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Tim Tebow, the Celebrity, Ain't Seen Nothing Until He Hits the Bright Lights of NYC

Mar 25, 2012|

Dale and Kirk roll on discussing the media circus that is Tebow-mania - if you thought it was bad already, now he is in NY and it's only going to get worse. The Post and Daily News are already having a field day with their tabloid-like headlines and attention grabbers. Is Tebow ready for the big time? Better yet, are the Jets and their locker room ready?

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I'm just suggesting. That this isn't your normal backup quarterback at all. That's all I'm saying front page of the New York Post today. I swear this is true I'm looking -- and I showed it to -- front page of the New York Post today left side of the U of the entire front page. Is a picture. Of a shirtless Tim Tebow -- his arms out at his side. Much like if he were. Crucified on across. And the headline underneath is the passion of the Tebow. You remember the passion the painter with Curtis Painter on the cover the Indianapolis Star that the that the passion of the Hoyer tell members. The NN I'm just. I'm just gonna quote a little bit it's written by Cynthia Vega and the the story. With the picture of of the Easter evidently he's the first -- this idea -- let's go at the first item on our. Dot -- yet. Evidently he did a -- a photo shoot. Com. Back when he was the quarterback at Florida today what what was described of the post as a steamy photos -- I'm going shirtless and sweaty and -- and then the other a couple of pictures of them. But they've got a picture on the front page of the post which is this shot from the GQ spread of him shirtless wearing his football pants in his arms out of his side. And the front page of the New York Post is the passion of the Tebow. Don't think in the sky and well down there are a thicket that -- a Mark Sanchez I'm feeling pretty good about life and and how things are gonna go for Mike career. Why did Tebow won if there all the reports are true why the team -- one jets. That's what they had not understood yet -- yet and I have to admit it's been puzzling to me as well. I I heard 11 theory was that it it's just too hard to do this in your hometown. You know that that it's it's just too hard you know everybody that you went to school -- Eight Tim -- and remember me yet we were in eighth grade you know they said class together can get a couple of tickets for assigned. -- -- -- -- Let's understand but by that if you were going to say Kansas City. Or some -- remain happy that crazy he's going to the media market capital of the world where it's going to be insane. No I and and it's it's a great point -- maybe he's just maybe he has the -- -- football player on the planet that maybe he's got big brass ones and he says you know lot. I'll go to New York I'll take on Sanchez I'll take on Ryan. 'cause I have to admit it just made all the sense in the world to meet you go to Jacksonville you'd go home -- home town where he went to high school. Not far from where he was you know the biggest college star that you can think up. I thought it was kind of a done deal and there with a conflicting reports you know he said he didn't really have a choice he was traded and then. Well -- you can Jesse John Elway -- in a lot. I've taken in a bullet for this guy here's what really happened I was surprised that Elway came on set he was aware of every step this he knew exactly what we were doing. We gave him the choice you know he wanted to it that the two offers according Elway were close enough that he didn't mind sending him to either place. To their credit. He would perform for them to a high degree last year it was try to do the kid a favor I guess and said look it's up the I got an offer from the jets again an offer from Jacksonville -- close enough that right you make the call. Yeah I just don't see the end game of the jet's here I don't see how they win I don't -- works out. If Sanchez's bag but keep going for the bad quarterback as a starter Alex Sanchez every to be good enough he's -- -- quarterback. What you have you know against your opening of you have to start a corporation of any and it's kind with the jets find themselves as can be a massive controversy because. It's a justice off to a bad start -- can be insane. One text he says he chose New York for the endorsements all the companies that pay -- must have escalators -- in the New York market. It doesn't matter. Peyton Manning was the biggest endorsement machine in the NFL was playing in Indianapolis Natalie Tebow was struggling Denver no no I don't use that day the change that. If you're an endorsement machine you'll be an endorsement machine no matter where your plane on James in Cleveland I mean it just doesn't yet that's the another -- said Tebow said he had no input on where he went he did say that. And then John Elway came out and lobbed a grenade over the wall and basically said no he decide. We gave him the choice he decided that's where -- Tebow maybe which means they rose one. Mean decides. Whom he he he probably didn't make it is clear is as he needed to that. You know that it was a a greater power does have a choice here but he get the chance on line take a look at the cover. Of today's New York Post is great I mean I like I gotta say one thing you got there is no such thing is going too far for the New York now is the greatest hits the other -- -- there are no boundaries here. But when they've got a picture of a shirtless Tim Tebow on the front page of today's New York Post with a headline the passion of the Tebow. I'm thinking this is probably Huckabee and normal back -- quarterback situation you think that Brian Hoyer if he walked down Newbury Street. -- for people recognize eminently one's just here plays -- that -- -- Now and Ryan mallet. You know would be it would be recognized that -- haven't dinner it obvious that. Foxboro do you think of people hey here's Brian -- Dan Dan Orlovsky Curtis -- back -- from the league now now it's different I mean how many guys are bigger stars right now Tim Tebow. Count on one hand may be in terms of one is playing here but gather right Manning I'm talking on terms of -- on fields -- just names just face recognition. Did very very few in in gritty guy a guy who's who's ahead -- -- -- depth chart is even close it's going to be. It's gonna be able Leo tell you tell -- Mark Sanchez security we've not heard word one year from sanctions. In this whole thing -- -- anything nothing nothing. Which maybe you know its eco Specter went to mom touching if you don't have anything good to say about somebody don't say anything maybe that's where it where he's coming from his neighbors and maybe should you know. -- says maybe it's a bigger platform to send this message he has so I'll he is about god and all it's a little out there but maybe that's his motivation it is certainly possible. We talked to Kurt Warner about this. He was on now with Jerry in -- and -- Wednesday Thursday whatever -- And Kurt Warner said it is possible that he views this. As say. A bigger platforms that more of an opportunity to to state his case to. Be a witness -- forgot maybe that's it maybe that was what is -- let me. I understand New York's a bigger market -- but again the same with the endorsements. Mean is the platform really bigger. I mean the world has changed a bit but with the way up every games on TV CBS it is she can do that and what I was a bigger class. You're right I mean. Do you think -- Somebody said this I forget who was I was the only seven chapter Adam Schechter said you know the jets. Think they know what they're getting themselves in four but they don't know. You know that they don't have a grasp of how big this is. You know how all encompassing Tebow mania is it may be that they just flat out -- judge that they thought they can bring in a wildcat quarterback. -- you know popular pretty well -- we understand that but where the jets we deal with this all the time -- you know we play in the largest media market the world we know what's happening here. And all of a sudden not a whole week. We hold his press conference in the field house well. They didn't know that then -- that then you get organizational problems like Kris they -- think Tim Tebow. Was in the big deal when he came -- -- -- think they thought it was going to be a big deal but I don't think -- and chapters point was acting they didn't understand. That that it's bigger than they thought it's bigger than they expected. -- a lesser in the middle of it and you ask the people in Denver what it was like last year. I mean it was you know he it was like traveling with the stones album that was on the -- for a playoff game it was insane just following him around was crazy also it's about Tebow. You know I'm not crazy about displays of religion on -- a mock back comfortable with that but the guy I think is the real deal after that game they belong on the playoff game. I'm walking back upstairs afterwards -- right. Now put down as a buy tickets are 2030 kids disabled kids in right in the middle of the -- keep this is right after the game he's there he's talking smiling talking -- he's getting. The guy is the genuine deal I don't eggs one of these things in you know good for. Why I agree with the I don't think this is an act I think this guy is. -- jet the genuine article I will say listening to the guys who were broadcasting from a from Indianapolis this here for the Super Bowl and I guess the date Tebow went I was there for the area. It was a it was a little much you know with a big group of of handlers and surround it out and that'll get their Tim re not a good and I want to touch him. That was going on that was definitely got -- on people's fault. Well it is a minute he could. Could put a stop to -- -- -- the mean I don't blame them I mean hectic you know it was crazy around him I can understand -- is you know out of you -- twenty guys around them. If you need twenty guys from now. -- a mop up a going to be in -- city where where celebrity is is you know kind of accepted. I mean A-Rod and Jeter play in that city and and there is as big of sports stars is there on in the universe. They find a way to to to get it done I'm not sure I'm not sure that this guy is in bigger. In the sports universe right now and those guys. -- it's a newer story so yes I think it's gonna be. It's gonna be the new -- to be one of a thousand New York Post covers -- next 45 years or as long as he's there. They do the shirtless passion of the -- Obama is more -- that's the beauty. 6177790850. Told 38885250850. Rise and cellphone users can -- call a pound WEEI will be here to 1 o'clock. A -- a -- on and John -- I think there and done eaten today is that where the blue -- strategists believe me I and it is the Red Sox in the probably jays Kevin Youkilis was a late scratch from the Red Sox lineup. Was supposed to play today. As a stiff lower back. Bobby Valentine told the assembled media who were there it just jot down his every single word. That Kevin will make up those at bats and a minor league outing tomorrow that you'll get a minor league game in tomorrow and help make up the that's that -- -- economist at Maine that he back to the calls we -- builds -- New Hampshire hey bill -- But I don't look great the statistical report goal peace. Look at Portland -- and open -- a result but I am. We look at the ports. And they aren't cheap public court. It would make not an amateur apologist. That makes sense that the jet technology they wanted to try and -- like it that they they're away -- Somebody to -- apart -- contract that. I looked at the computer and their projects. That very -- leading -- champion apologizing. So I was going to be Tim Tebow was going to be another -- or maybe kicked in the aren't completely. Right to the jets the jets can't -- jets can't publicly say. Look we're looking to trade are starting quarterback and that weakens them from the start if that's what's going on how much heard it is. He can't do it weakens you from the start piecing. Shortly you'll they when they -- -- a lot of that it -- commitment to running game. It's actually looked at. A lot of important secondary. That a lot that it could be a run mentality that don't go back and I actually get -- them. Now my point is though the jets say listen we want to trade park Sanchez then they go and talk to two teams are talked routinely accuses say well you mean you just said you want to trade and so. You know why are we negotiating -- we kind of call the shots. -- -- would weaken there at the end and -- techsters said the same thing here how can you guys ignore the fact that Tebow as the jets' starting quarterback that's the plan and it's an upgrade for them. First of all I don't think it's an upgrade for them but second of all. If that's the plan they've gone abounded about this kind of in a clunky fashion haven't -- I. I know about it and I got back in the army keep all the extra Sparano I don't walked back into it you're. Can pick on and the equipment that could keep their heart into it really doesn't have a future. There -- except for him to find them are not clear which appears or at least that's fine the police -- -- system -- -- But based on what you saw. You think Tim Tebow has a long term future as a quarterback in the NFL. I don't think he's the quarterback at this particular court that. Squat about quite honestly. I don't want to open up and in independently on the political also spoke. About the candidates and pick pick pick your post I -- I hate to be written about it we're we're like rest and keep an elegant and execute there it could be as they're gonna mop up pockets. But if you're -- run first offense you can't win in the NFL today. Well I mean. You don't run and a lot of -- you -- -- -- considerably in and week out yeah. -- try to play and -- a bit of will be ready about him but every great kind of walked into that situation. He's always in the make lemonade -- a -- -- that -- -- say about that. But keep in that -- The people that have been going negative attempts he -- and probably -- to make the -- don't live our lives on thank. I -- you see here with the jets we've seen it with other franchise in the past couple weeks if you don't have a franchise quarterback running around. It's really -- all of them are still of Peyton Manning it's really hard to fix things in the jets don't have one in. You see what happens if you start doing crazy things start doing things listed to. Intent to you know. The front page of newspapers he spent you overspent for guys you'd go -- pays -- to do that the -- tough to do that. You know the Packers the giants it's a luxury that was franchises have been you know pretty quite terms of big moves this off season. Let's say that woody Johnson. And pulls a John Henry here -- the football people on the football operation. Is this the mold that if it blows up in the -- spaces the way we think it might is this the move that spell the demise of Rex Ryan. Why I think quite honestly was kind of -- limited term here the rest of the way anyway. Is this the move that what he says all had a bomb and Wright victory I think it could be by the -- atom bomb may be gone with -- right I think I think it could be seen jets struggle next year -- put this where Rex Ryan is coaching for his job this. It's a question. I think you're right and I think that he's just made it harder for the jets to as as much as I thought this was a good foot bowl. Based on how things are playing out New York based on you know the anonymous. Whispers coming out of his own. Its own locker room here. I mean I think this could be a pastor that are gonna -- I'm all for -- so you're gonna basically have wrecks or get fired on ESPN. You'll have to show with Mangini. Herm Edwards and Rex Ryan. I I don't -- of the former fighter jets coaches and there will be a move a foot in New York to make Tim Tebow the head coach of the New York Jets.

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