever I mean I mean you're after game in your past few weeks do you feel like -- you. Listen you don't really I think. I've been around long enough people couldn't tell what I meant happy. But I used to try to be used metal would ignore what's possible. But there's been times when -- Well below our room that I know him well. You've just got to. Saying you gotta be you know we're here. Bill Bidwell was full of players know about this -- for the gold. But even when you played. Hockey when you played you -- jewel Utica and walk up and ask a question you didn't. As they report you were nervous these guys don't -- my face off because he's not a good mood. You do it but you must. In the media who had -- talks in -- in the coming out of college you know. I did internships that I worked him. Listen we have a job to do have a Mets opened a choice to understand. It would. You know. There's jobs that will produce it to collect up to now. -- more than 2000012. Coaches and players. And it's still true in my opinion because. The people who used to work. You don't you submit them to the media pool and I knew everybody. And you know you can you can tell a joke. And everyone knew that it was a joke Mel looked to be more careful which can be used to let. It's more because of no blood isn't going to let him. You don't know a better you know it actually happened two years ago are made a joke about it until -- joke about well. And cable network so they can believe he says that. Then what I do what I -- and -- let -- know. But it was reported to him differently and that's because there was a group of guys who didn't know didn't know who until. I didn't want to live that way you know you have bitumen and guys like that return to the network -- -- merchant. No the bubble and Jackie are -- as much. I visited the -- saying met for the better. -- -- -- little experiment here and granted it's a mild one and a mild example to see if you walk the line between. Not throwing a guy under the bus telling us the truth as an example when Rondo does the end of the quarter as the clock is running down let the ball roll on the floor thing to save a little time getting it across the timeline. Does it irritate you when he screws it up like you did last night and there's a turnover as a result or is that just part of the package. We got voted to practice because that is something that he took -- whip and and helped -- a little bit. Fluid in an attempt to -- would every week or the ball over and didn't realize yeah I haven't slowed let. I don't let anything about a minute ago you know could do about it because it probably wouldn't bet it's different content will get a win would it and who grew up. Right -- do you do you think you can go deep into the playoffs and did you think that. A month ago two months ago start of the season are some change. Before we can let go we could beginning of a -- -- to ensure. And -- do. On both vividly and well as mentioned could -- -- You have to be open. Just got to be open. Didn't we also -- at the local news good is that we need more rest more in the what else the post. If they didn't order. But the rest of more than you have a great opportunity. The way you -- -- you don't trouble. Without the best you -- -- -- else. We yet we put about -- Twitter followers all morning long if they wanted to tweet us a question to ask you we picked the best one and go with that course to about a thousand questions. About Austin but this one takes like a little step further and adds little wrinkles -- Twitter question on the day for Doc Rivers if Austin were available. During the draft when it was time for the Celtics to pick. And you wanted to draft him to play for the Celtics and Danny didn't. How would that little disagreement be resolved who would. We can't we can't -- moment and then. Meaning. Moving. -- That I would let them decide. And then about went on the -- -- I would bet in this release that the logo. But that's I would probably didn't -- the -- the draft. But I didn't know distressed so it was an immense about a dozen. That would -- the important. Boston didn't addressed. It that you know the draft because of Boston. Yeah and into the community would. Look I know. I've watched them since they were president of that group I've probably watched. The -- in the industry are probably as much as -- to a broad. And how deep is that we hear it's a good one. And -- That is really -- but I don't know how many helpless to do it is -- -- saying that been delivered to. Obviously you don't know exactly where you're drafting but in a general proximity if Austin were available there -- that represent big time value would you think you he has fallen to you when you have to take them. -- I look. I just it is the result of the ability. It's a good bit and yeah. Of them were arguing for the most hurt everybody is struggling to score. You does it create their -- shut when you -- more down like Bledsoe who know directly go. You know that there was never happened but I know well yeah -- -- Mike Dunleavy. Opposed to a but I don't think you -- go to don't go until the didn't that you listen dynamic. Then look what went into what happened. Dot when I was in high school I worked for construction company that my father worked for and he was the Foreman on the on the on the crew and I was just a lowly labour he busted my ass. To make sure that everybody else on the crew knew that I was -- getting special treatment for him the that in any way shape or form -- how you might deal with Boston in front of the rest of the guys. It doesn't -- about a good enough I hope -- because that's what do you know what did coach million. But -- was proven have been he chose to live by the disabled community. And what I would do that we're. What would if you wanted to draft him oh and your wife didn't play so that the FB. That people are violent and that would that -- more screaming then Danny -- or less. I couldn't be more. Then do more inside. Of Coca -- Hey -- do you believe your kid went to duke. One year at separate times have changed it used to be you could do that I mean it just was unheard of an -- it's okay it's just part of the system. You have a brother in law and I don't mind that part of the flip -- up until that moment for all the and I couldn't believe that I think a Muslim and attitude that's what you wanna do. For your career look restored the cougars -- -- -- little -- to that propelled W bad for the totaled. I do it is if you want to be good the local but I can be a better student. And I'm hoping to build there haven't been noted that comes out. Value education and then I just hope that happened so that is something we talked about doing this process. But you know I've never had a problem with good. You know good sport there -- no baseball but tomorrow high school. You know football -- still a couple years but you know tennis and golf and to promote whatever since its sports and that's all that. -- as the decision was about to be made what was the final sticking point that ended up being eight tipping point when the decision was made. Well I don't know also -- it this is hoping he wanted to do. For the year you know just room wants. To open ended the women and I don't think that this -- important that. He moved well the McCouch. The brutal and then bring -- to be in the NBA -- who played for duke who loved the local level go okay. Look -- you don't impede comparing them. But the industry involvement to do with it he's considered -- If you bet if you if you like. Six weeks in the offseason. Getting in shape running in Carty left and and all that sort of stuff and in the gym and all that sort of stuff and you guys played one on one to 21 by ones or the score being at the end. That would be no mountains just you know an investor in Portland took up until this moment now -- -- -- -- And I end up boom. Adaptable a I -- the one and done situation it is seems to be the concept that that Calipari is certainly perfected where he's been. -- -- is almost a self fulfilling philosophy. Because. What that allows kids to see is this is the place that embraces the best players in high school. The common spent one year and they get lodged into the NBA doesn't that make it easier for cal recruit the best players in the in the country. Together than Manning advantage. And even quoted you created it. -- didn't. Have to credit for. She doesn't -- a group of players to play together. You know -- -- yeah you jerk when you recruit and they're open don't want him we'll have an opinion about women in particular about. You know basketball. Just put themselves -- I bet -- don't think I was underestimated I don't think it's about credit Kentucky plate they're playing great and Princeton basketball. You've got to do a lot of credit. And did Austin consider. On a play for -- Really. You know -- but remember it ended and would like -- and permanent. The world and you will win this. It is. One of them and yet. It's -- didn't display. Anybody beat Kentucky delivered for women. You know the work with the right attitude that would. -- -- -- Not go to Florida was because he just got so good that he became NBA ready and and it made more sense to go to duke. No -- mobile. You know really. I just. Portland doesn't want is government remember but didn't. Kentucky if you. My losses and don't forget that Billy Donovan via. That it could. Probably do what were adamant about a minute video. You know -- we're gonna do that is so bad happen. And we should have been kept in Oakland coach -- gave -- and then. You do well there and no. We're in the pyramid out. Doc good to catch up again good luck the rest of the way we'll talk to down the road. -- and Dennis and Callahan and AT&T outlined AT&T four GLT a conversation with ought to sponsored by ARS restoration specialists. Property facilities manager or an insurance -- make sure you have a disaster game plan in place at ARS serve dot com and by Verizon bios a net. Work ahead here it is next eight games really meter. At Minnesota Miami San Antonio at Chicago at Indiana Philadelphia at Miami. Atlanta. That's is that -- how many do they win re would be great three would be great yes we set -- that road trip as -- as -- war. That looks like a grind if they get through that -- by winning four when when it for five he -- gonna come -- he's gonna be dressed like like laughter. Lucky the lap -- extra little name is up and -- -- saying we're going. All I know I so let's clear to me at eight having the conversation would talk about. Austin and play one on one. He has come to grips with the fact that every father whose son is an athlete at some point realize is that you been caught and passed yes and and you're probably you know approaching debt held your computer article after you wouldn't allow me and -- it's it's great school civics outlawed. I -- does not play the most critic and her doesn't want to get up you know what. Austin was always a one and a and yeah just admitted it there I guess if we got hurt. You know rolled an ankle was much happened possibly could go back and you have no problem goal back but his goal a toxin was to play in the NBA and nowadays. You play in the NBA when you're 9020 if you're good good enough and he's good enough we'll take -- timeout by phone lines open Dennis and Callahan.

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